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Kesper North > "Dear Pin Wang, if you have enjoyed today's PVP experience, please consider voting for me in the current CSM elections. I assure you that I will bring the same care and attention to detail in representing you to CCP as I did in blowing your interceptor
<Overkill> dw i went to canada 2 nights ago
<Overkill> saw the canadain ballet
<Overkill> my face still smells like pussy
<Deathwing> why were u at a ballet?
<Deathwing> like
<Deathwing> by ballet
<Deathwing> u mean
<Deathwing> strip bar right?
<Overkill> yep
Thorild > Oh, I do not disagree with that :) I got jumpclones too, so Instead of ripping out the +3's, I made a new jumpclone to put the +5's into.
Chaundra Vesali > same... except with +4s
DevilmanUK > /emote jumps into Thorild's clone and uses it like a puppet
Thorild > Wouldn't that make it a jumpCLOWN?? d:)
Mynx La'Rue > i always fucking crash when we are going to 0.0 my computer is more afraid then i am
Polo Ex > polo needs a pillow, not a damn willow, off to bed, or hes gunna be dead, whilst polo sleeps, the rokh leaps, polo wakes up in a couple of hours, to found out that the rokh is devoured, and polo crys, whilst everyone else gives high fives
Edoo > escrow me your sister and i will trade you the deimos
c'happa'ii > if it was a supossitory for funny shit it'll be going in the wrong direction
Master Grunge > Btw Ortos has a girl alt!
Olixia Castitatis > !!1!!111one
Master Grunge > weird, huh? why would a guy play a girl?
Olixia Castitatis > yeah, that makes no sense.
Olixia Castitatis > only women play women. And thats why you should give me lots of ISK.
Twista55 > man i used to sleep with women
om rootingking > did they ever notice?
Kaeten > i demand to win the nobel prize in fyics or whatever
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