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Graccus Meichun > caldari = gravimetric, amarr = radar, minnie = ladar, gallente = gaydar
Rory Monpensier > that cow hac gang incoming.. ~30 of em.. I estimate we need 3 draeks... whos with me ?
Nessaji > you have my axe
Yu Tiaohua > no thanks
Yu Tiaohua > don't think i'll need one
Nessaji > I meant rory has my axe, and I want it back, like yesterday
Elena Nihilim > We'll see who can tap F12 the fastest!
Elena Nihilim > Ready?
Vel'Kethor > go
Elena Nihilim > I win!
Vel'Kethor > well yea, its hard for me to find it..... i have dissabilities..
Elena Nihilim > I feel for you man.
Vel'Kethor > dont have to beat a man when he's down you know... could have let me win :(
NeoCrafter > i'm stuck outside jzv, LOL
NeoCrafter > it won't let me jump in
Kollgorholl > we put a noob filter on the stargate so you could be stuck out there for a while :)
<SarenArterus>is it me you're looking for?
<SarenArterus>i can see it in your eyes
<SarenArterus>i can see it in your smile
<Lefty_Macgee>yeah i woundering how much per hour?
<SarenArterus>10mil isk for a handy, 25 for bum fun
Charmaine Erickson > when i call someone a sweetheart, i simply mean he/she is a real nice person, so excuse me if im wrong
tsukubasteve > when i call someone a sweetheart, it's because I'm trying to shove my dick in their mouth.
Charmaine Erickson > i won't make that mistake again
nasty1 > I'm dressing Mnemic001 Up in a Santa Claus costume While I dress up as Rudolph And then Mnemic Can Ride me To heaven
Ancient Cow > these women got me trained SoB
Turgeon Reign > Whip
Ancient Cow > here I am, college student, listening to mudvyne, playing eve online, eating raman noodles, having a beer, and I got fucking knitting needles on hand. What powers these women have with their puppy eyes and tits >.<
Ancient Cow > If I don't see some ass from these girls, I am going to be one pissed Knitter
Ancient Cow > and shove the needles where the sun don't shine.
Jack LeFunk > and they say the average age of an eve player is 25.....local chat says 15 tops
Great Wandell: the price of iterons is going up slowly. any idea on what's causing that?
UnSiViLiZiEd: ? supply and demand ?
Great Wandell: thanks Rockefeller
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