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Biggus Tankus > -2% for shooting a can! ffs thats a bit harsh
Shelak > yeah
Biggus Tankus > I always loose sec status in Molden heath
Shelak > well you are Brokeback Molden
Biggus Tankus > ,,i,,
Futher Bezluden > see, pay up, told you he saw it
Kei Nagase > Fought some Red overloads out here. 7 on 3. :( We got more kills, they got more isk
MaxXx Gunn > red overlords?
Kei Nagase > yeah
MaxXx Gunn > rats?
Kei Nagase > close... Russians
Tyto > A gallente walks into a cocktail bar and asks the barman for a 'double entendre'.
Tyto > Sure he says, come behind the bar and I'll give you one
Thamul > but im pretty tired of characters in underwear grinding on my face
Thamul > for 15 bucks, i can get that at a gay bar and my first two drinks free as well
<@workJunkie> i'm not fat
<@workJunkie> i'm padded in case of nuclear winter
res0nance > fit a non nerfed weapon class
Canary > miners ?
<Levin> 4 of you need to give me your snowballs and launchers
<Levin> i am going to construct the ultimate wintertime war machine
<Levin> the snowberus
Fast Eddie > Imagine a match between Confederation Of Carebear Killers vs. (say) Company of United Neutral Traders, assuming such an alliance were created...
Helpdesk > I think the latter would get screwed, really...
DeathBySight > mechaet, can you buy me a hulk :) ill be your sex slave
DeathBySight > or soemthing
Emperor D'Hoffryn > i asked him first
Par'Gellen > omg
Par'Gellen > LOL
Emperor D'Hoffryn > wait your turn
Par'Gellen > are you guys fighting over who gets to be Mechaet's sex slave?
Markus SilverMoon > is there a skill that increases your targeting rnge
Aquillar > long range targetting
Aquillar > electornics
KentOnline > yep,oddly enough its called targetting range
KentOnline > no...Long range targetting
Markus SilverMoon > is it under gunnery
Aquillar > electronics
KentOnline > electronics
KentOnline > beat ya
Daljeet > I show AQ firs
KANNIK > me to
Aquillar > :D
Aquillar > I said it twice
Derek > You currently have 136 skills and 26,401,313 skill points....... I'm first :)
Aquillar > and beat you both times
KentOnline > saying things in stereo is cheating
Markus SilverMoon > lol
Invisible Bandit > lol
Invisible Bandit > no its not
Markus SilverMoon > no its not
KentOnline > yes it is
KentOnline > yes it is
Aquillar > LOL
Aquillar > LOL
Daljeet > wha?
Daljeet > wha?
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