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Rah Magnus > nah i am dislexic and had a crapy spelling teachers and never took typing class
Straith > Heh
Straith > Can I crack dyslexic jokes?
Rah Magnus > shure
Straith > I have a really good one...
Straith > Two dyslexicx in the back of a car
Straith > One says "Can you smell petrol?"
Straith > The other says "Smell petrol? I can't even smell my own name!"
nomadeyes > anyone in a place where drugs can be bought??
nomadeyes > wanting a price check...
Kerushi > yea, holland
Siddic Keshin > can you stack afterburners ?
GM Haggis > Yes you can
GM Haggis > Take them off your ship
GM Haggis > Repackage them
GM Haggis > Right click > Stack
Siddic Keshin > i got trolled by a GM, i feel dirty
The Mona Lisa /emote smiles
Renee Alexis > I'm only clinically clueless all the time.
<Kryztal> omg
<Kryztal> i so dont need viagra :(
<Kryztal> my sex drive is uber
<Molle> if you have balls you do
<Kryztal> just need to squeeze em a little and off i go like the energizin bunny
<Kryztal> ....
<Kryztal> and now im just gonna go hide in a cave
Hitomi Kanzakis > Idk, non-pirates cry a lot when they loose ships :p
Tar Kovsky > ^^ often true
xHoodx > I find this conversation invigourating, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter
Tar Kovsky > sure... send an email to eve-philosophy@significantconversations.com
xHoodx > on it
xHoodx > do I get the free complementary beer hat?
Ralg > you can subscribe to the newsletter, but you need to give me all your money first
xHoodx > I don't have any money
Nyabinghi > petition it
Ariel Nino > could do that, probably a bug with my wallet
Zudari > your right
Zudari > shes on her phone
Zudari > one of those 3g feckers
Sakura Nihil > fail
Zudari > free msn
Sakura Nihil > heh
Bacchanalian > fuck that, it requires a CC to sign up for MSN
Bacchanalian > MSN can eat a dick
Sakura Nihil > wtf are you on about?
Sakura Nihil > its free nubbin
Aeaus > :|
Bacchanalian > well I still ain't giving it my CC :P
Galaxier > whats with all the concord?
Tristan Acoma > donut ship jumped through a moment ago
<EVE-Radio> now playing: Oxygen feat. Andrea Britton - Am I On Your Mind (Lustral Mix)
<YourMomma> no, andrea britton, you're not on my name
<YourMomma> MIND
<YourMomma> GAH
* YourMomma suicides
<dj_whitey> O.O/
<Orkki> woohoo finally!ยจ
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