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Araceli Gabriela > 1vs1?
Alysia Starfire > 1vs10?
Araceli Gabriela > no thanks
<Mansku> i used an old insta to a gatespot that only had sentrys and billboard left
<Mansku> and there was a can named "nigga stole my stargate"
Jarel Moor > who the hll put Cruise missles in my drake
Komi Toran > Probably a Raven...
Johnster > my girl is teasing me over the phone about having sex in the rain
Rilewedge > have fun
Johnster > gotta drive like 60 miles though
Daytrader > So in 2 hours 3 minutes you can be back playing eve
Andain > lol
Eden Maurgen > hour there hour back
Nelson > :)

Kondorssonsson > soft orca, warm orca, little ball of trit', happy orca, sleepy orca, pew pew pew
Theo Samaritan > Ultimately it doesn't matter
Theo Samaritan > What matters in EVE is a ratio of "craps given" vs "craps made"
Theo Samaritan > I lost a 40m isk frigate a couple days ago.
Theo Samaritan > But that frigate killed 220m of crap
Theo Samaritan > Thus
Theo Samaritan > I have a positive crap ratio.
holymeloncrusader: Minmatar is easy.. Strap rocket to ass. Tape uzi to forehead. Light rocket and scream while firing.
Kas Riel > amarr guns look sexy
Rimhawk > I prefer women
JimmyRay>to the breadshop!
Jocke> and beyond!
-> -#evol- if u wanna were sucking orids in pahsanananshhsnahsnahi
<StevieTops> what's an orid
<wizzard66> big balls of nimerals
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