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PKlavins > yea sure ben...*enters belt, sees triple malakim spawn* *KA-FRIGGIN'BLOOIE* *spawn is gone, cant rat for another hour while doomsday recharges*
Bentuzii > ROFL
PKlavins > not to mention it will probably cost you more to recharge the thing with ice minerals than the isk u get from the bounty :P
Bentuzii > if i could find a chimera for sale i'd rat in that
CCP Soundwave > I can see the server room from here, and nothing seems to be on fire.
CCP Soundwave > it's probably just a new feature
Vangogg > where can i loan money??
Squ1rr31z > from any nearby asteroid belt
Vangogg > who do i speak to there?
Rust Rider > Mr Veldspar and miss Pyroxers
Squ1rr31z > mr veldspar, use your miner 1 to intimidate him
Vangogg > what do you mean to use my minor to intimedate him?
Rust Rider > Rofl
Shinori > can we eat in RA space?
Shinori > i mean RAT
Rothschildia cinctan > every convo rejected god kills a kitten that is not nice
Shadow XII > /emote turns on auto-reject *
Durakken > i went to a private christian middle school
Caleb Or > explains alot
zombu2 > The Clown War Is Coming .. HONK HONK BITCH
kroniksenvy > imready
zombu2 > for the honking or the war ... you know we gonna be needing armys of ppl that honk all the time
zombu2 > so ask yourself .... are you a honky?
Mark Syrus > lol
kroniksenvy > i honk causeim horny
zombu2 > so you are a honky? if yes i need to know so we can add you to the honky list
kroniksenvy > mos def
zombu2 > great
zombu2 > lemme just add you to the honky list
zombu2 > woudl you like to leave a comment on why you feel you are a honky?
zombu2 > i can put that in the comment table on my exel sheet
zombu2 > hello?
Twista55 > man i used to sleep with women
om rootingking > did they ever notice?
TeRedrum > WHAT SKILL IS NEEDED to increase your capabilities of having more than 1 gang member
<Ivanstreptovsky> Sticking a thumb tack into a thick scar has a very odd sensation
<Aramisii> ...
<Aramisii> You need to work on your friend skills bud
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