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Lidiya Marks > In the last 24 hours, 3573 ships and 997 capsules have been destroyed in Jita. So either Burn Jita is running, or someone from Westeros is having their wedding.
damascus352 > [recruitment ad]
worldlimits > ^have to be autistic
worldlimits > recruitment requirement
Quelaag Kautsuo > CHECK
damascus352 > pooo
Dairy Product > is that a checked privilege?
damascus352 > It's bestowed upon ye after acceptance
Dairy Product > privilege, poo, or autism?
worldlimits > all three
damascus352 > All 3
Dairy Product > wow
Dairy Product > where do i sign?
damascus352 > Baptism by excretion
damascus352 > In the urine puddle
Kesper North > We're not reprocessing titans. One, they cannot dock. Two, that's retarded.
bonekill Rinn > 01:04:44 Notify J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I deactivates as Broke Dick Mountian begins to explode.
Zenn Sefaris > hey bone, my Broke Dick Mountain exploded one second before yours did
Minty Aroma > Sounds about right- I don't have anything on atm
Minty Aroma > Lets me use my penis as a joystick as I make VOOOOM noises whilst my ship orbits it's target
Quinn Oron > Yes, VOIP is a wonderful technology.
Quinn Oron > Just the other day I was talking on Mumble, when everyone heard a high pitch shriek come from my mic.
Quinn Oron > I blamed it on poor drivers, but I had actually knocked a chip packet off my desk and squashed my balls trying to catch it with my knees.
Quinn Oron > Totally got away with it.
Sirinda > Instead of forcing CCP to optimize their client by constant patching you should really just get more powerful computers.
Dusty H Lens > Wuh
Dusty H Lens > My tiny lizard brain doesn't grok what you just said.
Serina Verenth > that's sirinda with his trollface on
Theo Samaritan > Ultimately it doesn't matter
Theo Samaritan > What matters in EVE is a ratio of "craps given" vs "craps made"
Theo Samaritan > I lost a 40m isk frigate a couple days ago.
Theo Samaritan > But that frigate killed 220m of crap
Theo Samaritan > Thus
Theo Samaritan > I have a positive crap ratio.
Aracturus > fml
*Foley Aberas Jones Fucks Arac's life
Foley Aberas Jones > That will be 20 isk sir
River Tamn > don't hate on this song the pissed off latino voice in my head loves it and she will stab you
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