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<fitz> oh how cute some of them have BoD sigs
<fitz> my morale is broken
j a m i e: i love it when games try to hide the exe
The Stampede: yeah bin/release/bullshit/my ass/where the fuck is it/
j a m i e: lol
j a m i e: bin/release/bullshit/my ass/where the fuck is it/its not here/no seriously it isnt go back to the other folder/ohgod youre touching me/please stop it/youll make me cry/seriously its not in this folder faggot/ok you found me/lolol/wrong folder bitch/homeworld2.exe
The Stampede: so true
Lighthand > girlfriend and moi will probably be moving in together in a few months we were looking at places in villages near cambride
Lighthand > she asked me how far away this village was by train and I replied 3 jumps ...
Virtuozzo > 0.o you're a real pro 0.o
<+Fromethius> is anyone else having trouble connecting to eve?
<+f1sh> tq or sisi?
<+Fromethius> uhh... america?
Seldarine > I hear that the lag when your loosing space is always worse than the lag when your gaining space
EVE System > Channel changed to Josameto Local Channel
3cxO > you're only going to hell if you drilled a couple o' extra holes in the guy.
Shadow XII > Great. I jump into Josameto and they're discussing buttsex.
cr8rmakr > no
cr8rmakr > necrophilia
cr8rmakr > get it straight
Khalhani > I have to say... I really enjoy my time in this corp :-)
SwirvE > :D
Guy Von Shmuck > swirve has to get a load off... calls pres
Guy Von Shmuck > oh la la
SwirvE > ;))
SwirvE > u have already take the first load Guy ;)
SwirvE > taken*
Guy Von Shmuck > :P
Judas II > this all sounds very kinky
Judas II > people taking off loads of other people
Khalhani > Guy Are you taking the load of swirve?
Presidente Gallente > CC has enough room
Presidente Gallente > wait
Khalhani > Swirves load?
Rydra Wong > No-ones taking my loads.
Judas II > hes got a big load for you
Khalhani > omg
Khalhani > Thats why people are so friendly...
Khalhani > in this corp
Khalhani > They play for the other team :-P
Judas II > we all share each others loads !!
Khalhani > Waaaaah!
Von Seth > i`m clearly on at the wrong hour
Von Seth > going back to study lol
Doctor Slushie > Do NPCs have limited cap since patch?
Keirin Hanzo > cant you suck anymore?
Keirin Hanzo > i mean suck on them
* Keirin Hanzo blushes
<Levin> do you have a racing wheel for the pc?
<Sadist> <-- has a racing wheel
<Levin> :|
<Levin> you fail life
<Levin> you could like
<Levin> buy a real car
<Sadist> Levin
<Sadist> like
<Sadist> I already have a real car
<Sadist> :
<Levin> :/
<Levin> does it run on the tears of emo children that you torture in the trunk?
<Sadist> sometimes
<Levin> awesome
<Sadist> only when Pall and Vex are around
<Sadist> ;
Monty Burns > so how is the pos attack going?
Xelios > boredom has started a coalition Connect 4 tourney...
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