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<@NTRabbit> j0sephine wants HG's e-wang
<@HellGremlin> I'm just amazed she knew how to collapse the broken-down wangorithm into the singular master-wang.
<Cinnander> possibly used wtfhax
<@NTRabbit> or she is in fact levin in disguise
<@NTRabbit> a well known professor in wang mathematics
<@NTRabbit> with a speciality in multiple wang theory
<@NTRabbit> ¬_¬
<GeromeDoutrande> ¬_¬
Tarminic > I think that calling that a "valid" solution is a stretch so extreme it warps space-time.
<ichi> i need more ram
<skilzrulz> get a boyfriend then
<ichi> ...
Jacob Etienne > thing is, in hurricane territory you can go looting
Jacob Etienne > cant loot in volcano territory
Jacob Etienne > because its all fucking roasted to ash
Ebon Ju > Jacob you're a true pirate
Meikathon > That's not a compliment.
Jacob Etienne > with luck, the body of a fat businessman with a large wallet lands on your front lawn
Ebon Ju > yes it is
Meikathon > Robbing isn't.
Dionin > Jake I hate to break it to you but the cargo scam doesn't work IRL :P
Jacob Etienne > i could make it work!
Ebon Ju > Yes it does
Jacob Etienne > you take something from a shop
Jacob Etienne > then when the guy chases after you
Jacob Etienne > you say, sorry, take it back
Jacob Etienne > then when he takes it back, you batter him senseless and take it anyway
Pilk > Amarr: I max out cap skills, because just firing my guns uses up half of my (huge) capacitor.
Minmatar: I max out cap skills, because even though my guns use zero cap, that's still a significant fraction of my capacitor.
Sasami Jurai > could anyone loan me 100000 isk,
just lost my ship tryin to buy a new one
Sasami Jurai > please, can anyone help
Sasami Jurai > well fine i guess ill just quit
Henry Fredyericus > darn..you got the gallente cruiser at level 5 already ?
Bartop > yes, I trained it when I was away on a job last year
Bartop > It's nice like that, none of the boring wait; just set training, go away to the sun for a few weeks and come back to completed skills
Henry Fredyericus > yeah :)
Bartop > of course it does mean training wifey to change skills at the right time, but thats not too hars
Bartop > hard
Henry Fredyericus > marriage command at level 3
Henry Fredyericus > atleast
Bartop > lol, maybe 2 ;~}
Henry Fredyericus > heh heh depends on the targets sensor strenght :)
Henry Fredyericus > I still have 29 days left for the cruiser
Bartop > it's a matter of keeping the faction standing fairly high, must keep doing the wife missions, that way you can spend the lp on nights in the pub and skill changeing
Six Alpha > nope.... I have SOME suicidal tendencies, but not that much. I have advanced smack talk resistance to level 5 ^^
Natas Liah > marc you're noir what else can i say
Natas Liah > you scare the living crap out of ppl
Marc Isabel > I live the noir. spirit dude. Only drink black coffee. Only try to joke in a dark manner.
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