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In Alliance:
[ 2009.02.28 19:39:32 ] Isorath > spam spam spam

In Corp:
[ 2009.02.28 19:39:32 ] Intrno > spam spam spam

[ 2009.02.28 19:41:47 ] Isorath > down to the exact second
[ 2009.02.28 19:41:30 ] Intrno > STAY OUT OF MY HEAD
Hao Chan> whats a good pirate ship?
Mandrake Seriya> Hao: The Jolly Roger.
Torquemanda Corteaz > jesus lads
Torquemanda Corteaz > you making a exodus back to empire?
Holden Jaff > nope, just picking up more beer.
Torquemanda Corteaz > man i want to go to one of your parties :)
Thrak > `how do you apply nanite repair paste? drag it on the damaged mods?
LodiLode > use a toothbrush?
LodiLode > i like mint flavored
Insuljun > More great thinkers!
Bosco Devorak > Yes! Nanite Paste! Now with tooth whitening flouride!
Sakhr Otaktay > I have a cloning device II somewhere in empire...
EmmDee Cutter > think of 1.0 as Beverly Hills and .5 as the hood
Tethis > damn my pibs tits for fingers
PheonixFlight > no just sick
Tethis > *pigs
CosmicCol > lol
CosmicCol > use a penncil
CosmicCol > pencil even damn my sausage fingers
Tethis > cannot hold one in these trotters
Eronion > wtf are pib tits?
Tethis > scroll up for correction
Eronion > ah, gotcha
CosmicCol > pigs breasts he meant
Eronion > we've got a saying in the US, "You're as worthess as tits on a boar hog"
Eronion > tits
Tethis > of course pigs are a sexual being in their own right in the southern states
marillian > lol
Eronion > nothin' quite like 'em
Eronion > the squeal is what gets me off.
Kronos > Guardian Alph you are gonna pay for that
Guardian Alpha > You fired first. Remember that.
Kronos > You stole cargo
GunTop > you stole the can, what are we suposed to do, just watch you
Guardian Alpha > I moved it into a new can. You locked me previously.
Guardian Alpha > You fired. I returned fire.
Guardian Alpha > Do not engage what you will not win.
Guardian Alpha > Do not lock what you do not understand.
Ryuuko Daiterra > the keyboard drops all of our
IQ by 50 points
n33k4 > damnit
n33k4 > i go out to visit friends
n33k4 > come back
n33k4 > and find I'm not top killer in sc anymore :(
Keta Min > :p
n33k4 > social life totally ruins your kb ranking :( it's evil
Keta Min > priorities dude. friends dont drop loot.
n33k4 > ROFL

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