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Tiggin Lickalot > my only isue is i constantly have bad men in my systems
Mang0o > damn i left yasterday for pussy but tbh id rather want that fight then pussy
Pinky Denmark > fuck - I have had learning level 5 at 99% done for like a few month without finishing it :D
Queen Diamond > they watching their girly figure
Queen Diamond > they want bear belly not a bear keg in a shirt!
Uthachti > The "Reverse Hourglass"?
Queen Diamond > i lick big butts and i can not lie... you other brothers can't deny
<Kryztal> molle molle molle
<Kryztal> shes in
<Molle> i know
<Molle> i let her in
<Molle> ...
<Kryztal> <3<3 :D
<Mozzie> who?
<Molle> ask kryztal, i refuse
<Kryztal> haha
<Kryztal> molles fav cyno char
<Kryztal> Mi Sohorny
Jimmy Ray > Could you, or could you not, locate a full can of dogfood.
Amy Homolak > since we are having such a hard time getting an office down here, i think we should build that station and have an office then
Augin Soric > heh
Augin Soric > "fuck you guys, were making our own station"!
Kofoburu > yea!
Augin Soric > "with hookers...and blackjack!"
Augin Soric > "know what? forget the blackjack!"
Kravick Drasari > How do you get her to sit still long enough to slap her in the face with your cock?
Chrysalis Kashaar > 1h 15mins till cap ships 2... and I can finally put in something long again
Chrysalis Kashaar > wait, that didn't sound quite right
Deerhoof > hair are your antennae
Deerhoof > they pick up signals from the cosmos
Deerhoof > that's why bald men are uptight
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