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<Kryztal> omg
<Kryztal> i so dont need viagra :(
<Kryztal> my sex drive is uber
<Molle> if you have balls you do
<Kryztal> just need to squeeze em a little and off i go like the energizin bunny
<Kryztal> ....
<Kryztal> and now im just gonna go hide in a cave
<Kryztal> molle molle molle
<Kryztal> shes in
<Molle> i know
<Molle> i let her in
<Molle> ...
<Kryztal> <3<3 :D
<Mozzie> who?
<Molle> ask kryztal, i refuse
<Kryztal> haha
<Kryztal> molles fav cyno char
<Kryztal> Mi Sohorny
<Molle> lkhjsdlkfhowihsdjföas
<Molle> feed me cofe
Rachen Mysuna > how come it takes ages to get answer to petition?
SkinGrapht > they have to translate it with google first
SirMolle > I am the most uber super awesome neckbeard king of EVE.
coolneo > :( i keep accidently closing this chnl instead of minimising lol
McAcabtr > noob
coolneo > :)
coolneo > i am, i admit it lol
Jarbis Leed > ..if we're all in a pod suspended in gooey plasma stuff...
Jarbis Leed > do we have a pipe going up our ass, or do we wear diapers?
Jarbis Leed > ...or does it all just float around in there?
Jarbis Leed > next time you pick up a corpse, reflect on what may or may not be stuck on its rear end before bringing it into your cargo.
Ehris Bok > Hot stuff, coming thru
Pastryfish > I don't see how a Rokh turning 180 degrees in three seconds can be good for its structural integrity...
chuckle head > would only be a problem is there was gravity in space
qasdfdsaq > /emote tries grabbing popcorn at 5km/sec
Othuum > STOP
Rico Felix > lvl 3 what?
Jack Underhill > With a few drone and missile skills on the side.
Jack Underhill > Missions.
Othuum > WTF
BludGroove > ?
Rico Felix > you can do l4 fine with min too
Othuum > I didnt know we were killing each other
BludGroove > we fight till ships pop?
Jack Underhill > Oh, I know.
Malaclypse Meggido > that was horribly 1 sided
Othuum > no :((((
DarkBloodRain > I think he does not want to lose his ship Blud :P
Jack Underhill > But by then you need to have your act together.
BludGroove > blah
qasdfdsaq > when a girl says 'stop' she actually means "FUCK ME HARDER"
Brutorthegreat > so do you normaly have fits for ships you dont fly?
Onyxalia La'fiette > yup
Onyxalia La'fiette > ships i fly, ships i dont, i fit every ship for shits n giggles and i do a damn good job at it as well
Brutorthegreat > lol cute
Onyxalia La'fiette > cute?!
Onyxalia La'fiette > ill give you cute!
Onyxalia La'fiette > /emote runs around with a chainsaw
Brutorthegreat > lol
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