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Hagbaard > oneiros falcon blackbird scorpion drake scorpion ares jaguar blackbird
Ugleb > I vote we drop our trousers. and pants. that'll freak them out and isnpire feelings of inadequacy
Ugleb > hopefully in them.
Evazcar > There is this guy on a gate, in an bc. im in an destroyer i should easily kill him right? i mean its an "destroyer" afterall?
NasChoka > I have drones
Morgyrum > me too
NasChoka > real ones. not hamsters ducktaped to fireworks
Azia Burgi > wtf?
Azia Burgi > that sounds suspiciously like the CCP design ethic....
Thom Baron > My achievments for today:
1) made a Condor that can go 3km/s
2) found out i am a german gay porn actor
De'Zori > bah wish i could make bookmarks when cloaked hehe
Stitcher > ... you can
De'Zori > what???
Stitcher > sure, I've done it loads of times
De'Zori > how?
Stitcher > same way as always - people and places, "Add Bookmark"
De'Zori > you can do that?...omg.. ive been dropping cans for 3 years....
Soldroz > rofl
Stitcher > hehe, fail....
Soldroz > seriously?
De'Zori > will that work with midspace safespots also?....
Stitcher > yep
Soldroz > yes...
Soldroz > how do you think people make them? :P
De'Zori > omg ive been emptying cap for 3 years...
Xathax > Gezis Kryct! The killboard says I haven't pressed F1, F2, F3 in anger in over a month
Tolin Dorden > well been ages since I've flown a raven... so sorry on that on em8.... and damn.. that's a long time
Xathax > Yeah, damn new gf
Xathax > Sex really cuts into your eve time
Xathax > Actually, I'm so good at sex it only takes me 30 seconds. It's all the stuff you have to do with the gf before and after that takes all the time =)
< tresani> Um, yes, well ... I saw the porn on the screen, so I put my penis in the computer - I figured it just works like that, you know?
< tresani> And while it was a little warm, I mean - it just added to the sensation. But as soon as it was over, well ... now I need a new motherboard :)
Serik Konraj > damn what happened to this stupid agent? first he gave me almost 80% combat missions and now i do courier missions all day
SUMZER0 > he got married...I know my "junk" drawer turned into entire rooms after I got married

Davien Kaahtt > Yeah, I hear in the next patch the'll release TII petitions... Thats right, I'll WTFBBQ you with my whinning spirit!
Nihilion Saro > yeah, you need whinning spirt lvl 5
Davien Kaahtt > awe crap... I only have whinning spirit II... great, another skill I need to max out
Captain Powers > I thought that was after you got advance whinning spirit which is a rank 8 skill so it'll take about 3 months of solid training to max that...
Davien Kaahtt > But once I'm finished, I'll be able to Petition my way out of anything! Even gate camps!
Tank CEO > Some 1 send me 10 mill so i can buy a mining barge
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