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Vaden Khale > The Tornado looks like someone ripped the sail off the tempest and added guns to it.
Tan mie > morning
Sard Caid > Hey.
Tan mie > I am dying who wants my stuff?
Sard Caid > o/
Tan mie > I wouldn't come near tho I think it will be a messy end
Sard Caid > kk
Tan mie > however you can haz my stuffs when the time comes
Sard Caid > just contract stuff kthx
Tan mie > kk
Sard Caid > kkthx
Tan mie > /emote feels loved in a warm fuzzy kind of way
Tan mie > but that could just be the pain meds
Sard Caid > Prob
Victorious Xotzalci > can I get a cheap PLEX in amarr?
Victorious Xotzalci > i am looking for one under the normal price
Anagami Perigee > aren't we all
Little Chubby > Your grasp of economics is about as sound as Michael J. Fox holding a coke can.
<Blackhorizon> fix is getting desperate, offering me isk for [06:34:49] ***** > POS layout and possibly up to date fleet movements and critical targets
<Gomez_Chou> BH, they're offering you isk for something they could easily get themselves?
<Gomez_Chou> pos layout takes a couple of button presses. up to date fleet movements just
<Levin> Gomez_Chou
<Levin> its fix
<Levin> they are on the ??? step of 1) defend querious 2) ??? and 3) profit
Shadow XII > God, grant me the serenity to...aw, &%$@ it. Just give me the strength to bury these corpses. And a shovel. Pain in the ass...
Tristam Izumi > Calling a procurer a pile of shit would be insulting shit.
Ecatherina W > What's the name of the thing we RFed in 49? TCU? Ihub? something structure thingy
Spatterjay Hoop > heh i dont even try to keep up any more
Wensley > which time around?
Spatterjay Hoop > we shot a thing
Spatterjay Hoop > it is good
<@HellGremlin> Wow, some of these fuckers were in action from age 14...
<@HellGremlin> That's gotta suck.
<Karash|Work> damn
<Karash|Work> back when war was war
<@HellGremlin> 2007 14 year old: Mommy, what do I get for my birthday?
<@HellGremlin> Mommy: An Xbox 360!
<@HellGremlin> 1914 14 year old: Mommy, what do I get for my birthday?
<@HellGremlin> Mommy: TRENCH WARFARE.
Wild Rho > dont log onto ts, verone keeps mentioning penisisisiisis
Wild Rho > its scary
* Niaski Zalani logs into ts and starts masterbating
Niaski Zalani > ahhhhh
Wild Rho > lovely
Verone > lol
<[AmericanHero]> lets all become ccp QA people and start the Qality Alliance
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