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agentsmitty > hey verap
Verapamil > Hey guys, I'm at work atm so I will have to go if someone dials 911
agentsmitty > oh ok
agentsmitty > good to see your focusing on the job
Zak Kingsman > lol
Verapamil > lol
Verapamil > What do you want me to do? Sit in the rig and just wait for a 911 call
Zak Kingsman > 'ring' Son of a bitch can wait, I'm getting ganked here
Zak Kingsman > 'ring ring' "answers phone" wtf do you want? I"M FUCKING DYING HERE!! ... caller-- so am i...
Verapamil > LOL
agentsmitty > lol
Kriszz > hi guys
Shade Widow > /emote rubs Korthans head.
Korthan > /emote slaps Shade
Kriszz > /emote wonders what he's walked in on?
Shade Widow > Me and korthan were just love making.
Shade Widow > He likes to slap me.
Shade Widow > /emote smiles
Korthan > /emote vomits
Kriszz > whatever floats your boat, but get a room hey?
Shade Widow > Korthan wont buy us one.
Shade Widow > He always vomits us out of house and home.
Kriszz > you carry on like this and I'll buy you the room :)
Shade Widow > Sounds good.
Korthan > /emote violently strangles Shade
Ryuki > yeah. u and what mothership?
Deadeye Dave > My Retribution transforms into a mothership
Deadeye Dave > Ofcourse
Irias Salo > lol
Irias Salo > thats no spaceship
Irias Salo > thats a transformer
Deadeye Dave > It also transforms into a kettle
Malo Korrigan > yummy chicken wings
Goldore > :P
Lady Hikaru > chiken gives me gaz
Goldore > thanks for sharing
Lady Hikaru > therefore, i eat chiken in pressence of people i hate
Goldore > im gonna try to omgrawr that :P
Nova Strikes > sorry milk man
Nova Strikes > i'll webb him
Kerosene > the milkman?
Nova Strikes > yes
Heidi Gabs > why web the milkman?
Kerosene > stops him getting away I guess
Nova Strikes > hold on im engaging
Kerosene > what.. the milkman?
Nova Strikes > he's got crappy loot
Kerosene > yeah.. bottles and yoghurt and stuff
Golakka > 02:38:56 Notify You have started trying to warp scramble Nara Wolf's frozen corpse.
Golakka > pro
* wizzard66 is making up last will.. "i leave everything to my wife and kids, only my Real Doll collection, including the live size David Hasselhoff, wil goto Dobbs"
<Faramir> dobbs always gets the good stuff
<abs> hahahahahaha life sized david hasselhoff doll
<wizzard66> well hes better looking at his 50 than many of you at 20
<wizzard66> and he can sing
<insomniac> "get in my car"
<abs> [19:30] <wizzard66> and he can sing hahahahahahahahazhahahahahahaha
Atomic Atty > lol, our fc had battleships turned off on overview
helios aplha > what the hell happened to MY corp? im the ceo, what gave you the right to disband it?
Areak > you left
XAV13R > you left
Shadow XII > You left....for a MONTH.
Lord Meltdown > hi, me n my buddies were talking, and were all wondering if the girls in eve are after dicks or breaking them?
Helicity Boson > classy.
Kyle Langdon > nice
Lord Meltdown > hey its an open poll
Arukemos > Quick! Somebody help me build him a bridge!
Lord Meltdown > lol
5corch > hello!
Lord Meltdown > seriously, 5corch = buddy
Lord Meltdown > dick or no ladies?
5corch > lol i think thye are planning our murder
Lord Meltdown > lol
Lord Meltdown > i can get my gay friend in here to if you'd feel more comfterable telling him
Helicity Boson > you probably have a few minutes till shae notices
EVE System > Lord Meltdown was kicked from the channel by Shae Tiann. Effective until 2010.02.06 03:45:24, Reason: "We like dicks, but not yours.".
Helicity Boson > and then kicks you ^^
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