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Mortix > what are requirements to join?
Shikaku > 1 mil sp's, a ship and massive balls
Mortix > massive balls figuratively or literally? Cause I may be in trouble.
Shikaku > well tennisball size approx
Shikaku > golfball size are accepted as well
<Jaykar> man that was hard work
<Jaykar> i've just written F1-F8 across my fingers for a picture
<Jaykar> my left hand was easy to do
<Jaykar> but writing on the fingers of my right hand was hard
SomeoneNotToMessWith > good thing i'm color blind... or at least that's what i claim when i shoot a blue >.>
Tolin Dorden > I once woke up from a dream...
Tolin Dorden > ex wasn't really pleased
Tolin Dorden > appearantly I'd held her really tight.. locked my legs and arms around her and thrown her around in the bed while shouting loud: HELP ME GOD DAMN! I'VE CAUGHT THE CROCODILE
Catbear > HAHAH!!
JLobes > lol
JLobes > thats getting omgrawr'd
NeoCrux > anyone know what the pirate respawn time is?
Dawne Xi > NeoCrux how can we know when pirates will log back in?
Kendar > well killing a nob that keep on undocking from a station with a bubble outside aint that hard :P
Kai Lae > no, but it a lot more satisfying than chasing him for an hour
Bean Delphikis > anyone interested in a fully passive tank fitted rake
Varissa Maybury > Is it tanked against oak leaves, or maple?
Helmut Meatsuit > holy crap this agent is a fucking retard
´╗┐Helmut Meatsuit > sends me 4 jumps away to get a single m3 of oxygen
´╗┐Helmut Meatsuit > she'd get more oxygen if I just farted in her office
Mispigi > wow is mom upside-down
Lucius Britannia > mom upside down is dad's favorite thing....
Lyticus > I don't get it, the carebears get a "Ships destroyed" and "Pod kills" figure on the map, so why dont us pirates get a "Roids popped" and "Npcs chained" ?? where's the justice??
Mao TseTung > lmao
Mao TseTung > so true
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