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Skarien Segovia > What are Interceptors good for?
Rhi Tehn > intercepting
Ethereal Hatebreeder > intercepting lol
Ethereal Hatebreeder > thats a great answer =p
EVE System > Delayed Mode member list management engaged by Jonny Damordred. This channel's member list will henceforth be updated in a delayed fashion, allowing for an unlimited member count.
Jonny Damordred > EVE System > Delayed Mode member list management engaged by Jonny Damordred. This channel's member list will henceforth be updated in a delayed fashion, allowing for an unlimited member count.
Koronakesh > yea, we saw the message, jonny
Demetri Slavic > we saw
Seriphyn Inhonores > ENGAGED
Julius Avitus > Pretty funny... and JonnyD, we'll see that.
Seriphyn Inhonores > lol Jonny
Eric Kirby > We really dont need more than 50 people considering most of them are alts
Jonny Damordred > EVE System > Koronakesh was kicked from the channel by Jonny Damordred. , Effective until 2009.09.13 21:40:22, Reason: "Did you see this too?"
Istvaan Shogaatsu > CAN SOMEONE SCOUT FOR ME :((((
aLinix > yo dawg! i heard u liek to report hostiles, so we put a hostile in ur car so u can report while u drive!
Hyoukai > some ppl like playing excel online
Khiril > what's excel?
Hyoukai > spreadsheet online?
Quintron > <b><url=showinfo:1375//1200595496>Captain Heff</url></b> aggres in 3a1p
Skandalious > wut he in?
Quintron > on q-cb g8
Quintron > cormorand
Quintron > come on
Quintron > he agreess me
Lusian > whats he in ?
PHPR Freighter > its a bloody cormorant... kill him with drones or something
jih chop > There once was a man from Nantucket . . .
shacsy > and he was known as jih chop - the king of galaxy?
abdulaz > but then he died
shacsy > the end
jih chop > °o°
shacsy > that was a sad story
abdulaz > I did not mean Jih was about to die
Sirrus Nimrod > JIH!
jih chop > /emote crawls back into bed and cries
abdulaz > :D
abdulaz > Wonderful self confidence
jih chop > Coronated and killinated in the same day :(
abdulaz > Just let it all out
Sirrus Nimrod > /emote pats Jih on the ass
Sirrus Nimrod > /emote means head
abdulaz > sexual harrasment
abdulaz > I saw it!
Apothecary Lina > and i filmed it
abdulaz > And I liked it ;)
shacsy > lol
Solvita > ALright!
Solvita > Everyone up against the wall!
abdulaz > Sex police is here
Solvita > now, which one of you killed jih?
Sirrus Nimrod > /emote drops pants and hits the wal
Sirrus Nimrod > I know how this works!
jih chop > wow, remind me to keep my frozen corps away from you guys
Sirrus Nimrod > I have three
Sarnen > Once upon a time there was 3 little carebears running missions in Gelfiven. Along came a 0.0 pilot who invited them to join FREGE in Outer Ring.
Sarnen > Two little carebears joined up with FREGE and moved their assets to 0.0.
Sarnen > the other little carebear was too frightened and stayed in Empire. He later knocked up his wife and had to quit Eve cause he was a fag.
Garulf Hirgon > (lol)
Sarnen > The other two carebear went to 0.0. They could only fly frigs, but were told to get on the gate with a point and mwd and make themselves useful.
Sarnen > Little did they know that FREGE had just gotten steamrolled by the Russians out of the Drone Lands.
Sarnen > And now Triumvirate was coming to kill them off. The two little carebears tried to help, but Tri's hacs were too much for their Vigils.
Garulf Hirgon > :(
Sarnen > Frege fell apart and they moved to Cloud Ring where they made new friends. But the second little carebear had ADD and he quit to play Darkfall. He was also a fag.
Garulf Hirgon > hah
Sarnen > Then they tried to take Cloud Ring and failcascaded.
Sarnen > and then they retied to take Immensea and failcascaded.
Garulf Hirgon > heh
Sarnen > Then they moved to Branch and got reset by the NC.
Sarnen > The End.
Sarnen > for now
Eagle Extravaganza > What did you and the housekeeper do that makes your ass hurt?
Darth Jagon > that was a loud one
Anura Mai > Thai boxing workout.
Eagle Extravaganza > I mean, I could understand your chest, arms, legs, etc.
Anura Mai > lots and lots of lunges etc.
Eagle Extravaganza > See that hole your in?
Eagle Extravaganza > You just dug it deeper.
Eagle Extravaganza > Would be worse if you said thrusts.
Darth Jagon > told you, mei you need wheelchair access for housekeeping!
Anura Mai > It was all perefectly innocent and I refuse to be dragged into your depraved take on it :P
Eagle Extravaganza > Well, were you jumping ass first into concrete slabs?
Anura Mai > no thats wednesdays.
Miscus V > starts playing basketball
Revanic > uses baseball bat to hit miscus V and tells him to play more evil sport that you can use weapons in
Revanic > :D
Miscus V > switches to paintball
Revanic > swithes to pigeon shooting
Miscus V > switches to russian roulette
Miscus V > pushes the red button
Miscus V > nukes ftw
Revanic > sits back in station chair remembering that the shields are indestructable :)
Miscus V > deploys neut drones.... presses red button again
Revanic > then uses station defensesto flatten the planet miscus launched the nukes from
Revanic > kills nuet drones with massive uber nuet drone killing array
Miscus V > too bad the master chief made it to your ship first... end game
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