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Churick > numbers are bad...
Patrick Kasper > but you can do funny stuff with em
Patrick Kasper > like writing "boobies" on your calculator
Churick > knowing how we behaved around calculators it was inevitable the internets would be used for porn
Funless Saisima [srne]: There should be a way to make isk in EFT. I spend more time playing with EFT than actually playing eve now.
<+[CCP]PrismX> My vag, a Beyonce weave. You're vag a polyester K-Mart hairpiece.
<+[CCP]PrismX> erm
<+[CCP]PrismX> your*
<+[CCP]PrismX> YOUR*
<+Batolemaeus> i totally did
Xilian Tyaena > I just learned what a Cerberus can do.
Kalahari Wayrest > Eat three things at once?
Jenee Jackson > Kill: Jensen Kautsuo (Ibis) He dropped Clearance Documents , sorry, we didn't know he was cleared
Tamara Reith > must've had the wrong stamp
Akiko Shikkoken > i can log(10) your isk :D i have a calculator and everything
tlmitf > someone got a link to the killboards, i need to get some info off them for manufacturing
Maria Mendozza > Incursion?
Melvin Estemaire > Maria Mendozza yep. check EVE university site for info
Melvin Estemaire > stay away from asteroid belts
Civ Zomas > Space zombies want to eat your space brains.
Civ Zomas > In space.
Melvin Estemaire > I don't have a brain! Woohoo!
Rudi Storm > Apply to goons asap you will fit right in ;p
<@CmdrRat> what, there is a dildo in this op?
<@CmdrRat> i want to see
<@Kryztal> RoRo is bringin one and me too
<@Rogue01> mines only a small one
<@Kryztal> its not the size ... nvm
<@Rogue01> aaaaaaaaaaand
<@Rogue01> if anyone quotes that
<@Rogue01> ill keel you
Avio Yaken > guys i need a hug :(
Wraith Lamented > why?
Avio Yaken > becuase i like the warmth...
Avio Yaken > now get over here
Akiri Arji > hugsies
Caedus Aldrin > and blocked
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