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Meatshovel > teach me pvp
Meatshovel > :)
Meatshovel > i want to be able to cloak and jam
Judas II > are you referring to the Falcon?
Meatshovel > whats a falcon
Judas II > it cloaks and jams
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I got that mission again
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I also start my new job monday
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I'm gonna be an underware model for womens ware
ShadowWalker Nivlac > on the way home I robbed a bank
ShadowWalker Nivlac > starting my herion habit as we chat
ShadowWalker Nivlac > I'll be back in a sec....gonna burn the neighbors house down
ShadowWalker Nivlac > thats better....the heat will save me money on the elec bill and I'll have a clear view now
ShadowWalker Nivlac > herion is too harsh...but this crack is good
Danquin > OMG you are soooooo getting omgrawr'd for that
Magic Trev > ok well im off to buy everything in the local offliscence
Magic Trev > catch you fags later .o/
Laocoon > ??????????
Laocoon > like hell could you get served lol
Magic Trev > trev is teh pwn
Magic Trev > course i can
Laocoon > . . .
Magic Trev > ok ok my mums comeing with me
Magic Trev > happy?
(Galazar) some cock show me
(Galazar) then set his cspa charge to 100mil
(&MrBlades) Gal!
(Galazar) *shot
(Galazar) SHOT
(&MrBlades) Oh
(Galazar) true typo
(Greme) lmao
(Minsc) are the palms an erogenous zone on a woman?
(&RinnyWee) o_O
(&RinnyWee) (Minsc) are the palms an erogenous zone on a woman?
(&RinnyWee) perhaps when we slap you
(holyone) lol
(&RinnyWee) that's kinda kinky
(+DJHorus|On-Air) rofl
(Mundungus) lol
(Minsc) for me or them? >:D
(&RinnyWee) all and sundry
(Minsc) well, ok, she must have been a one off then, nevermind
Shangpo > I find it awesome when I hear crying babies in the background in fleet ops... Makes me realize that I am with a dedicated FC saying, screw you baby.... eve is more important
yeticakes > rick will never A. give you up B. let you down C. run around. or D. all of the above
Pushtan > lmfao
Pushtan > fucken rawred
Pyrosoft > I could get used to this fleet warp business
Pyrosoft > just need to get the squad commander to lock and fire for us now too
Blind Philip > fucking router
Lacelotte > i wouldnt do that phil
Lacelotte > it will void your warrenty
Iiro Yeke > even with the century guns help, you fail.
Hayzo > Sentry.
Kijan Darkblade > Those ol 100 year guns....vicious
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