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* Abvrasious has 350k ISK
Kael Brahe > and there'll be tier-3 BSs
* Kael Brahe has 802k ISK
* Namielus has 21M
* Abvrasious knows a Pirate (-10.0)
who was 575M
Kael Brahe > that doesn't count
Namielus > I hope to earn much much more soon
Kael Brahe > it's like comparing penises, saying that you "know a guy with this HUGE penis" isn't the same as saying that you have a HUGE penis, and makes people wonder about you
Ceti > spent two weeks in my industrial ship fucked out of my mind on mindflood. i thought i was a planet at one stage. when i came out of it i realised i had been orbiting a sentry gun for nearly two weeks
Kraaken > Xrazorx helps himself to other peoples jetcans beware
xRazoRx > i dont have a WC in my frigate ye know
Ryuki > yeah. u and what mothership?
Deadeye Dave > My Retribution transforms into a mothership
Deadeye Dave > Ofcourse
Irias Salo > lol
Irias Salo > thats no spaceship
Irias Salo > thats a transformer
Deadeye Dave > It also transforms into a kettle
Ezekielh > .
aiiaiiaii > .
MrShooter > ..
Azia Burgi > whats this? the annual morse coders meeting?
Zaphod Beeblebrock > amox if you loose a raven in a 1v1 im gonna smack your dick with a ruler ok?
Naphtalia > They think that if they are top of the killboard they can suddenly start smacktalking OOC and not be kicked becuase the CEO has no balls
Naphtalia > what they don't get is.... that the CEO wants to be top of the kllboard and the higher you are the more likely you get kicked... mooohoahahaha
Gheimhreadh > AHA! Found it.
Caellach Marellus > Jesus?
Gheimhreadh > Yeah, found that too. Anyone want asticky, and slightly used Jesus?
Repentence Tyrathlion > ...slightly used?
Repentence Tyrathlion > PASS.
Repentence Tyrathlion > /emote hides under a rock
Gheimhreadh > Its an antique....
Caellach Marellus > What's with the holes in it/
Gheimhreadh > Got it that way. Some italian left it out in the rain, hanging on a stick.
Draiden Njera > My current plan is to spend a couple weeks relearning the game... and building my funds back up. By then, I'll know what direction I want to go.
Norrin Ellis > You want to be a charitable man providing neutral war relief.
Draiden Njera > I am a charitable man
Draiden Njera > I happily distribute my ammunition supply without a though of what is in it for myself
Norrin Ellis > I guess that makes me Santa Claus, with a drone bay full of happy little elves, spreading holiday cheer to all they encounter.
RESPAWN AGAIN > except i keep blowing my loads on new ships
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