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<Celt> where can I find science grads on the market?
<Kalroth> pervert
Zudari > what the hell does an orca do?
Shae Tiann > swims around in the arctic ocean and eats seals
Mr Jesterman > all roads lead to roam?
Butter Dog > its best to have two warp core stabalisers, otherwise your warp may become unstable
Aaron Bruce > what happens when its unstable?
Cyn'Estra > ><
Atandros > Amazing
Atandros > We just got a reply with polysyllabic
words and no grammatical errors in our ideology thread
Apache > wtf
Apache > no way
Atandros > I know
Atandros > This is actually worthy of a reply
Apache > weird
Apache > they didnt even use 1337 speak once
Apache > not even a PA will pwn Jo011!!!!1eleven
Atandros > Strange things are afoot
anais > escrow it to me!!
anais > i like to hold your stuff
Soren > for 65 mill? :P
anais > that sounded bad
Soren > lol
Soren > i may have to put that on.
Soren > omgrawr.net
anais > haha
Anslo > What would any "normal" person say when a group of people including a raider, sansha, caldari scientist, crazy gallente media rep, cartle thics lead, and a slew of other zanny people come into one room
Hilen Tukoss > "Welcome to the Intergalactic Summit?"
Atlas Lazzurs > You ate a hemaroid?
Jimmy Ray > wrong time to login...
Goose69 > We are having this huge safety drive at work art the moment and a part of it is our "Safe Home Every Day" (SHED) meetings. In the meetings one person will bring a photo or picture showing why they want to get home safe every day
Goose69 > Most people have brought stuff like family, kids, etc. I thought I'd do something different. And I took along a composite picture of EVE stuff....
Goose69 > That's why I want to get home safe everyday. Now People at work are calling me Goose... lol
Iam Widdershins > I once took a Blue Pill booster and got a boner IRL
Iam Widdershins > --EVE is real--
Chrismyazz > i was there
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