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Yblarbo Janks > Thanatos in Passari on scan, and a cyno field
Frank Horrigan > Thanatos in my pants, and a female on scanner
Frank Horrigan > code red
Frank Horrigan > Vlad get the towels
Frank Horrigan > beeeooooooopppp beeeoooop *light flashes*
Torat > This agent needs to be killed. I fly across space, dangerous cold dark space, go and take part in some head to head combat, use up a good bunch of ammo, take severe hits to my shield and all he says is "Not bad" and gives me a few crummy iskies.
Zanarkus > quite modest arent we?
Blutreiter > nope
Blutreiter > and "god" is even far below my actual worth
Blutreiter > i'm priceless
Zanarkus > haha
Blutreiter >, for a second, i almost wrote "worthless" ;P
<@Viceroy> I'm a Grand Inquisitor of The Holy Galactic BoB Imperium of The Seven Headed Lion Throne of Lord Molle The Merciful
Haargoth Agamar > Tam, I heard you lieks cyber, is it true?
DJ Tamora > yea
DJ Tamora > yea
DJ Tamora > lets do it now
DJ Tamora > wtf r u wearing
Haargoth Agamar > nothing
DJ Tamora > wtf
DJ Tamora > were at school and your naked
DJ Tamora > :/
Haargoth Agamar > we are at school?!
DJ Tamora > yes
DJ Tamora > ffs
Haargoth Agamar > what are we doing there?
Haargoth Agamar > LEARNING WHAT
Malindah > anatomy goof
DJ Tamora > how can i concentrate on gettin MAD SKILLZ when your nude
DJ Tamora > you sick fuck
DJ Tamora > im also 7 years of age
Haargoth Agamar > your the one that told me not to wear anything!
DJ Tamora > i said i got enough luch dont have to bring anything
DJ Tamora > :/
Rutger Torranus &gt; i desire to lie on a flat surface wiht my eyes closed for several hours
Logistics &gt; morgue?
Volkie > no one leaves NJ or ill hunt u and burn ur soul
Volkie > then eat it
Volkie > and feed it to the young NJiens
ms pwnage > coooooooooooool
Gen Maximus > when i was in afghanistan the kids were everywhere. always askig nfor shit.
Gen Maximus > so some of the lads gave em satchels of sugar.
Gen Maximus > they loved it
Gen Maximus > then.. we ran out.. so one of my boys gave a kid a satchel of salt.
Gen Maximus > kid threw it into his mouth and nearly spewed
Gen Maximus > comedy gold i tell you.
MrTiddles > ROFL
MrTiddles > sooo mean
hippychick > oh taht is wo wrong
Gen Maximus > not as wrong as teachin thme ot speak english
MrTiddles > lol
MrTiddles > 'bet that was a good time
Gen Maximus > we had em saying ( toms.. a bloke in my section ) " uncle tomsy touched me "
hippychick > lol the wrods in there arsenal xxx rateed
Sergara Darkthorn > its ok.. I have a horn for Thia
Aemon > oh dear
Sergara Darkthorn > perhaps I should rephrase that
xfUNKUSx > rofl
Queitis > omfg what is going on
MASSEY > Sergara has the horn ????
Thia > lol
Queitis > tbh serg needs neutering
Sergara Darkthorn > /emote hides red face

(5 seconds later)
Internet Knight > now jump
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