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<HellGremlin> Man.
<HellGremlin> That guy's the best.
<CommGuru> :D
<HellGremlin> I'm gonna show that article to any girl I snog in case I need to cut and run
<HellGremlin> "Are you sure you want to cuddle, bitch?"
<HellGremlin> "I cuddle with a claw hammer"
<SpaceDrake> That guy looks so awesome in that picture.
<HellGremlin> Yeah.
<HellGremlin> He's a badass.
<CommGuru> I'd rather drink a beer and watch some football
<NTRabbit> my computer doesnt cuddle
<SpaceDrake> "Do YOU want some claw hammer too, bitch?!?!"
<HellGremlin> The cop behind him is better.
<NTRabbit> so i dont have that problem
<HellGremlin> He's got like.
<HellGremlin> Chins.
Feenixx > any one member how to make the windows dissapear for a screenie?
Feenixx > I forgot how lol
Ticondrius > ctrl-tab?
Ticondrius > yeah
Feenixx > ahh hug
Feenixx > lol
* Ticondrius backs away
Jenna Fear > Stop being gay.
Ticondrius >'re making Jenna jealous.
Jenna Fear > Uh, not the case. I assure you.
Wolla > man, i'm srtoned.. 80(
Dashi > anyone know where those imp are now?
Hellcore > probably gone home to work out how to cram more ecm and wcs on their ships
Ferso Las > What is Agression Countdown?
Aniara Sweet > logoff-cheat protection...
Ferso Las > so you cant logoff while that is active?
Duby > i loged of while the countdown was still going
Duby > in station
Aniara Sweet > you can... but your ship will hang in space...
Glacier > you can....but your ships' still there and you can still get shot
Duby > lol
Ferso Las > hehe..Im inside a station..think Ill chance it
Jimmy Jazz > not sure what the longest
weve kept someone here for is
Jimmy Jazz > getting in is easy enough its
getting out again :)
JLobes > lol
JLobes > its like a roach motel.
Hellspawn01 > come on little virgins, there is enough HS for everyone :)
Kaliesin > I can't I have to stay in and wash my hair
Hellspawn01 > main hair or ....?
Freddaire Shash > ahem ahem,,,
Kaliesin > small rabbit like creature that lives here as well
Kaliesin > hare I meant, damn typo
Hellspawn01 > you mean the stuff under your armpits?
Kaliesin > mooo?
Hellspawn01 > I take that as a YES
Freddaire Shash > hahaha
Florio > damn, i'm such a jammy bastard. later peeps.
Kaliesin > you may take it as an, I have seen HS in action and suicide is against my religeon
Freddaire Shash > way overrated in my opinion
Kaliesin > HS or suicide?
mirel yirrin>ommg imsdg sto drunk
Mrs furbie>no, thats the smack
mirel yirrin>ah stfu...everoyna has s limiz...and i;ma aboout ot reach iot...soa stfu...
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I got that mission again
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I also start my new job monday
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I'm gonna be an underware model for womens ware
ShadowWalker Nivlac > on the way home I robbed a bank
ShadowWalker Nivlac > starting my herion habit as we chat
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I'll be back in a sec....gonna burn the neighbors house down
ShadowWalker Nivlac > thats better....the heat will save me money on the elec bill and I'll have a clear view now
ShadowWalker Nivlac > herion is too harsh...but this crack is good
Danquin > OMG you are soooooo getting omgrawr'd for that
Rick Bardock > although extreemely fatty ... human buts taste awsome
Tido Maliyu > rick
Tido Maliyu > are you ghey? -.-
Rick Bardock > nope
Rick Bardock > just a necrophiliac / canible
Rick Bardock > canable*
Tido Maliyu > .......
Tido Maliyu > ok now you scare me more than marilyn manson did when i was 7 0.o
Rick Bardock > say tido can i come meet with you ?
Tido Maliyu > ...... no..... 0_0
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