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Jenina Hawke > Yeah, and my dad should be glad ET and nync are better at getting me up in the morning than he ever was.
WashuChanUK > Oh bloody hell..I'm being stalked by my fan boy
Imiarr Timshae > ???
WashuChanUK > Aracna Imahovich
WashuChanUK > If it wasnt for his friendiless I'd pod the boy
Imiarr Timshae > Why's he your fanboy?
WashuChanUK > He follows me to missions by hunting me down with probes, salvages everything, but instead of keeping it..he gives me it..I have to cloak in order to avoid him
Nohren Reiver > what the hell?
Azia Burgi > LOL
Imiarr Timshae > wtf Washu :S
WashuChanUK > He's done it twice in a week now..I dont mind company but he stalks me, he followed me to Dodixie
Azia Burgi > rofl
Nohren Reiver > hahaha
WashuChanUK > I cloaked in the covert ops ship and legged it
Azia Burgi > god that hillarious!
Nohren Reiver > whats the difference to him between you and everyone else?
WashuChanUK > I dont know..
WashuChanUK > He doesnt respond to messages
ZorrII > we need a new V rule for gangs No more Drunks in gangs
Mortalitis > I OBJECT!
DeathGrip > somone have somthing for me to kill
Pilk > /emote looks around for a Stamin.
Gothikia > yeah kill stamin, i wanna hear how he sounds when he screams
DeathGrip > i will kill this stamin bitch and eat his heart for breakfast
Gothikia > you know how to turn me on DG you know that? :D <3
Arcane Law > atleast drop my drone
Liquid Plasma > i have decided not to...
Liquid Plasma > :)
Liquid Plasma > i think ill use it as target practice...
Enire Drachen > I'm to broke to be tired of mining.
Salvis: so I am half-way through a mission when the server crashed
Salvis: log back in when TQ is back up, warp back in, mission has reset and I have to do the first pocket all over again
Salvis: put in a petition
Salvis: the GMs go and reset the mission
Salvis: so here I am running the same mission a third time
Rhamnousia > link is just often misunderstood.
Rhamnousia > his words, not mine.
DrJ Zoidberg > I guess link is just grumpy well beyond his age then.
Mesh Marillion > well other people get grumpy when they get old, link got grumpy when he was born
NeVeR C0nvICTed > link wasn't born he was issued
sugarXsugar > sup renn?
Renndor > hi sugar
Renndor > watching a movie
Renndor > its pretty bad
sugarXsugar > german porn?
Renndor > that would be a good movie
<Ulviirala> :o o===8
<Ulviirala> :oo===8
<Ulviirala> :o===8
<Ulviirala> :o==8
<Ulviirala> :o=8
<Ulviirala> :o8
<Ulviirala> :3
<Entity> D:
<Ulviirala> :3~
<Rilcon> kitty face smilie has been forever destroyed in my mind
<Rilcon> thx
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