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Aaronjin > wait....tell me more about the german chocolate cake...what's in it? besides efficiency and chocolate?
Jesus Troll > Better engineering
Kage Getsu > you know why so many people who play EVE play EVE drunk?
Kage Getsu > because they mine
marcelles > lmao
* Sid Weaver gets some vodka
Eollyn > i mine, and am sober... am also enjoying STE while the mining goes on
Kage Getsu > I know I'd be a heavy drinker if I worked a day job to pay an icelandic company to work in space during my free time
Gavjack Bunk > You know I'm not very good at smack
Gavjack Bunk > I get all Radio 4 on them, and start using long words... I might as well show a dog a card trick.
ScorpyNZ > wots with all the drones
Aladion Furghien > its a penis envy thing
Marken > i have a friend i want ot show them to
Kussoth > My drones are bigger than yours
Amior > I can't play the skin flute... i was told I suck at it
Amior > :(
Citizen Payne > LMAO!
Citizen Payne > was talking to a friend of mine in IM< and she asks me why is Missouri trying to bring back scalping
Big Fuzz > wtf?
Citizen Payne > she said it's barbaric and wondered why they wanna bring it back
Citizen Payne > after reading the article in question, I notice they're referring to ticket scalping
Big Fuzz > LOL
Citizen Payne > so she feels like an idiot now
Big Fuzz > ticket scalping is barbaric
Citizen Payne > and i'm still laughing
Citizen Payne > my first thought was ......WTF is wrong wit this ass backwards state
Raezhina > hahaha
Raezhina > them dam injuns!
Raezhina > what I wanna know is, who the hell did they think they were gonna scalp anyway?
Big Fuzz > lol
Big Fuzz > 2007 -- the year the missourians scalped BACK

ChronoSphere > "And Chrono said "let there be beer" and lo, a keg of Guiness indeed did appear....
Sevarus James > now THATS more like it. :)
mo3s > wow...are you a priest?
ChronoSphere > No, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn express last night
Amitious Turkey: an amish turkey...hmm...strange
Amitious Turkey: and hes not my alt XD
Amish Turkey: or am i
Amish Turkey: ???????
Amitious Turkey: you aint
YangTze Quan nudges eagle, "check out the sarah avatar - cute"
Futuristic Eagle > Hey, Dude, Thats my alt!
Marcus Aleron > The next UK census is expected to show the Muslim population exploding.
Sikander 2 > well, the last census put jedi as the 4th highest religion
Sikander 2 > your point is?
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