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* Aztek is away -( zZz )- at 05:53a -( P:On / L:On )-
* Jedi-Evensen-Solem drops a pin
(Aztek): aaaaaaa... mom, i had this terrible dream, someone DROPPED A PIN !!!
Saphire Taz > oh well......afk for a sex
Saphire Taz > er sec
PingKiller > have a quick one :P
Moghwai > tbh i consider myself a carebear
Moghwai > so that would make you a pirate
Moghwai > and you have to poop yourself for agressing me then :-)
Biggus Tankus > moggy moggy moggy, with the rate you go thru pests all I have to do is rename my ship to Gist warlord and then watch you blow up in protest 8p
Moghwai > :-(
Moghwai > got me on this one
Butcher Rabbit > I lubs Dominion...but not as much as Phi, my rifter
Miss Emopants > lol
Butcher Rabbit > Emo, will you conduct the ceremony for when I marry Phi?
SocomTedd > lol
Miss Emopants > lol sure.
Butcher Rabbit > woot
Butcher Rabbit > I figure Jan 17 is a nice date
Miss Emopants > lol
SocomTedd > we are gathered here today to join together Butcher Rabbit and Phi in holy matrimony.Who gives this woman in marriage to this man?Marriage was originated by God. Our thinking on the subject has its basis in the divine revelation we call
SocomTedd > the Bible.
Butcher Rabbit > lol
SocomTedd > so let us now read from God's word, the Bible.
Miss Emopants > are we marrying in the amarr fashion?
SocomTedd > Then God said, ' Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness
SocomTedd > let them have dominion
Miss Emopants > do we need to slaughter some slaves for the occassion?
SocomTedd > over all earth
SocomTedd > so God created man in his own image
SocomTedd > in the image of God He created him
SocomTedd > male and female
SocomTedd > he created them
Butcher Rabbit > why not Emo? We'll combine Minnie and Amarr wedding styles
SocomTedd > Amarr and Minnie wedding styles?
SocomTedd > ok
SocomTedd > So God created salvage
Butcher Rabbit > yeah...Slaughter slaves, minnies toasting and crying for their dead
SocomTedd > and with salvage man created minmatar ships
SocomTedd > God blessed the salvage and God said to them
SocomTedd > Be fruitful and miltiply
SocomTedd > fill the earth and subdue it
SocomTedd > have dominion
SocomTedd > and the Lord God said
SocomTedd > it is not good that man should be alone
SocomTedd > i will make him a helper comparable to him
Butcher Rabbit > lol
Miss Emopants > lmfao
Butcher Rabbit > Do you think 200 crates of Duct Tape as a dowry is sufficient?
SocomTedd > Butcher Rabbit
Miss Emopants > lmfao
Butcher Rabbit > yes?
SocomTedd > after hearing the admonition of scripture, do you Butcher Rabbit, now take this
SocomTedd > wats its name again?
SocomTedd > Phi?
Butcher Rabbit > Phi, yes
SocomTedd > do you Butcher Rabbit, now take this Phi, whose salvage you hold, to be your Ship, and do you solemnly promise
SocomTedd > before God and these witnesses, that you will love and honor Phi according to the instruction of God's Word.
SocomTedd > and that forsaking all others for Phi alone
SocomTedd > you will be faifful to Phi so long as you both shall live?
Butcher Rabbit > I do so swear
Miss Emopants > ahahaha
SocomTedd > Miss emo
SocomTedd > may i hae the rings please
Miss Emopants > lmfao
Miss Emopants > /emote hands over rings.
SocomTedd > As a token that you will faifully perform these vows, you will now exchange rings.
SocomTedd > tjhe ring is an endless circle
SocomTedd > a symbol of the covenant you are making here today
SocomTedd > (sounds like halo now)
Butcher Rabbit > lmfao
SocomTedd > Butcher Rabbit, as you place the ring on Phi's finger say
SocomTedd > As i place this ring on your finger, i pledge myself to you, i am yous
SocomTedd > yours*
Butcher Rabbit > /emote places the ring on Phi's...finger we'll call it, and says
Butcher Rabbit > As I place this ring on your finger, I pledge Myself to You. I am Yours.
SocomTedd > you may light your unity candle now as a symbol of your new union.
Butcher Rabbit > /emote lights the unity candle, using a cable from Phi's turret control system
Miss Emopants > lol
SocomTedd > Now that you, Butcher Rabbit and Phi, have agreed together to enter the holy state of marriage, before God, and these witnesses of your vow, i therefore, by virtue of authority vested in me as a minister of the gospel, pronounce oyu husband and wife,
SocomTedd > one together in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ./
Butcher Rabbit > /emote duct tapes the cable back in place with gold duct tape
SocomTedd > What God has joined together, let no one divide.
SocomTedd > and now may the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in this new relationship forevermore.
SocomTedd > ladies and gentlemen, please bow your heads for prayer
SocomTedd > Lord God, i ask you to crown this union and their descendants
Miss Emopants > /emote bows her head and folds her hands.
SocomTedd > with all temporal and spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus
SocomTedd > that they may be a blessing in this world of people
SocomTedd > you love
SocomTedd > Amen
SocomTedd > Ladies and gentlemen, i present Mr and Mrs. Rabbit
SocomTedd > you may kiss the bride
SocomTedd > or bridge
SocomTedd > salvage?
Miss Emopants > /emote cheers??
Butcher Rabbit > /emote kisses Phi's pod connection, and ignores the minor eletrical jolt
SocomTedd > you know
SocomTedd > i missed about half of it out
SocomTedd > lol
Butcher Rabbit > Okay, can someone check my bio and tell me if my wedding announcement shows
SocomTedd > at the start
Miss Emopants > you know
Butcher Rabbit > I know Socom, but that was still well done
SocomTedd > ye
Miss Emopants > that was possibly the strangest thing in eve i have ever witnessed.
Butcher Rabbit > lol
SocomTedd > lol
Miss Emopants > how the hell does socom know how to hold a wedding ceremony? lol
Jacob Etienne > i love how the terminator movies present an analogy of the tier/t2 system in EVE
Jacob Etienne > first movie - bad guy has a tier one terminator, good guy has tier one human with leet skills - good wins
Jacob Etienne > second - bad guy has tier 2 terminator, good guy has tier one terminator with leet skills, good guy wins
Promon Delnai > only in eve
Promon Delnai > T2 equipment = good skills
Jacob Etienne > third, - bad guy has tech 2 terminator, good guy has tier one terminator, who smartbombs the bad guy to death - good guy wins
Jacob Etienne > i = clevar.
Promon Delnai > never saw the third one
Promon Delnai > heard it was crap
Jacob Etienne > it was
Jacob Etienne > it was/is
Jacob Etienne > its true though
Promon Delnai > but your analogy doesnt work
Promon Delnai > because having T2 gear = having good skills, to use the T2 gear
Jacob Etienne > first one, bad guy brings terminator - basically a tough human.. second one, bad guy brings uber terminator which can make stabby weapons... third one, bad guy brings a terminator that can shoot things and make guns
Jacob Etienne > i said tier 2
Jacob Etienne > not tech II
Jacob Etienne > as in raven = tier II caldari BS
Jacob Etienne > its like in the first one, they brought a scorp back in time
Jacob Etienne > who got pwnt by a ferox with t2 gear
Promon Delnai > to fight a ferox
Jacob Etienne > second one, they brought back a raven, who got pwnt by a scorp
Jacob Etienne > third, they brought back a carrier
Jacob Etienne > who got pwnt by a smartbomb scorp
Promon Delnai > i wouldnt want to smartbomb a carreir to death
Promon Delnai > tahtd be tedious
Jacob Etienne > ok, the analogy breaks down there
Jacob Etienne > maybe a HAC instead of a carrier
Gubster > wheres the best place to sell silicon? i have about 20k of the stuff :)
Kuolematon > Try some hollywood plastic surgery clinic
Gubster > lol thats what they said in help channel
Putrid Flesh > droppin caps on ur asses
raghalina > any particular letter or just random?
Rhoads07 > can you buy prostitutes off the market?
Lt Omnidan > yes
Sue Thamel > Welcome to EVE!
Kazuma Ry > Yep, if I go to prison and I drop the soup, I will become a stinky person, since I won't pick it up
Norrin Ellis > The soup?
Arion Iscallion > to see the new hot cgi vid CCP made, hold down the control key and type quaffe
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