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Rianharte > cer nydd-dro 'ch hun cacha d]
Feral Karkassia > or a sign of "I'm leaving local before I get myself petitioned." Now shush.
Rianharte > silence your self. how dare you tell a armarrian citizen to shush
Feral Karkassia > 1. You pay your eve subscription, I pay mine. 2. You aren't an Amarrian citizen. 3. You ARE some geek with no life who prefers that of a --whatever you are-- to his own, and can't get over it long enough to SHUT UP in local for five minutes
Feral Karkassia > now take your pax amarria, clean my crap off it, and have a nice day.
Rianharte > is it your time of the month?
Rianharte > anyway this conversation bores me bye love you
Feral Karkassia > Are YOU looking to get petitioned? That's a pretty dumb thing to say--but no, I'm not a petition whore. And no to the other bit, I hate you throughout the month.
bfmReciprocity > Blaaahhhhh
bfmReciprocity > brb Tak'n the pax to the restroom
bfmReciprocity > I was gonna have to go shopping today but now that I have the Pax...... Problem solved
bfmReciprocity > /emote comes out of teh station for a smoke.......... This is one hell of an orgie. Sorry no pax believers invited
bfmReciprocity > ahhhhhh hedonism
Feral Karkassia > :D BFM's a good li'l bad boy, what with the mask and all.
bfmReciprocity > Mmmmmmm pirate love
Feral Karkassia > /emote gets out the eye patch
Feral Karkassia > Kinky
bfmReciprocity > well smoke is done, back to the grind... hehe
bfmReciprocity > close te curtains feral
Feral Karkassia > Why not? I don't mind them watching. Maybe they'll learn a thing or two... ;)
bfmReciprocity > I dont want intimidate the locals.
bfmReciprocity > My "crukise missile" has been blessed by God
Feral Karkassia > wait, you aren't Caldari
Feral Karkassia > don't you mean your 1200mm artillery shell?
bfmReciprocity > nope I'm a slave
bfmReciprocity > lol
Feral Karkassia > that's what I thought, now put on those handcuffs and get back in there
bfmReciprocity > only if you take off that brass bra
Feral Karkassia > so are we the only two in on this?
bfmReciprocity > we must have put the others to bed
bfmReciprocity > I have stamina
Feral Karkassia > oh baby oh baby
Feral Karkassia > well if anyone wants in on this they just have to ask... excluding anyone with 'holy light' of anything in their bios
Feral Karkassia > because glow-in-the-dark condoms are just dumb
bfmReciprocity > lol
Sirkka Ikonen > in on what?
Feral Karkassia > A big hot pirate orgy
Sirkka Ikonen > oh, sounds sexy
Feral Karkassia > :)
bfmReciprocity > It's hard to do this laughing ... stop making me laugh....
bfmReciprocity > You found my weak spot
Feral Karkassia > I'm not painting a freakin target on there again, stop laughing.
bfmReciprocity > I can't
Feral Karkassia > Ticklish? :D
bfmReciprocity > Slap me again
bfmReciprocity > please
Feral Karkassia > "Please, MISTRESS."
bfmReciprocity > <br>Please Mistress
Feral Karkassia > /emote bends bfm over
Feral Karkassia > /emote slaps his bum
bfmReciprocity > Whooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sirkka Ikonen > rofl
bfmReciprocity > wait
bfmReciprocity > I'm sensitivve
Feral Karkassia > You want the cuffs back off?
Feral Karkassia > /emote shuts the curtains
bfmReciprocity > thank you
bfmReciprocity > I mean thank you mistress
Feral Karkassia > ;) that's better.
Agmamenon Exinferis > ohh....does she pilot a Domi too? :)
bfmReciprocity > No she's piloting me
Agmamenon Exinferis > I'm gonna have to demand her as token of your peace offering.
Xinlisupreme > I'll fuck her so hard that generations from now, people across the globe will cry out in ecstatic pain at the sudden onslaught of my mighty thrusts tearing through the fabric of the space-time continuum.
Nevin Dread > who has yet to block me?
Kybernis > I haven't blocked you. Should I?
Nevin Dread > no
Kybernis > very good
Nevin Dread > than id have no one to talk to
Christopher Weikert Kybernis Most have lol.. I havn't because I need to know when he does what he does so I can still sell itmes.. but he has been spam clearing the screen

*(market spam)*

Kybernis > I wish I knew the spam clearing trick
Nevin Dread > id have to move to jita, and there id never be able to keep up with all the spam
Christopher Weikert > He will tell you how
Nevin Dread > you wish you new how to do
Nevin Dread > .

Nevin Dread > this?
Kybernis > that

*(market spam)*

NightmareJacK EL > idiot locked: block mode engaged
Nevin Dread > then do shift>return a bunch of times
Nevin Dread > then do another dot
Fecal Fingers > .
Fecal Fingers > lol
Christopher Weikert> NightmareJacK EL I tried to warn you guys lol
Fecal Fingers > .

NightmareJacK EL > lol
Fecal Fingers > sweet niblets
Kybernis > .

Nevin Dread > now do return w/o the shift
Kybernis > that rocks
Nevin Dread > lol
Achmedicate > My block list keeps growing and growing
Kybernis > It's like a stupidity eraser
NightmareJacK EL > idiot clone locked block mode angaged again..
[01:58:57] EVE System > Laqua was muted by MR Machinegun. Effective until 2011.11.21 01:59:56, Reason: "dont wanna calm down eh? enjoy the naughty stool".
[02:00:30] EVE System > Laqua was muted by MR Machinegun. Effective until 2011.11.21 02:02:29, Reason: "is takeing requiests now".
[02:05:41] EVE System > Laqua was muted by MR Machinegun. Effective until 2011.11.21 02:06:40, Reason: "Requested excepted by a trial of ur pairs".
[02:08:59] EVE System > Laqua was muted by MR Machinegun. Effective until 2011.11.21 02:09:59, Reason: "we here at [FAG] chat to not tollerate racists of any kind you have been warned sir WARNED".
[02:10:05] EVE System > Otocinclus was muted by MR Machinegun. Effective until 2011.11.21 02:11:04, Reason: "we here at [FAG] chat also belive in equality?".
[02:12:01] EVE System > Laqua was muted by MR Machinegun. Reason: "[02:11:44] Requiescat > i request that laqua be muted again because he is offending me with his rebellious talk".
[02:13:10] EVE System > Otocinclus was muted by MR Machinegun. Effective until 2011.11.21 02:14:09, Reason: "wat do u know aobut honor?".
[02:14:08] EVE System > Requiescat was muted by MR Machinegun. Effective until 2011.11.21 02:15:08, Reason: "pitty mute while u get a drink?".
Zanzibar Heroshima > Fair warning, I am off my fucking tits at the moment.
TheButcherPete > oh god I just farted really hard and I think I'm about to die
Tiamet Cordova > Highsec is a different eve game, it's like angry birds
moveover > do ehsy dry to jump yhrn jump ouy sy yhr lsdy drvonf?
Verun Olacor > Doc Severide yes
Doc Severide > no
Verun Olacor > yes
Doc Severide > no
Verun Olacor > yes
Doc Severide > no
Verun Olacor > yes
Doc Severide > no
Verun Olacor > yes
Doc Severide > nonononono
Facist Abbot > TOMATOES!
<Focht|off> every
<Temistokles> hey focht
<Kurenub|away> I WEAR HIGH HEELS
<Kurenub|away> I ERR
<Temistokles> this week has actually been kinda fun
<Temistokles> cus the stuff me and some other guy was supposed to do
<Nepenthe> LOL
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