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Celfea Dur > I'm back
jih chop > I think I broke deeebo
Celfea Dur > he was hungry, he prolly ate his keyboard
jih chop > Noo deeebo Nooo! save the F and the U keys! you'll need them!
Mebrithiel Ju'wien > my corpmates are asking what's going on... the rest of them are pirating somewhere and I'm telling them I'm 'mining' with tsds
Mebrithiel Ju'wien > they think I'm on crack
<Emiug> oooh windows driver development kit
<Emiug> might try make a driver for something
<Emiug> like
<Emiug> my ass
<Dobbs^Lazy> MMMMM ass driver
<Emiug> ...
<Dobbs^Lazy> I can drive your ass
<Dobbs^Lazy> does it have wheels?
<Emiug> somedays i wish i didnt open my mouth :(
<Emiug> hmm
<Dobbs^Lazy> lol
<Emiug> technically i didnt
<Emiug> BAD I SAY
Kei Nagase > Fought some Red overloads out here. 7 on 3. :( We got more kills, they got more isk
MaxXx Gunn > red overlords?
Kei Nagase > yeah
MaxXx Gunn > rats?
Kei Nagase > close... Russians
Aleci > Kal's idea of romance is saying 'ok' to get in the ship bitch and 'are you done yet? I left the mining lasers going'
BLEVZY > everyone put your hands up if your sick of being poor
BLEVZY > /emote puts his hand up
Q3Cyrus > Im a thalidomite and poor, can I stick a leg up ?
BLEVZY > you can stick whatever you want up lol
Q3Cyrus > I used to work in the porn industry - they said I had an arm like a baby's cock
Q3Cyrus > but that fell through, now I'm penniless
Q3Cyrus > arms for the poor lol
Raptor Jesus > It's generally what people do.
Arvald > will you bless my ammo?
Arvald > Tremor M
Raptor Jesus > Hm. Sure! Only if it's killing people you don't like / won't like / won't pay you.
Arvald > as my scalie overlord commands
Arvald > it shall be
Raptor Jesus > Go forth then, spread my wrath through your ammo.
Arvald > YES MY LORD
Arvald > /emote puts underweair on head
Hohenheim OfLight > I lost an indy of drone mins last night to gate camp :(
Kortalis Hellion > ouch
Hohenheim OfLight > bye bye 140 mil :(
Hohenheim OfLight > O well there is allways more.
Korvix Valthonis > nope, CCP took out drone rats and put in ballons, all they drop is Space Air...so looks like were SOL.
Hohenheim OfLight > LOL
Kortalis Hellion > xD
Ugluuk > fighting 4 ravens
Frankinator > lol
Frankinator > how many Ravens did u kill?
Ugluuk > none
Verone > So, this post I was gonna write... on a scale of 1 to Epic... it was going to be like, Raptor Jesus riding side saddle with Chuck Norris across a desert of ice and fire on the back of a fucking Lazersaurus Rex.
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