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Nathan Rees > wonder what these guys are up to.. prolly gank squad?
Onyxalia La'fiette > they have a pilgrim and a falcon...they arent here for a tea party
Onyxalia La'fiette > :P
Son Xo > proof of total boredom: the spotlights in Lai Dai station have move up/down 6 times/minute
<Kayosoni> idd != I date dudes
-> -#evol- if u wanna were sucking orids in pahsanananshhsnahsnahi
<StevieTops> what's an orid
<wizzard66> big balls of nimerals
Kimo Sabi > about 19, nice firm juicy...
Kimo Sabi > where was I?
Blyzz > drooling
Kimo Sabi > I wondered why my keyboard was wet
Blyzz > hehehe
Hidden Snake > u fucking idiots
Hidden Snake > u poded truckerx
Hidden Snake > which is my fucking alts
Hidden Snake > FUCCCC
SocomTedd > nbsi
Count Wilson > sorry pal
Count Wilson > he was a nuet
Hidden Snake > i told it
Hidden Snake > several times to several diplos
Hidden Snake > FUCK
Hidden Snake > 90 mil implants
Hidden Snake > 60 mil ship
Hidden Snake > FUCK
Larzza > lol
Count Wilson > well u need ur alliance diplo to tell ppl
Larzza > thats less then 200mil
Hidden Snake > and clone is fucked in Villasen
Hidden Snake > which 40 jumps from SU
Hidden Snake > fuck
Larzza > pod jump?
Count Wilson > hope his clone was upto date
Hidden Snake > no jump clone installed now
Hidden Snake > fuck
Count Wilson > sorry m8
Hidden Snake > fuck
Count Wilson > http://gallery.roadbikereview.com/data/roadbike/500/huzzah.jpg
Hidden Snake > need to relax now
Hidden Snake > i was fiting broadsword
Hidden Snake > and did not pay attention
Hidden Snake > fuck
Junior Gleam > intel.......
Count Wilson > ol
Hidden Snake > fuck
Azran Zala > Huzzah!!!111
SocomTedd > Flawless Victory is Flawless!
Hidden Snake > ,,,,,,,, snake defucks............
Azran Zala > epic pic
Count Wilson > http://www.huzzahfederation.co.uk/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=99774
SocomTedd > Overdrives are bad m'kay
crashyza > i was gonna say, selling that SE Probe Launcher? :D
SocomTedd > nanofibers all the way!
Hidden Snake > no if u closing on target cloacked
Count Wilson > 30 mill
Hidden Snake > fuck
Hidden Snake > how the hell now i will get stuff to corp
Hidden Snake > we planned JF run
Hidden Snake > crap
Azran Zala > hidden
Azran Zala > chill bru
Azran Zala > u want cyno
Azran Zala > I got 10 herons for u
Hidden Snake > i cool already
Hidden Snake > forget it
Hidden Snake > i will replan
SocomTedd > at least you werent killed by a red :D
Count Wilson > lol
Hidden Snake > ;)
Hidden Snake > facepalm
MDS1 > I anyone good at anal? for this c5 magnometric site?
MDS1 > Is anyone*
Civ Zomas > Oh man, that's got to go on OMGRAWR.
Mrs Fantastic > lol
Mrs Fantastic > dave, analysis is not a word you want to abbreviate
Civ Zomas > I honestly wouldn't know if anyone here is good at anal.
Poetry > i um... wow.. um yeah that is one hella typo
MDS1 > We need someone that has anal 5
Bethany TwiLight > lol
MDS1 > Analysis*
stefoukk > i have anal 5
Poetry > ask that alien on American Dad i guess.
MDS1 > An anal specialist
Poetry > oh never mind. hrm.. anal 5, give new mean to the term Sisters Core Probe.
orion scimatarii > guys... why is there a war going on between the factions?
Korinne > see orion, when a daddy empire and a mommy federation and their pet states and republics love each other very much....
orion scimatarii > lol
Korinne > they wait for someone to give concord a special hug
Xiakama Latuki > Can you demonstrate this hug?
Korinne > and then for about 19 hours, they wait for the stork to arrive
<Checkbit> I'm immune to viagra...I'm married
-!- Podruski was kicked from #eve-online by Viceroy [SLIT]
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