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Phorze Falconfury > Lain, is what we talked about yesterday still possible?
Lain Maraquine > yep
Lain Maraquine > 2 midgets and a donkey right?
PKlavins > O.o
Lain Maraquine > bring more tequilla
Phorze Falconfury > yup, what more do you need for a party
Galadriela > hey blade
Screaming Blade > <System> The number you are trying to contact is curently not avalible, please try again after the screams of pain stop.
<Pramas> forums screwed? i keep getting some dude in shdes with a russian t-shirt on
<Rod|afk> rofl pramas
<Tosh> lol
<Rod|afk> thats a dev person
<Pramas> he needs help
<Rod|afk> try refreshing it pramas
<Rod|afk> oyu'll get a different one
<Pramas> ya more werid peeps
Roale Tharan > if i want a true american experience i'll go to canada
Khellias> Playing the CCG and the online game at the same time.
Khellias> This seems kinda sad.
Khellias> But it is amusing.
Aliara Fallenstar > well, at least he said he'd leave the motorcycle comment out
Tiny Ox76 > you mean the one about bikes being big vibrators==
Aliara Fallenstar > Va-Room! ::wub::
Aliara Fallenstar > ....crap
<Greme> only had 4 weeks :P
<DjNeWt> oh fair
<DjNeWt> i only had one night
<Greme> went to Nimbin though haha
<DjNeWt> lol
<DjNeWt> where is that?
* Denyerec has joined #eve-radio
<Greme> near Byron Bay
<DjNeWt> where is that?
<Greme> Mini Amsterdam of Australia
<Greme> near Gold Coast
<DjNeWt> where is that?
<Greme> i mean Surfer's Paradise
<Greme> East coast :P
<DjNeWt> where is that?
<Greme> about half way down
<DjNeWt> oh
<DjNeWt> east coast
<DjNeWt> where is that exactly?
<Greme> DIE
<Greme> :P
<DjNeWt> lmao
<DjNeWt> :P
Seargant S > just woke up from a nap on the keyboard
A normal day for a carebear?

TenderOfOrchids > I saw that 'roid first!
TenderOfOrchids > *sobs*
Talas Dreven > i'm dbeong shouit at
Talas Dreven > *beiong shout at
Talas Dreven > fuck
Talas Dreven > *being shout att
StringBean > LOL
 Talas Dreven > *(shot
Talas Dreven > funk
Talas Dreven > i cant enven swerar righth
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