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<Urban_Mongral> and it will be totally out of date soon when people stop using 7331
<Urban_Mongral> errrr.....i mean 1337
<RinnyWee> 7331?
<RinnyWee> hahaha
<RinnyWee> lmao
<Urban_Mongral> 7331 must be the exact opposite of leet
<Urban_Mongral> like hacking your own computer
<Urban_Mongral> or loosing a CS game to a troop of girl scouts
Hellspawn01 > anyone got an item called "Jackons head"?
Ratzap > Big head or trouser head? ;)
Hellspawn01 > any head will do
Ratzap > Spoken like a true man
Yal XianKun > love the first line of the bio hobo
SpaceHobo Bobbo > I love ripping things off ;)
Yal XianKun > try my underwear with your teeth
Tonya Hardon > if ind this absolutley hilarious
Tonya Hardon > fucking LV
Tonya Hardon > bunch of gays
skilzrulz > coming from a guy named "ton-ya hard-on"
<%cougem> if you can feel wanks but not blowjobs thats weird
<+Asestorian> yeah it's probably because I spent a million years only having my hand
<+Asestorian> and I wank too tight
<+Asestorian> or something
<%cougem> HAHAHA
<+Asestorian> it's like
<+Asestorian> my dick
<+Asestorian> is perfectly tuned
<+Asestorian> for my hand
<+Asestorian> no wait other way round
<%cougem> no
<%cougem> its not perfeclty tuned
<+Asestorian> OH GOD COUGEM
<+Asestorian> what do I do
<%cougem> cut it off and let it regrow
<+Asestorian> ok cougem ur the dr
Dark Renegade the high what you think
Wei Li jesus fucking CHRIST, is THAT what I look like right now??!?!?
Thokia o.0
Thokia Is Wei high again?
Dark Renegade ye a
Thokia This explains why he thinks he looks like a Kitsune in front of a mirror. ><
Lon RImmer > How do I stop a secured can from following me?
Lon RImmer > it's been following me for an hour now, I think it's trying to get in close and attach itself to my frigate.
Keefff > turn off your tractor ?
Lon RImmer > oh
HippoKing > mine or you will go to hell
HippoKing > and in hell, they make you watch repeats of Eastenders in Welsh, while listening to Rosa Helikopter on repeat, while your feet are in warm marmalade
HippoKing > so mine, bitch
Dark Shikari > I like Rosa Helikopter
Kyoko Sakoda > god, I hate 90% of this country
Kyoko Sakoda > I'd love to live somewhere I could only hate 80% of
Matti Leesonen > move to holland, 20% is underwater
Utlar > damn you fuckers
Levin Cavil > 20m for the pod
Levin Cavil > dont swear at me
Utlar > end it
Utlar > now
Levin Cavil > hmm i dont think so
Utlar > fuck you
Levin Cavil > apologize
Utlar > nope
Utlar > fuck you
Levin Cavil > your language offends me
Utlar > good fuckign kill me asshole
Levin Cavil > sir
Utlar > do it
Utlar > now
Levin Cavil > that language is not appropriate
Levin Cavil > im trying to conduct business here
Utlar > ahh cry me a river
Levin Cavil > sir
Utlar > and fuckign pod me asshole
Levin Cavil > i will not sir
Levin Cavil > not until you apologize
Utlar > ok then we sit here all day
Utlar > fuckign prick
Levin Cavil > sir it is a simple request
Utlar > never
Utlar > ill pay you when my mother sucks your dick
Levin Cavil > well then you better pay up
Utlar > ahh yoru fuckgin orginal
Utlar > yoru a bunch of assholes
Levin Cavil > pleaseure doing business with you
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