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Richard Mnemonic > what are you guys drinking/smoking and can I have some ;-)
john malikhi > no
john malikhi > club members only
Ro' LoPok > im high on techno
john malikhi > ^-^
Princess Beefcurtains > vino, and not unless you're insanely good looking
Ro' LoPok > o
Ro' LoPok > o//
Silvath > Good Work Batman!
Princess Beefcurtains > who you calling batman? his name is Wondertrousers!
Silvath > hehe
Silvath > right
Richard Mnemonic > hmm, with the amounth of vino you have you probably think that everybody is insane good looking
Princess Beefcurtains > his best skill is being able to spear gl women with his rod of power
Ro' LoPok > Bow Chic a BowwoW
Princess Beefcurtains > lol, vino just makes me more selective
Richard Mnemonic > hmm, hate that in a woman ;-)
Princess Beefcurtains > its darkness that makes everyoe look like adonis you noob
Richard Mnemonic > I'm not that interested in an "adonis" honey
Princess Beefcurtains > lights out = everyone is stunning... unless you cant find them or you keep bumping into them when you are walking away from them
<DJ_Xyliana> I am playing a trial account this is so much fun
<DJ_Xyliana> like losing your virginity all over again
Duckeye > I just got a thing about bondage and a woman that can dig in real deep and get the truth out of me

Masakari God > /emote counts on both hands and both feet how many ships are mad at masakari atm
Masakari God > ok masakari ran out of fingers toes and elbows
Masakari God > lets just say there alot
Masakari God > 16 bs atm
Masakari God > 15
MrWhitei God > lol
MrWhitei God > you only have 16 fingers and toes?
<Dreamweaver1779> is there any vb.net code examples of how to use api's
<lisa> doubtful
<Ix_Forres> yeah, vb.net's probably right up there with smalltalk and haskell on 'languages nobody uses for EVE API development'
<Trigger> Ix_Forres you forgot lisp
<Trigger> :|
<Ix_Forres> Trigger: I've seen EVE Online API Lisp
<Trigger> seriously?
<Ix_Forres> http://wiki.eve-id.net/Common-Lisp-EVE-API-package
<Trigger> :
<Ix_Forres> So, uh. :p
<Trigger> oh dear god :(
<Trigger> Well, I stand corrected
<Trigger> so :p
<zofu> we have arkady here. expect api code in languages no never ever heard of before. :P
Nicholas Barker > what happens to a nag when it enters siege?
boabiski > bits fall off
Hmm uk > who is Kath?
MonaLisa Overdrive > I think Ecatherina W call her self Kath?
Ecatherina W > That's correct :)
Ecatherina W > But I'll accept EW as well :)
Hmm uk > U accept EW???
Hmm uk > that ecm probing or dampeners :D
Hmm uk dribbles at thought of Ecatherina 'damp'
Ecatherina W > LOL
Hmm uk > hehe where U sneaking off to Dave
Hmm uk > lolol
Davision > Nah ... doing some hardner tests
Hmm uk > eek!
Ecatherina W checks Davi's hardeners...
Hmm uk > heh
Davision starts some lessons on how to avoid writing for omgrawr.net
Devilish Ledoux > ALL of the new ships are symmetrical!
Tiberius Horde > they got lazy
Tiberius Horde > build a half, then mirror over
Tiberius Horde > tada! ships at the speed of light
Gut Punch > no, not lazy, cheap
Devilish Ledoux > I'm thinking "new designers"
Tiberius Horde > I don't care, it's NEW
Gut Punch > screw it. it could be a borg cube as long as it worked
Tiberius Horde > or a pixelated dot
Tiberius Horde > I'd fly that
Devilish Ledoux > it could look like a 5 year old boy with a speech balloon that says "You're a faggot" ... if it's got nice stats, people will fly it
Zendane > Second, I know we have a greater interest in PvP. Or, in Sin's case, we're ready to put a spike down in the middle of the yard with a choke collar and a really long chain, because things are getting practically rabid.
Korinna > Black Poison, earlier that guy killed off one of the BS we were tanking for mining op, that's what he's referring to hehe
Black Poison > ahh, gotcha Kor
Black Poison > I figured it was something like that
Jackyl > the further adventures of Noobs in Space
Varek Athonii > next week... what to do when your structure gets low
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