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<+Hoggs> Hey, it says if we get podded you can reinburse SP... so snap to it! x|
<&Oneiromancer> It doesn't say *when*
Feurian Krit > rarrr!
Decks > got it from a slaughter
Decks > lol RAWR!
Feurian Krit > what did you get?
Feurian Krit > a penis pump?
Decks > LOL
Feurian Krit > slammy told me you needed it, honest
Decks > omg!
Feurian Krit > rofl
Feurian Krit > whats everyone up to
Decks > killing cruisers
ccslammy > His wife tells it all when shes drunk
Feurian Krit > lmfao
Decks > ROFL!
ccslammy > :)
Feurian Krit > that's getting quoted
Decks > oh no, lol
Aracturus > I seem to have this swarm of women
Aracturus > It's like flies sometimes.
Aracturus > Seriously, if you saw my inbox, you'd be shocked
Aracturus > pages of propositions D:
Andreus Ixiris > You're a goon, your inbox is full of dicks
Aracturus > My inbox was full of dicks long before I became a goon
cpt kenny > erm. wheres the store?
Rooker > the new button in the service thing on the right
cpt kenny > aaaah the big fucking button that you have to be a tit to miss. cheers :o)
Ronald McDonnald  Hello
Krystian  yeah I would like a #1, with coke, #2 with super sized fries, 2 double cheese burgers, and 24 piece chicken mcnuggets
Ronald McDonnald  shut up
Lady Pirate > could u not pick on goons? their a bunch of noobs and ur the supposed leet pvpers
Dragos Vlad > Welcome to EVE
Dusmanul > heh
Dragos Vlad > Please choose your level
Dragos Vlad > Hard
Dragos Vlad > Medium
Dragos Vlad > Easy
Dragos Vlad > Caldari
Dusmanul > rofl
wartzilla> i dont think fire would kill him
wartzilla> much like cockroaches he'll be here after ww3
wartzilla> linking tranny porn
Message: General Error: Scotty the docking manager heard you were talking shit about him behind his back and refuses to service your request.
<nicodiemus> these fucking people just don't listen to me
<nicodiemus> they dont listen
<nicodiemus> i will kill them all
<Orkki> huh? sorry wasnt paying attention
* nicodiemus stabs Orkki with a brutix.
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