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63.0 cargo units would be required to complete this operation. Destination container only has -4.54747350886e-013 units available.
deani enatimis > shit im taking hits
deani enatimis > it will be one sec while i repair my sheilds
rick taxi > on your ship you don't worry about shields
rick taxi > your shields are mainly ornamental
rick taxi > k
Skelnag > lol
rick taxi > sort of like a padded bra. look pretty but really not useful
Velvet69 > back off mummys boy
Admiral Goberius > :°(
Admiral Goberius > moooom internet people are mean to me
Admiral Goberius > Hello I am gob's mom
Admiral Goberius > stop being nasty to the gobie
Lord's Servant > I know some women who are cock mAnglers. .
link1984 > i mostly know cock teasers
The Stampede > yeah bitches that are like "ill be REAL grateful if you help me with this, or do that for me" right, can i get a dicktickle first?
link1984 > rofl
Leonid Brezhnev > hehe
Micheal Dietrich > "You were a great guy for getting stabbed on my behalf last night"
Micheal Dietrich > Fuck you bitch
Ruzyho-I wonder if ppl who get their dogs everything get them dog porn?
Jax Diggs > spacefacebook is gonna suuuuuuuuck
bromigo > yes it is...it better not log me in...cuz i dont want anyone i know aside from like 3 ppl i know to even be aware that i play this shit
bromigo > ultimate cockblock
Jax Diggs > HA
bromigo > an ultimate robot cockblocking machine sent from hell to ruin my life
wierchas noobhunter > haha and u left system
wierchas noobhunter > /emote to uber and scary
Edith Knighter > dude.. if you want I'll come back in a mo and blow you out of the belt
wierchas noobhunter > why so rude it was just joke lol
wierchas noobhunter > /emote cry and runs awat from lucus
Edith Knighter > because I'm ebil and ruthless
wierchas noobhunter > i feel it
Richard Winters > lol
wierchas noobhunter > he want to come back
wierchas noobhunter > omfg he want it
wierchas noobhunter > !
Richard Winters > u dont want i pop both lol
Edith Knighter > ego returning?
wierchas noobhunter > we are back now
wierchas noobhunter > no must fight
Richard Winters > :D
wierchas noobhunter > noooo
wierchas noobhunter > we kill noobs now
Edith Knighter > about fucking time...
wierchas noobhunter > noooo
wierchas noobhunter > /emote runs few thats was close
wierchas noobhunter > thats was close
wierchas noobhunter > damn i need keep him away till i have isk for gtc
Gungankllr > If you take 30 well trained boxers and put them up against 400 special olympics athletes running at them flailing their arms, eventually the retards win. And so, the ASCN vs. BoB conflict continues. ;P
LilTeapot > Narf I want a gyro
adrake > i want sushi and sake and then thai
Flesh Trader > i want a poney with low morals
LilTeapot > Just as long as the wife is ok with that :P
Flesh Trader > hey hon... its just a poney, remember
LilTeapot > remember pony age of consent is 1 :P
Flesh Trader > lol!
adrake > hehe
Flesh Trader > gimme a poney with low self-esteem any day o the week
adrake > mmmmm donkey/poney show
LilTeapot > FT can I live on your couch, drakes scaring me
Flesh Trader > but where do u slip the $20
adrake > movies dude. its all in the movies
adrake > donkey thong?
Flesh Trader > LOL
Flesh Trader > now THERES a gaming concept n a half!
Scrawt > your avatar looks like my ex, my ex is called alice and her middle name is Eleanor
Scrawt > so i see you, alice eleanor
Dumagand Ongrard > Elmdor....... nice reading there slick
Scrawt > and im obliged to offer you my penis for old times sake
Scrawt > yes ive noticed the difference in letters, but what i did was try to bridge the gap
Ibeau Renoir > here's where she admits to being a guy irl.
Scrawt > and thatd be another similarity
Scrawt > turns out it was andy and i just wasnt listening
Alice Elmdor > :p
DarkBloodRain > well they both start with an A...
Scrawt > that was my argement
Scrawt > ive only got as far as i have because "girl" and "boy" sound so different
DarkBloodRain > it's just like amendment and action. both start with an a. see?
Scrawt > yes, that explains the manly grunts
Scrawt > and the penis
DarkBloodRain > penis, poker, same thing
DarkBloodRain > parrot?
Scrawt > thats right
Scrawt > i bought a penis from the pet shop, it can say hello
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