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prote evans > hi i need a bit of help m8
Kyle Caldrel > A/S/L
prote evans > 17/m/uk
prote evans > u???
Kyle Caldrel > Agent/System/Level
Gweee > haha
Milonea > hehe
Dark Cloud Dancing > hoho?
Herschel Yamamoto > huehuehue
Dark Cloud Dancing > does hyhyhy count?
Herschel Yamamoto > sometimes
Jinkei > in the netherlands we say high high high
Herschel Yamamoto > in the netherlands, you are high high high
Coffee Table > its sufficient to drink from your suffering
Morgyrum > I'm glad I please you with my pain
Dowall > if that's the way you feel: hold on, I'll get a nail gun
<sutty> only homosexual guys would bare the beach boys :(
* sutty points and laughs at digi
<DigitalCommunist> you mean 'bear', sutty mcfreudianslippingtons
CDLPeacemaker> My sec status is getting too high
CDLPeacemaker> Might have to go pirate :-P
Robstr> har har
Robstr> hrm i dono what mine even is
Robstr> Man I remember I had negative for a really long time
Robstr> after likking that guy
CDLPeacemaker> Yea
CDLPeacemaker> likking people in empire really kills your sec
Velvet69 > back off mummys boy
Admiral Goberius > :°(
Admiral Goberius > moooom internet people are mean to me
Admiral Goberius > Hello I am gob's mom
Admiral Goberius > stop being nasty to the gobie
Ikooni Slymo > 2006.03.26 08:25:40 combat Your Heavy
Neutron Blaster I perfectly strikes Serpentis Spy, wrecking for 1993.2
Ms Starbuck > 1993 was a good year
Jenina Hawke > Yeah, and my dad should be glad ET and nync are better at getting me up in the morning than he ever was.
TheArchJudge > WTS kidney, poor shape cos i'm a alchoolic
Deve > How much?
TheArchJudge > a thanatos and 2 vaga's, sry for not being able to link it :P
Deve > Throw in a rotting spleen and I think I can swing it. ;P
Deve > /emote checks his stash of fava beans.
Woltan > wtf scout why didnt u report hostiles
Ghost Prophet > Fuck u FC pizzahut came to my house
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