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cad says:
im on my mobile
Korona says:
get out of bed
cad says:
the only eve i can launch here is evemon for android
Korona says:
oh well
I'll have to just be satisfied with vicariously being in bed with you via your android
......that sounds odd out loud
<HellGremlin> Okay, ask yourself this
<HellGremlin> If I had a cocaine dildo
<HellGremlin> What makes you think I'd share
<HellGremlin> :|
Cygnet Lythanea > Longest run was 75 jumps
Cygnet Lythanea > Took a detour to Amarr (Oris) and back
Notnow James > Pull a nose hair at every jump. Then the trip is the least of your problems :-)
<Wrangler> http://boners.com/grub/792030.html <--is this near you as well? if so, gimme address plz
Mang0o > pat come and fight me with your 2heavy drone dominix
Mang0o > ^^
Cmdr Patrick > you need drones 5 to use heavy drones u ass
SamuraiTsumo > you're all incompetent morons, as of now i am our supreme leader
Black Pete > ...funny, i've never had a supreme leader that lived in his mom's basement before
SamuraiTsumo > its an attic asshole
Verizana > blobbin is 4tw?
Ared Mosinel > running like scolded dog ftw?
Ared Mosinel > 3vs 4? supports?
Ben Hump > smacker
Ared Mosinel > duh?
Ben Hump > smacker
Ben Hump > i dont talk to smackers
Bared Bel'Medar > you just did
Bared Bel'Medar > 3 times
Phasemakaran > my dick is a perpetual motion machine
mr bighelmet > u mean ur dick is a myth that no one ever been able to prove it's existence?
Loci Sabage > I've been eating 8 bean chili since 10am. It's very musical around the house right now.
<Entity> 7yr old niece gave me her old Ken doll. I THINK SHE KNOWS
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