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Ferso Las > What is Agression Countdown?
Aniara Sweet > logoff-cheat protection...
Ferso Las > so you cant logoff while that is active?
Duby > i loged of while the countdown was still going
Duby > in station
Aniara Sweet > you can... but your ship will hang in space...
Glacier > you can....but your ships' still there and you can still get shot
Duby > lol
Ferso Las > hehe..Im inside a station..think Ill chance it
Jimmy Jazz > not sure what the longest
weve kept someone here for is
Jimmy Jazz > getting in is easy enough its
getting out again :)
JLobes > lol
JLobes > its like a roach motel.
Farzaga > I just got back to the game after being gone for a couple days because my ex-dog chewed through my internet cable outside :(
Hellspawn01 > hahaha
Hellspawn01 > have you ever heard of omgrawr?
Ratzap > *sigh* You see Far, HS has this strange fetish
Keto > more than 1 I think :)
Crystal Echoes > i have a frig i don't mind getting killed
Lorde Falcao > sure
Crystal Echoes > where you want me?
Crystal Echoes > <-- this person is expendable
Sleyha > my house
jonus Rath > lol
Crystal Echoes > bad sleyha bad
Sleyha > ;)
Gothikia > sooo... thats what you do during the boring station taking huh?
* cordy is gonna shut up before loxy bitchslaps her again
Alzahk > well shipsex might seem innocent enough... til one of you accidentally hits the self destruct
Gothikia > now that would be some orgasim!
Reiisha > ok, is it wrong if i want to have sex with my brutix?
Crowbiwan > I'm a lesbian trapped in a mans body.. does that count? :P
Sleepy Dane > Crowbiwan 95% of all men have insane vagina-penetration desires, you're not "special"
GM Spiral waves a magic want
GM Spiral > err, wand
ApophisXP > lol
JimBob666 > lol
Shreyaz > lmao
Saffronia > lol
Sable Schroedinger > if this is the bit where you dress up like a fireman and strip, I'll pass on the RP for tonight ;-)
TECOR > which means no
Sable Schroedinger > actually it means, I'm making a gladiators leather "skirt" for want of a better word, and a little distracted for anything heavy
TECOR > ffs that really is the end:)
TECOR > and you say i'm wierd with the fireman thing fuck it:)
Sable Schroedinger > and I didn't say you were wierd for the fireman thing/ just that I wasn't in the mood ;-)
Sable Schroedinger > too much of a good thing, burns you out, ya know? like mining :P
Sable Schroedinger > what can I say. leather skirts are a turn off
TECOR > firemen don't wear leather skirts.....hmm unless i'm doing it wrong
TECOR > /emote runs to the costume shop to kick off
Jayalin > They have NOS drones?
Johnny Twoshoe > yep
Johnny Twoshoe > and neutralizer drones
QwaarJet > and Lapdancing drones
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