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<HellGremlin> Germans are scary no matter what they're doing.
<HellGremlin> Even brushing their teeth, I imagine they mumble "DU HAST TARTAR. REPORTEN SIE DAS EIN GASCHAMBER, DENTAL PLAQUEHIMMEL."
<Viceroy> don't you insult my nationality
<Viceroy> or i'll invade your island
<NTRabbit> bring it on mohammed jihad
<NTRabbit> we'll pimpslap your cave dwelling spearmen all the way back across the indian ocean
Ronald Speirs > OMG DS is in local.....are the forums down ???? :P
Snapes > dont panic!! the dev is not out to kill us.........................yet!
Dark Shikari > lol
Dark Shikari > was afk
Snapes > aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IT SPEAKS!?!?!
Avernus > man, that's like OMGRAWR material that is :P
<Orkki> btw brerlapin i totally pwn you in eve i am the eve ruler :P
<BrerLapin|OnOp> I think our BoD will have something to say about that ;D
<Orkki> let them come i shall pwn them with my sharp tempest spearlike ship...
<AceOfSpace> i wouldn't wanna mess with a tempest. he has a technical team, you know
<Orkki> my tempest can pwn anything in the galaxy
<Orkki> expect tomb's ego perhaps
<Orkki> but it would be a close fight
<AceOfSpace> actually i'm quite jealous ;/ i wish i'd specialised in minmatar ships and projectiles
<AceOfSpace> they just look fun to me is all
<AceOfSpace> and i like to be different
<Orkki> i practice my projectiles on da ladies =}
<Sokhar> so how are your nipple rings working out levin
<Levin> infected
<Levin> just how you like it
<D2> :(
<Lurks> poor Levin
<Levin> if youre good ill let you suck the puss out
<ichi> stop please
<ichi> i'm eating
<Wolf_Ryski> Wow... that's just... nasty
<Bek> "<Viceroy> I hate australians"
<Viceroy> yes i do
<Viceroy> i am an op
<Sokhar> AHAHA
<Viceroy> its my duty
<Viceroy> and right.
Xelphior > hehe guy we just podded lost 9.5msp! LOL
Papa WombFerret > please tell me i didn't just see a THORAX ratting in a 0.5 PLEASE
<Levin> do you have a racing wheel for the pc?
<Sadist> <-- has a racing wheel
<Levin> :|
<Levin> you fail life
<Levin> you could like
<Levin> buy a real car
<Sadist> Levin
<Sadist> like
<Sadist> I already have a real car
<Sadist> :
<Levin> :/
<Levin> does it run on the tears of emo children that you torture in the trunk?
<Sadist> sometimes
<Levin> awesome
<Sadist> only when Pall and Vex are around
<Sadist> ;
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