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Rat Hick > hey wait . adult content is against the eula zomg !
Rat Hick > everything is against the eula we're all doomed !
Sonicboom182 > yep true
Tsol'aa Truthseeker > adult content?? 90 fecking percent of eve are over 20 yyears old ffs
Sonicboom182 > im only 18
Bambule > rofl!!!
Sonicboom182 > im from Australia so when i turned 18 everything is legal
Tsol'aa Truthseeker > poor sheep
Marogian: the market is so funny
Marogian: people literally seem to be deciding how much to charge for stuff relatively based on how good the name sounds
Marogian: "precious metals" atm is by far the most expensive "bas resource"
Marogian: despite being incredibly abundant
Nirvy > an unwatched kal doesnt mine if i recall tho
Kalahari Wayrest > an unwatched nirvy is usually with a dirty mag and a box of kleenex :/
Nirvy > i prefer kitchen roll kal :P
Kalahari Wayrest > ah
Kalahari Wayrest > more absorbant :P
bonesy19uk > Bounty the stronger soaker upper
Nirvy > ROFL
Kalahari Wayrest > LOL
Nirvy > bonesy knows
Kalahari Wayrest > clearly the voice of experience
bonesy19uk > <---- wanker
Adrielle Firewalker > "have you tried it wet yet?"
Adrielle Firewalker > my guess is they both have
Pehova Mindtriq > i prefer using the trade channel as gang chat but that is just me
Pehova Mindtriq > that way the sellers know right away when we need new ships and mods
Der Prophet > Language is the only thing that seperates us from apes...that and less hair. So please don't fuck it up for the rest of us.
Yves Melvone > yeah, but i was just thinking if we could put "This is a restricted zone, please leave before you get shot by me" on the ammo it would save some typing
Gadrius > Ewar is the sexy redhead of eve
Gadrius > the nicest woman you will ever meet, or the worst bitch you will ever piss off
Dyntheos > well leo i cant help but notice that the ships you manufacture are prone to exploding under fire
James Copper > "And lo did the gods of darkness rise up, and swear, and cry out, 'Lo, see you not that these must be cheating, as they have pwned all our minions so repeatedly?' and then did Oveur reach for his holy nerf-bat...."
Cerui Tarshiel > this is just like the nanoage
Cerui Tarshiel > where incompetant pilots complained on and on and on about how faggots didn't want to fight
Cerui Tarshiel > where the competant ones just went and took the gay to another level
SaltyandSweet > youre speaking
SaltyandSweet > soo yea stop calling yourself out brah
Sakura Nihil > You've obviously never met Cerui
Sakura Nihil > He's like 6 foot 8" and flaming
Sakura Nihil > Like Erik the Red, except fabulous
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