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Lyticus > I don't get it, the carebears get a "Ships destroyed" and "Pod kills" figure on the map, so why dont us pirates get a "Roids popped" and "Npcs chained" ?? where's the justice??
Mao TseTung > lmao
Mao TseTung > so true
Arro Cera > are you killing any noobs, kit?
Takashi Ishii > noooo
Takashi Ishii > I kill people who kill noobs
Takashi Ishii > people with~
Takashi Ishii > "My First Battleship"
Takashi Ishii > by Fisherprise
<wizzard66> make one of me with bukake, i like that
BarbersHuZ > now i lose my coffee :(
BarbersHuZ > and i need 95% cap to online my coffeemaschine
Scorpio Dantes > Karl, darling! I almost thought I would see you undock tonight! Those bedsores from sitting in the station bar must be getting sore!
Sakura Nihil > why the silence?
Sakura Nihil > don't you love us as much as we love you?
Scorpio Dantes > I know they love us! Why else would they be here waiting for us?
Scorpio Dantes > Every night - here they are!
Scorpio Dantes > It's like showing up late for the prom and only the ugly girls are left!
<Levin> afs would be useful if tanking frigates made any sense
<Levin> luckily tux gave them just they buff they needed
<Levin> when he increased their sig
<Sadist> :|
Chopper Garp > trev dock in next 5 mins
Trevedian > ?
Trevedian > no
Chopper Garp > am saying that because your not a s*it head like resst of krom
Trevedian > and why should i listen
Trevedian > i want a fight
Trevedian > u 2 vs m ve
Trevedian > me
Trevedian > u 2 sissies versus me.. okay?
Trevedian > any1 else in ur corp online? bring them too
Chopper Garp > woah hey trev your not after another hard on are you ?
Trevedian > not from a eunuch jellybell like urself
Chopper Garp > warmer
Chopper Garp > getting warmer
Trevedian > cold
Trevedian > uncloak u pussy
Chopper Garp > bingo !!!
Number 17 > is it true that when you take wrecks off your overview you cannot see minnie ships?
IzzyChan > This anime is teh best evar
IzzyChan > It has giant robots, boobs, furries, transvestites, and is sponsored by McDonalds
Vaun Erryk > There have been a collection of RPers who have used their characters to fulfill RL fantasies and yeah it's caused weirdness on many levels
Kelsy Talan > Well, isn't that part of RP, essentially? I'd love to fly a spaceship.
Vaun Erryk > oh yeah I mean like the weird wishes
Kelsy Talan > Where all of your extremeties become penises and you engage in group sex like that?
Kelsy Talan > Because that would be weird.
Vaun Erryk > My arms are penises with hand prostheses on the ends just for this sort of situation.
Verone > I just have a cthulhu of penises between my legs for such situations
Verone > Most of them are however bruised and bleeding, from thrashing and slapping eachother due to my constant state of arousal
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