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Koga Bisaya > missiles are just not hetero
Koga Bisaya > at all
Triple Entendre > They're not. they're rocket propelled phalluses.
Koga Bisaya > missiles are dildoes
Triple Entendre > Fly the Nemesis
Triple Entendre > And you're flying a fat stalker who assaults people with explosive dildos
Triple Entendre > PS: You can now never unsee that
Triple Entendre > Oh, by the way. About number three on the list of things not to say when you answer the phone
Triple Entendre > "Hi, please answer this simple question. If my balls were on your chin...Where would my dick be?"
doom5673 > that depends entirely on the angle of incidence
doom5673 > between my dick
doom5673 > and your nose
doom5673 > or forehead for that matter
Triple Entendre > These are the questions in life that must be asked.
Triple Entendre > "The mathematics of fellatio". That is going to be a best selling book.
doom5673 > if two whores leave a pimps house at the same time and one travels east and the other travels west which of them got slapped that night
Koga Bisaya > both of them
Triple Entendre > Koga knows this.
Triple Entendre > He was the pimp.
Tomski Ruslav > just heading back to stacmon to get coffee
Tomski Ruslav > ehrm I meant the kitchen
Ruckus Maximus > Now where did I put my WMD
Akasha Ryker > It's in your pants, dear. =P
Ruckus Maximus > No, that is just a Moisture Seeking Meat Missile.
shirayuki > god damn it, fed was it you who screamed on ventillo a few minutes ago?
Fedaykin Naib > :)
shirayuki > i were watching a movie and ate, then this huge scream sounds through my headphones, i fucking choked on that sandwich
res0nance > LOL
Darius Blade > you do know there's a game attached to this chat window, right?
Suice Esp > I can't be bothered with a scam, so could you just send me money, please.
Onyxalia La'fiette > thankfully alex is a good sport about abuse
Onyxalia La'fiette > <3
AlexieStukov > wouldent be any fun if i werent.
Onyxalia La'fiette > nope it would be very one sided
Onyxalia La'fiette > and thats only fun for me
AlexieStukov > lol
Onyxalia La'fiette > im glad you can benefit from my abuse as much as me
Onyxalia La'fiette > <3
AlexieStukov > ive goten use to your abuse.
Onyxalia La'fiette > its like riding a bike
Onyxalia La'fiette > even when you been gone a long time, im still gonna shove you off the fucker point and laugh and run away, and youre gonna be happy about it
Juno Libertas > Interesting Question: Is there CONCORD presence in hisec incursion sites?
Mithena > question.... why are there headlights on these spaceships?
Minarqh > So you can see!
Mithena > see hwat.. it's space
Mithena > what*
Mithena > and why would you put a windshield on a spaceship which you would need to see your headlights....
Minarqh > To block out the wind!
Minarqh > Look, it's a game written by the descendants of vikings.
Minarqh > That fact should tell you everything you need to know.
Mithena > also... why does the tapedeck in my tornado play only ambient soundscape mixes
Minarqh > Vikings.
Mithena > shouldn't it play Bjork?
Feyde Harkonen > Never have figured out the programming AI of drones...
Feyde Harkonen > "Is capsuleer attacking selected target? Y or N"
Feyde Harkonen > Y
Feyde Harkonen > "Cool. Attacking something else, then."
Burning Chrome > 2005.02.15 00:49:31 navigation Your Iteron Mark V perfectly strikes Scorpion bumping for 113kms.
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