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<Viceroy> don't you insult my nationality
<Viceroy> or i'll invade your island
<NTRabbit> bring it on mohammed jihad
<NTRabbit> we'll pimpslap your cave dwelling spearmen all the way back across the indian ocean
Ciciel > Hey honey wanna have some company? I can show you few tricks I can do with your shields! Ill can make them feel so good if you only let me. Just hire me and im yours for mission or two.
Test Ctrl > wait, we had a HAC
Test Ctrl > wow
Test Ctrl > we could have killed them
Jacob Etienne > huh?
Jacob Etienne > its a fucking omen, test
Krychton > we do?
Jacob Etienne > not a zealot
Test Ctrl > o
Test Ctrl > nvm
Mazer Kt'luthid > ya know... there's probably going to be an influx of BoB members soon
Palx > :/
Mazer Kt'luthid > though, Xhagen has probably been following Ifni around for years already
Palx > hehe
Mazer Kt'luthid > he's the guy who's always been inconspicuously behind him in either a thorax, arma or incursus
Palx > lool
Monma Cicov > o/
Parakleez > lo
Tharon > O
Tharon > /
Monma Cicov > wow, you severed your arm!
Monma Cicov > does it hurt?
Tharon > yeah,its a nice trick,eh?
Tharon > no its out of wood anyway
Tharon > as is my right leg

Leland Palmer > dont forget guys, buying a overpriced handforged knife insures my eve subscription for many months to come, so when ya need a 500$ butterknife im yer guy *grins*
Leland Palmer > sides yer vegimite tastes o so much better when spread with a hand forged knife
Leland Palmer > *grins runs and hides behind wicked*
W1ck3d 8uZz > rofl rofl lol lmfao
lucienne > hi guys
Hellspawn01 > hiya babe
lucienne > hi HS guess what....i suddenly found something in my hangar that does not belong to me, do you knpw how it got there? Or do i have to thank you endlessly?
Hellspawn01 > I know nothing about anything about your assets :)
Takeshi Kovachs > /emote whispers quietly "not what we heard"
lucienne > hmmm i would have invited the generous one over for a "tour" on my latest biggist hauling ship...the one with velvet seats and jacuzzi.
Hellspawn01 > an invite to your more "private" lounge was my guess :)
Takeshi Kovachs > is HS in Father Xmas mode??? If so can I have a Lachesis?
lucienne > Dont push youre luck! both of you! LOL
Trankill >
| un ou deu miyar |
| isk |
| Sivouplé |
Trankill >
| For Living |
| one or two billion |
| isk |
| please |
Marduke MekLodar > Well thats a new way of begging.
DarkArc > I wouldn't mind another billion or two isk...?
DarkArc > haha
Jacobian > lol thats pretty clever
Jarrod0987 > if he sais 1 mil he oroly would have got the bil lol
Marduke MekLodar > Sorry, I gave all my small change to to previious guy at the traffic light
Trankill > raaaaaaaah damn traffic light guy
Michael Snark > lol
Zero Fate > and i appreciate it
(+Minerdave-a-saur) hey Abdalion are your own drones supposed to shoot each other??
(@Abdalion) nah
(@Abdalion) I am a drone, and sometimes I do shoot other drones, but I am not supposed to
(+Minerdave-a-saur) well i was tring sumthing and sumhow the drones started to shoot each other lol
(@Abdalion) h4x
(+Minerdave-a-saur) thought i'd see what happens when you nos 2 drones at the same time
(@Abdalion) funky
(@Abdalion) I like being nossed, alot
(@Abdalion) can I be your drone?
(+Minerdave-a-saur) uh ok
(+Minerdave-a-saur) lol
Batmonkey > hmm....I don't see anything useful there. :-/
Rands > thats what she said borg
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