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Akasha Mayan > pos guns really should focus, it's like they learned by watching us fly drakefleet
Kimimaro Yoga : Heck, doesn't have to be a double DD, all it takes is one DD and a couple hits from a couple battleships.
neotin_nahrain: double DD ... i like how that sounds :)
Sulzer Wartzilla : you just like double penetration
Sulzer Wartzilla : :pervert:
neotin_nahrain: thats DP :P double D is a bra size ...
neotin_nahrain: and i am the pervert eh :)
Sulzer Wartzilla : i called my double bubble sabres double penetration
neotin_nahrain: space perverts unite !
MadDog1 Fapsulers lamest name I've seen. Conjures up images of guys with one hand down their pants and one hand on the mouse playing eve.
Bakuhz > you have pants on? while playing eve?
Carabine Saikwas > Obed, do you know what Obed means ? :)
Carabine Saikwas > Like.. in our lang. of course
Obed Abigor > don't tell me, I'll sleep better not knowing xD
Carabine Saikwas > It means good thing
Carabine Saikwas > It means noon or dinner
Carabine Saikwas > midday
Obed Abigor > see where I read, it was like a servant or follower or something, and Abigor was some bad-ass demon
Obed Abigor > telling me my character is called lunch is an anti-climax
Obed Abigor > xD
Theo Samaritan > Domi moves slow. Of course it does. It's a battleship.
Theo Samaritan > It's a 750m long space potato.
Odz Manouk > Jercy = 111 Adlai = 069
Odz Manouk > Its like phone codes for tears.
Avio Yaken > oh hai guys o/
Eden Deninard > Avio Yaken this guy is cute as fuck
Draco Thuban > Why are butt pirates, butt pirates?
Draco Thuban > Cause they Argghhh
Eden Deninard > Draco Thuban reported
Avio Yaken > Eden Deninard reported
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Kourmonen
xGrimmx > gf
Lorenso > gf
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Auga
Waed Engrave >
Draco Thuban > gl
Draco Thuban > camp on other side
Muad 'dib > oh now
Muad 'dib > not the chance of somone shooting back
Muad 'dib > eeek
Siegfried VonOlgidar > o7
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Dal
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Vard
Nalanthii > GO KILL URSELF
Athonis > FAGET ECM
Nalanthii > omg
Athonis > omg
Avio Yaken > why we calling each other fag?
Nalanthii > because hookbills
Athonis > somethin somethin small penis somehtin somethin ecm
Amarrian Tibor > lol
Nalanthii > WAT ECM SPEAK U OF
Amarrian Tibor > do more 1v20 pls
Nalanthii > FITE ME IRL
Amarrian Tibor > you are so tallented in blobing
Thorin Matarielle > dunno maybe the 2xkitsune+2 griff
Draco Thuban > Why are butt pirates, butt pirates?
Draco Thuban > Cause they ARGHHH
Nalanthii > Kill: Nalanthii (Bhaalgorn) I give and receive the blob rape, k?
Amarrian Tibor > you died in a bhaalgorn
Amarrian Tibor > lol
Radzak87 > SC
Nalanthii > Amarrian Tibor you wish you had a bhaal to die in
Amarrian Tibor > actualy no i don't
Thorin Matarielle > yess
Thorin Matarielle > use tracking disruptor against a missile boat
Thorin Matarielle > PRO
Thorin Matarielle > U ARE PRO
Draco Thuban > I heard shit talking without kills is for pros
Anslo > he's a new guy
Nalanthii > Thorin Matarielle go do more crack
Avio Yaken > whos new?
Thorin Matarielle > dude u guys are noobs :D
Hirogenale > if there are only missile-boats, what else to put it on xD
Nalanthii > Thorin Matarielle BITCH ASS WHORE GTFO
Avio Yaken > Thorin Matarielle blow mah noob cock
Radzak87 > Nalanthii nice vhal loss
Radzak87 > b
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Siseide
Eld Lemmont > lol
Pannax Ni > the scope?
Pannax Ni > wtf?
Hirogenale > where?
Atori Andedare > gf navatis
Nalanthii > Kill: Eld Lemmont (Navitas) wat the fuk
Brylan Grey > Scope4Lyfe
XxIFearIxX > who?
Draco Thuban > its okay the pain is over
Nalanthii > PRO FIT
Anslo > those scope guys are assholes
Avio Yaken > can't cope with the scope!
Atori Andedare > ^
Pannax Ni > XD
Nalanthii > Kill: Eld Lemmont (Navitas) Kill: Eld Lemmont (Navitas) Kill: Eld Lemmont (Navitas)
Pannax Ni > anypne streaming it?
Draco Thuban > Not streaming but racording
Draco Thuban > recording*
Draco Thuban > for a nice archive
Nalanthii >
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Auga
Exemplaro Skygarr > GTFO
GigaIndy > Are you struggling to run a corp in empire? Do you need more resources? Are you interested in getting into null? Convo me.
Nykala > is your characters hairline receeding too much? are those fancy AUR clothes chafing your bits when you are trying to fly a ship? do your corpies laugh at you when your ships tank is always limp and weak or stalls in space, due to poor ship stamina/capacitor? also, convo him.
baljee > Jay, a while back you said something about a hardener that didn't respond quickly enough or something .. if I remember correctly
Quinn Oron > I've had that problem.
Quinn Oron > Did you take it with water? Try milk.
Quinn Oron > It supposedly digests faster with milk.
JAY WRIGHT > <loc><url=showinfo:4403>Reactive Armor Hardener</url>
Quinn Oron > Nevermind.
baljee > what
kinkouin168 [srne] (rfc.dg): Lake (e): while you're here: how do i leave a group?
kinkouin168 [srne] (rfc.dg): cause group leave command isnt working with a refresh
Lake (e): I don't think I ever finished making that feature =p
kinkouin168 [srne] (rfc.dg): heh.
Lake (e): the server treats groups and channels separately.
Lake (e): my plugin syncs them based on certain conditions.
Lake (e): So since you're not leaving membership of the channel leaving the group doesn't do if you'reonly going to refresh yourself back into it.
***ereshgikal [p.a.s] hums Hotel California in kinks ear
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