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* Frankinator was kicked by Stavros (OMG SURPRISE FRANK)
TomB > rather do it well instead of doing it so that it sucks
Tuttomenui II > no good can ever come from a 3rd nipple
Kale Ryoko > lmaocaronni and cheese
Selim > haha
Kale Ryoko > delivered by roflcopters
Atandros > riding a lollercoaster
Kale Ryoko > rofl
Selim > LOL
Nooey > lmfao
Ysabelle nKataros > lmaori warrioroflcopters!
Kale Ryoko > XD
Nooey > omg....
Ysabelle nKataros > in a bucket!
Kale Ryoko > o/
Selim > a bucket of lmaonaisse
Kale Ryoko > lmfao
Kale Ryoko > soaked in lmaonaisse
Atandros > from roflorida
Selim > omg
Knuck > 1 billion on forming an alliance, for secure alliance chat and intellectual discussion
Nicodiemus > lolorado
Atandros > hahaha
Knuck > my friends we are starving in the lands of plenty
Atandros > lolorado rocks
Kale Ryoko > rofl
Selim > LOL
Kale Ryoko > lolorado ftw
Atandros > lolocaust
Kale Ryoko > in lolorado!
Tamora > how do you see where your jump clones are at?
ExTrEmM OCL > character sheet
ExTrEmM OCL > and jump clone :)
Tamora > ahh yea
Tamora > so i like have no implants at all... i can jump anytime
Tamora > but i only have 1 jump clone in NOL/PR, does that mean i cant jump back to torrinos?
ExTrEmM OCL > if u jump to nol ,u will be able to jump back to torri
ExTrEmM OCL > coz u will let ue corpse there
ExTrEmM OCL > ur*
Tamora > ooo
Tamora > i see
Tamora > ok ill jump there now
ExTrEmM OCL > remember 24h/jump :p
Tamora > hes here. hes there. hes every fucking where
Tamora > 24 hours????????
Shadow XII &gt; ....
Shadow XII &gt; Mining lasers on a Hurricane?
Shadow XII &gt; Now that's embarassing.
Lerhirea &gt; oh yeah? an whats on yours. oh wait you dont have one all u hav is ur faggoty frigate
Shadow XII &gt; You're one to assume. Mine actually has six 720's and two heavy launchers, as well as a shield tank from hell.
Lerhirea &gt; well ur gay
Shadow XII &gt; Ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of intelligence.
Lizma &gt; Hide the children!
ITSAIndustrial Corp > I watched spank gank this guy one day. Then contact him with her alt and offer to kill spank (herself) for 100Mill per KM
ITSAIndustrial Corp > had him in for like 400Mill with fake killmails before he caught on.
Lallara Zhuul > and yes, the big ant colonies in south america are absolutely brilliant
Lallara Zhuul > the leaf cutter ants
Lallara Zhuul > no tools but their evolved physique, they can build colonies of millions of individuals
Lallara Zhuul > and the irish in this day and age cant even build proper fucking houses
PKlavins > who's bored
Lancelot duLac > is that a mulptiple choice question ?
TarSky > me
PKlavins > ok... take any line from star wars, and replace a word with the word 'sausage' e.g. "The sausage is strong in this one"
Enocm > use the sausage Luke
Lancelot duLac > dont sausage me
Nitrogen92 > May the sausage be with you
PKlavins > "Governor Tarkin. I should have expected to find you holding Vader’s sausage!"
Lancelot duLac > I have 2 sausages :P
Enocm > Luke I am your sausage
Lancelot duLac > Sausage me up, scotty
AUB > lol thats not star wars
Lancelot duLac > i know
Enocm > Move along this is not the sausage you are looking for
Lancelot duLac > dont look at my sausage :P
Dianabolic > if I catch u in a mining barge
Dianabolic > I'm going to pod u
Dianabolic > so do it secretly :p
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