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Omigir: When in doubt, look at porn.
1 hr before Trinity comes out:

Lou Cypher > pwn3d
latnuolas > WHY!!!
Iatnuolas > oh thats nice
Iatnuolas > of them
Lou Cypher > lol
Raychel Lanaux > Nope - w-space is just like 0.0 "free for all" pvp
Qui'Gon Ginn > WH are 0.0, so its do what thou wilt :-)
Selene Le'Cotiere > I want Concord in my hole dangit...
Kozawa > O.o
Kozawa > that sounded wrong
Selene Le'Cotiere > what?
georgia2 > this game takes a lot of patients
Shran'izzle > yeah people get hurt a lot
NightHaunter > I guess i must have been cought in california
NightHaunter > just a slap on the wrist for drug trafficing
NightHaunter > they would have spaced my badger and podded me if i was in texas...
EVE System > caldicott was muted by Yuki Li., Effective until 2006.08.10 19:04:43, Reason: "ADD is a bannable offense".
Draven Xanatos > How does Moarkus Drayson practice safe sex?
Draven Xanatos > He spray paints an x on the backs of sheep that kick.
Mizhara Del'thul > Ever hear of the southern Norwegian that came up north to study us <northern norwegians>?
Mizhara Del'thul > He lived with us for six months, studying our ways and so on.
Mizhara Del'thul > So at around the six month mark, he kind of nervously sidled up to me and asked all casual like about women.
Mizhara Del'thul > "Oh, they're waiting at the coast for us to bring the meat. They're cleaning clothes at the only water that's not frozen at the moment, the sea."
Mizhara Del'thul > So he asked... how we handled life without women.
Mizhara Del'thul > "ooooh" I said, winking and nudging him to make sure he knew I understood. "Oh, we just go take one of the reindeer, you know." "What?!" he said. "It's true... but if you don't believe me, enjoy "ms right", man."
Mizhara Del'thul > Another month passes, he asks again, gets the same reply.
Mizhara Del'thul > After three more months, he finally goes "Okay, but you better not be joking, you asshole". I encourage him and he goes for the reindeer.
Mizhara Del'thul > As he finally slips off his pants and slips into something more comfortable... I of course start laughing hard.
Mizhara Del'thul > He pulls out, turns around in a fury. "I told you not to joke with me!". "Oh, I didn't..." I said.
Mizhara Del'thul > But for fuck's sake, you chose Simla. The ugliest fucking reindeer in the country.
The Slayer > Ive been "shooting" "posses" all night too
The Slayer > where shooting = chatting up
The Slayer > and posses = women
The Slayer > didnt get to take the dread out of the hanger tho :(
Panta Rei > so you didn't get to go into siege then slayer?
The Slayer > no
The Slayer > tbh in this state im not sure I could achieve siege mode
The Fate > there are rats in gates sometimes
The Fate > we were camping them
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