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Elienore > I'd do the corp infiltration/theft if given an opportunity, and I'm not a cruel person in RL :l
EVE System > Channel changed to Korsiki Local Channel
Archion Seraphim > I know I've been gone for a while, and I'm glad you're still here for me.
Archion Seraphim > I've missed you, love
CelFea Dar > o/ hey guys
CelFea Dar > wassup?
Valhala King > runing
jih chop > what are you ruining?
CelFea Dar > he said "runing" in Old Viking alphabet runes and shit......not "ruining" like messing things up.. *haha*
CelFea Dar > man, I am tired
jih chop > lol
jih chop > I thought of that too
jih chop > but couldn't work it into anything funny
CelFea Dar > yea I don't think the vikings used runes....oh well
CelFea Dar > I tried
jih chop > they did
Valhala King > they use dunes
CelFea Dar > I saw that movie, was kewl
jih chop > and mule powered dune carts
CelFea Dar > those were "dung" carts...and they mule-powered in several ways
jih chop > which are most fun if you can get one of the viking to make engine sounds as you slowly crawl over the dune
jih chop > hey - I tend to lose track opf time
CelFea Dar > Bridge to Engine Room -- Von Erik, we need more power!
jih chop > tomotrow when the meeting starts, just drag me in pz
CelFea Dar > meeting? tomorrow?
Valhala King > but sir we are given her all we got
CelFea Dar > wait, what is today?
jih chop > Dammit Jim! I'm a plunderer not an oarsman!
jih chop > today is the worst day of the rest of your life
Valhala King > <=== is a baiter
Valhala King > master at it
CelFea Dar > haha, Bridge to Engine room, STROKE, STROKE dammit, STROKE!
jih chop > this convo is giving me one
Valhala King > no yesterday was the easiest day
Valhala King > stroke stroke
jih chop > wow - I am SO tired that I just typed have a sentence -
jih chop > and EVERY word I type was spelled and typed correctly
Valhala King > get soem rest dude
jih chop > but was THE WRONG WORD
CelFea Dar > haha
jih chop > seriously - who instead of how, no instead of know, etc
Valhala King > hun?
jih chop > so, what I meant to type was,
Valhala King > i am lost which is not hard to do can some one show me the way
jih chop > Who wants to know how to teacha woman to squirt when she orgasms>
Valhala King > it is that membery thing
Valhala King > acting up
jih chop > it's the dyslexia dragon rampaging because I'm too tired to keep it in check
jih chop > and speaking of dragon
jih chop > lets all go into alliance chat and type like he talks
CelFea Dar > wow, we went from vikings, to squirting orgasm wonder we're lost
jih chop > is is is is anyone anyone anyone going going to to to to make make a jump tonight?
jih chop > we're not lost
jih chop > we have a viking
jih chop > wherever we land we own
jih chop > including conneticut
jih chop > where they have found viking runes
jih chop > AND we've now come full circle
jih chop > I won
<tamber|noponies> my gf has a picture of her with jack black on her facebook
<tamber|noponies> i am jealous
<tamber|noponies> im gunna photoshop my face onto her
armacitis > the mach uses a t3 exotic dancer based weapon system.
armacitis > I've already trained exotic dancer weapon systems to lvl5
Aaron Eckhart > o
nick gundrum > are you really the real <url=showinfo:1377//91354862>Aaron Eckhart</url>? i dont believe you
Aaron Eckhart > yes
nick gundrum > DUDE, can i have your autograph?
nick gundrum > i cant believe i am talking to youu
nick gundrum > this is amazing
Aaron Eckhart > well what can i say eve is a fun game
nick gundrum > i just made 2m mining, this is a fun game!
Aaron Eckhart > congratulations!
nick gundrum > yes i am up to 26m im saving up for an exhumer. possibly a covetor or a hulk :D
nick gundrum > <url=showinfo:17478//1005366816321>Bender</url> is my baby
Aaron Eckhart > i'm sure you'll get there eventually, as long as you're persistent
Sov Celderan > I used to have implants in the dick, like you. But then I took a 1400 to the pod.
Danny John-Peter > sig tanking allows you to avoid damage, because of transversal
Airwolfz: you sound mad guy
verbindungsfehlR: have a good time
Airwolfz: go outside or something
ApophisXP: UMAD?
verbindungsfehlR: sucking my moms cock
ApophisXP: Self Owned is best Owned.
zombu2 > The Clown War Is Coming .. HONK HONK BITCH
kroniksenvy > imready
zombu2 > for the honking or the war ... you know we gonna be needing armys of ppl that honk all the time
zombu2 > so ask yourself .... are you a honky?
Mark Syrus > lol
kroniksenvy > i honk causeim horny
zombu2 > so you are a honky? if yes i need to know so we can add you to the honky list
kroniksenvy > mos def
zombu2 > great
zombu2 > lemme just add you to the honky list
zombu2 > woudl you like to leave a comment on why you feel you are a honky?
zombu2 > i can put that in the comment table on my exel sheet
zombu2 > hello?
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