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Giselle Starshifter > Hello
Steve Bennett > hello.. you applied to join Ship Removal Company?
Giselle Starshifter > yes
Giselle Starshifter > What is the corporation for?
Steve Bennett > we do a bit of everything, but have strongest long-term interest in pvp
Giselle Starshifter > How well do you think a cruiser would do?
Giselle Starshifter > I get a battleship in about two days
Steve Bennett > well, all ships have their purpose...
Giselle Starshifter > I have a Moa
Giselle Starshifter > If I am able to join, I can provide new pilots with ships, and U can provide ISK
Steve Bennett > you're a builder?
Giselle Starshifter > what? no. well.sort of
Steve Bennett > you say you can provide ships?.. how so?
Giselle Starshifter > If a pilot needs a ship, I can get one for him
Steve Bennett > ? in a way that they couldn't get it for themselves?
Giselle Starshifter > If they didn't have enough isk to get it themselves
Steve Bennett > did you say you are a veteran player?
Giselle Starshifter > yes, on another account
Giselle Starshifter > this is a new account for me
Steve Bennett > what happened with the other account?... still playing it?
Giselle Starshifter > it got cancelled by CCP and I cant acces it
Giselle Starshifter > I have no idea what happened
Giselle Starshifter > I had a capital ship too, and I was working on titan and I was SO CLOSE!!!!
Giselle Starshifter > just 1 more month and I could have built a titan
Steve Bennett > what character was it?
Giselle Starshifter > It's been so long I cant remember
Steve Bennett > wow, so you were almost trained for titan?
Giselle Starshifter > I think it was erased somehow
Giselle Starshifter > yup. I worked for GoonFleet
Steve Bennett > just the skills to fly the ship, or did you also have Flux Cannon trained up?
Giselle Starshifter > everything I needed
Giselle Starshifter > I was building it
Giselle Starshifter > then my account somehow went missing
Steve Bennett > well, you need Flux Cannon Operation at Level 5 to fit a Flux Cannon, and it takes like 1.5 months to train just that
Giselle Starshifter > yup
Steve Bennett > man, that sucks that the account just dissappeared
Giselle Starshifter > yeah..... I quit playing for a year
Giselle Starshifter > now I start ALL OVER again at cruiser
Steve Bennett > so were you with goonfleet during their war against the Vorlon Alliance?
Giselle Starshifter > yup
Steve Bennett > wow, you must have been in some good fights during that
Giselle Starshifter > then I upgraded to GoonSwarm when I almost had the titan
Giselle Starshifter > yeah
Giselle Starshifter > one of my friends flew a titan and had it destroyed on the first flight
Giselle Starshifter > I loled, but then I was reprimanded because it took a year to make lol
Steve Bennett > ouch, that sucks.. how much isk did you have on your old account?
Giselle Starshifter > around 3bil
Giselle Starshifter > whats your current ship?
Giselle Starshifter > atm I have 5mil isk
Steve Bennett > Well, I have one of the new Behemoths.. the ships past titans... cost 300b to build
Giselle Starshifter > ...........!!!! WOW
Steve Bennett > but i usually fly the Tech 2 velators in normal flying
Giselle Starshifter > ah, how long did it take you to build your behemoth?
Steve Bennett > it took about 6 months, with the blueprint researched to the level it was
Giselle Starshifter > damn
Giselle Starshifter > so, can I join the corp?
Steve Bennett > it was nailbiting, as the Combine were bearing down on us.. we were worried they'd take out our shipyards
Steve Bennett > I mean.. you must have fought them during your time in goonfleet
Giselle Starshifter > yes and it was built right when they got there?
Steve Bennett > no, they started attacking our space a few months into the build
Giselle Starshifter > ah, and you guys were probably gong nuts
Steve Bennett > did you face the Combine by themselves, or did they bring the Cylonian Federation with them too?
Giselle Starshifter > they werent powerful enough when we fought them
Giselle Starshifter > so they fought alone
Steve Bennett > ahh, not too bad then
Giselle Starshifter > being an eve vet is nice
Giselle Starshifter > brings back memories
Giselle Starshifter > lol guess what?
Steve Bennett > what?
Giselle Starshifter > I just aplied for GoonFleet, and told them I was a veteran of the corp, and I even named my old character, and they REJECTED ME!!!!!
Giselle Starshifter > so Im MAD at them
Steve Bennett > wow, that is bizarre
Steve Bennett > i imagine you really want to get back at them
Steve Bennett > well, we are at war with them
Giselle Starshifter > I know
Giselle Starshifter > So, with cordial humbleness, I Giselle Starshifter, ask to incorporated into your honorable corporation.
Giselle Starshifter > good, I hope I kick a few off the charts
Steve Bennett > totally
Giselle Starshifter > lol
Giselle Starshifter > AM I IN!!!!????
Steve Bennett > well, in order to join.. i need you to go to our PVP HQ (assuming you want into our PVP wing)
Giselle Starshifter > k, where is that?
Steve Bennett > to do that, you need to go to 49-U and dock at the station there, once there, convo me and I can accept your app
Steve Bennett > (you can right click that system and Set Destination)
Giselle Starshifter > holy crap 35 jumps away lol
Steve Bennett > ouch, well, better get movin
Giselle Starshifter > but ok
Giselle Starshifter > I am equiped for this so I will pm you once there
Steve Bennett > yes, there may be danger on the way, so i hope your ship is well armed
Giselle Starshifter > artillery, autocannons, missiles, emc, what could go worng? lol
Steve Bennett > that should do nicely
Giselle Starshifter > but then again, there is a 5.0 security system on the way
Giselle Starshifter > so I might die, but who cares
Steve Bennett > you've got artillery and autocannons on your moa? that is the best fit for it, well done
Steve Bennett > I guess you are a veteran :)
Giselle Starshifter > 2 shield boosters, target painters, jammers, and hull upgrades and a capacitor battery
Steve Bennett > very nice
Giselle Starshifter > ty
Giselle Starshifter > whoah this system is weird
Steve Bennett > anyway... it'll take you a while to get there, and I'm a bit busy right now..
Steve Bennett > so PM me when you arrive docked, and I'll complete your application
Giselle Starshifter > so cya later
Giselle Starshifter > k
Steve Bennett > yup, good luck
Giselle Starshifter > err..Yes. SIr!!!!!
doom5673 > if i make it out of cloud ring
doom5673 > and bakc into low sec
doom5673 > i can go to pure blind
doom5673 > or
doom5673 > i can continue on into assilot
Jellygoop > Gonna go in through the backdoor? :0
doom5673 > :O Things may get dirty
doom5673 > Ill approach the rear flank in full force
Scott Merrill > ok come on i just came back again and this is what i read
Jellygoop > lol, you need to pay attention Scott
doom5673 > If i slide in carefully i should go unoticed
«+ saurOn » hrhr, just found a evol mining can
«+ imp » unsecure?
«+ Arthur » it's secured by the 20bs in system ;)
* Coupo`RAR unzips
* Coupo`RAR warps to Dobbs at 0km
laseraces > naw i can see your pile of balls, just not my own :)
Vanillilililliilliliilin > yep there we go, can see you now
Updyke > i want a pile of gallente balls!
NightmareX > the closest you can get to a Gallente balls is a Thorax :)
El Covah > did you read my post on e-o forum =?
Oortog > I'm purposly avoiding all forums.... TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE SEEN BSG BEFORE ME!
Oortog > I have 5.5 hours before I get to see it... so .... SHHHH!!!!
Mr Stargate > battlestargalatica?
Oortog > aye
Mr Stargate > hmm..... i wonder if we should spill some teasers about what happend
Oortog > And EVERYONE is talking about this last EP on EVERY FORUM I GO TO!
Oortog > so.. SHHHH!!!
Mr Stargate > hahah
Oortog > Zip it!
Mr Stargate > yah, it was probably the best one ever
Mr Stargate > /emote zips
Oortog > Thats what I hear.. and several GROWN MEN have told me to have a box of kleenex near when its on....
Mr Stargate > omg
Mr Stargate > omg omg .. i wasnt the only one .. rofl
Mr Stargate > i was to ashamed to admit that..lol
Oortog > See
Oortog > bought the good tripple-ply stuff for tonight
Mr Stargate > lol
DeathGrip > so should we mention that all the civillian ships are destroyed? and that they have no food or water?
Oortog > I'm loggin now.. TY DG
DeathGrip > lol
DeathGrip > i didnt tell you 90% of everyone is killed
mazzilliu > i am a nice nice miner
not a mindless mining machine
if i am to change this image
i must first change myself
roids are friends not food
Meatay Pickle > this game...
Meatay Pickle > never dull
Meatay Pickle > but always boring
Cerryh > why does everyone keep saying i'm a sociopath?
Wraeththu > we get a free soda whenever we use words bigger than 6 letters
Cerryh > WHAT? and no one told me?
Wraeththu > you don't know the secret sign
Wraeththu > /emote does his hardass hand sign
Atandros > yeah
Atandros > The Jade Constantine Act
Cerryh > /emote is so annoyed about the fact that no one told her that she breaks wraeththu's fingers
Atandros > rewarding the inordinately common usage of sesqupedalian words
Atandros > /emote gets his sodas.
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