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<kieron> I is teh l4m3
&kieron hauls Rinny over his knee and applies a liberal dose of the belt for saying: <RinnyWee> kieron is a nubbin
Tatsue Nuko > Yes?
sapcegirl > i am a pirate, u can gang with me for a bit and have some fun or i will destroy you
sapcegirl > what is your response
Tatsue Nuko > Hmm... Let's see... We're in 0.9 security rating space...
BoNeck > found something interseting in the patchnotes
Nicodiemus > ?
BoNeck > mom
Nicodiemus > Your mother is in the patch notes?
Athule Snanm > that is quite a discovery
<Wrangler> I'm always grumpy and I'm never cute :P
<Urban_Mongral> TomB - are you around boss?
<Urban_Mongral> When you get a chance check out those doc's I wrote for you
<TomB> am doin
<TomB> hmmm what is that pink thing?
<TomB> what is this pink stuff?
<TomB> nm chilli sauce on my screen
<sutty\> LOL WTFs is going on here ?
<sutty\> where is everyone ?!!?!"?$"!
<sutty\> Stavros
<sutty\> where is evetyuyone is there some sorty of netsplit ?
<Stavros> erm
<Stavros> this is coldfront sutty
<Stavros> u fucking noob
<sutty\> wtf
* Diaego sets mode: +m
<Diaego> Important announcement:
<Diaego> Doby and I are sexually involved.
<Diaego> Thanks.
* Diaego sets mode: -m
<DJDoby> O.o
<Urban_Mongral> Dieago - Newsflash for you
<Urban_Mongral> NTL still sucks
<RinnyWee> Hey Urban - Newsflash For you
<RinnyWee> You still suck
<RinnyWee> Diaego made me say that
<Diaego> haha
<Diaego> omg lies
<Diaego> :P
<Urban_Mongral> Well Rinny - At least I dont get belt spanked by a bald Calafornian community manager
* RinnyWee walks off in a huff, pissed off that yet again she was not invited to join Diaego and doby
<Mundungus> i guess rinny wanted some suasage action
<RinnyWee> yeah i'm not 100% dyke
<Mundungus> i never knew you were even 1% dyke
<RinnyWee> i'd say i'm around 53.86% dyke
<Urban_Mongral> right - thats being quoted!
<RinnyWee> agh
<RinnyWee> shit
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