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Fugusha Kisai > time to go pretty much afk and let the drones do their thing =/
Fugusha Kisai > ...to other drones
Fugusha Kisai > bigger drones, which i'd love to have in my drone bay ._.
Kealapono > right on
Fugusha Kisai > like those drone domis
Fugusha Kisai > carriers - deploy 15 of those
Fugusha Kisai > people go "wtf" and run
kalshara > ROFL
Fugusha Kisai > but they got neuted down anyways, so they die horribly as Those drone domis unleash 5 ogre IIs each
Fugusha Kisai > and CCP does an internal facepalm
Fugusha Kisai > and nerfs everything
kalshara > LOL
Fugusha Kisai > before realizing how much fun it is to do that, so they unnerf it and make drone megathrons
Fugusha Kisai > and pilots everywhere cry.
Fugusha Kisai > 15 plate/resist megas + drones is hard to kill
Fugusha Kisai > in the end the server crashes and they roll it back to before there were ships.
Fugusha Kisai > and everyone agrees things are right.
Fugusha Kisai > before server lag kills everyone because ccp uninstalled their servers, thinking thet wouldnt need them
Fugusha Kisai > so people riot and go out in the world in search of tritanium
Fugusha Kisai > but the police dont want them to get it, so inevitably, war occurs.
Fugusha Kisai > CCP+gamers vs everyone else.
Fugusha Kisai > it's all fun and games until goonswarm quadDDs the world
Satyr Bloodstone > Fug, stop holding out/
Fugusha Kisai > what?
Satyr Bloodstone > Whatever the fuck you are on, you need to share.
Fugusha Kisai > rofl
Satyr Bloodstone > Powerful shit is what it is.
<+phx> i hate murphy
<+phx> when i constantly run the logserv bugs keep hiding like fearing rabbits
<+phx> elseway they keep harassing me :(
<&Hammerhead> yes, log server fixes many bugs
<@RealX> you should also try to show the bug to someone, that plus the logserver will keep your game bugfree
Par'Gellen > OMG!
Par'Gellen > These roids are to big. *rolls up his sleeves*
GoFur > no way, did Par say "Roids too Big"
Trelayne > i am back in empire will get hold of u some point tomorrow to sort hte dread i guess
Baron Tswulf > The incredible sulk is at it again!
Terminus Shade > the incredible sulk!
Terminus Shade > fucking brilliant
Terminus Shade > why did i never think o fthat
Absolon Echerie > god this is hard :(
Ta'jek > ice might help and don't take so many viagra
Kilin Darathio > vodka goes well with everything except decisions
Sardoniac > i am sitting in w-space in a shuttle and training accounting
Sardoniac > /emote facepalms.
Sardoniac > now that is an office clerk with a bad attitude

Par'Gellen > I want Scotty to catch me humping a cruise missile in the hangar bay one day after ambulation
Par'Gellen > oops crap wrong chat ack
Mia Fatalis > weirdo
Par'Gellen > jumping while type 4tl :(
Reachok > Yeah, that was meant for a private convo, which is kind of scary in itself 8-)
Par'Gellen > lol
Mia Fatalis > interupting pars gay orgy ftl
Mia Fatalis > scotty and a cruise missile, :s
Par'Gellen > well in my defense it's a female cruise missile
Eason Carn > but aren't you female?
Par'Gellen > me? not exactly
DARTHxFREE > no exactuly means, he's only female on friday nights
chero > poor par par :)
Waldo Barnstormer > hullo folks
Erfnam > holy crap!!! I found waldo!!
Waldo Barnstormer > dude, im wearing a red and white striped jumper, im not that hard to spot :P
Screaming Blade > Who hired a hooker
Ber Kan > NOT IT!
Screaming Blade > Odiche
Ber Kan > he did he hasnt respionded
Odiche Sevous > ack trying to analyze sleeper/drone/sansha/infomorph data... ... fine I hired the hooker, I could use one after this mess.
Ber Kan > your married though
Ber Kan > :P
Odiche Sevous > and?
Ber Kan > touche....
Odiche Sevous > Tam can play with her after I am done.
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