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InnerDrive > thats the difference between me and you kids
InnerDrive > posting on the forum all day
InnerDrive > like little forum whores
InnerDrive > no life
InnerDrive > why yua still here than
InnerDrive > trying to get a covert ops in a hawk lol
Estarriol > we're here because we own yz-lql now?
Estarriol > duh?
InnerDrive > right
InnerDrive > you dont own anything
Estarriol > i own you as well
Sheyenne Rainstorm > god ... i just started building a spare .... SPARE .... raven
Xealot > 2005.12.10 02:25:00

Victim: Pizza
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: Felix
Destroyed Type: Pizza
Solar System: Xealots room
System Security Level: 0.0

Involved parties:
Xealot > Name: Xealot (laid the final blow)
Security Status: -2.6
Alliance: Exuro Mortis
Corporation: The Grey Brotherhood
Ship Type: Body
Weapon Type: Stomach Acids
Xealot > owned
XLoc Duece > pls can i have some iskies
XLoc Duece > i want to put a bounty on myself
XLoc Duece > iskies plz!
XLoc Duece > plz plz <3
Hanns > are you gay if you like some of funeral for a friends songs?
HippoKing > no, i like some of their songs too
Spartan239 > dont think so
Hanns > ok im not gay then
MAXSuicide > yes.
Hanns > or emo?
MAXSuicide > because everyone else said no.
HippoKing > but i wouldn't mention it in public with ppl who see me in real life :P
Spartan239 > not emo either
Leno > fuck im hungry
Hanns > there an emo band tho aint thet
Spartan239 > eat your foot
Leno > need to go get food, but got a hauler spawn so wanna finish hauling it :?
HippoKing > yes, theyre emo
Spartan239 > linkin park are scarly emo
MAXSuicide > leno when u coming back to cf...
MAXSuicide > for another holiday
HippoKing > f4af are emo as hell
Tank CEO > i like the song
Tank CEO > nobody's listening
HippoKing > but they still have some good songs
?HippoKing >
Tank CEO > by linkin park
Tank CEO > good song
Spartan239 > thats not that emo tho
Hanns > if i dont dress metal, emo or goth, and i listen to slayer alot, is there somthign wrong with me
HippoKing > try DLing some of that
Spartan239 > crawlin and breaking the habit are exceptinly emo
Kayosoni > linkin park = emo
MAXSuicide > i like DJ Sammy.
Kayosoni > they have good tunes
Leno > hey i know how i can piss ppl off in this channal
Kayosoni > but their lyrics are fucking gay
Leno > by saying: I DONT LIKE SYSTEM OF A DOWN!
Kayosoni > ugh
Kayosoni > I hate soad
MAXSuicide > i dont like any of that kind of music
HippoKing > i liked system of a down a lot.... when i was 12
Hanns > SOAD are OK
Wuubaa > YOUR ALL EMO!
HippoKing > but i got better
Spartan239 > PRODIGY FTW
MAXSuicide > I like The game
MAXSuicide > who else lieks the game
HippoKing > prodigy are cool
Leno > too many ppl in eve are like, soad is the shit omg omg omg
MAXSuicide > what about twista?
Spartan239 > max just fook off
Hanns > i prefer shit like Pantera and Slayer
Hanns > Prodigy are the shit
Hanns > i have every album
Wuubaa > goth fag hanns
fairimear > we all <3 placebo
?Spartan239 > breaking benjamin&gt;all
HippoKing > nt too fond of the game, don't like twista, but i'll admit, he goes really fucking fast
MAXSuicide > well when i need advice on how to cut my wrists ill come to this channel
Leno > breaking benjamin is good
Hanns > im not goth
Hanns > i juts have a wide taste in music
HippoKing > don't that wuubaa, theyll start crying :P
fairimear > wuubaa u a chav then?
Spartan239 > stop litning to adams song you arse fuckers
Leno > lol
MAXSuicide > Tupac
MAXSuicide > u like tupac hippo?
Kayosoni > I like trance :/
Leno > wait i think i have that on my itunes actualy...
Hanns > Wuubaa listens to HelterSkelter in a banged up 1990 Vauxhall Nova
MAXSuicide > omg i like same music kayo likes
HippoKing > i don't listen to much of that stuff tbh
MAXSuicide > kill me now.
HippoKing > but i have a few songs
HippoKing > i have a lot of most musichj - got pretty wide tastes
MAXSuicide > i thought trance was pretty good till kayo said he likes it
Hairtrigger > skelter early 90 4tw
HippoKing > i have cry me river by justin timberlake on atm :P
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I got that mission again
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I also start my new job monday
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I'm gonna be an underware model for womens ware
ShadowWalker Nivlac > on the way home I robbed a bank
ShadowWalker Nivlac > starting my herion habit as we chat
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I'll be back in a sec....gonna burn the neighbors house down
ShadowWalker Nivlac > thats better....the heat will save me money on the elec bill and I'll have a clear view now
ShadowWalker Nivlac > herion is too harsh...but this crack is good
Danquin > OMG you are soooooo getting omgrawr'd for that
TrouserDeagle > I have been thinking about brutix. Such a cool
TrouserDeagle > 7 uber blasters, MWD, cap injector, mantank...
TrouserDeagle > It doesn't quite have the tracking for killing noob
frigs, but I bet it could kill them pretty well.
Olixia Castitatis > mining barges are easier.
Olixia Castitatis > haulers, too.
TrouserDeagle > Ah yes.
• Wrangler|psycho|out is now known as Wrangler
(&Wrangler) I'm back o/
(&Mephysto) you left?
(%sharkbait) hehe
• Join: Atlantean
• sharkbait sets mode: +v Atlantean
(&Wrangler) yes, I went psycho
• Part: Atlantean
(&Wrangler) hmm.. did I scare him?
(%sharkbait) would appear so :)
Crowbiwan > I'm a lesbian trapped in a mans body.. does that count? :P
Sleepy Dane > Crowbiwan 95% of all men have insane vagina-penetration desires, you're not "special"
Ma Talune > OMG.. Imagine a man famius in Denmark as a guy the is better special forces stuff than teh splinter Cell guy on drugs would be in Real Life... I mean really proffesional... he has gotten the highst hour by some a 3 stared amerikan general anybody could get i and that in public which specops guys EVER do... the guy INDVETED high altitude parahute jumping and did major parts of build the danish counter terrorist military units in Denmark...
Ma Talune > now imagine this guy takeing a guy that have done shows for kids every day of his adult life (like 20 years) on a trip down thought Afrika..... Ohh My Gooood...
Ma Talune > ...I really wish you guys knew danish this is fucking mania
EverBlack > ...
EverBlack > lol
Belize > Hello guys
Ma Talune > I mean take sam fisher, the entire rainbow six team, rambo, and combine them.. and then take the softes man on earth..
[Bezile logs on - another danish guy] EverBlack > lol
Ma Talune > Belize.... describe BS Christansian...
Belize > Er det Bubber og BS Christiansen?
Ma Talune > yeah...
Belize > BS Christiansen.... cannot be described
Ma Talune > there is even a famed blue seacow that has a show where the line I love BS and BS is god is a big part of it..
Ma Talune > (yeah this is danish humor.. like the best in the world.. only ours seems to be high on something VERY strong...)
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