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RangerXT > YES
Aeritha > too bad!
RangerXT > DAMN
<Kurenin> OH GOOD JOB
<Kurenin> :|
<Kurenin> I pod jump
<Kurenin> and forget my clone is set in the same system I was just in
<Kurenin> gg
<CommGuru> o/
<imp_> that's why we call you Kurenoob
<Kurenin> no
<Kurenin> I am kurenub
<Kurenin> ;[
<aeti> :D
<Kurenin> There is a very subtle difference
<Kurenin> noob refers to someone who is new
<Kurenin> nub is someone who just sucks
<Kurenin> I just suck
<Dobbs> andro yeah check out the Volume attribute on the mothership compared to the titan
<volume> ._.
<Dobbs> not you volume :P go back to sleep
<volume> kk
Deitre Cibrus > Idont need friends tbh i have enough ISK :)
Soup Medic > i wouldnt wanna sleep anywhere near tom
Soup Medic > me might mistake me for a rock in his mining induced delerium
Aeon Tom > also my parents mite have a problem with a random guy on the couch :P
Fiedan > well with any luck i wouldnt be "sleeping" at his house
Aeon Tom > lmao
Soup Medic > and the last thing i need to know is what tom does with rocks
Aeon Tom > i have pictures :D
Fiedan > u should see what i do with a haligan bar
Soup Medic > ill pass
Soup Medic > depending on the size and shape of the rock a halligan tool may be a little less painful
Fiedan > i was talking bout with gettin into houses
Soup Medic > oh
Soup Medic > well then, carry on
Aeon Tom > lmao
Fiedan > very quickly
Tairos Hakonnus > alright I need conformation... this guy on the ships channel said there was such a thing as norweigian rap
Tairos Hakonnus > is this true?
Zoral Qu > hmmm... well, there is Norwegian death metal
Liu Kaskakka > do they sing about whales and fishing in general?
Zoral Qu > LOL
EVE System > caldicott was muted by Yuki Li., Effective until 2006.08.10 19:04:43, Reason: "ADD is a bannable offense".
LeMoFo > o well , mabe these drone residents know how to party on a friday night
LeMoFo > while we play eve and hold our cocks
Ryo Jang > were playing eve?
Japanx > WTF?!?!?!
QuickGonzalez > 1. what am i doing in this channel 2. how the fuck did i get here
CCP Keridwen > read MOTD
Japanx > in my test server i was in this channel... now i'm on tranquility and u moved meeee
CCP Keridwen > hmm its not there, better set it
CCP Keridwen > oh fuck
CCP Keridwen > sorry
QuickGonzalez > epic

Khaldorn Murino > and ehti, u owe me some money for those drugs, thats some good sh*t
Ethidium Bromide > i like holopron:)
Frosty > hah
Manfred Doomhammer > hehe. nownow.. ist the first dose free?
Frosty > that was the worst drugs ive ever taken no damn effect akk =)
Khaldorn Murino > of course, to get you hooked ;)
Frosty > all*
Ethidium Bromide > gimme more of that shit khal!
Manfred Doomhammer > see.. you want returning... 'customers' after all
Ethidium Bromide > now!!!!
Ethidium Bromide > pls!
Khaldorn Murino > /emote backs away
Ethidium Bromide > i'll pay you whatever you ask)
Manfred Doomhammer > just be caureful when the customers show up with battheships
Manfred Doomhammer > /emote saves the chatlog
Frosty > hehe¨
Ethidium Bromide > chatlogs are autosaved :P
Ethidium Bromide > noob:)
Khaldorn Murino > its all part of my master plan to get you all hooked to my good stuff, and then get you give me slaves for drugs, and then MY PEOLE WILL BE FREE MUWHAHAHAAHAH
Gotchy > /emote delets himself
Gotchy > wahh
Manfred Doomhammer > dont like to search for it... got lot of junk logs in the folder allready
Manfred Doomhammer > wrong button gotchy
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