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(latexmessiah) <Greme|Revision> can someone give me an emergency implant of knowledge ::: i dont think galazar his using his brain now or in the near future - so this will be a +0.33 implant if you want it :P
(Minsebstor) hehe
(Greme|Revision) :D
(%Urban_Mongral) heheh
(%Urban_Mongral) +0.33%
(%Jessie|56K) better than a - 3
(latexmessiah) i exagerated a little

(latexmessiah) tryin to make him feel good about himself :P
Worry > SEX: The head of your cock bounces off a prostitutes eyeball causing irritation and profanity
Dracorimus > lol
schantrac > worry wtf?
schantrac > where did u get that sex thing from?
Worry > from sick imagination
Arkanis > o rly?
schantrac > 0_o
Cmdr Patrick > man i wish i hadn;t sold my ore bpo
Tas Devil > and uggs being called a nublar coming from you is a pleasure... lol
Silvitni > aye...uggs is the noobs of the noobs in e-r :P
Cartiff > oh well ladz, lets go mine some veld
Cmdr Patrick > i bags hualing!
Elephant > i am mining veld
Tas Devil > I see nonni is still full of a majority of wannabe pirates and 12 year old s enjoying their first erection...
Cartiff > and if your really lucky, I'll let ya mix it up abit with some saucy scordite!
* Cartiff drools out the side of his mouth

*Amitious Turkey quickdraws his wallet
Amitious Turkey>JOO R PWNED
Lord Skion opens his wallet
Amitious Turkey>I AM PWNED
Seimoor > if i fit 2 with 1 from a rogue hardwiring , do i still get the bonus for the set ? anyone kbows ?
Seimoor > knows*
Leneerra > the 2 and the 1 use the same slot
Seimoor > yes but
Seimoor > i fit the 2 in slot 6 and 1 in the rest
Seimoor > do i still get the bonus ?
Leneerra > and if they are not, then clearly your wilpower implant is blocking your memory and intelligence implant
Seimoor > my question was , if i let's say
Seimoor > the implant slots 6 7 8 9 and 10 can be fitted with 1 and 2 of the same type , Rogue
Seimoor > if i fit 6 with 2 and 7 with 1 and 8 with 2 and 9 and 10 with 1
Seimoor > do i get the bonus for the set ?
Ajunta LEE > i understand nothing
Ajunta LEE > can you fit several implant on the same slot ?
Seimoor > no
Seimoor > there are 10 implant slots
Seimoor > 1-5 are used for attrib implants
Seimoor > 6-10 are for hardwiring
Leneerra > sei, there is no set bonus
Ajunta LEE > thats why i dont understand your question
Seimoor > i heared there was ?
Leneerra > and you get the effect of every implant you use
Seimoor > i heared that there is a set bonus
Ajunta LEE > probably a gimmick from implant seller to sell thjeir crap
Seimoor > no it was in eve site
Leneerra > link me please
Ajunta LEE > on the forums or ?? ? ?????? ???? ?
Ajunta LEE > on a serious page
Seimoor > i have no idea where i've read this but it was a while back
Seimoor > i'll look for it later
Leneerra > Seimoor, i doubt this exists
Seimoor > i vill look fer et
Leneerra > are you also looking for the secret livestock gate?
Seimoor > whaT ?
Ajunta LEE > yes he is
Ajunta LEE > he bought thousands of probes the other day and started spooking around e verywhere
Leneerra > ((secret cow level, seimoor))
Seimoor > LOL
Seimoor > ahh ( diablo times )
<[GM]Xhagen> Can I be a Superwoman too?
Gh0stHunter > im looking for a bisexual male
Omeega > chow?
<DigitalCommunist> Holy shit, one of my legs is hairier than the other ;/
<Vex_> it's a serb disease, digi
<DigitalCommunist> it might not be
<DigitalCommunist> i was in a shark accident once
<@HellGremlin> What, do you favor one leg while ethnically cleansing? Maybe that's why it's less hairy, it spends more time stomping down corpses in mass graves so more will fit.
oeko > Hi
Tharim > ello
Doeko > What are you doing here?
Tharim > its such a nice system with all these variants of green
Doeko > suppose so. It's occupied though
Doeko > Why'd you destroy our POS?
Tharim > i?
Doeko > Your corp
Tharim > ah yeh that might be. one helluva shield u had there
Doeko > It was the over-expendable one
Doeko > Anyway, any particular reason for your agressions/
Tharim > you will have to talk to my ceo, i have no free will
Doeko > ah
Doeko > You shouldn't mine here though
Tharim > oh no i wouldnt
Tharim > oh, im being told that u should talk to sirr hammer
Tharim > he ordered it killed
Doeko > ah
Tharim > take care then doeko, and welcome back from your holliday
Ixianus > Well ill be back later today
Kiuu > daily downtime in a few
J Stayton > ya i saw
Ixianus > after ive had my fill of sex and cheesecake
Kiuu > I'm gonna sleepy now xP
* Ixianus hugs his wallet
Kiuu > I go now
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