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Alucard Shadows > Purifier looks like a personal transport now, more than a bomber:(
Onyxalia La'fiette > i agree alucard....
Onyxalia La'fiette > like the soccer mom van of eve
-> Drooler has joined the channel
Drooler > lol where are everyone in 5-6 ?
PsyBoRG > ?
Kin Oreyn > you didn't hear?
Drooler > huh..no
PsyBoRG > me neither
Kin Oreyn > yeah we're closing all operations in delve
PsyBoRG > hmmmm why?
Drooler > wtf
Drooler > why
Kin Oreyn > lol because some of our members are too gullable
Oraklet > hehe
Kin Oreyn > =P
Drooler > gullable.. ?
Ishakaril > lol
Kin Oreyn > yeah, you won't find it in a dictionary they took it out this last year
PsyBoRG > OmGwTfPnWnEd
Oraklet > :)
Drooler > wha is it then..
PsyBoRG > lol
Ishakaril > means easily fooled
PsyBoRG > maybe some1 is pulling ur chain drool
Kin Oreyn > ROFLPWN!!
Ishakaril > means that Kin is a first grade asshat ;)
Albback > i just warp around blind u gel loads of unexpected fights then
* Stavros (asdas@i.love.horses.best.of.all.the.animals) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
Samson Grey > we need exotic dancer drones....project giant holograms of exotic dancers to distract your enemies
Mazer Kt'luthid > ya know... there's probably going to be an influx of BoB members soon
Palx > :/
Mazer Kt'luthid > though, Xhagen has probably been following Ifni around for years already
Palx > hehe
Mazer Kt'luthid > he's the guy who's always been inconspicuously behind him in either a thorax, arma or incursus
Palx > lool
Theo Samaritan > and built the titan he flies so they had to give me access =p
Sabriele > haha, i'd steal it :D
Theo Samaritan > i dont need to
Theo Samaritan > they bought it off me
Sabriele > nah i mean i'd steal it and go rogue =P lol
Theo Samaritan > know what the official name for a rogue titan is?
Theo Samaritan > a target
* +ToxicFire sits ulviirala down at pc with a copy of wow and sits back to see what happens
* +Ulviirala installs mIRC, joins #eve-chaos and starts downloading the EVE client.
<+Ulviirala> does the copy include a game time card for wow?
* +Ulviirala hands the copy of wow with the possibly included game time card as a present to his girlfriend and receives hugs, kisses and some sex.
<+Ulviirala> dealt with it properly
Vicktore Beskor > How much are sister cores?
Kiran Fayede > depends on age
Kiran Fayede > the younger and tighter, the more expensive
Corbin Oski > I'll look
OmegaKnight > omg oinly 378 in jita
OmegaKnight > yet there is still as much lag as if there were 700 this proves that lag in jita is hard coded into the game
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