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gregory j > nice catch guys
Draycar Hazaran > Thank you sir. Lucky really. o/
gregory j > son running towards new white carpet with shit on his leg
gregory j > it was that or the arazu
Akhual > roflmao
sigirelli > :(
Akhual > roflmao with cherrys on top
* sigirelli gets coat
* Akhual is roflmao so hard he's crying
Akhual > you made my day dude
Max Calimaris > ?
Max Calimaris > sig just die?
sigirelli > :(
Akhual > max, did you know you can change skills mid train and not lose all the cp you learnt?
* sigirelli cries
Max Calimaris > yeah
Akhual > cos sig only just this second found out
Akhual > after all ths time playing - 4 months!!
Akhual > !!!!!
Max Calimaris > wtflmfao!
Max Calimaris > u never tried it :))))
Max Calimaris > august septembver october november :)
Max Calimaris > 4 months siggy thatt gotta be a record :)
Macky Oriley > ah sig you gem
sigirelli > :(
Akhual > theres not enough places I can post that story
sigirelli > so how do u do it?!
* sigirelli cries again
sigirelli > that does make things a lot easier
sigirelli > thought it was a bit stupid!
Max Calimaris > it tells u u nork!
sigirelli > lol yep
Max Calimaris > no wonder you nearly quit :)
sigirelli > i work it out in my head when i have to log back on and change :(
sigirelli > i dnt go to bed until i can :(
Akhual > rofl
Max Calimaris > 'oh no ive gotta let this finish or ill lose the points!"
Max Calimaris > RAWR
Sigirelli > I even leave my gf's house at 2am just to get home and change skills!!! Didn't want to lose 9 hours...
MCpyro > damn, and i was planning on maybe living in Teskanen
Gammus Arterius > .......................
Gammus Arterius > have fun wuth that
MCpyro > its a nice calm system
MCpyro > when its not being invaded by pirates with cap fleet
Gammus Arterius > and titans and gallente and pirates and a kitchen sink
DB Preacher: "RKK have never flown with m0o. RKK will never fly with m0o."
Matthew Kalf > 25S is crawling with hostiles, they're cloaking outside the station, assault ships
Matthew Kalf > Member of Dirt Nap Squad [D-N-S]
Matthew Kalf > should i approach and engage?
Matthew Kalf > 21 in local, 11 hostile
SombreNote > do what you want bro, but this is an intel channel
Matthew Kalf > SHIT AMBUSH
Lady Hazel > doctor=leet?
Doctor Awesome > thorn
Lady Hazel > whats wrong with your face
Doctor Awesome > he's a Khanid
Lady Hazel > your face is messsed up
Doctor Awesome > Khanid
Lady Hazel > face
Doctor Awesome > his face is messed up because he's a Khanid
Lady Hazel > but...
Lady Hazel > his face
Doctor Awesome > he's an angry goddamn asian
Lady Hazel > oh
Drimacus V'Sill > not really lol
Drimacus V'Sill > lol
Drimacus V'Sill > whats up cabron
Drimacus V'Sill > thats spanish
Drimacus V'Sill > lol lets not get into all this stuff too much in a couple of mins raz is gonna come back from wtfever he was doing with something like 'wtf u both on about ' :)
JackDeth > Ohhh.. watch out mang.. I'm half hispanic.. thats a my language..
Drimacus V'Sill > kk pendejo :))
R4Z0R49 > wtf u returds on about :-)
Promon Delnai > cant you feel it
Promon Delnai > were all gona die on this trip out
Jacob Etienne > pretty much
Jacob Etienne > heh
Jacob Etienne > we'll fly down in pods
Promon Delnai > smack
Jacob Etienne > :D
Promon Delnai > right into a gatecamp with ascns titan
Jacob Etienne > rofl
Promon Delnai > DOOMSDAY'D
Don Dark > I had a +5 memory implant, but I forgot where I put it.
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