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Condor - Xyli, I'd love to have you keep me warm
* Condor - snuggles Xyli
Xyliana - hehe
Condor - of course YOU'RE the cold one.
Condor - so perhaps it'll me likely be me keeping YOU warm
Xyliana - I hate cold weather
Xod - I heard she farts in her sleep
Condor - which I also have no problem with
Condor - wow, the timing was not so good there
Condor - HAH!
Xyliana - Xod I hate you
Xod - I hate me too
Condor - I fart in my awake, so i think it balances out.
Xyliana - you on this personal mision to make sure I never date again :P
Tancred > i have a 6mnth baby asleep in one arm
Danks > awww how cute
Tancred > snoring like a train
Tancred > or a structure repairer
Zathraas > why do AMarr always have to have the biggest dicks???
Omber Zombie > they don't they have big ships to compensate
petergriffen > that's why I fly small ships
Omber Zombie > to match?
petergriffen > that go really really REALLY fast
petergriffen > yes
petergriffen > my sex life - small and fast
Viper ShizzIe > I scammed some isk farmer fuck
Viper ShizzIe > out of 750
Viper ShizzIe > by offering him BoB standings =/
Levin Cavil > lawl
Levin Cavil > well i work in retail irl
Levin Cavil > so talking people into doing shit they shouldnt comes naturally to me
Varaxian > -9.9 with a 1,050,000.00 bounty? I think you're the pirate yo. ;p
Vampire Blade > i just protect veldspar from miners ;O
fc on coms : Align planet I
Bud Tooper > I went to planet II once.
Bud Tooper > it was awful.
ralphie crom > is there some glitch with opening cargo containers that anyone else is having?
ralphie crom > oh, its just the vodka, nevermind
Faeltagen > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI Ty's Favorite Song
Kofoburu > damn it
Kofoburu > >.>
Augin Soric > if its a rickroll im gonna have to kill a bitch
Nacha > lol
Kofoburu > Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up3
Augin Soric > FUCKING
Augin Soric > FUCK
Kofoburu > :p
Faeltagen > ROFL @ U
Kofoburu > hey augin
aoife calyx > dont you go dissing slick rick.. i know his family :)
Augin Soric > god damnit
<+Asestorian> That reminds me, I have a job
<+Asestorian> ...
<+Asestorian> hmm
<+Asestorian> welp
Shae Tiann > old 'toon was cuter :p
Caellach Marellus > With the fuck ugly chin and grumpy face?
Shae Tiann > current 'toon has a definite 'Vince' look :p
Caellach Marellus > Now shae's got a proper pretty boy gallente
Shae Tiann > pf
Caellach Marellus > Vince has the emo lighting and pose
Shae Tiann > Verone's got the 'pretty boy' face
Caellach Marellus > Cael looks like joey from friends
Shae Tiann > Shae's kid brother has the 'prety boy' face
Shae Tiann > who? which one was that?
Caellach Marellus > Matt Le Blanc
Caellach Marellus > "How you doin?"
Shae Tiann > names, names
Shae Tiann > I never watched Friends
Caellach Marellus > He was in Lost in Space, the really crpa movie
Shae Tiann > was he the moronic one?
Caellach Marellus > YES
Caellach Marellus > Wait... they were all morons really
Shae Tiann > I've *heard* Friends episodes while I've been making dinner in my last place
Caellach Marellus > See, Cael looks like that pretty boy moron!
Shae Tiann > . . . you realise this doesn't do Cael any favours, dear
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