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William McCracken - Score, 50 mm Steel plate as loot
Fuzzy Kismet - jackpot
Kor'Vakh - dope
Iuris Proeliator - I can SMELL the sarcasm
Shadow XII > Hey Xav
Shadow XII > You'll never guess where I am :D
XAV13R > eveing
XAV13R > go on, surprise me
Shadow XII > Gallente space
XAV13R > ?
Shadow XII > Im in the middle of the frickin' Gallente Federation
XAV13R > what you doing over there?
XAV13R > you trading?
Shadow XII > Nah, I just woke up here
XAV13R > lol what?
XAV13R > got popped?
Shadow XII > Probably. And my hangar has a dozen Exotic Dancers in it so whatever I did last night must have been good
SajuukThanatoskhar > Yes, we are the gods while the weapons we fire is the hammer coming down
Raymond Sterns > .Im a god, and I do not use hammers, I use 'Ray' guns
Mateer Boshette > Below -2 = not in 1.0 sec systems<br>Below -2.5 = not in 0.9 <br>Below -3 = not in 0.8 <br>Below -3.5 = not in 0.7 <br>Below -4 = not in 0.6 <br>Below -4.5 = not in 0.5
Primelynx > nice one mateer,numbers never lie unless its statistics :)
Compleeter > 62% of all statistics are made up on the spot
lepster101 > 94%!
Monev TheGale > 75%
Compleeter > 46% damnit
lepster101 > pfff clearly it's 80...
Backtosh Redclaw > 38.2343523465677846%!!
Crazie Joe > 80% of people believe statistics are made up and the other 25% couldnt give a rats ass
Kelligan > 66%- ooops - 99%
Amberwolf > if i'm 90% right most the time, who cares about the other 3%?
Kaladr > maybe I can weld 2 sacrileges together and get a good ship
Pliskkenn > So what are you doing on just before DT?
Lostorian > wishing i had better timing really
Lostorian > i'll be back after
Pliskkenn > I see. Another time when you thought you'd sit down, crack on with some EVE, and then found you couldn't?
Lostorian > exactly
Lostorian > I might just watch some porn for the next hour, that way i don't even have to move ;)
Pliskkenn > Stylish and energy saving.
Lostorian > I'm a great example of the modern man
Katsina > ratting in p3 is like undocking from jita 4-4 in an unfit itty 5 filled to the brim with morphite
michaelDKhotdog > Those who turn away from the light
And walk in darkness
Shall be struck down by His wrath
For we are retribution incarnate"
His Angels of Vengeance"The Scriptures, Book of Reclaming 4:45
Forty Three > that's some pretty big words for someone called michael hotdog >:>
Otherwise > all engaged
Otherwise > so fire at will
pontin > which one is will
Kindakrof > I don't wanna buy a region :/
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