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(After 3 days of trying to get it working)

Garet Taak > i still cant get this frickin moonmining working
Cassandra Varda > how come?
Garet Taak > i cant work out why it isnt working
Garet Taak > it says its working
Garet Taak > i close window
Garet Taak > OMG IM AN IDIOT
Garet Taak > I DIDNT APPLY
Garet Taak > *beats self on head*
* Cassandra Varda helps Rico beating himself
Ilfar > Ohhh, it's the Eve music! I thought I had left a porn clip running on loop in the background or something...
xEradicatorx > Ladies and gentlemen of TINCO
xEradicatorx > All ye who are online (and in the right place) are about to witness something astonishing
BeanBagKing > Erad, your penis is not astonishing, and I DO NOT want to see it again...
From Help Channel
GM Spiral > ISD and GMs are like superheroes, we have alternate secret identities :)
EA Kharnubis > Yeah..but Spiral always gets the phonebooth before me..so I have to use public toilets..and I tend to slip while doing the fast redress..and end up smelling bad
Aquillar > oh shit
Baalkon > ?
Aquillar > I just destabilized it
Aquillar > it's not happy
Baalkon > this wh is close to going pop
Baalkon > near end of natural life time & stability reduction
Aquillar > it was stable until I stuck my fat ass through it
Onyxalia La'fiette > hey most people in this fleet will honor ransoms...were just too lazy to wait for it
Senn Typhos > I feel intimiadted when the roaming evechat channel sounds like the inside of a Russian submarine. >>
Tristan Acoma[prax] (dg): Fun fact: Small babies are delivered by stork, but larger babies need a crane.
Valerie Valate > still not used to this CQ thing
Valerie Valate > double clicked myself in an attempt to open ships cargohold
DarkPhate Endovari > lol
Katyusha Gryminski > very well, here I am
DarkPhate Endovari > as soon as ihit enter I knew that convo would pop up
Katyusha Gryminski > first things first -
Katyusha Gryminski > I am an abusive dominatrix, and I love to insult men
Katyusha Gryminski > are you game?
DarkPhate Endovari > I get that from my wife in real world
Katyusha Gryminski > (swissshhh CRACK!) I said, ARE YOU GAME!
DarkPhate Endovari > But this being even the likelyhood is that your a 42 year old guy called steve anyway :-P
Katyusha Gryminski > oh, I am so handcuffing you
DarkPhate Endovari > Take more than that to pin me down :-P
Katyusha Gryminski > on your knees you pig
DarkPhate Endovari > Pig? But im jewish!
Katyusha Gryminski > (kick to your boys)
Katyusha Gryminski > on your knees!
DarkPhate Endovari > but this chair is comfy
Katyusha Gryminski > (spiked glove to the back of your head
Katyusha Gryminski > (ball gag in your filthy mouth)
DarkPhate Endovari > hmm that will bruise
Katyusha Gryminski > swissh CRACK
Katyusha Gryminski > swissh CRACK
DarkPhate Endovari > I think I heard that in a tenaciuos D song actually
Katyusha Gryminski > couple of lashes for your pathetic arse
DarkPhate Endovari > pathetic? Its a fantastic arse, it should be in an art gallery
Katyusha Gryminski > (heel of my boot into your arse)
DarkPhate Endovari > aw come on Steve (mind if I call you steve?) thats not nice
Katyusha Gryminski > listen you pig dog you sound like an amerikano, if so, get with it, I am getting bored with you
DarkPhate Endovari > I went there on holiday once, Disney world was fun
Katyusha Gryminski > (ripps spiked boot heel out off your arse, and another kick to your boys)
DarkPhate Endovari > To my boys? I dont have any boys? I have a baby girl though, but please dont put a spiked boot to her, shes only small
Katyusha Gryminski > idiotsky amerikano, boys = BALLS!!!
Katyusha Gryminski > how dense are you?
DarkPhate Endovari > See you keep calling me a yank when im not, you should be nicer and get to know people. Its a good way of making friends.
Katyusha Gryminski > if you are not amerikano, you should know what "boys" means then
Katyusha Gryminski > stop spoiling the mood
DarkPhate Endovari > But I thank you for the laugh, I may even have to post this one up on the forums to be honest. Its been a classic, even my missus sitting reading along side me got a laugh out of it.
Katyusha Gryminski > if you did not wish to play, you should not have posted the private request
DarkPhate Endovari > You took that as a request? My god, you remember this is internet spaceships right?
Katyusha Gryminski > dosvedanya, ashada basege
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