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Jukoban McDraid > can anyone spare some isk to help fund any frigate that isnt this rookie one, i am broke and am sick of dying
Feyde Harkonen > I can fund you enough for a Sisters of Eve Dildo to f*ck yourself with.
* Par'Gellen breaks out the magnifying glass and Sherlock Holmes hat and locks all the doors.
Par'Gellen > somebody in this room keeps posting everything I say on omgrawr
Par'Gellen > names shall be named!
* Par'Gellen listens to the crickets...
* Par'Gellen gets out the rubber hose and brandishes it threateningly!
* Par'Gellen holds the hose close to GoFur's slack lifeless face and yells "NAMES!"
* Par'Gellen watches everyone stare straight ahead and drool...
Par'Gellen > 16 people in chat and I'm the only one not AFK... *cries*
GoFur > back
Par'Gellen > AH HA! life!
GoFur > afk cooking
Par'Gellen > NO!
* Par'Gellen hangs himself with the rubber hose.
Golakka > we need to employ a small group of Butler Baboons to patroll recruitment channel.
Golakka > if they can fight off the army of baboons, they can fight off the russians, same thing more or less.
Torat > I'm none-straight.
Daniel Jackson > then u sir, are weard
Torat > I sir, can spell wierd.
Azia Burgi > no you can't
Azia Burgi > <url=showinfo:29148//419725429>Corpse Female</url> - first one
WashuChanUK > she has booobies!
Azia Burgi > i believe it only applies to newly created corpses
Azia Burgi > wait i should really say "recently deceased"
WashuChanUK > :P
Rena Windor > I would, but I am negative ships right now.
jih chop > how do you fly a negative ship? is it inside-out?
jih chop > OH! duh! of course it is! you're flying minmatar!
Screaming Blade > im in a class 5 wormhole with no combat ships
Screaming Blade > i feel special
Screaming Blade > Mining barge, check, orca, check, tower and parts, check, scan frigs, check, millions of probes, check, beer, check, combat ships...HURR WHO NEEEDS THOSE
Hydro9 > ty sir
Lina Fayette > yvw
Hydro9 > o.O ty lady*
Hydro9 > :)
Lina Fayette > :-)
Captain Zone > A.... real lady... in EVE? o0
Roc Marcellus > one of life's many great mysteries
Captain Zone > Nah. Can't be. Probably Interpol or FBI or MI5 or something. lol
VelvetKevorkian Tsukaya > Spoilers, it's really a guy.
Lina Fayette > shush, i was on the verge of getting free stuff
Captain Zone > rofl
Captain Zone > I can't play a female toon. Tried once. Hadn't even made it out of the training area before some mouthbreather asked me "r u grl?" and "f so r u hawt?"
Hydro9 > lmao
Captain Zone > I even had it in the bio that I'm a guy who likes to look at a hot female ass.
Drexeh > I am chasing this domi
Drexeh > in a scorp with 7 points
Drexeh > lol
Noobjuice > i doubt that's enough :D
Drexeh > against a domi?
Drexeh > how many lows does it have?
Drexeh > aw shit :S
Drexeh > ffs
anister > lol
Drexeh > I HATE LIFE
ParMizaN > LOL imj having ass spasms wtf
LoxyRider > should stop shoving stuff up there parm
ParMizaN > well tell me what to do in my spare time then
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