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Hikari Okane > making isk in Jita is like taking candy from forum trolls
Crimsons Storm > Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
Crimsons Storm > Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.
Crimsons Storm > Chuck Norris can squeeze orange juice out of a lemon.
Toppos Dannecopanus > i hear he was banned from EVE after taking down a 10/10 plex in a rifter
<cf'trashguy> he can ban your ip at Layer 3
<cf'ArachV0id> i wonder if bek sicced him at us
<cf'tacopizzaman> hey trash lol///whats layer 3?
<cf'trashguy> Layer 3 of the OSI Model
<cf'tacopizzaman> o ok is it part of irc ?
<cf'ArachV0id> na it's like
<cf'ArachV0id> she's wearing a bra
<cf'ArachV0id> and then above that a shirt
<cf'ArachV0id> and then a sweater
<cf'ArachV0id> so that's the third layer
<cf'tacopizzaman> lolllllllllllllll
<cf'trashguy> kinda reversed
<cf'ArachV0id> the griefgar can stop you from getting through layer 3
<cf'trashguy> the presentation layer would definatley be tits
<cf'ArachV0id> the sweater
<cf'tacopizzaman> lol exactly
<%cougem> this is excellent
Rmage Gemmell > big bs gang in oinasiken
Rmage Gemmell > squids
Rmage Gemmell > going for nisuwa
Rmage Gemmell > aligning to pyne now
Johnny Rook > speaking of which http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3057454/Squid-sex-pic-pervert-jailed.html
Djakku > i wonder how you do that
Herra B > still, photo and that headline for being cought with a photo of that???
Herra B > wouldn't want anyone getting to my midget porn collection
Djakku > i kno right i thought anything goes just as long as it's over the age of consent
Herra B > still, they blast an image of him with his full name
Herra B > like the fucking paper is the executor after the courts have judged him
Djakku > lol
Djakku > init
Johnny Rook > he looks like Sting
Djakku > lol
Herra B > lol was actually thinking that
Djakku > true dat
Johnny Rook > every move you make, every squid you rape, every cod you date, i hope you get on tape, i'll be watching you
Galen Silas > if someone is experienced in dealing with viruses could you log onto vent
Galen Silas > i thin i may have one
Carcusian > does it burn when you urinate?
bfmReciprocity > lol
Galen Silas > hehe
Jahnweh > That would be a bacterial infection
Jahnweh > Not that I'd know anything about that.
Carcusian > yes, but also can be a symptom of viral agents as well
Carcusian > or diseases like cancer
Cal Jericho > does a smart bomb hit ur own drones?
Finraer > Yes
Cal Jericho > not very smart....
Theo Samaritan > The entire recruitment channel is like having several hundred Barry Scott's advertising different products at the same time through the same speaker.
Grinth Fealnon > more about lairds skirts...I mean kilts thats about it
Amberle Rahl > not much, I have no shame, nor boundaries, and only class on a good day
Grinth Fealnon > ...thinks he's definitely not getting any whiskey any time soon
Grinth Fealnon > rofl
Amberle Rahl > it's kind of a skirt
Amberle Rahl > though really more of a creatively-wrapped towel
Amberle Rahl > toga even
Padyn > toga mini
Amberle Rahl > shroom-inspired toga
Laird > /emote smacks head
Grinth Fealnon > speaking as someone who works at a womens clothing store...amberle your not making much of a distinction
Amberle Rahl > well it is!!! no culture on earth that came up with any sort of plaid or tartan or wavy lined cloth did it sober
Grinth Fealnon > ...and in this corner we have Laird...
Laird > He has a point
Grinth Fealnon > lol
Padyn > haggis induced
Grinth Fealnon > have you seen Laird in a kilt... I have and he looks ravis... I mean handsome
Amberle Rahl > no, those ancient scotts/celts would get hopped up until they could fuckin fly
Amberle Rahl > that's why the Romans built the damn wall
Amberle Rahl > "That blue-tattoo stoned ass shit is just too crazy man...let's build a bigassed wall"
Laird > lmao
Laird > Very true
Padyn > if they could fly then the roman wall wouldnt stop em
Grinth Fealnon > P has a pint
Grinth Fealnon > er point
Malindah > he wishes he had a pint :P
Padyn > mmm Guinness
Grinth Fealnon > ...sorry fruedian whip... I mean slip
Amberle Rahl > "Hey the Romans are coming, they're right over that hill!" "Great! Let's get fucking hammered till we can't feel our toes and think the spirits are fighting with us!"
Laird > /emote is cracking up at this end
Malindah > so am I Laird!
Malindah > Amberle's version of history is quite amusing :P
Padyn > more BLUE paint
Laird > Oh man, I think Amb has got us spot on
Padyn > more cowbell
Laird > There had to be something in the blue paint
Grinth Fealnon > I think Amb is jealous
Amberle Rahl > Exactly padyn..
Padyn > think he wear the womens skirts wishing they were kilts?
Laird > Oh man I am hurting now
Grinth Fealnon > most definitely
Grinth Fealnon > walks around in a towel shouting in a horrible scottish accent
Padyn > haggis down ..haggis down
Amberle Rahl > The reason they were so terrifying is that they didn't give a rats ass if they won the fight - each man would pick out one guy they were going to kill - and as long as they killed that one guy, things were dandy
Grinth Fealnon > especially if they were a warhol.....
Malindah > I am going to pee my pants..
Amberle Rahl > can you imagine being a roman archer, like, 5 ranks back in a reserve cohort and see one of those wacko fuckers making his way across a fight RIGHT AT YOU?
Laird > "See that gobshite over their with the fancy helmet, Well i am gonna hammer that bastaird into ra ground!"
Amberle Rahl > "Hey Flabius - is that guy lookin at me?"
Grinth Fealnon > isnt it..."Armor...thats for pansies!"
Amberle Rahl > "I...I think he's lookin at me..."
Padyn > i"in nothing but blue paint"
Padyn > /emote watchesd Mal laugh herself into potties
Laird > /emote decides to make Amberle a honorary Scotsman due to his understanding of the Scottish way of doing things
High Sierra > brb..... possibly as someone else........
High Sierra > maybe even my main
High Sierra > but probably not
Colubra > lol
High Sierra > in fact.............
High Sierra > no
Colubra > cya
High Sierra > but then maybe i might stay
High Sierra > or not
High Sierra > or i could just go
High Sierra > OR
High Sierra > I could go and become emo
High Sierra > and rather than log off, just end myself
High Sierra > wrist
Murukan > high sierra you're rambling!
High Sierra > yuh... blood loss does that
High Sierra > uh... guys? it was across for death down for hospital right?
High Sierra > guys?
Dyden Nemor > Other way round
High Sierra > fuck
High Sierra > afk
DoomBunny > Idiots Guide to Hostile Counting:
1 - 1
2 - 2
Many 3+
Lots - 5+
Craploads - 8+
fuckton - 10+
HOLY SHIT - break out the caps
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