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Katrina Oniseki > I have a dedicated ultra fast solid state RAID setup for my porn folders, so I can watch a fat chick getting railed by three robotic dildo machines in high definition 2160p at 200 FPS in 3D smellovision.
Katrina Oniseki > On a four monitor setup. with 9.2 surrpound sound.
Katrina Oniseki > in a vibration chair
Katrina Oniseki > FORCE FEEDBACK.
Kimimaro Yoga: Why did clone jumping cost you so much? Dying into other bodies?
Tristan Acoma: Kimimaro Yoga [prax]: because it requires designer genes
Streya Jormagdnir > Fucking bling masters, welding credits straight into their polymer T3 hulls
ubastij: had the worst childhood. i grew up in fucking saudi arabia
Kesper North: you might say you were saudamized by fate.
Sarkelias Anophius : neeeeeeeerds
Sarkelias Anophius: he said, as he played EVE while watching star trek
Quantix Blackstar [prax] (work): Tristan Acoma [prax] (d.rfc): in the new Star Treks, the enterprise is a TARDIS
Tristan Acoma [prax] (d.rfc): a retardis maybe
Sulzer Wartzilla : don't listen to them
Sulzer Wartzilla : one day the phoenix will be awesome with citadel torpedos
Sulzer Wartzilla : you're just ahead of the curve
Sulzer Wartzilla : like nag owners pre-odyssey
neotin_nahrain: probably Sulzer Wartzilla [zebr] is right , nag was updated pretty neatly :)
neotin_nahrain: By removing the citadel torpedo :P
Sulzer Wartzilla : lets not get hung up on details
Dewa Pedang > lols
Dewa Pedang > you dont have a social life
Camper101 > i do
Camper101 > well
Camper101> there is this one guy i owe money ... :-/
Camper101 > i just dont give it back
Camper101 > so that at least he talks to me from time to time
Camper101 > also i love going to the doctor. whenever he touches me i start crying, because no one else ever did.
Dewa Pedang > haha
Kenrailae > o.0
Camper101 > :-O
Camper101 > that sounded more believeable than i wanted it to
Cptn Bagel > Strategic Fighters Association - c̶a̶n̶n̶o̶n̶ ̶f̶o̶d̶d̶e̶r̶ Pilots wanted
Kesper North > Did you hear Mossad is making a secure version of Android?
Kesper North > It's called Droidel.
Quantix Blackstar > how many ways can you spin that joke...
Chiaco Bloodtear > I doubt you could top that
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