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Xelphior > hehe guy we just podded lost 9.5msp! LOL
Wrayeth > And the jump portal generator can send a friendly fleet to wherever without the titan ever moving.
B0rn2KiLL > superweapon can be activated remtoely ?
Wrayeth > Yep.
B0rn2KiLL > christ o.0
Wrayeth > That about sums it up.
B0rn2KiLL > what are they gonna do with it tho ?
wierchas noobhunter > still CYVOK: guys AAA used exploit and we lost titan ! but dont worry we gona biuld new one, ascn miners: GO TO HELL
Mr Bunbury > should i worry about any of the wt? like are we hunting them or are they hunting us?
Onyxalia La'fiette > they dont hunt us...but they do come when called on...kinda like having hostile pets
Elethe > o/ Ian
Ian Mantell > hi Elethe
Ian Mantell > do you need me ?
Elethe > ONly in a dirty, sweaty way
Elethe > Was just saying hi :)
Ian Mantell > *giggle*
Ian Mantell > well it is way too hot for THAT so i stick to a cold drink
Elethe > And by dirty and sweaty, of course I mean mining and hauling :P
Ian Mantell > still too hot , even for roid-sucking
Elethe > I'll suck your roids wherever, whenever babe
Ian Mantell > meow
MaullerZ > ok ransom?
MaullerZ > hey hey
MaullerZ > dont want to buy another tengu
Gottii > Were not pirates
MaullerZ > so?
Gottii > We dont ransom....
MrLeap > and just today I gave a newb money to buy a destroyer
MrLeap > and I told him that I sprayed his face with my hot sticky isk stream
MrLeap > and he said he felt violated
Alak D'bor > goons are like the bugs in starship troopers
Khan Flux > minus the brain bug
Tareen Kashaar > I'm gonna get dreads again o/
Gwarnina > yay
Gwarnina > how is that?
Tareen Kashaar > making them ;)
Gwarnina > oh
Gwarnina > that's handy
Gwarnina > I could be in dreads by now if I actually trained something while away
Gwarnina > stupid me
Tareen Kashaar > oh lol
Tareen Kashaar > dude
Tareen Kashaar > I was talking about dreadlocks XD
Tamora > hes also so gay he shits rainbows.
veyron > lol
veyron > you seen him RL then?
veyron > talk about queer
Tamora > i only saw his ass
Tamora > sticking out of a bush near an 'eve meat'
Elisium Dammar > that wasnt my ass
Tamora > its like an eve meet but with moar sausage
Avant Royce > anyone here selling retriever bpcs?
Spoon Flux > Only golden ones
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