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* Kuhal Dalan used to be a shoeicide bomber but cloning got too expensive so he skilled up shoetossing to lvl5 and got a skill hardwiring
De FENS > lol my browser says the ASCN homepage is a phishing site
Legowan Wealson > really? did you gank him lol
Melvin Brown > no
Melvin Brown > he's about to gank me and Ya Nor :P
Melvin Brown > we're sneaking about in a rapier and a SFI :p
Solara Hawk > /emote plays pink panther tune
Legowan Wealson > lol
Melvin Brown > we escaped :p
Melvin Brown > lol
Solara Hawk > /emote plays FF end battle tune
Melvin Brown > such a DJ :D
<nickky01> someday comes in today
<nickky01> and goes
<nickky01> "i need a mousepad that will work for dells"
<nickky01> :|
<nickky01> she was covered in cat hair and smelled like smoke so i showed her one with pandas and i was like here you go
<nickky01> compatable with dells but not vista :D
Azuse > my life just got better :)
Jheroloy Ayryon > WHy?
Azuse > im in a system with one gate
Jheroloy Ayryon > lol
Azuse > and 18 hostile cruisers just logged off outside
Agustus Caesar > lol
Jheroloy Ayryon > Give'em hell...
Azuse > /emote starts writing his will
Jheroloy Ayryon > /emote wants the golden pocket watch!
Azuse > /emote start scoring jheroloy off the list..
Jheroloy Ayryon > D'oh...
Azuse > >:D
Jheroloy Ayryon > /emote is injecting laxative into Azuse's pod ectoplasm
<CeyShirii> EVE players are very diverse, more older / younger / female players than most mmo's
<Vitrael> i thought that the Q3 economic blog concluded Eve had a very low ratio of women players?
<Vitrael> hence the whole "girls dont wanna be spaceships" deal
<Flaming> spaceships don't have the narrow waists they lack in RL
Verone > well you're in the safe knowledge that when the amarr empire falls, you can easily get a job at helga's house of pain...
Siobhan > I have heard of that place o_0
Jurtis Kames left the room.
Jurtis Kames: apparently I left the room without my knowledge, strange
Thadeus Uatar: It's never good to leave your knowledge behind
EVE System > Channel changed
Javi > omg pirate away!
Rod Blaine > heh
Javi > i like you
Javi > do you like me?
Rod Blaine > eeeh, i'm gone
EVE System > Channel changed
Virdari Essex > if you adjust ur camera just right the bubbles on this station look like the chick with 3 boobs from total recall
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