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Raymond Drake [looking at scanner] > what is that?
Raymond Drake > Oh, that's my omen
Raymond Drake > Which is really Malachi's omen
Therian > But I've flown it too
Raymond Drake > That omen gets around
Therian > is that a bad omen?
Raymond Drake > I'm tempted to put this on omgrawr
Raymond Drake > It'll probably get -80
Therian > That'd be my goal... to have the worst joke ever
Raymond Drake > /emote goes to
ssbn732 > "Bye bye battle ship have you any lewt?"
"Yes sir yes sir 2 haulers full"
Cloora > fuck omgrawr
Cloora > they never post my shit
Cloora > you know what... it woudl be supreme irony if that was omgrawred
MattoRamaa > theres no large collidables in the overview but they appear in space
mirel yirrin > For the Record: Masturbating with a Screwdriver is VERY VERY Painful.
<Arthur> Daakkon: show me yours and i'll show you mine!
Mingzhu > I think I've asked this before would you call a faction fitted mom a MILF?
wtex > Need some cosmetic repairs maybe?
wtex > MILK
wtex > Mother I'd like to kill
Mingzhu > you want to drink milk froma mothership??!
Theresakatharina Hope > MILR Mothers I´d lik to run
<Molle> lkhjsdlkfhowihsdjföas
<Molle> feed me cofe
Gart Art > you cleared me out last time lil ;)
lilith boids > hey, I was dirt cheap.
Gart Art > I know, just funning with you ;)
lilith boids > I could have made a fortune on the market :)
Indra Sebuchiore > right, that's going on OMGRAWR :D
TrouserDeagle > I have been thinking about brutix. Such a cool
TrouserDeagle > 7 uber blasters, MWD, cap injector, mantank...
TrouserDeagle > It doesn't quite have the tracking for killing noob
frigs, but I bet it could kill them pretty well.
Olixia Castitatis > mining barges are easier.
Olixia Castitatis > haulers, too.
TrouserDeagle > Ah yes.
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