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Gyrn Fzirth > sorry you'd have to come up with INCHES not those centimeter thigns
Gyrn Fzirth > even then, I'd laugh it off
Gyrn Fzirth > my wife's strap on does more to me
Gyrn Fzirth > err
Gyrn Fzirth > I mean
Gyrn Fzirth > um
res0nance > JESUS
Gammus Arterius > Death is the big 404 of life.
xyeLz > if i flew randomly in space for 3 days, where would i end up
Anarkia Evangel > in ur clone station?
Neoptolomeus > "Big deal, I can make a REAL one in seven days." - God, upon knowing CCP created a whole virtual universe in 4 years.
Rachel LaCat > dol you know what a batman is ?
Twin Turbo > <b>A </b>batman or <b>The</b> batman?
Rachel LaCat > <b>The! </b>BATMAN!!1
Twin Turbo > sorry im just not sure if you mean the crime fighting hero or the nutsack trick
Rock Vixen > D:
Augin Soric > what
Augin Soric > what the fuck
Cheeath2 > say what?!?!
Rachel LaCat > um...no :|
Feyde Harkonen > Jita stations reminds me of a Wal-Mart in the Ghetto... there's always some nigga getting shot out front.
* [BH]Kharnubis runs naked through the channel
* cryogen woots
* Entity chases kharn
* flexd creates a small camp fire and then shoves a pole trough [BH]Kharnubis and starts BBQing him
* SolitoMortis chases entity with a pledge paddle
* Entity stops running -.-
* Ulviirala takes a panorama picture of it
Theo Samaritan > Ultimately it doesn't matter
Theo Samaritan > What matters in EVE is a ratio of "craps given" vs "craps made"
Theo Samaritan > I lost a 40m isk frigate a couple days ago.
Theo Samaritan > But that frigate killed 220m of crap
Theo Samaritan > Thus
Theo Samaritan > I have a positive crap ratio.
Peace Within > So if the theory of relativity is true, shouldn't i arrive at my destination before i warped in the first place?
Neon Ghost > You do, but this is compensated for by lag
Eric Lupanasia > Eval- your loot is impressive, but it pales in comparison to the Dark Side of the Salvage.
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