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RoCkEt X > nice dps but tanks sentries like my ballsack tanks a cheesegrater
Aedowee > we have brought u the most screwed up aussie
Aedowee > i present to you.... Insharette
Insharette > Is a kangaroo fucker ok ? cause I am here for all your needs
KIATolon > your sister says hi
Zeoliter > my 10 year old sister sister died of meningitis last year
Zeoliter > ill be sure to let the GMs know
KIATolon > they prolly care as much as I do
Sun Sliver > You're cute.
KIATolon > so's zealiters dead sister
Leindo > Press X if you see this message
Azia Burgi > Y
Khellias > Z
Intoagun Deshana > fax fax
Faxtarious > yes yes
Nyx Manometer > email email
Faxtarious > phone phone
Nyx Manometer > skype skype
Evil Incarn8 > carrier pigeon carrier pigeon
Faxtarious > morse code morse code
Nyx Manometer > smoke signals smoke signals
Faxtarious > fuck it... thow a rock... Throw a rock!!
Nyx Manometer > war drums war drums
Intoagun Deshana > xD
Nyx Manometer > lol
Intoagun Deshana > fax your all repaored
Faxtarious > fart!! Fart!!
Faxtarious > yay!!!!
Intoagun Deshana > repaoooooooooooored
Faxtarious > Repaired by Jesus!!
Intoagun Deshana > xD
Intoagun Deshana > got to go take my noob on a trip :p have fun
Faxtarious > it was a nice run today
Nyx Manometer > Ok the fart thing....why so gross....why I never........have given my girlfriend a dutch oven
Intoagun Deshana > yes it was
Faxtarious > I'm off to go take care of my industry :p
Intoagun Deshana > :p
Faxtarious > Nyx... gotta stay creative
Faxtarious > it's a competitive market out there ;)
Nyx Manometer > Eve is so viscious...even when it comes to farts.
EVE System > Channel MOTD changed to: Blackops fleet is was a success! Kinda... we sat for a few hours cloaked up and shared pr0n links and war-stories.
* YukiLi has joined #eve-radio
<YukiLi> and then the lord said, let there be cheese
<YukiLi> but there was no cheese
<FiReBuRsT> and then they said 2How the hell did you do that"
<YukiLi> well i got a grater
<YukiLi> and kinda ..caressed the cheese against it for a while
<YukiLi> with love, ofc
<YukiLi> then i put it on some mildy toasted bread.. and bunged it under some really hot bits of metal
<YukiLi> then ate it
<YukiLi> and it was good
<YukiLi> but now i have none

*time passes, song played, U2 - With Or Without You*

<YukiLi> luckily, i can live, with or without cheese.
* Omber Zombie s back
Omber Zombie > run in fear and dread
Caya > i run in archon, is it anough?
Omber Zombie > it may save you, but i'm guessing not
Omber Zombie > unleash the roids of war
* Caya starts ro press all buttons in haste and panic.
Omber Zombie > fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the ebil side
Omber Zombie > Caya
Omber Zombie > I am your father
Caya > o.O
Caya > when i compare yours and my faces, i can be your grandfather :-P
* Omber Zombie chops off caya's hand
Omber Zombie > search your feelings
Omber Zombie > you know it is true
Omber Zombie > join me, and together we will rule the universe as father and son
Andreus Ixiris > I think you guys should know, so it doesn't cause any problems later: I'm gay
Jonny Damordred > That's OK, I was in Star Fraction
Dtech > too damn hot to play
Dtech > was*
BrianTheMad > we got your weather, we havent had the air conditioner on for a few days
Noah Gene > i like it hot when i am killing stuff adn my balls are sticking to my legs
Noah Gene > makes me get wood quicker
Dtech > so should I just omgrawr that
BrianTheMad > yes
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