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Ashtaron > I dunno, but I always wanted to know how many Paradise cruise missiles does it take to wreck Azeroth
Marcus Gord > i approve of that experiment
Rhen Ayase > why not fit torpedo launchers with juggernauts?
Ashtaron > they are not worthy of holy torpedoes
Aukusti Valtteri > I think you should use thermal weapons to destroy Azeroth
Ashtaron > anyhow I remember seeing a pic that stated that a 13km range officer smartbomb would reach almost all of Azeroth
Aukusti Valtteri > They have a lot of wooden buildings.
[ 2006.08.30 18:40:44 ] Arkasius > Caryth is awfully quiet today
Arkasius > still getting her massage I guess
Aberash > off virt?
Caryth Mars > Mmmmm John... just a bit higher....
Aberash > John??
Arkasius > must be one of her marines
Aberash > John Mcreedy .. you whore!
Koala Bare > omg
BorisHotch > There is a channel created to help people who are having problems on missions, or who want to help other people physically do missions. Its called helpmymission channel. Please check our IGB site for more info: www.helpmymission.co.uk
Gamaroth > Does that feel like an eve dating service to anyone else?
Gamaroth > -Hi, what are you wearing?
-A raven. what about you?
-A mega.
<wizzard66> hippies are fine as long as its females with long hair under influence of lsd and have loads of black pubic hair
Aegis Scout > Jennifer you think theres a suck my cock button on ther too?
Jennifer Rizea > Well, there might be, but it'd return a 404
Jennifer Rizea > Cock not found.
Deff > pod you?
Ventaly > yes plz
Ventaly > suicide jump ftw
Deff > kk in 10 sec
Deff > 9
Deff > 3
Deff > 1
Aiyeeta Beaver > mmm... delcious corpse
Deff > :)
Ventaly > ty
Deff > bay
Aiyeeta Beaver > /emote sexes up his new Ventaly action figure
Vandrion > keep in mind vent is an alt and his main may take action
Aiyeeta Beaver > oooo!!! there's a set to collect!!!
* Esurnir ask himself if there is any link between kinran and kieron
*Esurnir his wife perhaps
AeolusWind > Nope Esurnir
Kinran > no... I am Kinran....
Kinran > do you wish to be a member of my fan club
AeolusWind > my fan club is cooler
AeolusWind > hermann is in it
Rummel Bangalter > Todifrauan small outpost, come help me defend
Rummel Bangalter > this is operation kick amarrian ass
Rummel Bangalter > do you have what it takes? meet me here peace lovers
Rummel Bangalter > nevermind got owned :(
PKlavins > who's bored
Lancelot duLac > is that a mulptiple choice question ?
TarSky > me
PKlavins > ok... take any line from star wars, and replace a word with the word 'sausage' e.g. "The sausage is strong in this one"
Enocm > use the sausage Luke
Lancelot duLac > dont sausage me
Nitrogen92 > May the sausage be with you
PKlavins > "Governor Tarkin. I should have expected to find you holding Vader’s sausage!"
Lancelot duLac > I have 2 sausages :P
Enocm > Luke I am your sausage
Lancelot duLac > Sausage me up, scotty
AUB > lol thats not star wars
Lancelot duLac > i know
Enocm > Move along this is not the sausage you are looking for
Lancelot duLac > dont look at my sausage :P
HeLlRaIzA666 > he is very rich by sounds of it
Frank Horrigan > he has an auto targeting system on it
Frank Horrigan > guess i missed that
HeLlRaIzA666 > they are good
HeLlRaIzA666 > targets ceptors in 5 secs instead of 15 +
Frank Horrigan > 4 dread bcus and a dread co processor
Frank Horrigan > seriously?
Frank Horrigan > thats nice..
Frank Horrigan > shoud get one
Frank Horrigan > takes me like 30 seconds to lock the things
HeLlRaIzA666 > but in deadspace it dont work to good
Frank Horrigan > y?
HeLlRaIzA666 > it targets clouds in deadspace lol
Frank Horrigan > ROFL
Frank Horrigan > wtf!
Frank Horrigan > "Computer: The cloud could be hostile sir I recomend we target it."
HeLlRaIzA666 > lol
HeLlRaIzA666 > u could put it like that
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