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TheDuke2k > hi
Sorofles > Hey!
Sorofles > *just removed a penis from the front page of EveFiles by uploading 7 screenshots of X3 to cover it up* xD
TheDuke2k > indeed
Sorofles > I'm not kidding
TheDuke2k > i know...
Sorofles > xD
Sorofles > How do you know? ;p
TheDuke2k > you dont joke around
Sorofles > Its a bit weird
Sorofles > I was talking to a friend on MSN
Sorofles > got me talking to a friend of hers
Sorofles > he was talking to me on skype
Sorofles > then webcammed me and started masturbating
Sorofles > I was like o.0 Hi!
TheDuke2k > lol
TheDuke2k > wtf moment
Sorofles > So I start telling Drakos some random guy is masturbating on my screen over skype
Drakos Khan > and the rest we can see on the screenshot...
Sorofles > he didn't believe me
Drakos Khan > :P
Sorofles > So I took a screenshot to prove it
Sorofles > and removed all the names and shit
Sorofles > uploaded it to evefiles
Sorofles > then FUCK
Drakos Khan > i didn't think he'd actually upload it to evefiels...
Sorofles > it shows the most recent image uploads on the front page
Drakos Khan > thats why :D
Sorofles > so I'm like SHIT there's a big cock on the front page of Eve Files
Sorofles > even worse
Sorofles > it showed like...well my name and the guys name and Drakos' MSN address and stuff
Sorofles > so I hurriedly brush it out with a rubber and reupload it!
TheDuke2k > fuck moment
Sorofles > now there's TWO cock images
TheDuke2k > lmfao
Sorofles > one with loads of details, and one with all the important details brushed out so you know just where they all are
Sorofles > panic is now setting in
Sorofles > I try to upload 2 images of a foot to cover it up
Sorofles > but the foots don't show up for some reason
Sorofles > so I take a screenshot of X3 and upload it 8 times
Sorofles > and the cocks are gone!
Sorofles > PHEW
TheDuke2k > http://eve-files.com/media/1001/ btw
TheDuke2k > lists all the uploads for this month
Sorofles > Oh...CUNT
Bluekillington Spywoxer > Hello. I am an entirely trustworthy militia member. Does anyone have any information for me regarding fleets or strategic objectives? Would any rich corps like to recruit me? Once again I am totally trustworthy.
<Viceroy> ahahah
<Viceroy> i love my network administrator
<Viceroy> at about 1 am
<Viceroy> he posts a thread on the local file sharing forums
<Viceroy> run by students
<Viceroy> saying that the university has concluded a deal with rapidshare.com
<Viceroy> and that a new 6gb/sec connection will be provided for rapidshare.com users within the university network
<Viceroy> everyone is like
<RangerXT> the catch?
<Viceroy> and then they realize it's April 1st
<Viceroy> :|
<Rhaegar> hahahahaha
<Cinnander> lmao
<Viceroy> he's such an evil guy
Rivyn > Wouldn't it be ironic if I was a prison guard set in
charge of watching convicts break up rocks for gravel, and then I
come home and mine for fun?
Gigashadow > haha
Pwett > I think it would be even more ironinc if you had the
inmates play EVE for you
Rivyn > hm.
Rivyn > Now there's and idea.
Pwett > The next generation of Macro Miners - Convict Miners
Rivyn > "Inmate 23! Laser that asteroid like you mean it!"
Gallente Citizen74326235 > anyone know how to get my name changed to something better?
Gallente Citizen74326235 > yeah...my name was apparently offensive, so they too it away.
Gallente Citizen74326235 > I used to be Shlongadapter
jih chop > So, I have three accounts
jih chop > I run them all simultaneously
Fredy Krueger > /emote claps
jih chop > and ALT+TAB between them
jih chop > I am therefore constantly ALT-TABbing between windows constantly, all night long
Fredy Krueger > i used to use two screens for two :P
Fredy Krueger > but my friends no longer play :(
Fredy Krueger > so what yya using 'em for?
jih chop > well, this morning, I woke up and looked at the clock saw what time it was, and rolled over to go back to sleep
Fredy Krueger > /emote waits patiently
jih chop > while thinking to myself I'll just ALT+TAB to my other self and let THAT me get up while this me sleeps a little longer
<wizzard66> i did piss the eiffeltower 10 years ago. but i wouldnt try it these days
<wizzard66> to much police and cameras
<wizzard66> and my little mr wizzard is well known in half the human population
<wizzard66> cant take the risk
Prideof USA > i got kicked out of barnes and noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section
feign innocence > looking for the "I wish" channel maybe?
Nagen > lol
Michael Turate > Nice one Pride - why has no-one got a sense of humour anymore???
Nagen > sense of humor has been discouraged by all major religions ... for that reason
Prideof USA > my religion is...
Prideof USA > When i was a kid, i used to pray for a bike. Then i realized that's not how god works, so i stole one, and then asked for forgiveness
Jinx Denton > ooh, I just found either a pube or a strand of facial hair in my pizza
Michael Blackthorne > mmm wai wat
Shae Tiann > either way, smebody's not been shaving
Jinx Denton > I'm not worried, I baked it myself.
Shae Tiann > heehee
Atlanton Marcus > Doesn't that have protein or something?
Jinx Denton > keratine
Shae Tiann > yup
Atlanton Marcus > It also acts as a fiber
Atlanton Marcus > Firms up the bowels.
Atlanton Marcus > So there's no reason to complain about pubes in your teeth.
Atlanton Marcus > It's actually a dietary supplement.
Shae Tiann > hehe
Jinx Denton > Not to mention the dental hygene of flossing
Atlanton Marcus > Indeed.
Jinx Denton > Why do you think lesbians always have such good teeth?
Atlanton Marcus > It's much more natural, and less likely to irritate the gums.
Shae Tiann > I hadn't thought of that
Atlanton Marcus > So in fact, we're advocating the bush.
Spasmod > flossing with pubes is the most natural way
Atlanton Marcus > For the health of humanity.
Michael Blackthorne > vote for bush
Atlanton Marcus > Just like an intact foreskin is essential to preserving the nutritional qualities of smegma
weedmasta > ow gowd
Jinx Denton > To be fair, I prefer bad teeth over rugburn
SN3263827 > I really need a bigger ship :/
SN3263827 > orbiting ships at gates praying they'll shoot me first isn't working
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