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Mizhara Del'thul > Ever hear of the southern Norwegian that came up north to study us <northern norwegians>?
Mizhara Del'thul > He lived with us for six months, studying our ways and so on.
Mizhara Del'thul > So at around the six month mark, he kind of nervously sidled up to me and asked all casual like about women.
Mizhara Del'thul > "Oh, they're waiting at the coast for us to bring the meat. They're cleaning clothes at the only water that's not frozen at the moment, the sea."
Mizhara Del'thul > So he asked... how we handled life without women.
Mizhara Del'thul > "ooooh" I said, winking and nudging him to make sure he knew I understood. "Oh, we just go take one of the reindeer, you know." "What?!" he said. "It's true... but if you don't believe me, enjoy "ms right", man."
Mizhara Del'thul > Another month passes, he asks again, gets the same reply.
Mizhara Del'thul > After three more months, he finally goes "Okay, but you better not be joking, you asshole". I encourage him and he goes for the reindeer.
Mizhara Del'thul > As he finally slips off his pants and slips into something more comfortable... I of course start laughing hard.
Mizhara Del'thul > He pulls out, turns around in a fury. "I told you not to joke with me!". "Oh, I didn't..." I said.
Mizhara Del'thul > But for fuck's sake, you chose Simla. The ugliest fucking reindeer in the country.
Nathaniel Hornblower: is there a way to pause, or do i have to dock at a station everytime i have to leave for a minute
Mirsha: You could just message all the thousands of payers currently logged on and ask them to stop until you come back.
Willford Bremly > anyone at pos I can warp to. Need to urinate and no bottle availible.
Elrix > sheesh i hate when work interferes with game time
<Tiven> hahaha
<Tiven> i walked into the living room and my bro is fucking his girlfriend
<Tiven> and im like
<Tiven> "im hungry"
<Tiven> and they started laughing hysterically
<zergl> did he offer you some pussy?
<Tiven> nah i left after that
<Tiven> but ill go back upstairs in 5 min
<Tiven> if they're not dressed then i wont care im starving
<zergl> if they're still at it, vigurously squirt mayonnaise all over them tbh
<Tiven> lol
<zergl> and make your food
Dithes > gone for a week so i should be here when i come back
<large_trout> Rubbing myself in oil is just a harmless hobby
Deepeh > so doggies - are you going to bark all day, or are you going to bite?
Vazzius > I dont bite/eat stuff that sounds and tastes like shit :-)
light blade > lmao
Omadon > lol
Deepeh > good idea, shit is bad for you
Omadon > You being the expert? ;)
light blade > lol
Deepeh > perhaps
Deepeh > i'll leave it up to your taste as soon as you bite. see you in 93pi :) (or not)
Omadon > *shakes head*
Omadon > Sniggerdly... no other group of morons like 'em =)
light blade > lol
Law Zix > 1 day we will have androids that can suck our dicks and when they are finished we will flip their top and start playing eve
<Selena> i forgot how do you change your name?
<Kurenin> /nick name
<Sniku> no no
<Viceroy> /query Viceroy
<Selena> lol
*** Signoff: Rytir (Ping timeout)
<Sniku> . /nick SexySelana :D
<Ak-Gara> i've been watching a shit ton of MST3k on internet tv lately
<Ak-Gara> kickass!
*** Selena is now known as name
*** Signoff: Sengh (Quit: )
<Viceroy> well selena
<Kurenin> ...
<[-MM-]Makkar> rofl
<Kurenin> lol.
<Viceroy> you just confirmed yourself to be female
<[-MM-]Makkar> roflmao
<name> :P
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