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Steamrunner > It's christmas day and I'm playing eve. worse than that I'm in Jita. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!
Verone > ffs
Verone > i just dropped vindaloo all over my keyboard
ParMizaN > lmao
Verone > i'm typing with pieces of chicken
Daeva Vios > my friends ask me why I play EVE and I tell them, the people are so much more mature
Veraziel Severaque > Well, player maturity is proportional to the distance from trading hubs.
Edoo > faction frigs aren't that special.. just look a bit different
Togusai > eddo i have a penisus faction frig
Togusai > but its in my pants
Sirlene Akaro > how do you get those faction ships
Togusai > mission whore for a long time
Edoo > your penis is a frigate? interesting
Sirlene Akaro > lol
Togusai > yep it pwns
Sirlene Akaro > small and fast
Lu Yan > there is no i in team.
Lu Yan > However, there is one in survival. there also is a U if u hurry your ass up.
Lilgator > dad look at corp
Verwoester > i am not your father
Verwoester > stop calling me that
Aaronjin > wait....tell me more about the german chocolate cake...what's in it? besides efficiency and chocolate?
Jesus Troll > Better engineering
Waci > You don't fap while missioning
Waci > You're supposed to save that for large fleet ops
Tareen Kashaar > I sucked, but I'll live
Tareen Kashaar > and don't quote that out of context
Discrodia > my Enyo has a bigger lance than my Ishkur
Discrodia > random CCP nerf of Ishkur is random
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