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Mrs Rathama > WTF
Mrs Rathama > you fucking killed me?
Tank CEO > yes
Mrs Rathama > why
Tank CEO > cause i hate minmatars
Mrs Rathama > so?
Mrs Rathama > I was trying to get to a fucking station you ass
Mrs Rathama > and eve locked up on me
Mrs Rathama > your a jack ass
Tank CEO > like i care?
Mrs Rathama > when my b/f gets here you might just die
Tank CEO > o rly ur b/f... im soooo scared
Mrs Rathama > and when other members of ARROW get on and the members of the Goon Squad get on your going to die
Tank CEO > u just wait till my g/f gets on, she will kick ur bf's ass
Mrs Rathama > I'd like to see her take on several battleships of pvp harded players
Tank CEO > o rly, can ur several battleships take on a carrier?
Tank CEO > because thats what i just killed u with
Mrs Rathama > then your a chicken shit
Mrs Rathama > if you had to use a carrier to kill a frigate
Tank CEO > anytime ur members wanna 1v1 me, or ur bf... let me know
Tank CEO > bye sweety pie
Tank CEO > kiss kiss
<Orkki> btw brerlapin i totally pwn you in eve i am the eve ruler :P
<BrerLapin|OnOp> I think our BoD will have something to say about that ;D
<Orkki> let them come i shall pwn them with my sharp tempest spearlike ship...
<AceOfSpace> i wouldn't wanna mess with a tempest. he has a technical team, you know
<Orkki> my tempest can pwn anything in the galaxy
<Orkki> expect tomb's ego perhaps
<Orkki> but it would be a close fight
<AceOfSpace> actually i'm quite jealous ;/ i wish i'd specialised in minmatar ships and projectiles
<AceOfSpace> they just look fun to me is all
<AceOfSpace> and i like to be different
<Orkki> i practice my projectiles on da ladies =}
Addi Litli says: ég var að uppgvöta níja siðmenningu
Gunni says: hvaða
Addi Litli says: ég oppnaði ískápinn
Addi Litli says: "all hail ADDI"
Gunni says: HAHAHA. men in black 4tw
KnightStar > CCP installed a patch, again. they destroy everything
Keltwarrior > lol
rocka > what the hell was that
CRUSH3R > drunk GMs? :))
l3VGV > i dont get it. casefire?
rocka > you can´t shoot anyone
wierchas noobhunter > dude servers was on fire
l3VGV > look like flashzed shoot GM`s friend ratlsnake in belt )
l3VGV > O_O
l3VGV > sure?
wierchas noobhunter > yeah
wierchas noobhunter > its was big panic tbh
wierchas noobhunter > full forums
wierchas noobhunter > omgomgwaht we gona do etc
l3VGV > O.o
wierchas noobhunter > looks like tomb loost his right leg tho
Basilii > lol
wierchas noobhunter > he is now in hospital
Basilii > ahah
rocka > anyone got 150 mm projectiles tech 2 in fat that they can sell me?
wierchas noobhunter > ccp thinks that it was terorist atack tbh
Paspartu > V3-Y Acsedant gang.. 2-220 ships.. 13 Battleships
Paspartu > 20-22 ships
Kazim > wierchas wtf are you on about?
wierchas noobhunter > joke dude :)
Breki > that needs to be omgrawr'd :D
Breki > pure quality
Tim - Mahkato Photography says: I've been doing lots of graphic design lately
Tim - Mahkato Photography says: I 'think' I'm improving
Stars says: I have no frame of reference
Stars says: care to give me an opinion on something?
Tim - Mahkato Photography says: sure
Tim - Mahkato Photography says: whats a frame of reference?
Tim - Mahkato Photography says: is that like... a picture frame with a phone book in it?
Xelphior > hehe guy we just podded lost 9.5msp! LOL
<Tenshi> 450 somalis and ethiopians? knives or no ... how do you force 450 ppl overboard?
<HellGremlin> Easy.
<HellGremlin> Throw a twinkie into the sea.
Winterblink > Heheh :p
Winterblink > Yeah, Cecil got immortalized tonight :)
El Coyote > yea just read it
 El Coyote > can't think where you get the ideas from :P
Winterblink > Had his comic cherry popped. And his "rammed from behind by a megathron" cherry too.
Cythrawl > ... that should be omgrawr'd
<Blackhorizon> fix is getting desperate, offering me isk for [06:34:49] ***** > POS layout and possibly up to date fleet movements and critical targets
<Gomez_Chou> BH, they're offering you isk for something they could easily get themselves?
<Gomez_Chou> pos layout takes a couple of button presses. up to date fleet movements just
<Levin> Gomez_Chou
<Levin> its fix
<Levin> they are on the ??? step of 1) defend querious 2) ??? and 3) profit
Number 25 > and then yesterday we remembered we had a couple condoms left
Number 25 > heeheehee....that inspired much fun :)
little gurlygirl > yeah
little gurlygirl > i need to buy some more
little gurlygirl > you know you can order them off of
Number 25 > had been a while since she got to feel me inside her.....the whole time
Number 25 > hahaha....can you order them in bulk?
Number 25 > then i'd be happy :)
little gurlygirl > its like a 24 big pack
Number 25 > not big enough
little gurlygirl > just google bulk condoms or something
little gurlygirl >
little gurlygirl > 108 packs
Number 25 > might last me a little while
little gurlygirl > just gonna get the 24 pack cause i get random sex...not consistant use 2 or 3 condoms a day kinda thing
Number 25 > hey....i'm not windsurfing anymore....gotta keep in shape somehow
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