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<Kayosoni> I haven't been a virgin for around a month now...
CelestialWanderer > how stupid is this i need to go out to get some cash so i dont have to go out and get something to eat and pay someone to bring it to me
Rustok > im 95% sure that clicking the orbitt button has a underlieng code thats says "ram the nearsest fkn celsetal object"
Vulkyn > yep ....
Vulkyn > thats eve's interpetation to orbit, just like petition means "HAHA cry me a fecking river"
Yameth > what can I do with 1st Tier Overseer's Personal Effects ?
Chet Awesomelaser > sell
Tika Majere > to concord
Yameth > just at a station?
Tika Majere > take it to yulai
Yameth > yulai? where's he
Shadow2004 > wtf
Kurt Cobain > what?
dreadknot > ??
PyjamaSam > yeesh shadow, if you are going to say wtf, at least tell us what you are wtf'ing about
Shadow2004 > when did i wtf
Shadow2004 > ow ye
Shadow2004 > never mind it was just me lagging out to fuck and then getting confused when i unlagged and was in the middle of an enemy fleet
Jarel Moor > who the hll put Cruise missles in my drake
Komi Toran > Probably a Raven...
Frank Horrigan > im tired of loot not making any sense
Stavlokar Cerebus > You shouldn't try to have a conversation with your loot
Doornroosje > oh, i don't pvp, i just shoot guys who prevent me from carebearing.
Haffrage > Yey
Haffrage > I broke 10M SP o/
Savros Hunturas > grats
Pilk > :-D
Celestial Witch > lol
Savros Hunturas > lol
Pilk > didja see, Haff? The GM came down to watch you hit 10m.
Haffrage > I'm in jita noob
Pilk > Didn't say the GM was smart.
Haffrage > rofl
Haffrage > Yeah, what was up with that? Did he say anything?
Pilk > Still in Local.
Pilk > Still in station guest list.
Haffrage > Huh
Pilk > Still red in address book.
Haffrage > Bahaha, hax.
Pilk > I sent him an EVEMail and told him he was making the natives restless.
Asmael Bloodletter > Ugh... Well "You know you're bored when.... You're reading local chat"
Rooker > I have an excuse
* Rooker is waiting for pizza dude to get here before starting a mission
Rooker > they look at you funny when they knock and you yell "HANG ON. I'M SCRAMBLED AND MY TANK IS FAILING"
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