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Tamora > Zqwyzzel get on the relevant gate that the enemy is on if poss
Tamora > id have asked you on ts but your name is bollox and im not russian
Lake: loci - ya, sorry for the hold up tonight.
loci_sabage: It's cool, wasn't like I had a hot date or anything
Lake: You had dinner with fred? Dinner alone? Watching TV alone? Or were you going to sit at home and oggle the ladies in the victoria's secret catalog? ... Sears catalog? Sorry, you don't deserve this kind of shabby treatement.
Oohwha Schipperman > Hmmm ... never noticed this before, but the Hawk looks an awful lot like a staple gun
Saeric Heinlein > i think a venus flytrap should have legs
Saeric Heinlein > and it should run through the freakin swamp chasing the damn flies
Gimp Samurai > i think you shouldnt have a brain
Saeric Heinlein > THAT would be cool
<Oveur> We're going to have to play with it quite a lot, and we need lots of feedback
<Oveur> Ok, that sounded so much better in my head
<TomB> yes
* Oveur goes to play with himself
<Hammerhead> TOO MUCH INFO!
<HellGremlin> The south african elections are really amusing
<HellGremlin> For people who complain that voting in america means choosing the lesser of two evils, imagine if you had their choice
<HellGremlin> A guy who sincerely believes condoms cause aids
<HellGremlin> Or a serial rapist
<HellGremlin> Those are their two choices atm
<HellGremlin> Rapist won
Renko Lavochkin > use isthar's folks, they're better!
Oswald Banecroft > Ishtars suck.
Renko Lavochkin > oh teh noes, a taunt, we must fight a duel, name your weapon
Oswald Banecroft > Penis tips.
Renko Lavochkin > Very well, I name my weapon, Basil.
Renko Lavochkin > My Basil shall defeat your Penis tip.
Oswald Banecroft > Actually... You have to fight my penis tip with your penis tip.
Oswald Banecroft > 'Tis the rule of the duel.
Renko Lavochkin > Then I name my penis tip, Basil!
Maximada > entity if i told you you could either spend the night with the worlds 100 sexiest women and an unlimited supply of alcohol or have a unique jovian battleship which would you choose?
Entity > the battleship. although I have to say the booze sounds like an awesome alternative
Maximada > i rest my case........... eve destroys the brain
Entity > well the question was wrong
Maximada > ok 100 sexiest men
Entity > you learn quick :P
cok cola > entity is a chick?
Entity > cok doesnt learn quick.
Mariner Skye > its a brutal circle for me, I buy a plex with real dollars sell it and buy some really cool ships that I suck at flying, you guys come and blow them up on me so I buy another plex which you buy off me so i can buy another cool ship that you can blow up.
SteelEggs > ïîäàðèòå 3 ñòàíäàðò ëàí÷åðà ïëèç)
Lardarz B'stard > my thoughts exactly
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