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Hellspawn01 > Everytime someone farts, a demon gets his wings. [farts twice] Oh, twins!
BlueEcho > as gross as that was, i still find myself laughing, HS :)
Heratio > Watching holiday pics (100's of them ;p)
Heratio > all hail the digital era ;p
Aniara Cass > so instead of looking at 36 lousy paper pictures, you now get to see 100 lousy ones on screen :-)
Heratio > high quality too :-)
Hellspawn01 > ok, 100 lousy high quality pics then
Heratio > :-)) yep that about sums it up ;p
<Hilabana> hey Ian you need to get White blood cells they will make you feel better.
<@kally> i wish there were structure hardeners
Feenixx > any one member how to make the windows dissapear for a screenie?
Feenixx > I forgot how lol
Ticondrius > ctrl-tab?
Ticondrius > yeah
Feenixx > ahh hug
Feenixx > lol
* Ticondrius backs away
Jenna Fear > Stop being gay.
Ticondrius >'re making Jenna jealous.
Jenna Fear > Uh, not the case. I assure you.
weedmasta > how do these work
weedmasta > do they just say ok we gonna fight at this place at this
weedmasta >
Beta Vixen > not quite
Beta Vixen > the game is to apply masive force by surprise on the
opponent's lesser force
weedmasta > ah
weedmasta > element of surprise nice
Frank Horrigan > i thought the game was to make the node crash :/
Frank Horrigan > death to the node!
* Frank Horrigan walks away whipping his cape around himself
Frank Horrigan > the time of retribution is at hand!
Beta Vixen > (his marbles are lost)
weedmasta > hehe
Helganstandt > if you ever want to piss somebody off, just say "que?" everytime they say something in english
Oman Ramma > que?
Helganstandt > occassionaly spice it up with "no hablo ingles cabron"
Helganstandt > SI! muy bueno!
Oman Ramma > si, si
Ranko > grey
Ranko > T is being a slacker and going to bed
Ranko > you want to come help me with this apwn?
Toqua > /emote looks sharp on the calendar... NO it's NOT the 'make fun of the CEO day' .... :-)
Ranko > no
War Lord > im not going to take it ...:)
Ranko > its make fun of ceo month
Toqua > she has too little self esteem.... or, in other words... she lacks the balls :-)))
Ranko > ohhhhh nasty
Ranko > reason number 5324 why its good to pod your CEO
War Lord > :) lol
Azia Burgi > ebil eve, ctd again
Andros vonBek > wb
Andros vonBek > that is ebil, kickin you twice
Andros vonBek > i guess EVE hates wombats
Azia Burgi > roflmao
Andros vonBek > mines a skoda, it already has so many - points a polish wouldn't help
Azia Burgi > i go: "oooooooooh!!!! SHINEY!!!!!!!!1111!!!"
Andros vonBek > lol
Andros vonBek > hmmm... do you actually say oneoneone in real life?
Azia Burgi > no comment
Andros vonBek > lol
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