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Theo Samaritan > Scotty the docking manager is too obese to reach the panel right now. You must wait 30 seconds for his fat rolls to gain enough momentum to swing him into the docking release.
2005.11.26 11:33:02 notify You have started trying to warp scramble the Rookie ship, "Garamar [HOO]'Garamar's Ibis'(Ibis)".


Atandros > Di...did...did you have stabs on that ibis...?
Garamar > :)
Atandros > .
Bad'Boy > WTS Kusan Niemenen's Missile Launcher @ 50m:D
Hellspawn01 > WTF!?
Bad'Boy > :D
Hellspawn01 > i think thats the most useless item I ever saw besides oveur buzzing around a gate
Bad'Boy > lol
Bellicose > ^^
Sir Kerry > well i ran enough to get 2 storylines for lev 3 and didnt get a +7 inplant offer
Shadow XII > Keep runnin 'em
Sir Kerry > really
Kyrall > you were expecting a +7 offer???
Shadow XII > I got one :D
Shadow XII > Post-patch bug
Sir Kerry > k ill run 1 more set
Shadow XII > I've petitioned it but no answer
Shadow XII > Plus I already plugged it
Kyrall > thought you already had a full set of +7s?
Shadow XII > Had.
Shadow XII > Had to get podded to clear my bounty
ShadowFox148 > how big was your bounty?
Moochkin > lol what bounty did you have?
Shadow XII > 13m
Moochkin > could have let me kill you :P
Shadow XII > The podding was gonna happen sooner or later :p
Shadow XII > The both times I've been podded I requested it
Kyrall > so you let yourself get podded with a full set of +7 implants to clear a 13m bounty?
Shadow XII > Yep.
Iracham > the english language is a back alley mugger waiting for other languages to happen by and then it smacks them in the face with a 2 by 4 and steals their vocabulary
MrShooter > Drone carriers are also fun to use in missions. You can launch some drones and attack the npcs and pretty much walk away from the computer
MrShooter > when you get back everything will be dead
MrShooter > including possibly your drones and your ship
MrShooter > I don't know where i was going with that
Golakka > does the pope shit in the woods?
Riesia > Yes and wipes his bum on an athiest when he is finished
<Nyuu> what is this life?
<Nyuu> I've heard of it..
<Nyuu> seems boring :/
<Kurenin> its what catches up to you when you spend $75 a month for your 5 eve accounts.
Zeph1rus> £10 says keiron didn't write that post. It's reasoned and well written, and lacking in frothing bitterness.
%[IA]Morpheus> I was standing behind Kieron when he wrote it, Zeph.
Zeph1rus> :(
Fungus Amongus > eh, who needs ammo anyway
AKA KillSwitch > LOL shooooting blanks wil get you nowhare
Fungus Amongus > thats what she said
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