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Sheppa > haha @ NOS'ing a pod =P
Zeta Aece > NOS?
Sheppa > pulls power from a ship and adds it to your own
Zeta Aece > Oh, nosferatu, haha
Zeta Aece > goddamn man
Zeta Aece > you're probably keeping him from warping out of the sysem, too
Sheppa > all your life support are beloning to us!
Augin Soric > If my hardener has a cycle lasting longer than 4 hours, should i seek immediate medical attention?
<daddy> mind the sharks, dude
<Tank-CEO> ill pod em
<Pris|1357|Corrde> be careful greenpeace don't come gank you Tank
<daddy> greenpeace are carebears
<daddy> they'll safespot
John Sparks > My friend dated the creator of Duke Nukem a few months back and he gave her an old testing computer for Duke Nukem 4ever and she is gonna sell it to me
John Sparks > its pretty sweet
Waci > It'll arrive in 20 years.
Samirol > HA!
Vando > how do you know verone is asleep?
Samirol > psychic homosexualness
Kara Starpulse > Where did all the ice belts go?
Vanguarder > universal warming
Ewan Grovatt > I need to find an Advanced Learning 99 implant, dammit
Ewan Grovatt > of course, I couldn't afford it
Ewan Grovatt > and meanwhile, Duchess is mining and raking in 3 mill evey half hour or so, and won't return my calls
Roadhouse > 3 mil per half hour? And still in Noobcorp?
Ewan Grovatt > (shh, nobody say anything, that was a trigger to see if she's paying attention)
Ewan Grovatt > (she really enjoys playing the 'ignore Ewan' game)
Roadhouse > He's crunching numbers on his webcam, for freaks like you that get off on it.
Roadhouse > "Oh, balance that equation, that's right"
Ami Seneschal > "Oh, REMAINDERS!"
Lothros Andastar > hey guys,
Lothros Andastar > theres something wrong
Lothros Andastar > theres a big yellow thing in the sky
Lothros Andastar > :( its hot and it hurts my eyes
Sandzibarr > worship it. maybe it will go away
Ethaet > kill it with fire
<Zolthar> rag im gonna move ship
<Zolthar> i meant car :P
Lorth > so thier clear, unless I can get someone to give me docking rights in 3jn
Darcon > Evemail budrow. He's an agreeable fellow.
* Zzazzt snickers
Lorth > dear buddrow: in order to keep shooting your memberes I need docking rights in 3jn, can you do this soon
Darcon > Don't forget to say please.
Lorth > ahh
Darcon > It's all about the ego. Stroke, stroke..
Lorth > yes cause I'm certain he'll agree then
Lorth > heck, maybe if he's drunk enough I could get him to nap [5]
Lorth > though no-one would understand the forum post
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