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Rudi Storm: Just had to have a chat with my son about masturbation earlier today, I told him it's completely natural, everybody does it, And he should knock before coming into my room...
Wren > How else am I supposed to take over the universe if I can't seed an army by myself?
Chellfire > /emote afk's to web/scram and kill his fucken kids
Mattias Kerensky > I need ISK to save JESUS from NAZIS and DARTH VADER! SEND ISK NOW!
Nightblade > I have to stop killing these interceptors, they keep respawning as battleships
CzarVilinous: have we done anything noteworthy these last few days?
Theo: yes we have
CzarVilinous: what'd?
Theo: we moved expeditiously against our enemies, we scattered their flocks, burned their tents, and fornicated with their women.
Theo: other than that...it was business as usual.
CzarVilinous: hrmm
CzarVilinous: it appears asking you is about as useful as reading CAOD
Tamora > Zqwyzzel get on the relevant gate that the enemy is on if poss
Tamora > id have asked you on ts but your name is bollox and im not russian
<Sadist> how active are you Mud?
<Sadist> hours/week in eve
<Mud_Pandemonium> I'm on workers comp.
<Mud_Pandemonium> So uh.
<Mud_Pandemonium> All the time.
<Mud_Pandemonium> lol
<@Sham|2142> worker's comp?
<@Sham|2142> what happened?
<Mud_Pandemonium> Truck fell on me.
<Mud_Pandemonium> I told the story last night.
<@Sham|2142> a whole truck?
<Mud_Pandemonium> Yep.
<Mud_Pandemonium> Big rig.
<@Sham|2142> what happened to the truck?
Aquillar > everytime us chinese build a great wall god damn mongolians come and break it down!!
Xanandu > im bored and hungry
etsat > no food makes xanadu less understandable?
McBarnacle > he can't have eaten much since he joined corp then
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