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<DJPunkerchu|On-Air> uriel im seriously thinking about tit
<Rhaegar> something i do often, punker.
<Uriel_Magente> i think seriously about tit too ;p
<Dalmont_Delantee> I'm always thinking about tit Punker :P
<DJPunkerchu|On-Air> about it*
(The eve radio autoplay jukebox)
<dobes|ZzZzZz> whoever just requested new kids on the block needs a damn good talking to O.o
<Mordred> might need something more spirited then a talking to, perhaps one of those new fangled white jackets with the straps
<Cro_Magnus> Well...
<Cro_Magnus> There is one bit of good news
<Massai> agreed
<Cro_Magnus> Napoleonus, our annoying bastard....
<Massai> i would spend a bullet on Daakkon over Cro
<Paladine> Cro
<Paladine> Sing "Genie in a bottle" :P
<Cro_Magnus> so it doesn't matter how bad I did... it's going to be infinitely better than anyone trying to mangle Britney...
<DJBaggins> hmm,mangle britney,hmm theres an idea
<Tara> if he talks about you being sexy i'm afraid i'd have to call him gay too O_o
<%DJ_Who|0N_41R> no im a lesbiean on the inside
<Daakkon> no
<Daakkon> you are gay on the inside
<Daakkon> dude I know your body
<Urban_Mongral> <------ I know it is completly useless (and was even in 1965) but that still just about the coolest thing ever
<Urban_Mongral> It looks like it has come straight out of 2001
<[BH]Veritech> lol
<Urban_Mongral> you can imagine it saying in a HAL 9000 voice "Do not wisk the eggs like that, this soufle is too important to allow you to jepodise it"
<[BH]Veritech> heh
<Urban_Mongral> Yeah "I'm sorry I cant do that Dave, The oven isnt warm enough yet. Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye."
<Merdekka> how do I find a dungeon on sisi?
<Kurenin> ask a knight!
<Kurenin> say, sir knight, know ye of a dungeon?
<Kurenin> alas! there are dungeons yonder good sir!
<Merdekka> hah
<Kurenin> avast!
<Kurenin> yonder dungeon awaits
<Kurenin> i say, what a spiffing adventure!
<Kurenin> quick!
<Kurenin> make haste!
<Oveur> Females are part of kali.
<MadCat> its like CS but with physics !! OMG LETS GO HAVE SEX WITH SOME SHEEP !!
<Levin> kayo, how old are you?
<Kayosoni> will be 20 jan 25th
<Levin> of what year?
<Frankinator> go ahead ban me
<Frankinator> and ill show u
<Frankinator> like do ur worst
<Molle> []
<Frankinator> o feck
<Frankinator> no not that
<Frankinator> was talking to gara about this
<Molle> you asked for it.
<Frankinator> no molle wait
<Frankinator> its an experiment
* Molle waves magic wand
<Frankinator> im not doing weird stuff or whatever
<@Ak-Gara> Molle cant do shit.
<Frankinator> molle
<Jadrut> lol
<Frankinator> o crap thats right
<Frankinator> goddamnit
<Molle> lol
<Jadrut> lol
<Molle> pwned.
<@Ak-Gara> heh
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