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<gods> we are building a raquel couse we cant get all the ore out
<DJ_Sam> a raquel?
<DJ_Sam> does she have boobs?
<DJ_Sam> and realistic hair?
<Draelen> I don't like the sound of a raquel compressing my assets
<DJ_Sam> some guys like that...
Arse > Damn it I totally didn't intend to create this character, I pressed next too many times
Arse > I better compost him before I get banned for the name
Nordstern3 > Citizens of Lustrevik, I beseech thee: What shalt my 300th injected skill be?
Nordstern3 > For those is no skillbook called "Sparta".
Cale Agittain > Empire Control !
Nordstern3 > i should have seen that coming
<@PrismX> have I ranted here about how the name Minmatar came to be?
<+Pattern> not as far as i'm aware
<+Beansman> PrismX: nop
<+ElfeGER> rantaway
<@PrismX> It's essentially an englishification (i just made that word up) of the Icelandic word Minnimáttar
<@PrismX> removing accents and double consonants basicly
<+Batolemaeus> did you just copypasta that?
<+ElfeGER> you might want to help the non icelandic ppl a bit there
<@PrismX> no bato.. I'm Icelandic so I can write that word myself
<@PrismX> http://translate.google.com/translate_t?prev=hp&hl=en&js=y&text=Minnim%C3%A1ttar&file=&sl=is&tl=en&history_state0=#
<+Beansman> haha
<+Beansman> good one
<+RadCobalt> minnimattar = small in measurement?
<@PrismX> yeah, it's just means inferior
<@PrismX> in whatever context you're discussing :p
Raadix Tennhauser > 2004.11.09 00:14:34 combat Your Unobtainium-Nerfbat BFG-99K Poo-Flinging-Monkey Tech IV places a Righteous hit on Teh Hekp [No0b], inflicting <total WTFpWnage/Stack Overflow> damage.
Frogpills > should be surprised but
not due to the wonderful world we live in
Endometriosis > you live in
Endometriosis > is wonderwoman your
Endometriosis > can i sleep with your
mom if that is the case?
Duke Ricol > lol
Dethra > if his mom was
wonderwoman, you would probably get
beaten up while you were getting laid
Endometriosis > rough sex....SWCHEET
Dethra > she gets beaten up
everyday; I imagine if it were gentle, she
wouldn't feel anything.
Frogpills > damn go afk for 5 mins
and come back to drunk pirates talking about
sex with my mother ... damn you all to hell
you bastards ;)
BeePan NOK > would be nice to know what there is in that moon
Dark Blood Prince > after tuesday place a siphob
Dark Blood Prince > siphon
Dark Blood Prince > get a taste :)
[ @Ysabelle ] Seleene's orders boiled down:
[ @Ysabelle ] I like them nice and tight.
[ @Kalessin ] well, i like em thick and juicy
[ @wizzard66 ] [23:09] <Kalessin> well, i like em thick and juicy <--- can you say that again please? On teamspeak??
Mattias Kerensky > we had some baddies catch the miners a bit ago
Mattias Kerensky > Then I intercepted them, with predictable results
jih chop > you killed them all in such a viscious and heinous manner that not only did they rage quit - but even their unborn children are shuddering in their one-day father's testicles having sworn never to even download eve?
Kilabi > hiho
Kilabi > eve looks cool when having fever
Kilabi > all the bloom effects look nice with water in the eyes of all the coughing
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