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DrunkMiner > mining is so much fun i wish i could mine till my cock fell off!
Andreus Ixiris > I swear, if that dog three doors down doesn't shut up I'm going to strangle it
Sahaquiel Faust > Barking, or howling?
Andreus Ixiris > Both, really.
Sahaquiel Faust > You could say it's driving you... barking mad?
Andreus Ixiris > I think I'm going to strangle you, too.
Sahaquiel Faust > I don't blame you.
Andreus Ixiris > So if you were me, you'd strangle you too?
Sahaquiel Faust > Yeah.
Andreus Ixiris > You know what, how about you cut out the middleman for us and strangle yourself?
Sahaquiel Faust > Pretty sure I'd pass out before I could finish the job.
Andreus Ixiris > So what you're saying is you're not only irritating, but incompetent as well?
Zverofaust > omfg did you shoot my drones
BattleStar Crusader > no
BattleStar Crusader > i caressed them
Zverofaust > so thats why they're all sticky now.. wtf perv
ComDS > holy crap...
ComDS > been playing this game for 3+ years and just now figured out you could drag you ship controls from side to side
Shooty Yumster > I move mine to the right so my chat window has more room at the bottom left
ComDS > wow I can make my chat window super large now
Shooty Yumster > jinx
ComDS > I swear sometimes I feel like the guy in fight club. You guys are all in my mind
Shooty Yumster > the guy in fight club only had 2 accounts
Tolin Dorden > btw lotka volterra sounds a bit like birthday cake rape in danish
Yaevep > lmfao
GordonB > o0
Tolin Dorden > hey it wasn't me naming my alliance the gay cake rapers
Yaevep > you sure?
Yaevep > you seem to know a lot about gay raping
Tolin Dorden > yeah but I don't know much about cake rape
Tolin Dorden > not really sure how to... uhm... well... determine a cake's gender
tlmitf > someone got a link to the killboards, i need to get some info off them for manufacturing
010110111001 > .v
Satch Boogie > 010110111001 do you ever get mistaken for 010100111001? :P
Mitchello > not often
Satch Boogie > i'm surprised
Mitchello > although on occasion I have ganged the wrong binary and ended up where I wasn't going ...
Flidaro > in my mind..every woman is beautiful....
RODIMUS PRIMAL > no sorry when i can't reach around her i draw the line
J'habit Jita > if you're givin reach arounds, it's not a 'her'
Johannes VanDamme > I forgot how much I hate agent bitch work
 Johannes VanDamme > blah blah blah pick this up blah drop it off here blah blah blah
 Johannes VanDamme > it's like listening to your girlfriend >_<
 lllEvOlll > haha
GeminiLuna > I want to add to the train wreck!
I'll make a witty comment no one gets then someone will make
one that I don't get and I can be part of the TRAIN WRECK!
GeminiLuna > choo chooooo!!
Chooo Chooooo > someone say my name?
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