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Darth Falconx > MC reveil first new titan, kills 119 =P
James Don > the lag is the petitions of 119 IAC being filed :p
Oly26 > now how he gona post all that killmails :P
Darth Falconx > thats why they delay the dd by an hr, so you have time to post them =P
Lemon > ok lets roll
Aliez Kahn > lolz read that as lets troll
Lemon > thats for after
Twin Turbo > If quafe was real it would probably taste like sex drugs and free speech.
Mar'kret Allt > so yeah just gonna stay in jita with its hair-thin profit margins
Leonard Achana > That's unkind
Leonard Achana > To the hair, that is. Hair is thicker than that
ÐJThéßârøn says:
clipped and i discussed and agreed we disliked the models posing with the geeks as it was sad and patrhetic
ÐJThéßârøn says:
he then asked me to take a photo of him by the gallente bar logo
ÐJThéßârøn says:
so when he had his back turned i asked th ebarmaid to pose with him
ÐJThéßârøn says:
he was so pissed off he found it funny too
ÐJThéßârøn says:
so it was dj 2 clipped 0
ÐJThéßârøn says:
Foxor: sooo i warped into a fleet of 5 SA assault frigs in my Thorax
Foxor: and.. pwned them all
Foxor: solo
Foxor: with a mining laser
TomB > testing fleet combat vs. pos
TomB > 2004.11.12 23:59:55 combat Your POS TEST Mega Pulse Laser places an excellent hit on Gallente Control Tower [SEVC], inflicting 7423.4 damage.
Iggy > anyone have extra enriched uranium?
Succoros > i hear iran has
Morsmorde > All hail the great kinran, keeper of the channel. We are not worthy for your bombardment of rules and regulations. Please take this token in respect!.. -=hands him some miley cyrus tickets=-
Lodhian > wtf is wrong with this lag?
Lodhian > or am i the only one having i
Lodhian > *it
Trey Azagthoth > nothing m8, the lag is working just fine
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