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(@Superbeast) errr guys
(@Superbeast) i just logged on in JU-
(@Superbeast) why is there 74 in local
(@Superbeast) and like 3 friendlys
(@Faramir) i think u r not in JU-
@Superbeast) oh wait
(@Superbeast) nevermind
(@Superbeast) lol
• @Faramir pets Superbeast
(@Superbeast) im in torrinos
(@jamesbaker) rofl
• @Superbeast cries
Galazar > did u just say u missed me?
Your momma > he misses your c**k in his anus
Galazar > lol
Simeon Antrates > on this one occaision gal i will admit it
deceptionkiller > I thought penis envy was a WOW thing
S106idan > haven't you seen a titan before?

MrLeap > and just today I gave a newb money to buy a destroyer
MrLeap > and I told him that I sprayed his face with my hot sticky isk stream
MrLeap > and he said he felt violated
Wrayeth > And I try to get my ass to bed by 11 since it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep.
Wintz > Thats the sign that you haven't exhausted yourself enough with internet spaceships
Wintz > I believe the cure is obvious
Wrayeth > Yeah, but where am I going to find a hooker and a rubber chicken at this time of night?
SomeoneNotToMessWith > good thing i'm color blind... or at least that's what i claim when i shoot a blue >.>
Damien Arcuri > doesn't matter if you get no bounties and no good drone compounds. there are no BS in wildcat
Max Payne > only cougars?
Heyte > hey guys how do you poop out medium cargo containers rather then plain cargo containers
Val Parallax > eat lots of bran
Taryon > think hj just stays here to teach new players how to use block
(@Talon`dor|Work) rofl.. was looking through a work webpage and saw "05 Jun 23 | YZ Update" and I'm thinking 'wtf, who's giving an update on YZ-?!
• @Talon`dor|Work seriously needs to take a break from Eve if he's seeing YellowZone (YZ) as a system name.
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