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[+DJ_Splendid] damnnn. cube was sinister shit. cube 3 adds a whole new level of sinister shitstack
[+DJ_Splendid] im sleeping with the light on
[+DJ_Splendid] and an airgun under my pillow
[+DJ_Splendid] and my taekwonodo gear on
[+DJ_Splendid] and my katana on the windowsill
[+DJ_Splendid] fuckit. im ringing mummy
Gecko 136 > Since you are already with child, I recommend sticking with the Raven.
Vernn Miller > I burnt the meatballs :))
DraLaFi > perhaps you shouldn't have used hot-wax then...
W1ck3d 8uZz > don't forget that mwd increeses ships signature radius by 500%
Uvarov > If you were in a dread you could get mistaken for a small moon. Next thing you know someone would be mining you.
ADR1AN > how do you figure out rocket / missile range?
Verone > speed x flight time
ADR1AN > you mean i have to do maths now? :(
dabster > lol
Verone > yeah speed in seconds, x flight time in meters per second
Verone > ....lol
Verone > other way round :S
Verone > /emote falls over
ADR1AN > my head hurts now!
Verone > Like i said in E-On... maths was never my strong point...
dabster > lol
ADR1AN > is it on the missile info?
ADR1AN > or the launcher info?
dabster > you need to load missiles to a launcher on your ship
dabster > then show info on ship
ADR1AN > oh right
dabster > go to modules tab and click info on rockets
ADR1AN > well i have no ship and no missiles and no launcher!
dabster > hehe
Rindis > Addy thinks things through.
ADR1AN > hell yeah!
ADR1AN > no instincts here
ADR1AN > its all about the 5p's!
ADR1AN > prior planning prevents piss poor performance!
Verone > that's 6 p's
Verone > ...
ADR1AN > hmm
Renko Lavochkin > I shall entertain you with my sensual caucasian knee dancing.
Kronic Offender > my keyboard looks like I've been eating directly off of it
<Jaredh> Halo implants? "Hey, a halo, am I a holy man now?"
<Jaredh> Someone with halo implants should go preach to the Amarr
<LaFond> "See this Halo? I'm on the side of Angels"
Marogian > Who wants to become a carebear? its like wanting to get HIV
* Haffrage strokes your massive cock as you reach for the fryer grease
Haffrage > oops, mt
doctorstupid2 > what.... the.... fuck
Gothikia > 0o
Jimmy Tantimon > good god, get a priv pos
Fel Flash > o/
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