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ReaperOfSly > hmm just popped a bantam
ReaperOfSly > in lowsec
ReaperOfSly > selfish noob :p
ReaperOfSly > sitting there while i acquired lock on his pod
ReaperOfSly > can i still go to 0.6 with -4 sec status?
ReaperOfSly > come on reaper, just stop pirating
ReaperOfSly > just stop
ReaperOfSly > stop
ReaperOfSly > stop
ReaperOfSly > argh
ReaperOfSly > a vexor
Shikaku > /emote slaps Reaper
ReaperOfSly > now i'm gonna have to go over there and pop it
Shikaku > snap out of it man!
ReaperOfSly > I CAN'T STOP!!!!
Shikaku > oh yeah pop that badboi!
ReaperOfSly > oh thank god his pod got away
<[GM]Xhagen> Can I be a Superwoman too?
Davion Vrynn > fine work
Davion Vrynn > Now we can get this ultra-important cargo from this base back to the agent
Davion Vrynn > Quafe Ultra...
Recusor > ...
Davion Vrynn > that's right, we went through all that to acquire some damn gallente frufru drink
Antares Herric > Damn those Gallente
Antares Herric > and their need for high fructose
elephantman62 > Dude, we're surrounded!
Wattimena > Excellent. We can attack in any direction!
Raist DB > reaper OMS gate in heyd
Val Erian > a reaper
Val Erian > can you solo it?
Val Erian > or you need the entire militia?
Aryial > you might as well take what you can and leave
Cygnus Zhada > I'm quite happy making my own decisions, thank you
Aryial > lol
Aryial > can i take my ore back?
Aryial > i'll pay you
Cygnus Zhada > you could take your ore back but I don't want payment
Cygnus Zhada > realise though that it is now my ore
Cygnus Zhada > and I'll defend my assets
Aryial > no.....
Aryial > i mined it
Aryial > it's mine
Cygnus Zhada > the ore is in a can labeled with my name, hence it is mine
Aryial > but you didn't EARN it!
Cygnus Zhada > that's such a subjective idea. i have it therefore I probably earned it
Aryial > well i put more effort into getting it
Cygnus Zhada > then you only put in half the effort, and clearly not enough.
Aryial > half? how do you measure that?
Cygnus Zhada > asset accumulation is only half the battle, so to speak
Aryial > oh
Aryial > but can you use the asset?
Cygnus Zhada > how is that important? An asset is just that, regardless of how or why
Cygnus Zhada > if you trade in a ship you can't fly, does that change anything?
Aryial > well i can turn it into a ship
Aryial > you're just gonna sell it
Cygnus Zhada > that's the owner's perogative to be honest
Cygnus Zhada > I get to decide what I do with my assets, and so do you
Aryial > so i can decide even though you claim it to be yours?
Cygnus Zhada > nono
Cygnus Zhada > you decided that you'd throw your assets out the airlock, undefended
Cygnus Zhada > I chose to pick up some assets I found
Cygnus Zhada > which therefore are now mine
Aryial > i could just take them back
Cygnus Zhada > ofcourse you could, that's one of the choices you have
Cygnus Zhada > nothing is stopping you from taking ore that you wrongfully think is yours
Aryial > oh i know it's mine
Aryial > well actually....
Aryial > it's not mine
Aryial > nor is that punisher really yours
Cygnus Zhada > unless you bring in all kinds of meta stuff, this punisher is mine as I own it
Aryial > you don't own it at all
Aryial > CCP owns it. you're just renting the service
Cygnus Zhada > if you're pointing at CCP ownership etc, that's the meta stuff I pointed at
Aryial > yeah, so our arguement over who owns the ore is moot and you should jsut let me have it
Cygnus Zhada > disregarding that and trying to play the game as is, as the ore is in my can I am the official and undisputed owner
Aryial > you're not red anymore
Cygnus Zhada > nope
Cygnus Zhada > I'm now a mellow yellow
Aryial > that's cool
Cygnus Zhada > I think it's time to blow up my can
Aryial > no!
Cygnus Zhada > why not?
Aryial > cause i mined that ore!
Cygnus Zhada > that's a technicality, besides you can't prove that
Aryial > even if everyone in the belt says i mined it?
Aryial > well then i guess you could say that i was lying
Cygnus Zhada > not that perse
Cygnus Zhada > but it's impossible to prove
Cygnus Zhada > even more as the can has my name on it
Aryial > but the can you took from me had my name on it
Cygnus Zhada > can you prove that?
Aryial > you just took from ME again!
Cygnus Zhada > it seems I found some stuff I was capable of picking up, so I did
Cygnus Zhada > it's now in my can
Aryial > grrrr
Freddy Kuger > Does anyone out there have any doubt that trinity will be the best thing since sliced bread? Nah, didn't think so

Delta3000 > Depends if the bread is easy to slice, and whether or not it crumbles in your hands. Just because it looks good trough the cellophane doesn't mean it's gonna be great out of it.
Counterfeit > i se a faded sign at the side of the gate that says 15 clicks to the .....RAT ZONE!
Counterfeit > rat zone baby, yeah!
Counterfeit > i got me a ship its as big as a whale and im heading on down to the rat zone
Counterfeit > i got me a ship, it fits many torps, so hurry up and bring your cruise missiles!
Counterfeit > the RAT ZONE is a little old place where ..we can kill some scum!
Counterfeit > la de da
Bryg Philomena > I'm looking for faggots to join my corp? Are you a faggot?
ThE AthEiiSt > his corp sucks dont join
A wiseman > he kinda made that clear
Alinutza > what u guys need me in?
Vashter > gang? what? where? how?
Tolin Dorden > tights
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