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Raymond Drake [looking at scanner] > what is that?
Raymond Drake > Oh, that's my omen
Raymond Drake > Which is really Malachi's omen
Therian > But I've flown it too
Raymond Drake > That omen gets around
Therian > is that a bad omen?
Raymond Drake > I'm tempted to put this on omgrawr
Raymond Drake > It'll probably get -80
Therian > That'd be my goal... to have the worst joke ever
Raymond Drake > /emote goes to
ssbn732 > "Bye bye battle ship have you any lewt?"
"Yes sir yes sir 2 haulers full"
Cloora > fuck omgrawr
Cloora > they never post my shit
Cloora > you know what... it woudl be supreme irony if that was omgrawred
Rachen Mysuna > how come it takes ages to get answer to petition?
SkinGrapht > they have to translate it with google first
leonitess > im training for a commmand ship is that good????
MarleWH > it depends????
Illtempered > lol
s3piroth > lmao

Chrysalis Kashaar > 1h 15mins till cap ships 2... and I can finally put in something long again
Chrysalis Kashaar > wait, that didn't sound quite right
Augin Soric > Ah, Alcohol, both the source and solution of all the world's problems.
CEO > I went down on a gal once who farted ...
me > o.0
CEO > she claimed it was a pussy fart but I knew better and wasnt havin none of that shit...
me > wanna rephrase that?
friend > why?
CEO > so I did an end around on her and stuck her face into my asshole
friend > makes perfect sense
CEO > and told her to say the lords blessing thanking HIM for the great chili!
CEO > and I cut loose with the loudest fart i could summon
friend > *falls off his chair*
SirMolle > I am the most uber super awesome neckbeard king of EVE.
The Valkyrier > gallente are gay, minmatar are rejects, amarr are mad, caldari are on top
Dusk Peashooter > Caldari are robots
Dusk Peashooter > And Amarr are bald
Khelmon > caldari suck balls..each others...yeah..even their women have balls
The Valkyrier > caldari doesn't have balls
The Valkyrier > we dont need them
Dusk Peashooter > How ironic huh, since their men are pussies
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