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Blackmoonx > can anyone tell me where to find pyerite?
Naoko Kanaka > Opposite from the pyeleft
kapten sortebil > afk now, need to enjoy my girlfriend :D
kapten sortebil > bb in 2,5
Lighty > mins or seconds?
Lighty > :P
Shirer Aprenon > ladies, when undocking can we move to one side please? an iterion nudging a reven looks phalic :)
Shirer Aprenon > raven*
IceMaiden > lmfao
Shirer Aprenon > prolly abvout the only time an indy will f**k a raven :)
Danardo > lol
Skoda Zek > Yes yes yes!
Dark Shikari > You're pregnant?
Skoda Zek > Well that too, but this is much better.
Screaming Blade > How the fack did i get 17 cosmic signatures at 100% with 3 probes
Screaming Blade > now if only i could scan a love life like that
Kylania > Emerald Nuts = Enthusiastic Miners Excavating Rather Alarming Loads Definitely Need Unlimited Transport Ships
Azia Burgi > i wouldn't bother asking for help in the help channel
Azia Burgi > its usually crap
Lucian LaCroix > I have to say though, compared to some other MMO's I've tried, people do at least try to be helpful here. So far I've never seen anyone spew venom or just bitch about RTFM yet when people ask questions.
Azia Burgi > RTFM, STFU N00B!!!111oneoneone!!
Lucian LaCroix > heheheh
Azia Burgi > feel more at home now?
Lucian LaCroix > Yup, ahhh the old times, how they gave me ulcers
Sa'el > uh, question, what is RTFM?
Azia Burgi > read the fucking manual
Azia Burgi > n00b
Lar Gunta > man, all the BM sellers in escrow remind me of all the viagra spam i get in my mailbox.
Ticondrius > Dude...
Ticondrius > that is SO going on OMGRAWR...
Siren Shiva > Is there any such thing as a sexy ship? I dont think I've seen one yet
John Quicksilver > geddon!
Ander > Thorax is sexey
juduzz > never seen a ranis or deimos?
Constantine Arcanum > Yep, sexeh.
Siren Shiva > Hmmm, if I did I probably didnt know what they are.
Constantine Arcanum > I once saw a rax called 7" vibrator. truestory.
Siren Shiva > I saw a Bestower called 'Yellow Submarine', I thought it was cute
Moolti > useless fact of the day: The first "pornographic photograph" ever taken was a woman doing a horse
Swan Eagle > haha
Darkside Blues > lol
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