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Ma Talune > OMG.. Imagine a man famius in Denmark as a guy the is better special forces stuff than teh splinter Cell guy on drugs would be in Real Life... I mean really proffesional... he has gotten the highst hour by some a 3 stared amerikan general anybody could get i and that in public which specops guys EVER do... the guy INDVETED high altitude parahute jumping and did major parts of build the danish counter terrorist military units in Denmark...
Ma Talune > now imagine this guy takeing a guy that have done shows for kids every day of his adult life (like 20 years) on a trip down thought Afrika..... Ohh My Gooood...
Ma Talune > ...I really wish you guys knew danish this is fucking mania
EverBlack > ...
EverBlack > lol
Belize > Hello guys
Ma Talune > I mean take sam fisher, the entire rainbow six team, rambo, and combine them.. and then take the softes man on earth..
[Bezile logs on - another danish guy] EverBlack > lol
Ma Talune > Belize.... describe BS Christansian...
Belize > Er det Bubber og BS Christiansen?
Ma Talune > yeah...
Belize > BS Christiansen.... cannot be described
Ma Talune > there is even a famed blue seacow that has a show where the line I love BS and BS is god is a big part of it..
Ma Talune > (yeah this is danish humor.. like the best in the world.. only ours seems to be high on something VERY strong...)
<HellGremlin> Germans are scary no matter what they're doing.
<HellGremlin> Even brushing their teeth, I imagine they mumble "DU HAST TARTAR. REPORTEN SIE DAS EIN GASCHAMBER, DENTAL PLAQUEHIMMEL."
<Viceroy> don't you insult my nationality
<Viceroy> or i'll invade your island
<NTRabbit> bring it on mohammed jihad
<NTRabbit> we'll pimpslap your cave dwelling spearmen all the way back across the indian ocean
Mrs Rathama > WTF
Mrs Rathama > you fucking killed me?
Tank CEO > yes
Mrs Rathama > why
Tank CEO > cause i hate minmatars
Mrs Rathama > so?
Mrs Rathama > I was trying to get to a fucking station you ass
Mrs Rathama > and eve locked up on me
Mrs Rathama > your a jack ass
Tank CEO > like i care?
Mrs Rathama > when my b/f gets here you might just die
Tank CEO > o rly ur b/f... im soooo scared
Mrs Rathama > and when other members of ARROW get on and the members of the Goon Squad get on your going to die
Tank CEO > u just wait till my g/f gets on, she will kick ur bf's ass
Mrs Rathama > I'd like to see her take on several battleships of pvp harded players
Tank CEO > o rly, can ur several battleships take on a carrier?
Tank CEO > because thats what i just killed u with
Mrs Rathama > then your a chicken shit
Mrs Rathama > if you had to use a carrier to kill a frigate
Tank CEO > anytime ur members wanna 1v1 me, or ur bf... let me know
Tank CEO > bye sweety pie
Tank CEO > kiss kiss
Ronald Speirs > OMG DS is in local.....are the forums down ???? :P
Snapes > dont panic!! the dev is not out to kill us.........................yet!
Dark Shikari > lol
Dark Shikari > was afk
Snapes > aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IT SPEAKS!?!?!
Avernus > man, that's like OMGRAWR material that is :P
<Orkki> btw brerlapin i totally pwn you in eve i am the eve ruler :P
<BrerLapin|OnOp> I think our BoD will have something to say about that ;D
<Orkki> let them come i shall pwn them with my sharp tempest spearlike ship...
<AceOfSpace> i wouldn't wanna mess with a tempest. he has a technical team, you know
<Orkki> my tempest can pwn anything in the galaxy
<Orkki> expect tomb's ego perhaps
<Orkki> but it would be a close fight
<AceOfSpace> actually i'm quite jealous ;/ i wish i'd specialised in minmatar ships and projectiles
<AceOfSpace> they just look fun to me is all
<AceOfSpace> and i like to be different
<Orkki> i practice my projectiles on da ladies =}
Addi Litli says: ég var að uppgvöta níja siðmenningu
Gunni says: hvaða
Addi Litli says: ég oppnaði ískápinn
Addi Litli says: "all hail ADDI"
Gunni says: HAHAHA. men in black 4tw
KnightStar > CCP installed a patch, again. they destroy everything
Keltwarrior > lol
rocka > what the hell was that
CRUSH3R > drunk GMs? :))
l3VGV > i dont get it. casefire?
rocka > you can´t shoot anyone
wierchas noobhunter > dude servers was on fire
l3VGV > look like flashzed shoot GM`s friend ratlsnake in belt )
l3VGV > O_O
l3VGV > sure?
wierchas noobhunter > yeah
wierchas noobhunter > its was big panic tbh
wierchas noobhunter > full forums
wierchas noobhunter > omgomgwaht we gona do etc
l3VGV > O.o
wierchas noobhunter > looks like tomb loost his right leg tho
Basilii > lol
wierchas noobhunter > he is now in hospital
Basilii > ahah
rocka > anyone got 150 mm projectiles tech 2 in fat that they can sell me?
wierchas noobhunter > ccp thinks that it was terorist atack tbh
Paspartu > V3-Y Acsedant gang.. 2-220 ships.. 13 Battleships
Paspartu > 20-22 ships
Kazim > wierchas wtf are you on about?
wierchas noobhunter > joke dude :)
Breki > that needs to be omgrawr'd :D
Breki > pure quality
<Sokhar> so how are your nipple rings working out levin
<Levin> infected
<Levin> just how you like it
<D2> :(
<Lurks> poor Levin
<Levin> if youre good ill let you suck the puss out
<ichi> stop please
<ichi> i'm eating
<Wolf_Ryski> Wow... that's just... nasty
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