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Aiyeeta Beaver > yea, and some people only understood what my name meant about a month ago
Lokisson > OMG!
Ken'shao Maverick > i eat a beaver?
Lokisson > /emote beats his head onto the desk repeatedly
Ken'shao Maverick > ?
Lokisson > sheer frustration of people not getting it right away
Ken'shao Maverick > getting what?
Choralone > he is a cunning linguist
Lokisson > mind, I thougt he was a 16 year old dyke when I first met him
Aiyeeta Beaver > I am also a master debater
Lokisson > no dear boy, you're only involved in mass debates
Ken'shao Maverick > and circle debates... :-P
Aiyeeta Beaver > I like train debates... saturday nights... drunk...
Saithe > oh, i win eve
Saithe > i was fuckin my gf the other night, and she called me saithe, instead of my real name
Saithe > i was like EPIC
Amerretto > who are oyu
Adam Dartnell > somebody who dosnt appriciate being shot at.
Amerretto > i didnt shoot first
Amerretto > you did
Amerretto > you was flying close to me and i slowed you down thats it
Sae Marr > that's an act of aggression
Amerretto > you definatly were on the offensive, you was 1000m or less from me and my crew
Amerretto > that is aggression, we will hunt you down tommarow
Sae Marr > why not tonight
Adam Dartnell > Tell that to the police.
Amerretto > cuz i just lost my ship and my backup aint around
Sae Marr > well, do you promise?
Amerretto > its a promise
Erin Sil > baby sitting a miner in dp
zaqq > syndicate ?
Erin Sil > yup
zaqq > nice
Erin Sil > dp34-u
Erin Sil > except he is using a blackbird to mine
Erin Sil > lmfao
zaqq > thats solitude
Erin Sil > I would go with stupid
zaqq > no i mean the region
St Elsewhere > lol goons disbanded today :)
Ric Adburr > ya :)
Ric Adburr > I keep hearing that 'wicked witch is dead' song from The Wizard of Oz in my head.
Vurg > is "mowing the lawn" some ghetto euphemism for sex? :s
Nikita Hekate > it takes a REAL MAN to fly a ship that looks like a giant phallic object while listening to Eurodance !
<StarLite> [Playing]-[Ray Parker Jnr. - Ghostbusters (BoB Radio)]
<StarLite> POS-busters?
<Astasia> I ain't afraid of no pos
Coldasice Cubes > have fun guys, and thanks for choosing IO Gatecamp services
Nephai > thank u
PKlavins > we offer the finest in ganking opportunities! only the *cough* best pilots are selected to participate in our top-of the line gatecamps...to provide the best quality service to any people hostile or neutral to us :)
Mamulos > WTB tech 2 bpso convo me
skilzrulz > wts: correct spam - 20m isk - convo me
skilzrulz > :>
sci0gon > lol
skilzrulz > and don't try to resell it for 40m
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