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Anatoray> I hate my brain. I think maybe my testicles aren;t earthing right, and it's slowly frying my brain
VoxDei > Happened to me many a time... you're just putting something up for escrow and you get jumped by a young nymphomaniac. Well, what can you do?
Aiyeeta Beaver > satisfy her cravings.... it's the only civilized thing to do...
Jimblob > send her to my house?
Mashif > ROFL
Aiyeeta Beaver > I said SATISFY HER CRAVINGS.... not leave her disappointed...
Myca Avalon > its a conspiracy
Myca Avalon > we shouldve killed all the abducted citizens by now
Myca Avalon > uncle sansha's getting more somehow
Myca Avalon > theres only one way to save the galaxy
Myca Avalon > slaughter everyone from the abduction systems
Myca Avalon > no more romi's
Myca Avalon > no more romi thalamuss
Union Worker > rp?
Myca Avalon > starting with you...
Union Worker > /emote puts on his robe and wizard hat
Union Worker > hey cutie pie
Union Worker > Whats the matter?
EVE System > Channel changed to Madirmilire Local Channel
Virtuozzo> Sometimes I wonder if you are in my brain, just wrote pretty much the exact same thing, fortunately refreshed the page on another screen before hitting the submit button
Bartholomeus Crane> I can confirm that I am in your brain. I can not help but notice that none of the corners are at right angles in here, the ceiling is very low, and if I open this little door, I'm ejected in some ditch somewhere. And what you did with that woman just the other time, that ain't proper either ...
<Lurks> badgerbadgerbadger
<SgtMjrTank> mushroom mushroom!
<red_one> serpentis!
<red_one> i mean
<red_one> snake!
Muad 'dib > active vindi
Muad 'dib > loki
Muad 'dib > 3 guiardians
Muad 'dib > also hit like a girl so prolly no magstabs
Onyxalia La'fiette > <_<
Onyxalia La'fiette > /emote punches you in the balls making you double over like a bitch
Onyxalia La'fiette > o.o i guess some girls can hit kinda hard
Muad 'dib > yeah but i didnt ware a T2 testicle resistance plating II either
Sheriff Jones > So Marc likes corrections eh? Have at thee! EVE, that extravagantly, evigorating eviction of every real essence of my existance. That extraordinary entropy of enormeous exuperations and extraterrestial entities. I do execrate electrical errors, or...
Sheriff Jones > ...enterological evictions every evening, but even so, EVE is excellent.
Wrathimus Shurthrou > i thought you sweeds had nothing else to do this time of night with tha snow and all
Pegaman > all we do is avoid polarbears
Wrathimus Shurthrou > you need to keep a seal pup with you for protection
Pegaman > but that will only attract more bears
Pegaman > and eskimoes
Pegaman > and norwegians
Wrathimus Shurthrou > yeah but you can run faster than a pup on the ground
* MuumiLeader slaps Rhaegar|afk around a bit with a large trout
<MuumiLeader> shut up wannabe admin
<MuumiLeader> :P
* Rhaegar|afk sets mode: -o MuumiLeader
<MuumiLeader> shit
<MuumiLeader> this was coldfront not stratics
<MuumiLeader> dammit
<MuumiLeader> :
<MuumiLeader> :D
<Rhaegar|afk> :D
Destable > My agent is sooooo right when she says she couldn't complete this research mission without me. She has sure proven that over and over again
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