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Karanth > rule number one, if you game with them, dont have sex with them ever
Ilsenae Alexandros > Jason
Ilsenae Alexandros > Please go check the definition of Leer
Victoria Stecker lol
Morwen Lagann > rofl
Jason Galente > Leer- n. An unpleasant look
Jason Galente > Oh wait.
Jason Galente > Fuck
Morwen Lagann > someone's in the clooooset
Jason Galente > Shit damnit
Victoria Stecker > not anymore
Morwen Lagann > ^
Jason Galente > wrong kind of unpleasant
Morwen Lagann > /emote giggles
Jason Galente > ewwwwww
Morwen Lagann > oh man
Morwen Lagann > dying of lol
Jason Galente > Im never gonna live that one down huh?
Ilsenae Alexandros > nope
Jason Galente > Damnit.
Mattias Kerensky > Meh, it just doesn't sit right with me to just go along with Cizani's BS after what he did.
Mattias Kerensky > It doesn't have anything to do with being inconsiderate of other people's stuff.
jih chop > dude - I hear you
jih chop > and I agree
jih chop > but . . .
jih chop > as CEO .. .
jih chop > blah blah blah
jih chop > my responsibilty it to all of corp
jih chop > and that takes priority over my desire to rape that peice of shit with a citadel torp
Onyxalia La'fiette > hey aj >.> are you santa this year? cuz i want a new navy mega :D
Onyxalia La'fiette > i been a good girl :)
Ajunta P'all > lol hell no im not santa
Onyxalia La'fiette > awwww lamesauce :(
Kalrissia > The Amarr are ok. Look good impaled all over the hull of my ship.
Stovak Aseph > i strap thier bodies to the turrets of my ships, kinda funny
Stovak Aseph > i have manned turrets...kinda
Aaron Eckhart > o
nick gundrum > are you really the real <url=showinfo:1377//91354862>Aaron Eckhart</url>? i dont believe you
Aaron Eckhart > yes
nick gundrum > DUDE, can i have your autograph?
nick gundrum > i cant believe i am talking to youu
nick gundrum > this is amazing
Aaron Eckhart > well what can i say eve is a fun game
nick gundrum > i just made 2m mining, this is a fun game!
Aaron Eckhart > congratulations!
nick gundrum > yes i am up to 26m im saving up for an exhumer. possibly a covetor or a hulk :D
nick gundrum > <url=showinfo:17478//1005366816321>Bender</url> is my baby
Aaron Eckhart > i'm sure you'll get there eventually, as long as you're persistent
kigen Isagar > what every one up too
disasteur > hauling with jimmy... ice
disasteur > and dis is heading back for miss in aclan
disasteur > arwen is probably drunk and playing poker hehe
Arwen Ariniel > poker, yes
Arwen Ariniel > drunk, not yet
Rex Viagra > you guys carebearing it up?
Ciaran Enna > hehe
Ciaran Enna > yeah
Ciaran Enna > >_>
Ciaran Enna > /emote puts on ma bear suit
Ciaran Enna > they look like feety pajamas
Ciaran Enna > but 20% cooler
(%[BH]Darkage) i think u'll find that ur my biatch
(Daakkon) no you = nubface
(%[BH]Darkage) but we wont go into that
(Daakkon) darkage
(Daakkon) im your daddy
[ΓΈ] ChanMode: [BH]Darkage sets mode [+v] Daakkon
(+Daakkon) o/
[01:38] <Ak-Gara> yey for men
[01:38] <Ak-Gara> (ps not gay)
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