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Raymond Drake [looking at scanner] > what is that?
Raymond Drake > Oh, that's my omen
Raymond Drake > Which is really Malachi's omen
Therian > But I've flown it too
Raymond Drake > That omen gets around
Therian > is that a bad omen?
Raymond Drake > I'm tempted to put this on omgrawr
Raymond Drake > It'll probably get -80
Therian > That'd be my goal... to have the worst joke ever
Raymond Drake > /emote goes to
ssbn732 > "Bye bye battle ship have you any lewt?"
"Yes sir yes sir 2 haulers full"
Sarnen > Once upon a time there was 3 little carebears running missions in Gelfiven. Along came a 0.0 pilot who invited them to join FREGE in Outer Ring.
Sarnen > Two little carebears joined up with FREGE and moved their assets to 0.0.
Sarnen > the other little carebear was too frightened and stayed in Empire. He later knocked up his wife and had to quit Eve cause he was a fag.
Garulf Hirgon > (lol)
Sarnen > The other two carebear went to 0.0. They could only fly frigs, but were told to get on the gate with a point and mwd and make themselves useful.
Sarnen > Little did they know that FREGE had just gotten steamrolled by the Russians out of the Drone Lands.
Sarnen > And now Triumvirate was coming to kill them off. The two little carebears tried to help, but Tri's hacs were too much for their Vigils.
Garulf Hirgon > :(
Sarnen > Frege fell apart and they moved to Cloud Ring where they made new friends. But the second little carebear had ADD and he quit to play Darkfall. He was also a fag.
Garulf Hirgon > hah
Sarnen > Then they tried to take Cloud Ring and failcascaded.
Sarnen > and then they retied to take Immensea and failcascaded.
Garulf Hirgon > heh
Sarnen > Then they moved to Branch and got reset by the NC.
Sarnen > The End.
Sarnen > for now
Ryan Brabovski > I was just cooking some chicken and I cut into it to see if it was done, and I was like "oh yeah, that's done. Done like dinner. ....wait, that IS dinner" XD
Cmdr Patrick > man i wish i hadn;t sold my ore bpo
Tas Devil > and uggs being called a nublar coming from you is a pleasure... lol
Silvitni > aye...uggs is the noobs of the noobs in e-r :P
Cartiff > oh well ladz, lets go mine some veld
Cmdr Patrick > i bags hualing!
Elephant > i am mining veld
Tas Devil > I see nonni is still full of a majority of wannabe pirates and 12 year old s enjoying their first erection...
Cartiff > and if your really lucky, I'll let ya mix it up abit with some saucy scordite!
* Cartiff drools out the side of his mouth

neur0n > not really
neur0n > russians > all tbh
Altai Saker > russians are really good at crime
Celek > russians are the chuck norris of EvE
schantrac > tiki log off
schantrac > stop finding targets jessus
schantrac > i demand that ccp nerf tiki
Chalid > hehe
Sevjer > I've already petitioned him
<Viceroy> don't you insult my nationality
<Viceroy> or i'll invade your island
<NTRabbit> bring it on mohammed jihad
<NTRabbit> we'll pimpslap your cave dwelling spearmen all the way back across the indian ocean
Siddy > and i suspekt that you havent had sex for a while
Siddy > so i forgive you, for now
Hellspawn01 > plz tell me that I´m not the only one that just crashed to desktop
Ratzap > You are tho
fnorr > ok here
Keto > you're the "ONE" HS
Dreadknott > There can be only one
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