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* Bieomax Obits Six Kin Development Warehouse with his Pants around his ankles shouting on his tanoy " I'm really happy to be a little fairy .... honest "
Menod Penter > ah... ok, what ever rocks your boat :)
Kimtor LeCastantas > rocking my boat (sings)
Billybob Brown > lmao - good lad bieo - ok you can rejoin corps :)
Menod Penter > good morning Kim
Bieomax > Hehe cheers billy
EVE System > Channel changed to Elgoi Local Channel
Emarald > ya right
Ro0kiE > grow up yag
Gordon Lightyear > Man. When foolz step up to this, I ratta-tat-tat that azz with my big balla 125mm yo!
Gordon Lightyear > Here come da PAIN TRAIN WOO WOOO!
Sheyenne Rainstorm > god ... i just started building a spare .... SPARE .... raven
<frst> how much is a phantasm worth?
<Dirus> your left testicle
Taihira > *laughs*
Taihira > slimes is'nta club. it's a vile pit of depravity, noise, filth, sweat and unrepressed hormones.
Taihira > bit like matt's crotch but with more rubber and glowsticks.
Logoth > so its a classy nightclub
Fio Shovah > Tahira: you ain't seen my crotch in a while then?
Logoth > thank god
Taihira > oh yes, the dealers are a very select clientelle, admitted only when the bouncers know they're getting a cut.
[ Xavier W > /emote touches farimear
fairimear > o/
Xavier W > we need to start using protection
Xavier W > i think i'm pregnant :(
fairimear > haha it's a horrible monster that will eat you from inside out
Xavier W > >_>
Xavier W > eep
Xavier W > /emote takes the morning after pill
Dimitry > Angels, main type of damage = Explosive, Hardeners to put isЕМ + эксплозив + кинетик + термал
Ieya > huh?
Devlin Fox > heh! :)
* Ieya can't read russian
Azia Burgi > ebil eve, ctd again
Andros vonBek > wb
Andros vonBek > that is ebil, kickin you twice
Andros vonBek > i guess EVE hates wombats
Azia Burgi > roflmao
Zeller Heartbourne > your the fool, going to war with our corp that will squash you like a bug and both of you drive thoraxs with medium drones.
Arya o'Winterfell > well we're waiting for this war Zeller and waiting... and waiting...
Zeller Heartbourne > we have battle cruisers and battle ships that can easily kill your small 2 man pirate corp
Arya o'Winterfell > 25 to 2 seems far odds considering we have more balls than your entire corp
Arya o'Winterfell > you have cruisers and battleships?
Arya o'Winterfell > I'd surrender if I was you
Zeller Heartbourne > LOL! surrender?
Arya o'Winterfell > yes and give me a Megathron and 100m isk, if not we'll destroy your corp
Zeller Heartbourne > ROTFL
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