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Xelphior > What Happens When 25 battleships, 2 carriers and a Dread Find an ASCN POS?
Hey You > Cyvok Kills it when he misfires his Doomsday Device
Anatolus Kaldar > dirty gallente are not giving me any salvage
bullnard > HEY!!! I take offence to tha.....oh, nm
bandook2 > so give some salvage to kaldar
Anatolus Kaldar > lol
Anatolus Kaldar > maybe louder they are not listening
bandook2 > just shoot them with dirty caldari missiles to get there attention
bullnard > ouch
Anatolus Kaldar > i use hot laser and they all stopped crying now
bullnard > you melted them....
bullnard > cant cry if your a pool of goo
Anatolus Kaldar > :) you got it
Sha'Uri Dark > hehe reminds me of a CSI epsoide where they found a dead guy inside a waterproof buffle bag in the desert. they litterly poured him out of it
bullnard > mmmm. well it is lunch time now.
Nimitz Terre > Who's up for protein shakes?
<Checkbit> I'm immune to viagra...I'm married
Jadis Jade > Khanid Peace Corps is now recruiting pilots operating in Khanid Space. We provide services for the Royal Khanid Navy. Convo me if interested.
Canine Fiend > what kind of "Services"
Canine Fiend > I may be interested in one of your "Bottom level" positions
Jadis Jade > lovely
Jadis Jade > We run mission for the Royal Khanid Navy.
Canine Fiend > can you provide instant gratification?
Jadis Jade > We will also do gangs into 0.0 in the future to bring Khanid peace to the meanies
Canine Fiend > while maintaining a professional and safe work enviroment providing these services?
Jadis Jade > **points to 7 Mega Beam Laser Banks** sure
Canine Fiend > ooh, where are you gunna put those?
Jadis Jade > **points to exploding Centatis Phantasm** there
Canine Fiend > Can you make me explode phantasmically?
Canine Fiend > I'm having trouble with "fufillment" recently
Jadis Jade > thats too bad
Kamikaze Hoe > Would anyone like a hand job in private chat? for 2 million isk to buy a new ship XXX
Princess Radders > no no no
Nargush Mandible > Wow, how do ye do that in text!?
Kamikaze Hoe > You just type
Kamikaze Hoe > KEYBOARD
Princess Radders > ill do it over web cam for 1 million isk
Kamikaze Hoe > I'm better at playing with myself than you
Kamikaze Hoe > Uuuuh
Princess Radders > sush
Princess Radders > 4 million isk for some girl on girl
Kamikaze Hoe > I look like Kirsten Dunst
Nargush Mandible > Wow, this IS a new level to Eve.
Kamikaze Hoe > Virtual hand jobs are cool
Zanarkus > quite modest arent we?
Blutreiter > nope
Blutreiter > and "god" is even far below my actual worth
Blutreiter > i'm priceless
Zanarkus > haha
Blutreiter >, for a second, i almost wrote "worthless" ;P
Haargoth Agamar > Tam, I heard you lieks cyber, is it true?
DJ Tamora > yea
DJ Tamora > yea
DJ Tamora > lets do it now
DJ Tamora > wtf r u wearing
Haargoth Agamar > nothing
DJ Tamora > wtf
DJ Tamora > were at school and your naked
DJ Tamora > :/
Haargoth Agamar > we are at school?!
DJ Tamora > yes
DJ Tamora > ffs
Haargoth Agamar > what are we doing there?
Haargoth Agamar > LEARNING WHAT
Malindah > anatomy goof
DJ Tamora > how can i concentrate on gettin MAD SKILLZ when your nude
DJ Tamora > you sick fuck
DJ Tamora > im also 7 years of age
Haargoth Agamar > your the one that told me not to wear anything!
DJ Tamora > i said i got enough luch dont have to bring anything
DJ Tamora > :/
Viper ShizzIe > I scammed some isk farmer fuck
Viper ShizzIe > out of 750
Viper ShizzIe > by offering him BoB standings =/
Levin Cavil > lawl
Levin Cavil > well i work in retail irl
Levin Cavil > so talking people into doing shit they shouldnt comes naturally to me
Chelsea Maru > heh are you seriouse
Test Ctrl > very
Chelsea Maru > rofl
Test Ctrl > youre a month old, im assuming your drake would melt
Chelsea Maru > uh, yeah, just got it
Chelsea Maru > looken for agent
Chelsea Maru > so i will check in later
Test Ctrl > pay me isks
Chelsea Maru > rofl, i did just say i just got it right
Chelsea Maru > how much are you akien
Test Ctrl > well youre just about to get pew pewed
Chelsea Maru > yeah any way
Test Ctrl > 1milz
Chelsea Maru > 1 mil
Chelsea Maru > i have to borrow
Chelsea Maru > so you are gonna have to wait
Test Ctrl > then why did you buy a drake
Chelsea Maru > i mined for it
Chelsea Maru > mins
Test Ctrl > thats a shitload of mining lol
Chelsea Maru > yeah days
Chelsea Maru > long days
Chelsea Maru > how bout 800k
Test Ctrl > ok
Chelsea Maru > seriouse?
Test Ctrl > yes
Chelsea Maru > how do i know you aren't gonna blow me up after i transfer it
Test Ctrl > i wont
Test Ctrl > and if i did they would slap me in alliance
Test Ctrl > and thats no good
Chelsea Maru > k see you at station
Test Ctrl > you just paid me 800k
Test Ctrl > to undock
Test Ctrl > fucking awesome
Chelsea Maru > well congrats
Lexa Starsong > English only please
Lexa Starsong > нгличане только здесь нравятся
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