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Nimeq > EVE makes me feel dumb.. WoW already assumes i am
Eran Laude > there are mutherfucking drakes on this mutherfucking cane!
fdafda > bio break for 30 mins shortly
fdafda > can you haul as well AC?
Aniara Cass > 30min??? that's a long bio break...
Sigch Laamor > i gotta go soon too
fdafda > washing up, cooking, eating wife etc
Aniara Cass > You eating your wife??? TMI
Sigch Laamor > haha
* fdafda hammers comma key
sodney > NAO
sodney > if england can put unecessary u's into words i can put a's
< Carda|work> you know what happens when you disabled all effects? ;)
< Carda|work> you don't see smartbomb effects ;)
< Carda|work> :(
borenson Aivoras > so dumb question but if they have a red minus i can fight them right? with out the cops jumping in?
Shalazan > Wrong
Shalazan > If your in 0.0 your fine
Shalazan > But in High Sec CONCORD will fuck you analy with a tunafish
<Ratking> could an director please accept my appliance?
<wizzard66> dunno i never have accepted peeps before
<wizzard66> think im not allowed
<wizzard66> nope. you need a star and 2 bars for it
<wizzard66> i only have a star
<andro> w t f?
<andro> a star and two bars?
<Ratking> Centurion level, Andro. You'll never get there
<andro> maybe .... im already there
<andro> and you dunno ...
<Hangman> how many gay rainbows do you have andro?
<andro> ..... over nine thousand
Gturtle > This is the internet where Men are Men, Women are Men, and Girls are FBI Agents.
Demonik llama > is anyone else loosing their connection?
Serj Darek > no, I pay my bills
Azia Burgi > i feel so old
Cyndial > you are old though
Azia Burgi > i haven't had an afternoon nap today so i'm feeling a bit grumpy
Azia Burgi > 24 :S
Azia Burgi > sorry thought you asked me how old i was
Azia Burgi > need my glasses....
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