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<@Namu> Interesting. Probe launchers now eat 8 probes instead of 5.
<@Namu> Need to get a few more sisters...
<wizzard66> Well good luck talking to your parents then
<@znirk> hehe wizz is in the zone
<@Namu> 1 troll is enough thank you verry much
Kesper North > when you jump a jf to a beacon, it's stupid
Kesper North > when you jump a titan to a beacon, it's content
Fen Haroun > too much tank
Avio Yaken > no
Avio Yaken > never enough tank
Avio Yaken > always tank
o0Magik0o > English motherfucker DO YOU SPEAK IT?!
Violet Corvus > no, no they do't
Rhi Tehn > LOL!!!
Violet Corvus > neither do I it seems
Katrina Oniseki > AT THE COMPUTER
Katrina Oniseki > /emote runs around
Kasuko Merin > Katnip; not even once.
wartzilla> i dont think fire would kill him
wartzilla> much like cockroaches he'll be here after ww3
wartzilla> linking tranny porn
borenson Aivoras > so dumb question but if they have a red minus i can fight them right? with out the cops jumping in?
Shalazan > Wrong
Shalazan > If your in 0.0 your fine
Shalazan > But in High Sec CONCORD will fuck you analy with a tunafish
Gyark Tarmon > anyone have a nightmare i can purchase from them?
Kellanved Tzetsu > my wife
Kurt Cobain > welp
Marcus Gord > hide the shotguns.....
Kurt Cobain > no need, i got a clone
Kurt Cobain > heroin -> eat shotgun -> wake up in station -> shoot some people -> feel bad about it -> heroin
Kurt Cobain > rinse repeat
Getix Kain > I have an 5y old nokia
Getix Kain > 55xx Music Xpress with a broken screen
crno rupa > is that what the xx stands for ?
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