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[Nadar] morat, I use both guns and missiles
[OV|Morat|wk] you need a webber and target painter then
[Nadar] ffs.. CCP fucked up this time :(
[OV|Morat|wk] no
[OV|Morat|wk] CCP stopped the raven being the swiss army knife of noob PvE rapeage
Tina Silf > docking irl issue... brb
Onyxalia La'fiette > is that eve for im gonna go bang my gf?
(on forums)
Evejunkie> LOL those have to be the smallest screen shot pics I've ever seen..are you a midget? :)
Recusor > 2 weeks ago i went to france and belgium to see soem old battlefields. on the way back someone tried to bring a souvenir grenade on the plane
Recusor > it didnt go over too well
Par'Gellen > what about a fleet of the chars "My Ship", "Me 1st", "The Hulk", and "The Stargate"
Par'Gellen > could you imagine the confusion in the opposing fleet?
Par'Gellen > FC - "Primary is My Ship! Secondary is The Stargate!"
Mtthias Clemi > you dont condone piracy?
Exelsior > no...
Exelsior > well
Exelsior > eve piracy
Exelsior > normal piracy like 'yarr!' in boats s good
T'Amber > my cock is hard talking about all that clicking. brb
stormwell > Budd, you've still got that director thing to sort out
Buddhabytes > don't worry was thinking about that few mins ago
stormwell > kk
Buddhabytes > will look at how to go about this weekend but not tonight - drinking and making decisions not great idea
Nicklaus VanRijjn > true nuff
stormwell > fair dues
Nicklaus VanRijjn > a description of what needed tho?
Buddhabytes > i'll draw somthing up
Nicklaus VanRijjn > ie duties and responsibilitiesw
Nicklaus VanRijjn > kk
Buddhabytes > well theres taking out the trash every thursday, cleaing mu cargo holds every week and picking up the chinese take away for all my crews on friday :P
stormwell > heh
Nicklaus VanRijjn > yer on. Stormy :)
Nicklaus VanRijjn > and remember to bring yer own beer :)
Buddhabytes > oh yes
Nicklaus VanRijjn > hahahahaha
Buddhabytes > get ya CV's handy
stormwell > will do....but I drink cider :P
Buddhabytes > not bothered open to all kinds of booze bribes
stormwell > lol
stormwell > I wished RL employers were like that "buy us a couple of pints and the job's yours!"
stormwell > makes job hunting so much easier
Sirwiz9 > have ya ever tried? :)
Buddhabytes > I would suggest wearing a low cut top but I don't think it would work with you
stormwell > never had teh chance to
stormwell > no, it wouldn't......my hairy chest tends to put peeps off
NasChoka > I have drones
Morgyrum > me too
NasChoka > real ones. not hamsters ducktaped to fireworks
Azia Burgi > wtf?
Azia Burgi > that sounds suspiciously like the CCP design ethic....
Navek Krone > ooooo do spawns dissappear cos they just did !!!
Jack Folstam > yup
MASTERZULU > yup they warp out
Jack Folstam > i've had them dissapear while i've warp scrambled them :(
Jack Folstam > ... hence my corp title
MASTERZULU > simple, they are stab whores lol
Navek Krone > i didnt know that !
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