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Zenst > hi martin, sorry missed trade ealier, sure it was highly ammusing
Martin Mckenna > :)
Martin Mckenna > im giving everything away and quiting
Shaka Zulu > how come
Martin Mckenna > becuase i fell off a cliff and lost my arms.....so its hard to play....i need someone typing and firing on my command
Shaka Zulu > ah sorry man you ok.....
Martin Mckenna > yea im fine.....my head is getting amputated aswell next week...im not looking forward to that
Shaka Zulu > damn thats gona hurt.....well i wish you luck with that....jumping
Louella Dougans > faction war is weird sometimes. there were 6 wt once in a system, and I said "boo!" in local, and then 4 of them left
SuperNova221 > Ohh nvm, just said on MSN he'd b... there he is.
SuperNova221 > Better'd stop talking about his sex life with homeless men.
SuperNova221 > Hey Curse, how's it going?
CursedEagle79 > so I was on morrowind, and there was this homeless man....
Titan Uranus > i just say a bright flash and my ship turned into an egg - did i just level up?
Jak Brimmstoen > yes. now go to 0.0 space and hatch it.
V1ad > hey guys, how awful excatly are minamtar capital ships
Par'Gellen > i know they look awful
Rodar Kandel > last time i was in one, somebody had routed a coolant line to the toilets
V1ad > i think they look amazing
V1ad > the Hel is beautiful
Par'Gellen > that thing looks like an old barn
Rodar Kandel > it looks like it should be salvaged
Par'Gellen > or condemned
Severus Valens > vote for me for CSM
Severus Valens > my campaign promises are to hack everyones accounts, take your shit, and send an email to you bragging about it
Achim Braun > the email sold me
TrouserDeagle > I'm sure my geddon will still be teh uberpwn.
Olixia Castitatis > What I don't get, TD, is why you put yourself in the position of the underdog.
Olixia Castitatis > do you <i>like </i>being nerfed?
Olixia Castitatis > Is it some wierd fetish of yours?
Kelron Queldine > it turns him on
TrouserDeagle > Yes.
Olixia Castitatis > and, most importantly, does this mean you want to be spanked by Gallente women?
TrouserDeagle > Damn, I said yes. Now I can't say I don't do the dominatrix thing.
Olixia Castitatis > owned.
Olixia Castitatis > /emote spanks TrouserDeagle
Vernn Miller > something like: "they said I`ll be making tons of isk but all I got was just pvp"
<Karmae> that is... most embarrising thing ever... happened today
<BlackRain> Enlighten us!
<Karmae> ok...
<Karmae> uno momento por favor
<Fred0> the world is listening karm
<Karmae> I'm working shifts on this ship, noon to midnight
<Karmae> so we are heading back into norway today
<Karmae> and we leave the worksite about 10am...
<Karmae> I get on shift and nothing to do
<Karmae> so watch a film blah blah decide to go for a nap in the afternoon
<Karmae> my back-to-back on the opposite shift is sharing the same cabin
<Karmae> I sneak back into the room
<BlackRain> dont tell me...
<Karmae> jump into my bunk and crash out for about an hour
<BlackRain> ah, nvm
<Karmae> anyhoo
<Karmae> about an hour later I'm half woken by him getting up for a shit
<Karmae> (he hasn't realised I'm crashed out in my bunk)
<Karmae> then he comes back and decides to put on some porn and have a sherman-tank on the couch in the cabin
<BlackRain> lol
<Fred0> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
<Karmae> so whilst I'm trying to get back to sleep I hear 'Phhhtphttphtttphttphtttphtt' as he's knocking one off
<BlackRain> and you watched it through with a smile on your face
<Karmae> he had headphones on whilst he was watching the porn so my polite coughs didnæt put him off his stroke (so to speak)
<BlackRain> well, you gotta have that hifi sound
<Karmae> aye it makes the difference
<Karmae> anyhoo once he was spent, I thought fuck this I can't sleep now
<Osy> so you joined him on the couch ?
<Karmae> so I fucked off to our office and pissed myself laughing telling the story to our boss onboard
<Karmae> the story has now gone all round the ship
<Osy> amagad, nasty
<Fred0> whops, awkward?
<Karmae> cause our 'responsible' boss thought it was too damn funny
<Karmae> poor bastard is getting a hard time from everyone now
<Karmae> I said to him earlier I'd give him a game of ping-pong but his wrist would be fucked nwo
exozone > you are all witness to the biggest f***up in eve history, damn my tractor beam, just torped my domi can :S
Aquinitus Scipii > LMAO
Souzzandrah > ROFL!!!!!
Oortog > OUCH
Souzzandrah > hahahahahaa
Nwyvret > OMG!!
Aquinitus Scipii > did it survive the torp?
Nwyvret > no
exozone > nope :S
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