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Edelfund > It just occured to me that ninja salvaging with a ship named "salvager" sorta blows the ninja part
SunStride > I just got killed again and last night i got podded :(
Sandeep > perhaps you should adjust your risk taking behavior
<DigitalCommunist> no, my drive to be unique and creative is about as high as tomb when it comes to balancing ships
Gecko 136 > Since you are already with child, I recommend sticking with the Raven.
Leet Al > when you using gatlings on a crusader
Leet Al > it says 'rape' in morse code
ManOfLeisure > final countdown for bs 5,. 12 more whores
ManOfLeisure > err,. *hours
*Theo Samaritan facepalms so hard he hits someone sat two seats behind him
*Quinn Silver falls off chair due to theos slap
<+Asestorian> if I need to close things I have to restart my computer and not open them again
Odysseus Polyphemus > I'd like to buy a cerberus, please.
Jim Steelle > wouldn't you like to know how much they are first? :P
Odysseus Polyphemus > It says that they're 250M, but I'd like to negotiate that down to 240, if possible.
Jim Steelle > deal
Odysseus Polyphemus > Then, I shall intiate a trade window.
(Odysseus Polyphemus offers 240K ISK)
Jim Steelle > you appear to be missing a few zeros
Odysseus Polyphemus > You appear to be missing a Cerberus.
Anshio Tamark > wow... 80 seconds to lock onto a frigate...
Kosetzu > Flying your dominix or?
Anshio Tamark > Nope. Drake
Anshio Tamark > Domi is on my other account
Kosetzu > So, dampening then
Anshio Tamark > yup
Anshio Tamark > well, it gave me time to reload my launchers
Kosetzu > Should use drones for the frigs
Anshio Tamark > Hard to do when I didn't have them locked.
Kosetzu > Drones autoaggro
Kosetzu > if set to agressive
Anshio Tamark > Yeah. But they went for the wrong target.
Anshio Tamark > so I couldn't re-direct them
Anshio Tamark > Well, at least my shields are stable
Kosetzu > Well, drones have always been the dumbest AI in the game
Kosetzu > Controlling them is like trying to make some kid who can't hear or see pick up a stone and put it on a shelf
Anshio Tamark > hehe
Anshio Tamark > speaking from experience or just guessing?
Kosetzu > Experience, very much
Anshio Tamark > ... I'm not sure whether that's a good or a bad thing...
Kosetzu > Me neither tbh :P
Anshio Tamark > at least there's some merit to your claim...
Kosetzu > Used to fly a domi and myrm so I've got experience with droneboats
Anshio Tamark > I was actually more concerned about the part with the deaf and blind child...
Kosetzu > ohh well... that is more guesswork :D
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