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Omber Zombie > i am really not evil
Tyrrax Thorrk > who says i'm trying to lock this system down
Tyrrax Thorrk > i locked it down earlier and they just used their jump bridge
Tyrrax Thorrk > -_-
* Elucidate eyes Viceroy.
* Viceroy assphantoms Elucidate
<DigitalCommunist> o_o
<Elucidate> I won't even ask what that means.
<HellGremlin> God, how dense can you be. It's the process of invading your ass with angry ghosts.
<Viceroy> Good call
<HellGremlin> Duhhhhhhh.
<HellGremlin> Nothing like a case of the rectumgeists to set someone straight.
<wizzard66> she whistles while peeing
<wizzard66> just as i did as girl
<wizzard66> *boy
Tadamitsu > invite me ya punk
Feek > Dear Tadamitsu, I am holding a party at the local hell next thursday and would appreciate your attendance. Please RSVP as soon as possible, Love from Feek.
Jalmur > any tuggers here?
Anya Snow > we need a tugger for a pure jaspet mining op
Marnius Cortez > true .... thats why its delayed, because of the 'need for speed initiative'
Zenith Bane > i could make a really bad joke here.....
Jalmur > you gona tugg you are alowed
Anya Snow > 15% of the income goes to the tugger
Zenith Bane > no dont youll make me say the joke
Midas Fischig > /emote gets his tumbleweed brush ready for Bane's effort at comedy...
Anya Snow > c'mon anyone? i'm the only tugger avalible?
Zenith Bane > its too immature. besides you already know exactly what im gonna say MF
Jalmur > no i am here but i am defance at the mo
Anya Snow > jal, when i start tugging, join me in it
Zenith Bane > must.... resist...
Anya Snow > i am not able to tug very much, only some 6k
Jalmur > np if you can suport defance
Jalmur > ow
Zenith Bane > LOL
Anya Snow > i cant really but i can equipt remote repairs
Jalmur > how much you got there?
Anya Snow > 12k
Jalmur > we nead a TUGG
Zenith Bane > Anya Snow > jal, when i start tugging, join me in it
Zenith Bane > thats priceless
Anya Snow > >.> zenith if your sitting on your ass in bika...
Zenith Bane > im ferrying an expensive cargo
Zenith Bane > so /.. :P
Jalmur > what you call jaspet?
MarioSimpson > .. Zenith come tug for us
Jalmur > pls
Zenith Bane > ill do it for a fiver. but for 20 quid you can have a video too
Jalmur > lol
Zenith Bane > bout time someone caught on
Jalmur > that depands
MarioSimpson > zenith
Jalmur > what kind of video?
Anya Snow > i understood but i'm more busy watching the overview
Zenith Bane > youve got no time for inuendoes and thats terrible
Jalmur > i am on that anya
Zenith Bane > this needs to go on omgrawr methinks
Zenith Bane > who agrees?
MarioSimpson > ?
MarioSimpson > wtf
Anya Snow > havent found anything funny yet
Zenith Bane > you must be too mature then
Anya Snow > i understood the joke, just wasent funny
Marnius Cortez > nahm not omgrawr stuff
Jalmur > so no tuggers
Zenith Bane > lol
Zenith Bane > please
Zenith Bane > it just needs a bit of trimming and itll be mint
Jalmur > just had to add this in :)
Anya Snow > tuggers, indys, haulers. whatever you want to call it, everyone is either busy, asleep or too immature to give a straight answer
Zenith Bane > correct 10 points
Zenith Bane > im all 3 :)
Jalmur > true anya
Zenith Bane > i think it might do well on omgrawr
(LogdoReval) I like pussies
(ElBee) Kitties appease Moon people
(ElBee) Crow T Robot says so & I beleive him ;D
(LogdoReval) and since it's still watershed, I mean the hairy ones
(LogdoReval) erm
(LogdoReval) with a tail
(ElBee) hehehehehe
(ElBee) Quick to the OMGRAWR machine ;D
Vogue > we are travellers in the furthest regions of experience, angels to some,demons to others so get your pants down, put an apple in your mouth and say 50 hail marys
Rhamnousia > well, thing is.. i aint got nada in cash right now. lol
Mesh Marillion > i'll offer you a loan
Mesh Marillion > only 20 % interest
Mesh Marillion > per week
Rhamnousia > 80% interest per month. you should be working for the bank.
Mesh Marillion > organized crime pays better
Deaths Widow > what one is better :"links alot of different warp scramblers and Webifiers"
Faekurias > WARP DISRUPTOR 1½!!!!!!!!!1½!!1!1weleventy
Deaths Widow > cause of range?
Faekurias > Cause of winrar
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