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EVE System > Channel changed to Elgoi Local Channel
Emarald > ya right
Ro0kiE > grow up yag
Gordon Lightyear > Man. When foolz step up to this, I ratta-tat-tat that azz with my big balla 125mm yo!
Gordon Lightyear > Here come da PAIN TRAIN WOO WOOO!
Xealot > 2005.12.10 02:25:00

Victim: Pizza
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: Felix
Destroyed Type: Pizza
Solar System: Xealots room
System Security Level: 0.0

Involved parties:
Xealot > Name: Xealot (laid the final blow)
Security Status: -2.6
Alliance: Exuro Mortis
Corporation: The Grey Brotherhood
Ship Type: Body
Weapon Type: Stomach Acids
Xealot > owned
Packtu'sa > I know that CONCORD doesn't flag for shooting corp ships, but do they flag for killing or podding?
Packtu'sa > 'cause I almost destroyed Kaisair's badger accidentally
Packtu'sa > I put my drones on him for 2 seconds
Packtu'sa > And his shield and armor drained instantly
Packtu'sa > He had 30% hull :s
Unitas Galactica > lol
Andros vonBek > lol
Patrick McCarty > heh
Unitas Galactica > sort of thing that could happen to anyone :p
Packtu'sa > Well I didn't KNOW that 5 hammerheads could damage so damn fast...
Packtu'sa > They seem to be crap against frigs I fight
Packtu'sa > Maybe Badger Mark Is just suck
Packtu'sa > He needs to get a Mk II heh
Packtu'sa > Anyway, I'm gonna go rape him in Halo, I'll see everyone later
[03:51:58] Kindakrof > if someone hasn't seen
[03:52:00] Kindakrof >
[03:52:06] Kindakrof > this is parm tryin to be sexeh
[03:52:34] Dust Angel > hes fucking emo
[03:52:51] Kindakrof > you all said i was emo
[03:53:01] Kindakrof > im more metro
[03:53:05] Toksin > Kindakrof, you emo fag.
[03:53:11] Toksin > <<
[03:53:14] Dust Angel > Kindakrof, your just a fag
[03:53:22] Tido Maliyu > lol
[03:53:28] Tido Maliyu > ./signed
[03:53:31] Toksin > Like Dust.
[03:53:40] 0Virtu0 > EMO ALERT
[03:53:58] Toksin > HIDE THE SHARP OBJECTS
[03:54:15] Tido Maliyu > lol
[03:54:16] 0Virtu0 > ^
[03:54:22] Kindakrof > :'(
[03:54:35] Kindakrof > you are fecking evil
[03:54:41] * Tido Maliyu cuts teh ends of the pinty edges of his crusader off
Ma Talune > OMG.. Imagine a man famius in Denmark as a guy the is better special forces stuff than teh splinter Cell guy on drugs would be in Real Life... I mean really proffesional... he has gotten the highst hour by some a 3 stared amerikan general anybody could get i and that in public which specops guys EVER do... the guy INDVETED high altitude parahute jumping and did major parts of build the danish counter terrorist military units in Denmark...
Ma Talune > now imagine this guy takeing a guy that have done shows for kids every day of his adult life (like 20 years) on a trip down thought Afrika..... Ohh My Gooood...
Ma Talune > ...I really wish you guys knew danish this is fucking mania
EverBlack > ...
EverBlack > lol
Belize > Hello guys
Ma Talune > I mean take sam fisher, the entire rainbow six team, rambo, and combine them.. and then take the softes man on earth..
[Bezile logs on - another danish guy] EverBlack > lol
Ma Talune > Belize.... describe BS Christansian...
Belize > Er det Bubber og BS Christiansen?
Ma Talune > yeah...
Belize > BS Christiansen.... cannot be described
Ma Talune > there is even a famed blue seacow that has a show where the line I love BS and BS is god is a big part of it..
Ma Talune > (yeah this is danish humor.. like the best in the world.. only ours seems to be high on something VERY strong...)
<Viceroy> don't you insult my nationality
<Viceroy> or i'll invade your island
<NTRabbit> bring it on mohammed jihad
<NTRabbit> we'll pimpslap your cave dwelling spearmen all the way back across the indian ocean
Leon 026 > lol, took that crusader into hull in 3 volleys
Revan Neferis > lol
Tetsukai > Poor little crusader, just a little ship trying to get by in a big ship world.
Leon 026 > but im in a crow :(
Tetsukai > Yeah, but a crow is useful. Big difference.
Revan Neferis > come on Tet, you love intys
Tetsukai > Yes I do.
Tetsukai > I love them so much, it's kind of creepy.
Revan Neferis > :)
Leon 026 > I dont fly anything other than crows
Tetsukai > Though know I rub my naughty parts on Flycatchers.
Tetsukai > Which are like Interceptors on steroids with rabies.
Leon 026 > crow is cooler :)
Leon 026 > mmmm external rocket pods and that sleek design
Sydious > with toothpick cockpit
Leon 026 > with a badass orange-colored canopy
Tetsukai > And cheers to the Caldari for finally having the balls to make black ships.
Revan Neferis > lol
Leon 026 > the crow is sex. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
Tetsukai > Yes it is.
Tetsukai > But the Flycatcher is monkey sex with twelve supermodels.
Leon 026 > haha
Leon 026 > not sure i'd fly one
Tetsukai > It would be fifteen supermodels, but Flycatcher is such a terrible name that some of the honeys ain't havin' it, as the kids say.
Leon 026 > haha
Leon 026 > its a pimp ride though
Leon 026 > but the crow.... the pure agility on this thing.... *drools*
Tetsukai > Yeah, she moves well.
Leon 026 > and dances like she's on ecstasy
Revan Neferis > hummm that was hot
Ronald Speirs > OMG DS is in local.....are the forums down ???? :P
Snapes > dont panic!! the dev is not out to kill us.........................yet!
Dark Shikari > lol
Dark Shikari > was afk
Snapes > aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IT SPEAKS!?!?!
Avernus > man, that's like OMGRAWR material that is :P
Addi Litli says: ég var að uppgvöta níja siðmenningu
Gunni says: hvaða
Addi Litli says: ég oppnaði ískápinn
Addi Litli says: "all hail ADDI"
Gunni says: HAHAHA. men in black 4tw
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