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Eagle Extravaganza > What did you and the housekeeper do that makes your ass hurt?
Darth Jagon > that was a loud one
Anura Mai > Thai boxing workout.
Eagle Extravaganza > I mean, I could understand your chest, arms, legs, etc.
Anura Mai > lots and lots of lunges etc.
Eagle Extravaganza > See that hole your in?
Eagle Extravaganza > You just dug it deeper.
Eagle Extravaganza > Would be worse if you said thrusts.
Darth Jagon > told you, mei you need wheelchair access for housekeeping!
Anura Mai > It was all perefectly innocent and I refuse to be dragged into your depraved take on it :P
Eagle Extravaganza > Well, were you jumping ass first into concrete slabs?
Anura Mai > no thats wednesdays.
DeltaTeam: I wonder how they plan to win this without using supercaps
Rashi_Nerha: with courage
DeltaTeam: How many fighter bombers can courage deploy??
Khellias> Sign You Play EVE Too Much #23500: Sitting in a restaraunt with a laptop and scratch pad so you can figure out what ores are most profitable in a system.
Khellias> Not that I'm guilty of this or anything...
* Khellias adjust the gold-painted doughnut serving as his halo.
Egoblast > he got poped last night
Hoobie Bajoobie > they put a mitre on his head?
Egoblast > no, we made him holy
Saradin > Snotty beamed be twice yesterday.
Saradin > It was wonderful.
Ranathon > Nothing better than a good beaming...
* Ranathon gets a dreamy look
Saradin > I don't know about you, but "up Scotty" is the last place I
want to be beamed.
Ranathon > sounds REALLY unhygienic
Saradin > Indeed. :D
Promon Delnai > Ummmm
Promon Delnai > I just self destructed my pod, but a wreck just appeared and another pod came out
Promon Delnai > ffs
Test Ctrl > pwnt
ActiveX > rofl
ActiveX > I just instaed to a gate
ActiveX > And couldnt see it
ActiveX > I spun the camera around and around for like 5 minutes
ActiveX > petitioned for stuck
ActiveX > and then he told me to look up
ActiveX > :(
PredatorPT > rofl
Zephirz > hahaha
ActiveX > oh man, do I ever feel like a moron
BlackHawk177 > wtf... why do I have named wcs's in my hangar
Trey Azagthoth > lol
* Trey Azagthoth removes Blackhawk's roles
Safrax2 > I have a confession to make..
Aeakos > . . .
Lhyda Souljacker > we love you despite your sexual orientation ?
Safrax2 > I just played the sims 2 and enjoyed it up until the point where the house caught on fire.
BH Aratoxi > Yes, but I'm doing someone
BH Aratoxi > something**
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