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Khellias> I love EVEmon.
Khellias> It makes it easier to track what skills my corpmates are training.
Khellias> I'm sure Dread and Tsu don't appreciate the 2am phonecalls, though. "Hey, n00b. You forgot to set a long skill overnight."
Aisling Chleiti > I am sunburnt to all hell.....well.........torchburnt but it feels like sunburn
Pierre Beavers > what from?
Aisling Chleiti > I was blowing glass for 7 hours and forgot sunscreen
Pierre Beavers > ouch
Pierre Beavers > makin WEED PIPES?
Aisling Chleiti > sadly I can't make those yet :P
Pierre Beavers > bummer
Pierre Beavers > we have one called "Deep Space Nine"
Lizaa > if men could lick themselves we would never leave the house
Lord Zap > indeed
Negotiator > i didnt mean i lick my penis, asshole
Siddy > lick themselfs... were?
Lord Zap > rofl
Lizaa > lol
kalath1032 > you guys hunting them i guess?
tymus procura > nah baking them a cake
<Sak>Tsu, teach me flirting
<Tsumei>Jesus christ... can I climb Mount Kilimanjaro instead?
<Tsumei>I'll start in norway and promise to use no vehicles with engines
Keelan Sage > we just lost 2 dreads
Keelan Sage > seiging a pos
Keelan Sage > to self-destruct
Jiro Rans > People like sieging so much they sd'd?
Keelan Sage > people were fucking around
Keelan Sage > and didn't turn it off
Jiro Rans > Darwinism
Altai Saker > crusari hates canadians
Altai Saker > the racist git
Sphalerite > how can anyone hate canadians?
Sphalerite > thats like hating puppies or retarded kids
Asmael Bloodletter > Ugh... Well "You know you're bored when.... You're reading local chat"
Rooker > I have an excuse
* Rooker is waiting for pizza dude to get here before starting a mission
Rooker > they look at you funny when they knock and you yell "HANG ON. I'M SCRAMBLED AND MY TANK IS FAILING"
Aquila Brave > how much is the dominatrix worth on the markets now?
Higster > it varies...missiles do different damage to different ships etc...
jaketheuntaki > think 25 is rockets
Jensia > 60m i have seen
DonTrump > depends on what u want her to do Aquila
Marcus Akhellan > lol - This one tends to try to be annoying - He might just cloak up at a SS and go AFK - he's apparently infamous for that
BeanBagKing > "he might just cloak up and SS and go AFK" &lt;-- you just described all of UK dude
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