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<tamber|noponies> my gf has a picture of her with jack black on her facebook
<tamber|noponies> i am jealous
<tamber|noponies> im gunna photoshop my face onto her
Pimp Cane > zoomed out the harbingers look like little crosses. its like were in a jeebus fleet
Raxip Elamp > Hee hee they do
Malena Panic > dammit all we need are some Caldari interceptors
Malena Panic > then it would be a RAPTOR JESUS FLEET
kezz2411 > I OWN U ALLL!!!!
KSUDruid > stop talking to the roids again kezz
kezz2411 > oops
Yodohime Kibagami > tip of the day, dont eat oranges in bathroom, next day teh floor looks like a drunken tentacle monster took a wiz
Maru Sha > @Elise: shall i use my 4 large smartbombs? *g*
Elise Masutra > ahm
Elise Masutra > thx for let me loose 4 +3 implants :(
Maru Sha > woops
<Ap0k> DIE MIM
* Ap0k stabs mim
<|AFDT|mim> ohnoes
<|AFDT|mim> i have been thwarted by the mighty ap0k!
<Ap0k> shutup
<Ap0k> you're dead
<|AFDT|mim> my evil plans of cookies and marshmellows have been disrutped and shall never help me conqure 1.0 space!
<|AFDT|mim> the poor unlead carebears will never have chance to fall under my leadership and in a great revolution of flufflyness cast out the evil greifer from the world of eve!
<|AFDT|mim> oh woe unto thee, evil ap0k, woe!
* |AFDT|mim dies
<Ap0k> finally fs
* |AFDT|mim waits for his oscar
<HellGremlin> We were talking about our dream careers, what we'd want to do for the rest of our lives
<HellGremlin> Me and my hot jew wife that is
<HellGremlin> She says her job, we talk about it, then I say mine
<HellGremlin> "Pirate."
<HellGremlin> "Software?" she asks,
<HellGremlin> "No, high seas"
Revan Neferis > Yes. I am helping the Universe to enter its God Like man form. When the capsuleers will fight so much for the lifes and discover their potential. where doomsday weapons can be controled by a single mind, where no Gods or likes will be needed
´╗┐Sepherim > will we all become Gods then?
´╗┐Nero Scuro > And to think I called you a nutjob. It all makes sense now.
Cybbe Firemind > Fuck, lol
Cybbe Firemind > I bought another analytical mind now, because I was thinking about that when I was picking out a skill to buy
Mike Yagon > lol
Mike Yagon > you are an idiot :D
Cybbe Firemind > Yeah :(
Cybbe Firemind > The best thing is
Cybbe Firemind > I look it up first under detail
Cybbe Firemind > And it's like 31.500. sure I can afford that.. (That was the right skill though), and then when I get out, I see the prce 45k, and I wonder a bit why it just suddenly had a 13k raise, but buy it anyway... Only to find out I was looking at the wrong skil...
Cybbe Firemind > LOL, I was about to buy one more *cries*
Trinidus > lol
Cybbe Firemind > Uh
Cybbe Firemind > I bought two learning, somehow though
Cybbe Firemind > How the fuck did I maange that ? D:
Cybbe Firemind > I'm not even drunk
[talking about pubes]
<+cougem> i shave totally every so often but its a bit weird
<+cougem> but kinda fun
<+cougem> i feel like a paedo looking at myself in the mirror
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