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<Theo> my goal is to be in maui in 5 years from now...with my hair in a pony tail down to my arse with a tatoo on me arm that says "I luv me mom!"
Ganks > a few days ago someone said that pretty soon pern will look at a belt and the astroids will turn themselves into minerals and fly into stations and sell themsleves
Brian Tier > lol... Pern is the Chuck Norris of the EVE world
Pernicies Reborn > being compaired to chuck norris just made my day
Shae Tiann > old 'toon was cuter :p
Caellach Marellus > With the fuck ugly chin and grumpy face?
Shae Tiann > current 'toon has a definite 'Vince' look :p
Caellach Marellus > Now shae's got a proper pretty boy gallente
Shae Tiann > pf
Caellach Marellus > Vince has the emo lighting and pose
Shae Tiann > Verone's got the 'pretty boy' face
Caellach Marellus > Cael looks like joey from friends
Shae Tiann > Shae's kid brother has the 'prety boy' face
Shae Tiann > who? which one was that?
Caellach Marellus > Matt Le Blanc
Caellach Marellus > "How you doin?"
Shae Tiann > names, names
Shae Tiann > I never watched Friends
Caellach Marellus > He was in Lost in Space, the really crpa movie
Shae Tiann > was he the moronic one?
Caellach Marellus > YES
Caellach Marellus > Wait... they were all morons really
Shae Tiann > I've *heard* Friends episodes while I've been making dinner in my last place
Caellach Marellus > See, Cael looks like that pretty boy moron!
Shae Tiann > . . . you realise this doesn't do Cael any favours, dear
Aisling Chleiti > I am sunburnt to all hell.....well.........torchburnt but it feels like sunburn
Pierre Beavers > what from?
Aisling Chleiti > I was blowing glass for 7 hours and forgot sunscreen
Pierre Beavers > ouch
Pierre Beavers > makin WEED PIPES?
Aisling Chleiti > sadly I can't make those yet :P
Pierre Beavers > bummer
Pierre Beavers > we have one called "Deep Space Nine"
Martyr 01 > afternoon guys
Montolio > Hey
Rover Vitesse > hi bud
Martyr 01 > just wondering....
Martyr 01 > if you're moving at the speed of light....
Martyr 01 > ...and try to make a cup of tea....
Martyr 01 > ....will the kettle ever come to the boil? ;)
Rover Vitesse > well, at the speed of light mass is infinite
Rover Vitesse > soo
Rover Vitesse > take some chocolate biscuits
Martyr 01 > so no then lol
Martyr 01 > lol
Rover Vitesse > (hobnobs are good)
Rover Vitesse > who gives a fuck about your weight??
Martyr 01 > hmm...imagines a hand with infinite mass trying to lift and bite into a hobnob of infinite mass lol
Rover Vitesse > thats pretty far out
Martyr 01 > that's be one poor frustrated soul
Martyr 01 > *that'd
Rover Vitesse > and no cup of tea
Martyr 01 > aye :((
Rover Vitesse > however...consider a Fairy Cake
Martyr 01 > aaah yes
Martyr 01 > ...but at the speed of light that would have infinite gayness ;P
danmman > ok i entered everything and it said the value you entered is too short?
jih chop > She actually <i>SAID </i>That?!
jih chop > dude, that's cold
Odet > im not a whore =(
Odet > i'm a slut im free -_-
Odet > OMGF ahahah
Odet > i just had a lollergasm
Kuolematon > I got menboobs
Richard Aiel > my man boobs can kill yer manboobs
Awateru > I don't want to see let alone think of that fight...
nomadeyes > anyone in a place where drugs can be bought??
nomadeyes > wanting a price check...
Kerushi > yea, holland
Onyxalia La'fiette > roni you changed the name on my cyclone
Ronistar > All I did was add a question mark
Ronistar > Sometimes people hear a song, and think "hmmm that needs more cowbell". Well, sometimes people see a phrase and think "hmmm that needs more punctuation"
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