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Tumbar > yeah i've been playing for a month....i should probably be on level 2 by now
<Jera> That came out with Shiva?
<Jera> That went live?
<Kayosoni> ...
<Kayosoni> carebear stuff
<Jera> No.
<Jera> Well, okay, i'll concede that point to you Kayosoni, if you concede your a drooling idiot.
<Kayosoni> I'm a drooling idiot
<Kayosoni> now concede my point
<Jera> Point conceded to the idiot.
<Jera> For the rest of the intelligent community.
<Jera> Other people like Kayosoni are thinking there are no implants on the market becaues they are... drooling idiots...
<Jera> So they've upped prices.
<DemonicAura> how do i find my sql host?
<Bob_Niac> ?
<Bob_Niac> is it not on your server?
* Veritech runs
<Bob_Niac> LMAO
<DemonicAura> huh?
<Bob_Niac> yeah, loopback ALWAYS works
<Bob_Niac> haha
<Bob_Niac> sorry, DemonicAura, old joke
<DemonicAura> well i didnt get it <.<
<DemonicAura> and ty veritech
<Bob_Niac> non
<Bob_Niac> err nono
<Bob_Niac> is YOUR computer
<Bob_Niac> it is the local IP assigned by your OS
<DemonicAura> well it worked o.o;
<Bob_Niac> or at least, te default one
<DemonicAura> it found the right version and the password/username was accepted
<Bob_Niac> meh
* Veritech restrains himself
<Veritech> too funny
Kyp13 > so....
Kyp13 > i'm going to be stuck at a house with a bunch of sophomore girls this friday...and some star wars movies...
Batmonkey > If you start complaining, I will personally hunt you down and murder you.
Kashkavien > my advice, forget the movies
Kyp13 > that's the whole reason everyone is coming though
Kyp13 > either i have a fan club...or they actually want to watch star wars
Batmonkey > They want to activate your light saber.
Kashkavien > feel the force etc
* MrBlades is distraught
* Hollbeck comforts blades
* Galazar hugs Mrblades
* MrBlades is comfortably aroused
<MrBlades> Urghh
<Galazar> ....
<MrBlades> Gal ... you totally stole my fucking thunder
<+Levin> Best regards,
<+Levin> [GM]NoValue
<+Levin> ¬_¬
<+Levin> is that some kind of sick joke?
Sakura Nihil > By the way, wanna buy your loot back?
Eht namrezzY > not after your dirty baby-eating pirate hands have touched my modules
DeeeBo > o/
Tisme Umid > o/
jih chop > Peoples!
jih chop > Peoples am heres!
jih chop > YAY!
jih chop > also. o/
DeeeBo > hello
jih chop > hi!
jih chop > ok guys
jih chop > I have a serious problem that I need your help/advice with
Tisme Umid > i`m listernibg
Tisme Umid > listerning*
jih chop > I have 2 bisuits left, but only enough gravy for one
jih chop > *biscuits
jih chop > and by biscuit I mean of course, BISCUIT! not a friggin cookie!
Tisme Umid > " The American Language" = Like English only wrong
DeeeBo > nope, we just made it better =)
jih chop > the English language, archaic and obsolete, the american language, evolved to perfection
jih chop > an example:
jih chop > the guy who cuts you off in traffic: asshole
Tisme Umid > Unfortuanatly the word is spelt ARSE
Tisme Umid > always was always will
Tisme Umid > :P
jih chop > the politician who just raised your taxes so his brother's-in-law construction company can build you county/territory/area a new bridge it doesn't need: asshole
jih chop > the present, former, and future president: asshole
jih chop > etc etc etc
jih chop > but not you folks
Tisme Umid > lol
jih chop > you have tosser
jih chop > wanker
jih chop > git
jih chop > limey
jih chop > chav
Tisme Umid > yank
jih chop > ROFL ROFL ROFL
DeeeBo > so what's a yankee?
jih chop > well done
pouskitchour > i think i will do a petition for this lag
Bobby Dazzler > i think you'd have more success knitting fog
tekscru > PL developing a sense of superiority over goons, it’s like a muscled slightly less retarded retard pushing around a full retard to impress the hot retard girl.
tekscru > You all play internet spaceships dewds
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