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BlackHawk177 > wtf... why do I have named wcs's in my hangar
Trey Azagthoth > lol
* Trey Azagthoth removes Blackhawk's roles
<DJ_Damage> ty <4
<DJ_Cake> i less than four you too
Skillz > I hope you all get banned
<Moe> o/
* Moe was kicked by Millis (Change your nick)
* Moe has joined #evol
<Moe> :(
* Millis was kicked by jamesbaker (change your life)
Aramis Black > i have GW, WC, and Scalding ass
Aramis Black > *pass
Khazorath > Scalding ass sounds better
Abassis > hahaha
Abassis > damnit, I was eating when I read that
<Levin> artpad is the atom bomb of internet communication
Leonthoric > I'm not french, I'm from canada , not france ...
Murphy > there's a difference?
NSA Octav > u'r half french right??
Leonthoric > quebecers drink, swear and sing ... the french just surrender alot
NSA Octav > lol
KSUDruid > LOL
Leonthoric > :d
morpheus shemmel > hehe
NSA Octav > there should be an in-game french comunity
NSA Octav > all declare war on them,let's see if they surrender
KSUDruid > lmao
<raynor> was the enslavers titan taken down?
<Snowman> yes raynor
<Pallantre> Snowman: what?
<raynor> in battle?
<Snowman> he selfdestructed though so nobody could get the mail
<raynor> or logoff
<Pallantre> Snowman: you're kidding.
<Snowman> maybe
<Pallantre> you're fucking shitting me
<Pallantre> wait, people
<Pallantre> please explain
<Pallantre> theenslaver lost his avatar?
<Pallantre> i thought that was a joke
<Snowman> I got you two so good
Zaara Doondur > FRIEND OF NOS, CVA, ISS, -LV- ASCN, BOB and Stacy's Mom
Zaara Doondur > can this be?
00tricky > no
00tricky > stacy's mom is a bitch
Sera Elizabeth > that sounds like what a pirate would say :-)
redio gya > im not pirate
gya > ask me a question a pirate would ask
Mazzic Karde > why is the rum gone
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