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(Ysabelle) but srsly, what\'s the point of the Tempest anymore :(
(Bone) Ysabelle - you also have the only vertical dread.. Vertical man!! Awesome! Vertical!
(Ysabelle) yeah right
(Ysabelle) I mean, the apoc has better optimal, better tracking, better locking, better armour buffer...
(Ysabelle) what does the tempest have?
(Ysabelle) 38m/s of speed? woo fucking hoo.
(bibble) sails?
(Ysabelle) exactly
(Ysabelle) because sails make it go fasta!
(bibble) i wonder if the modular T3 ships were inspired by the minmatar ducktape designs
(Ysabelle) I mean, come on
(Ysabelle) if the Apoc is a baseball bat, the Tempest is a limp stick of celery.
(Nick_Curso) minni bs seem to have been left behind for fleets
(Nick_Curso) i suppose we have the maklestrom
(Ysabelle) yep
(Nick_Curso) *malestrom
(Ysabelle) oh nice. So on top of being made of cardboard, string and shoe polish, our fleet ship is expensive as hell too
(@Knuck) I hate the mael but I\'m tempted to fly one now
Tamora > yknow in the 2nd world war when the russian officers lost the battle theyd be asked to commit suicide and given a revolver? well im handing my mega pulse 2 to ASCN right now in a trade window in station....
crocmore > lol tam :)
WiZZyWiGG > dont think they can use tech 2 guns tho :)
Tamora > owned
Khan Wilde > not true on my other acct my caldari can suck an npc dry very quickly while my partner is hammering it
QTab > I think oposable thumbs is prolly where it all went wrong
QTab > if human beings hadn't developed oposable thumbs they wouldn't have invented telephones ... and if they hadn't invented telephones my mother wouldn't be able to continue bugging me even after I've moved across the country to avoid exactly such bugging
QTab > hence I arrive at the conclusion that if human beings didn't have oposable thumbs I would have more EVE time
QTab > I demand you show your alegiance by cutting off your thumbs
Manerethen > ...............
Manerethen > Is Ali afk?
Ali Para > on fone m8
Manerethen > ok
quik 83 > sounding like dogbert qtab :)
QTab > if you cut off your thumbs and convince two other ppl to cut of their thumbs and to each convince 2 more ect. ect ect. then eventualy mankind won't have telephones and my mother will stop bugging me
Manerethen > OK np
Manerethen > rofl
Manerethen > Good reasoning
QTab > I think it's pretty airtight
QTab > on the other hand ..... if mankind had no telephones then my mother might get an EVE account and join the alliance and thus creating a whole new way to bug me
Manerethen > rofl
quik 83 > will be worth it to pod her
Jimmy Loan > well if that happens i am out of here
Manerethen > Nah podding fta
Manerethen > *ftw
QTab > reptiles have it the best .... their parents fuck off before they hatch and never return
Jimmy Loan > lol
QTab > /emote decides to contact a plastic surgeon tomorrow to see if he can get some scales grafted
Manerethen > rofl
Vernn Miller > I burnt the meatballs :))
DraLaFi > perhaps you shouldn't have used hot-wax then...
GM Tacgnol > No, don't do that. It makes GMs sad. Making GMs sad gives you warnings to your accounts.
carefactor 0 > so GMs are emo?
carefactor 0 > :P
GM Tacgnol > Yes.
GM Tacgnol > ./razor
Algonquinian > lol
carefactor 0 > rofl
Beidorion eldwardan > how long do we still wait
2shay2 > till you get bored and then add a few hours
2shay2 > start watching the lord of the rings trilogy we may be lucky he may log on sometime in the third film
<Rhaegar|afk> lets dance
<Rhaegar|afk> o/
<Rhaegar|afk> o
<Rhaegar|afk> ./o/
<Bluefox> script kdidie
<Rhaegar|afk> o>
<Bluefox> kiddie*
<Rhaegar|afk> <o/
<Rhaegar|afk> im not a script kiddie, im an ascii adult.
ma'eul > Why is our FC saying F*ck so much, that is not a nice word. Can you change it to LOVE please? Thank you
Noriana > So yea turns out the US air force didn't have manticores
Noriana > so I left.
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