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Raymond Drake [looking at scanner] > what is that?
Raymond Drake > Oh, that's my omen
Raymond Drake > Which is really Malachi's omen
Therian > But I've flown it too
Raymond Drake > That omen gets around
Therian > is that a bad omen?
Raymond Drake > I'm tempted to put this on omgrawr
Raymond Drake > It'll probably get -80
Therian > That'd be my goal... to have the worst joke ever
Raymond Drake > /emote goes to
ssbn732 > "Bye bye battle ship have you any lewt?"
"Yes sir yes sir 2 haulers full"
Daniel Jackson > o btw to tell u that most of the people in the chat i was talking about are gay
Daniel Jackson > just to tell u i am not gay
SSG SPANO > well that was some much needed info there danny
Daniel Jackson > i could invite u to that chasst if u want
Daniel Jackson > chat
Crowbiwan > I'm a lesbian trapped in a mans body.. does that count? :P
Sleepy Dane > Crowbiwan 95% of all men have insane vagina-penetration desires, you're not "special"
Tiggin Lickalot > my only isue is i constantly have bad men in my systems
Azret Deljanin > im gnnna die
Azret Deljanin > when sc 2 comes out
Augin Soric > /emote busts a fucking nut
<Kryztal> molle molle molle
<Kryztal> shes in
<Molle> i know
<Molle> i let her in
<Molle> ...
<Kryztal> <3<3 :D
<Mozzie> who?
<Molle> ask kryztal, i refuse
<Kryztal> haha
<Kryztal> molles fav cyno char
<Kryztal> Mi Sohorny
The Stampede > wai haev u no rofls?!
Lord Atazoth > after u drop ur load in the station
<Manfred> fleet combat is very similar to gang rape after a few drinks. Lots of fun for them but for you takes a damned long time and leaves you very sore when you get your senses back together
<Dr. Doom> you have a way with metaphors, my friend...
<P E T E> do you feel like a shower afterwards?
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