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Derious > F-42 Reiterative Multi-Frequency Backup Sensors does this prevent pirates from hacking your warp drive?
BIG Games > <swooooooooosh> <plink>
BIG Games > soudn of 499.000.000 Isk and 1.000.000 ISK finding a new home ;)
BIG Games > grats Asurmen ;)
BIG Games > (thats a total of 500M for those beeign confused...)
h3xta > lmao
BIG Games > wanted to try out a new sound effect ;)
Augin Soric > lol...im using 1400mm artillery at 223 meters :D
Augin Soric > i love minmatar,
Augin Soric > we just dont give a fuck.
Arthur McFredric > anyone else lagging from hell?
Nessaji > yea, had to shut down some of the porn torrents
Nessaji > so no choking chicks and sodomy tonight :(
Jacob Etienne > no, its ok.
Jacob Etienne > some people were just born mentally f*cked up.
Test Ctrl > wtf?
Promon Delnai > i just hit myself in the face with a bouncy ball
Promon Delnai > :(
Jacob Etienne > ROFL
Jacob Etienne > see?
Samirol > lol
Samirol > awesome timing
Jacob Etienne > now promon is a prime example
Senn Typhos > I feel intimiadted when the roaming evechat channel sounds like the inside of a Russian submarine. >>
Arieah > Trip Light - The entire Corp interface was designed by a retarded monkey CCP keeps in its basement.
Saradin > Snotty beamed be twice yesterday.
Saradin > It was wonderful.
Ranathon > Nothing better than a good beaming...
* Ranathon gets a dreamy look
Saradin > I don't know about you, but "up Scotty" is the last place I
want to be beamed.
Ranathon > sounds REALLY unhygienic
Saradin > Indeed. :D
BeelzaBuddha > WTS my heart to proper customer.....500mil
Neoptolomeus > "You are flagged for stealing from an unsecured tree. Agression countdown 15 minutes." - God, to Adam and Eve after they took the apples.
Neoptolomeus > "See, because of you, we lost standings with GOD and now we are KOS in Eden. We'll have to live in 0.0." - Adam, to Eve, a short while later.
Neoptolomeus > "Once again, the Book of Revelations is not an upcoming patch." - God, answering to an insistent EVE player.
Neoptolomeus > "It's the destruction of the whole universe as they know it, it's the single most devastating event in the prophecies. And they think I named it after an Amarr ship." - God, on the Apocalypse.
Neoptolomeus > "Big deal, I can make a REAL one in seven days." - God, upon knowing CCP created a whole virtual universe in 4 years.
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