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nighttrucker > * gets mud piut ready *
nighttrucker > * curls up at krystals feet and has a snooze *
Krystal Divine > * snickers. *
DisturbdGuy > * pokes krystal's shoulder and whispers...* you should kik him just to see if he spazzes since he's sleeping
DisturbdGuy > * grins evilly *
Krystal Divine > * whispers back * But then Karl will kick me for kicking his boyfriend.
DisturbdGuy > * ponders this and instantly doesn't wish to ponder that fact any more * -_-
nighttrucker > * stirs trots over and pee's on disturbd's pod before returning and biting krystals leg *
DisturbdGuy > MEH!!! i just had that friggin' thing washed... BAD NT... BAD!!
Zirth > * quickly leaves eve and pretends this chat never happened *
DisturbdGuy > * wonders why NT decided he's a dog now... *
nighttrucker > was hoping its an easier life
DisturbdGuy > meh, only mildly. lemme guess. you also did it because you wanted to be able to lick yourself?
nighttrucker > hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
nighttrucker > s*
DisturbdGuy > * has banned himself from speaking for the duration of his online time for that comment... *
Zirth > lmao
Zirth > the last 3 minutes were so wrong on so many levels..
Rudlls > did anything ever happen with that huge D2 fleet that logged in fx?
Iseri Siminsor > they switched to WOW I heard
Emistal > Star-wars trivia: For 2 mil: What was Corran Horn's original last name?
MadGaz > bob
Emistal > good try. It might be that his FIRST name was bob, but his last name was not, in point of fictional fact, ever bob
MadGaz > bill
Emistal > afraid not.
Emistal > ok, easier one. The executor (darth Vader's flagship) had a sister ship identical in every way. What was it's name?
MadGaz > ben
Skirge > FUCK
Hyjek > What?
Skirge Fuck fuck fuck fuck, Hyjek you son of a bitch.
Cythrawl > What happened?
Skirge > You know how Hyjek gave all of the corp shares to DiaperBaby?
Cythrawl > Yeah?
Skirge > Well I've never created new shares before and was trying to figure out how. I just emptied out the entire corporate wallet to our shareholders.
HYejek > LMFAO
Cythrawl > Are you fucking serious?
Skirge > DiaperBaby just became a billionaire and he hasn't logged in for over a year.
<sutty> http://www.subcul2ure.com/journal/miriam.jpg
* Bloodz|bz coughs
<sutty> thats a tranny
<sutty> i mean
* Bloodz|bz walks away slowly
<Deathwing> sutty tbh, thats a hot tranny
<sutty> fucking hell
<sutty> yeah your telling me
<Deathwing> and apparently he was post op yea?
<sutty> yeah
<Deathwing> k yea so what i dont know cant hurt me
Zomiaen > hermanns going soft on us
Tobias Sjodin > When did he get hard?
Lazarus 745 > last night
Lazarus 745 > looking at my butt
Anshio Tamark > wow... 80 seconds to lock onto a frigate...
Kosetzu > Flying your dominix or?
Anshio Tamark > Nope. Drake
Anshio Tamark > Domi is on my other account
Kosetzu > So, dampening then
Anshio Tamark > yup
Anshio Tamark > well, it gave me time to reload my launchers
Kosetzu > Should use drones for the frigs
Anshio Tamark > Hard to do when I didn't have them locked.
Kosetzu > Drones autoaggro
Kosetzu > if set to agressive
Anshio Tamark > Yeah. But they went for the wrong target.
Anshio Tamark > so I couldn't re-direct them
Anshio Tamark > Well, at least my shields are stable
Kosetzu > Well, drones have always been the dumbest AI in the game
Kosetzu > Controlling them is like trying to make some kid who can't hear or see pick up a stone and put it on a shelf
Anshio Tamark > hehe
Anshio Tamark > speaking from experience or just guessing?
Kosetzu > Experience, very much
Anshio Tamark > ... I'm not sure whether that's a good or a bad thing...
Kosetzu > Me neither tbh :P
Anshio Tamark > at least there's some merit to your claim...
Kosetzu > Used to fly a domi and myrm so I've got experience with droneboats
Anshio Tamark > I was actually more concerned about the part with the deaf and blind child...
Kosetzu > ohh well... that is more guesswork :D
Onyxalia La'fiette > thankfully alex is a good sport about abuse
Onyxalia La'fiette > <3
AlexieStukov > wouldent be any fun if i werent.
Onyxalia La'fiette > nope it would be very one sided
Onyxalia La'fiette > and thats only fun for me
AlexieStukov > lol
Onyxalia La'fiette > im glad you can benefit from my abuse as much as me
Onyxalia La'fiette > <3
AlexieStukov > ive goten use to your abuse.
Onyxalia La'fiette > its like riding a bike
Onyxalia La'fiette > even when you been gone a long time, im still gonna shove you off the fucker point and laugh and run away, and youre gonna be happy about it
Davion Vrynn > It's why I'm the brains
Davion Vrynn > And you're the muscle
Demetri Slavic > /emote flexes
Recusor > and im the homicidal tendencies
Recusor > /emote stabs
Sir Hades > and I am the appendix! Becuase I perform no useful functions!
Davion Vrynn > I like to think of Hades as the sphincter
Gentleman Loser > Dammit, I still want to know why the small armor repair unit is less efficient than the small inefficient armor repair unit...
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