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Tatsue Nuko > Yes?
sapcegirl > i am a pirate, u can gang with me for a bit and have some fun or i will destroy you
sapcegirl > what is your response
Tatsue Nuko > Hmm... Let's see... We're in 0.9 security rating space...
Tristan Acoma > When you're down by the sea and an eel bites your knee
Tristan Acoma > That's a Moray
Galaxier > whats with all the concord?
Tristan Acoma > donut ship jumped through a moment ago
<Cippalippus> Delve is complicated. I killed people. Maimed people. Smuggled people. Perhaps, in liberty city, things will be different...
Hayokiro > mac's are like being in a relationship with the perfect woman but she only does perfect handjobs
Yal XianKun > love the first line of the bio hobo
SpaceHobo Bobbo > I love ripping things off ;)
Yal XianKun > try my underwear with your teeth
ZAKARIUS > all out of vaseline im afraid
Amlea Maliki > ive got 2 tubs ^_^
Amlea Maliki > not that i use it for that :P
ZAKARIUS > yeah yeah
ZAKARIUS > i bet u love it up the jita
Roryleigh > i cant believe your ignoring us T...we only rape people we like ya know
Tycser > I know, im TRYING to do some school work here, between the rapes
Roryleigh > LMAO
Taya Dentano > /emote moans
dodgy242 > work it does not *does yoda*
Raptornas > Maybe
Raptornas > You did yoda?
Raptornas > How was he?
dodgy242 > a bit short
Umit Davala > hairy and green he was
dodgy242 > could only get half in
Gehen Sealbreaker > I had some cats. But frankly sometimes I wish I could have one without the digestive features. And the litterbox coming with it.
Aracturus > your forgetting the mess
Aracturus > Agreed, gehen
Lallara Zhuul > if you have greens for them, they dont do the chucking up on the floor bit at all
Lallara Zhuul > they sometimes do the skid marks all over the place thing though
Yuki Li > that's hardly an improvement
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