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Blosphere > mining?
Val Oman > yea
Farmon > ok im jealouse
Val Oman > Thats what miners do while on vacation...mine
Farmon > bah your on vaction now im really jelious :(
Val Oman > well...vaction meaning..I'm actually making money for myself mining
Farmon > ahhh
Val Oman > I need to make isk so I can offer nice stuff to the pirates
Farmon > heh
Farmon > dont want them to let you slip through b/c they are laughing so hard heh :)
Val Oman > nope..if anything...I have pride
Val Oman > don't want them talking about me at the pirate BBQs
Farmon > heh
Nico Pinhand > attack me i have to go to bed im writing an english exercise tomorrow and my mother is going on my nervs
Jake Patton > don't bother, from what I've seen there's not a lot you can do to get higher than an E
micsix > hey all
Damien Smith > hi mic
Damien Smith > how come you reconnect after downtime but arent online?
Damien Smith > got it to autologin or something?
micsix > no I log in so i can train even when i am asleep or at work
Damien Smith > lol
Damien Smith > you dont need to be logged in to train
Damien Smith > they train in realtime
Damien Smith > a 3 day skill will take 3 days
Damien Smith > no matter what
micsix > Holy. Shit.
Damien Smith > lmfao
Leet Al > +1 implants are dirt cheap as well
micsix > talk about feeling stupid
Damien Smith > hahahaha
Damien Smith > im pissing myself laughing here
Damien Smith > i can imagine you getting up at daft times to switch skills
micsix > do you know the effort I have gone through?
SLYMAX > anyone upto anything
micsix > son of a bitch
military man > what race is the amarr titan?
<Benneh> weeee 93 pages and counting
<Benneh> i'm thinking maybe i ought to do something special when it reaches 100
<Benneh> maybe report all the spam and get it brought back to 90 again
<Murphy> only 10 pages of spam? figured it's be more like 30
<Benneh> oh ofc but CCP will only nuke 10 pages of it
<Benneh> see their idea of moderating is to do it moderately
<Murphy> like the way they make games!
<Benneh> BURN
Vexont > Lets assume you are correct, that your guns DO do more damage
Vexont > how in the holy mother of FUCK do they?
Jagger E > you said dodo
Vexont > harf harf harf /3rd grade voice
Jagger E > i like dodo birds.
Vexont > they are extinct...
Jagger E > i used to have a pet dodo
Vexont > LOL
Vexont > dude
Vexont > they are extinct
Jagger E > nah dawg, they're alive
Vexont > LOL
Vexont > that was probably the most fail lie EVER
Jagger E > they lied, they just don't want you to hunt them
Prof fusion > Samp what you up to?
Sampanion > hmm
Sampanion > probing
Prof fusion > where?
Ric Adburr > UR-M0M
Andrew Gunn > for the record Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing adds 3km control range to ALL drones per level
j0rz > LIES
Andrew Gunn > I don't lie
Andrew Gunn > unless it's profitable
Andrew Gunn > or fun
Andrew Gunn > or I'm drunk
Valrandir > so I was playing C&C tonight when I got a call on my cell
Valrandir > and I hear "There's a Nyx, Caracal, Nighthawk and scorp attacking our pos"
Valrandir > so all excited I login, jump clone, cyno etc
Valrandir > then I find out, the Nyx was actually an Onyx
Valrandir > Now I want more blood
sugarXsugar > i gotta remember to thank Jacob for the title of "covops fetish boy". it's disturbingly fitting...
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