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<Kurenin> do you have a glass stomach?
<Sinist> No
<Kurenin> oh so
<Kurenin> how can you like see
<Kurenin> with your head so far up your arse?
* Penn_7fingers jumos onto Pris suddenly "aha!" And swipes her eyes back
* Penn_7fingers re-inserts them into sockets
<Pris|Corrde> o.o oof
<Penn_7fingers> Better >=D
<Pris|Corrde> are they plug and play eyes or do I need to reboot you?
<Jadrut> why do rp'ers have such a high opiniong of themselves?
<Kurenin> cause they roleplay arrogant arseholes
<TomB> so femalish
<TomB> ur suposed to cut urself and get hurt ur male
<Nebulai|Home> ..
* TomB notices his pecker smiling at the thought of getting a clean shave
Jadrut > buggering poopoo
Nicodiemus > ..
Nicodiemus > /emote looks at Jadrut from behind the bar.
Nicodiemus > You what?
Jadrut > swearing at my ship
Nicodiemus > That wasn't very good swearing.
Jadrut > well it isnt a very good ship
Nicodiemus > Fair enough.
<Sassinak> ima try out this moon mining stuff
<Sassinak> no wait
<Sassinak> did i say mining out loud.. :/
<niwaie> but i cant stop thinking about stallion sperm :/
[ In the Help ingame channel ]
Nah'r > what's a 'hardener'
Infinity Ziona > viagra?
<Ak-Gara> Where does FireFox keep it's cookies?
<OmberZombie> the cookie jar?
The BlackGate > while you guys are waitng on us....we are making profit by crokite in hidden belts ;)
AntiHero > black.. thats great, keep up the good work. you'll need it. we like when you all replenish your ships. makes for more targets
StiZum Hilidii > anti hero black gate
StiZum Hilidii > is one of yours
qrac > lol
StiZum Hilidii > lol
AntiHero > ah..oops
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