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SpiderPig > *sigh* Doc's such a fscking moron
SpiderPig > We've spent all week repairing his sec status and then he goes and blows it cause hes a fucking killmail whore
Roemy Schneider > first rule of market manipulation club:
Roemy Schneider > talk A LOT about market manipulation club
Shadow XII > You can have mine for 100m, but you have to come get it.
Zouga > where?
Shadow XII > Ukkalen
Zouga > thats 32 jumps
Shadow XII > Which saves you 20+mil


Zouga > put the hulk in and accept trade plz
Zouga > wtf? whyd you cancel
Shadow XII > I lied. No Hulk for you. Enjoy your 32 jumps home.
Blood Runner > Sarah are u mining here?
Rudolfus > yes
Blood Runner > ?
Rudolfus > oh you said Sarah
Rudolfus > i thought you said Satan
Koronakesh > it's like my ship is farting a raindbow
Dougalar > not at work today veen
Dougalar > np tnx
Prattack Veen > yes
Prattack Veen > I'm my clone
Prattack Veen > I pitty the poor sod who had to go to work instead
Dougalar > lol i could do with a bot to send to work
Prattack Veen > heh, you just need a pod malfunction
Prattack Veen > mine went off like an airbag
Prattack Veen > scared the bejeezus out of me
Dougalar > lol
Prattack Veen > next thing I know, some other bugger's going around calling himself Prattack Veen
Prattack Veen > had to make sure he paid his way
Prattack Veen > he works, I play
Dougalar > but you and a clone at the same time u luck devil
Prattack Veen > yeah
Prattack Veen > except the gf prefers the clone
Prattack Veen > he shaves more often
Prattack Veen > or something
Dougalar > lol
Prattack Veen > I invested in earplugs
Dougalar > you should get a spare of her
Prattack Veen > lol
Dougalar > now that could be fun
Prattack Veen > why? I'm just waiting on my Britney clone gestating! :-)
Prattack Veen > then THAT will be fun!
Edun > LOL
Dougalar > lmao
Bruno Bonner > and worked in a mining op where i was hauling mercoxit, my cargo was around 20mill per run to the refinery :P
Tareen Kashaar > dude
Tareen Kashaar > that's just sick
Bruno Bonner > hehe indeed
Remedios Sonrisa > ok, stop with the 'make me drool' talks, BB
Bruno Bonner > oh well remedios, i paid a high personal price to do all that
Tareen Kashaar > what was that?
Tareen Kashaar > sleep?
Ritaker > Sold his virginity for a load of Mercoxit
Remedios Sonrisa > at least it was mercoxit, and not some cheap beer d:
Arachidamia > without a cloak you are naked to scanners
Neu Bastian > and they might post your picture on the internet
PsychoFluff > i run my ts through my stereo so my neighbours think i have friends
Faraboot > lets go Arkantous
Faraboot > undick..
Arkantous > i guess ill just have to train to fly a moros or something
Faraboot > lol
Suzie Suitcase > haha drop and give me 50 corpie!
Faraboot > undock*
Arkantous > i refuse to undick!
Faraboot > lol
Arkantous > lol
Vilencia > hahahah
Faraboot > this goes to omgrawr :)
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