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<Urban_Mongral> I am ashamed to say I did google "Brocolli fetish" = Sadly there were no sites
(+Stavros) the proph model is amazing
(+Stavros) i spent ages on shiva just looking at it, even the gun placement is amazing
(+Stavros) i love it :/
(+holyone) yea
(+holyone) it looks like an evil parrot
(+[EA]Night_Shade|Windows) holyone, damn you i need a new keyboard
(+[EA]Night_Shade|Windows) i just snorted coffee all over it
(+[EA]Night_Shade|Windows) *gets a towel*
(+Stavros) holyone
(+Stavros) exactly
(+Stavros) fits the pirate persona perfectly :)
<Celt> where can I find science grads on the market?
<Kalroth> pervert
Joda Vibe > so she's actually been playing a month
Joda Vibe > just fyi
bl3ach > stop falling in love with that nub
Joda Vibe > lol
Joda Vibe > dude, she's prolly a dude
bl3ach > like i said
<Nyuu> what is this life?
<Nyuu> I've heard of it..
<Nyuu> seems boring :/
<Kurenin> its what catches up to you when you spend $75 a month for your 5 eve accounts.
<Molle> I don't have an ego.
* Wim whips out his lightsaber, ignites it, and kills [BH]Virrago in one swift move!
* MuumiLeader haves sex with virragos dead corpse
<Hammerhead> this channel needs more pr0n!
[ +Viceroy ] i quit eve :/
[ +Viceroy ] playing sims2 now
<CrtxReavr> Only the Canadians coudl burn down a submarine. >=]
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