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Thev Sonata: THERE
Thev Sonata: SEE
Thev Sonata: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!
Thev Sonata: oh ffs man I can only do so much v.v
Camper101 > í love blackops
Camper101 > while waiting i can play with these awesome rainbow bubbles i bought
Camper101 > great
Camper101 > noww i got fcking soap-watr bubbls in my kyboard
Precator Baxter > im looking for larry
Mavis O'Day > for what?
Precator Baxter > he owes me 5 bucks
Precator Baxter > nevermind i will just call him
shamaineelms > is there a fleet up?
Korenchkin > /emote points to fleet finder button
shamaineelms > jxxxxx one?
Korenchkin > i dunno, was just poitning out that there is a fleet finder!
eveess > jxxxx is not the right one
Rroff > one would assume a fleet named after a WH locus would be for wormhole space
shamaineelms > I got kicked :(
wizzard66  > but i pisses agains an electric fence one day as a boy
wizzard66  > gave a whole new meaning to the term "Flaming Pipes"
wizzard66  > you think thats funny??
bone > yes!
wizzard66  > i had to piss standing faced down on my hands on the ttoilet
wizzard66  > hoping i didnt have diahreeas
Ghost_reaper > hahaha
wizzard66  > i would try it again these days though
wizzard66  > an erection that last a week
wizzard66  > all the wimmen in the elderly home would love that
wizzard66  > but..
wizzard66  > my heart couldnt take it i guess
Nordstern3 > Citizens of Lustrevik, I beseech thee: What shalt my 300th injected skill be?
Nordstern3 > For those is no skillbook called "Sparta".
Cale Agittain > Empire Control !
Nordstern3 > i should have seen that coming
Col Arran > my proctology exam is overdue
Jalak Bali > related
Col Arran > that one gets me every time
Col Arran > thats a lot of lube though
Col Arran > you dont need that much
Col Arran > I mean....not like I know
Col Arran > dont listen to me
Kyrir Tovarisch experiance talking there Col Arran ?
Col Arran > I have no idea what youre talking about
Col Arran > no idea at all
Kyrir Tovarisch > so how long were you unable to sit properly?
Col Arran > we're uh not going to talk about that
Tar-Palantir> Sutty - it is very impressive that you came back after hearing the news about B-R and wanted to get active again to help mine for Shrike's new Avatar
Tar-Palantir> that is the Evolution spirit
??? sutty has left #evol
Rudi Storm: Just had to have a chat with my son about masturbation earlier today, I told him it's completely natural, everybody does it, And he should knock before coming into my room...
*Caineghis Beckett : hm... I can't decide which is crazier. The history class I'm in where the students are plotting to kill one another, or the class where we've figured out how to raise our grades by screwing over the rest of the class....
*Funless Saisima : the 2nd one sounds like eve
*Caineghis Beckett : Not the first one?
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