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Haelphadreous > sale in isle 7 on Supreme Alvus Parasites
Haelphadreous > I will trade you um 10 rouge drone battle ships for them? some subduing may be required.
Smantha Dering > rouge? they wearing lipstick or blush?
Piccolo Lupo > whoa fuck
Piccolo Lupo > 4096 ships destroyed in last 24 hours in manner
Module Crypto > wtf?
Module Crypto > did someone... put a shitload of shuttles on one ss... and fited a smartboms :-)
Piccolo Lupo > no idea
Hashim Tachy > might have been goons trying to kill a caracal
Papa WombFerret > please tell me i didn't just see a THORAX ratting in a 0.5 PLEASE
<RobSteel> I had Sara the pizza girl last nite
<RobSteel> fook
<RobSteel> round last nite
dastommy79 > slink do you want cake for wardeys suprise birthday party?
Ocara Nezus > MC kindly brought the titan with them...
Ocara Nezus > so we can have a huge party
Ocara Nezus > with streamers and everything
Chowdown > in my pants
Ocara Nezus > Chowdown mate... we all know why you really fly a Titan... theres no party in your pants...
Der Prophet > Language is the only thing that seperates us from apes...that and less hair. So please don't fuck it up for the rest of us.
(@Superbeast) errr guys
(@Superbeast) i just logged on in JU-
(@Superbeast) why is there 74 in local
(@Superbeast) and like 3 friendlys
(@Faramir) i think u r not in JU-
@Superbeast) oh wait
(@Superbeast) nevermind
(@Superbeast) lol
• @Faramir pets Superbeast
(@Superbeast) im in torrinos
(@jamesbaker) rofl
• @Superbeast cries
Adsterine > i had a navy mega last week
Adsterine > but i sold it >.<
Adsterine > 900 smackers
Nicaragua > 900 isk ?!?!? you fool! they are worth millions !
Doomba Minge > Myndpyre Ryche
Myndpyre Ryche > yes?
Doomba Minge > what you doing in ASCN space?
Myndpyre Ryche > killing ASCN
Myndpyre Ryche > what are you doing here?
Khellias> So I was wrong.
Khellias> Silver Fuzzler isn't a firework.
Khellias> It's much more like the name of some really bizarre mixed drink.
Khellias> Probably involves a scattering of weapons-grade plutonium on the surface of it.
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