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Omber Zombie > i found out the other day that one of my bar wenches has access to pharmacy grade coke to use on her mice experiments
Ayamia > oh god
Omber Zombie > i considered making myself a tail and drawing whiskers on my face
armslave> think one of my best kills with my plate rax was a bob inty while 4 bob bs's were shooting at me
armslave> killed him and warped out stiff o/
armslave> still*
Drogarn Langlay> nice
Blackdog Rackh'am> you warped out stiff?were you that excited?
Foomanshoe > precusuin ammo is almost a must for frigates
Foomanshoe > fortunately spelling isnt
Needsleep000 > lol i read that as percussion
Foomanshoe > Nova Precision Heavy Missile is a must for frigates
Needsleep000 > yeah i know what you meant, but i pictured you with drums
Foomanshoe > you have no idea what i look like how can you picture me with drums
Needsleep000 > i pictured an apoc with drums
Foomanshoe > im in a tengu
Needsleep000 > i know, but i was imagining you in a apoc with drums
Foomanshoe > you seeing me nekkid too cause your freaking me out
Anvyl Ironstryke > lol
Needsleep000 > wait how did you find out about that
Anvyl Ironstryke > no he can't see your naked. your curtains are in the way.
Foomanshoe > well i may have on no pants but im not nekkid
Parin Tachin > and no laughing, one day I will be MEDIOCRE!!!! phear me!
Gangus > oi! I AM TEH MEDIOCRE
Creepy Charlie > I'm trying to work my way up to "Suck"
tamurlane > 20 bucks just like downtown.
´╗┐Parin Tachin > I R > than Charlie!
Creepy Charlie > That isn't saying quite alot, Parin.
Creepy Charlie > That's like saying "Hey, I can count better than a kid with Down's"
Lord Ronnie > anything interesting happening?
Berin Cormeril > just killin pirates
Lord Ronnie > A wholesome activity...
Lord Ronnie > Unless of course you happen to be the pirate/s, in which case it is more of a -hole-some activity.
Lon RImmer > How do I stop a secured can from following me?
Lon RImmer > it's been following me for an hour now, I think it's trying to get in close and attach itself to my frigate.
Keefff > turn off your tractor ?
Lon RImmer > oh
Gungankllr > stabs are like banging a fat chich... it's great until your friends catch you
[Agony]Kaiman> And here I am remembering the existance of omgrawr...searching for my name....and find that some nice person has quoted me fully out of context 0.0
<corywyn> lol
<[Agony]Kaiman> I hate you all, thank you :p
* Rohann yawns
Rohann > vc and imp are booooorrrring
Tamora > it was always going to be a dockfest
Ghost hunter > we need rage ravens o/
Tamora > we should have thought this through first and bought all the stabs and stab bpos
Kraknar > I like Pie
Kraknar > especially cherry pie cause apple pie is overrated
Joe > i prefer a nice apricot slice
Jordania > nugget pie
Joe > or custard tard.
Joe > err...
Joe > tart** :)
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