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DmitryEKT > The Orca no longer applies wrong math when calculating the volume of items it is containing.
DmitryEKT > two + two = five?
Grimpak > for extreme valules of two
jamesw > fuck this is boring
jamesw > i shoulda brought my mic
ZUDD > make your own
ZUDD > get like a tuna can
ZUDD > and something to hold it up[
ZUDD > then get the wires from an old speaker
ZUDD > hack them off
ZUDD > then take the tuna can
ZUDD > shove it up your ass
ZUDD > and grab onto the wires while they are plugged in and stick them to your scrotum
ZUDD > we should be able to hear that
Vmir Gallahasen > Zudd .... I'm at a complete loss of words @.@
Vmir Gallahasen > ...
ZUDD > :/
Vmir Gallahasen > You are a genius :D
Vmir Gallahasen > /emote goes to get a tuna can
ZUDD > holy shit i think i just heard altai
Vincent Rainbow > i am uber against noob ships
Vincent Rainbow > think i have only lost against them twice
Captain Da > Yo mamma's so fat cloaked caps instalock her
Captain Da > Yo mamma's so fat she takes a half hour to align.
g0ggalor > ur mom is so fat, she needs a cyno field just to go to the bathroom
Captain Da > Yo mamma's so fat they don't let her into highsec
Mantric Roscart > She gets stuck in warpgates?
Captain Da > Yo mamma's so fat she can structure tank.
Ellio Starkiller > Your mammas so slow, when she turns on micro-warpdrive she only goes 0.30 ms.
Captain Da > Yo mamma's so fat she collapses wormholes
Jabula > so big her gravitational field bends light?
Captain Da > Yo mamma's so fat pod pilots make humorous comments about her weight problem.
Davlos > /emote breaks out his guitar and sings
Davlos > I like Gallente
Davlos > I like Gallente
Davlos > They only come up to your knees
Davlos > Yet they're always friendly, and ready to please.
Stitcher > are you sure that song isn't about CCP Guard?
Torquemanda Corteaz > jesus lads
Torquemanda Corteaz > you making a exodus back to empire?
Holden Jaff > nope, just picking up more beer.
Torquemanda Corteaz > man i want to go to one of your parties :)
Kelthal > Avast ye dogs, there be no Scum in local, Scour the Seven regions for Target's! or ill have yee hides !
<Alaz> for a sec i was worried i couldn't catch up with Ultra's gang
<Alaz> then i realised they were escorting a freighter
<RobertDobbs> HAHAH
Velocitor > similar yet different
Colwyn Amicus > lol
Velocitor > not to mention MY char looks like he is going to blow his nose....
Velocitor > this guy is so mean.... he dont even carry a hankie
Jimraven > hahaha
Gretau Ophidius > got that from the "bondage woman", at least that's what we call her
Teela Belwynn > oh you do do you?
Gretau Ophidius > some people sell roses in bars.. but one night a woman came in with a table full of bondage and discipline gear
Rhumble > *raises eyes*
Celeb'loki > lol
Ggrimreaper > different
Rhumble > *remembers not to be surprised*
Gretau Ophidius > she came up behind me and used the paddle on me.. stroke stroke stroke.. SMACK!
Gretau Ophidius > and I said I GOTTA HAVE THAT!
Celeb'loki > lol
Rhumble > but not in public mum :(
Gretau Ophidius > a friend who was with me kept hitting on her, she wasn't interested, but that wasn't stopping him
Gretau Ophidius > so she asked him to buy her a drink.. then handcuffed him to the bar :)
Gretau Ophidius > putting him out of commission for a while
Teela Belwynn > heheh
Gretau Ophidius > she finally let him go when he was about to wet himself
Celeb'loki > rofl
Ggrimreaper > creul but bloody funny
Gretau Ophidius > was a fun night :)
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