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MasterSirith > omg !!!
MasterSirith > flying potato !
PieOmega > thanks
PieOmega > actually it's been called worse
fishyfishyfishyfishy > someone in a domi?
MasterSirith > yeah

(Teamspeak) InzaneD> I got malet's corpse in a container named "Used Items"
Norrin Ellis > Nudity is like ketchup. It just makes things better.
Zoarial > we were wating for the FC and then his coms clickd on and all u heard was a chick and she was moaning geddon geddon geddon then it was quitet then u hear abbadoonnnnnnn
WHISKEY0001 > "and boom goes thorax"
AlexieStukov > symptoms of video game addiction
Rhapsodae > Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. We have found a ladies purse in Airaken V - Moon 1 - Sisters of EVE Academy which may contain a cellular phone. It has been expected to ring for the last 7 minutes non stop, without regular intervals.
Rhapsodae > Due to the nature of the vibrations and being in the Sisters office it has yet to be confirmed to be a cellular phone. If you have an item or purse missing according to this describtion please contact me.
Davlos > There is one difference between Jade and Goonswarm
Davlos > Goonswarm are good at roleplay
Nektuu > lol I am not a frog
Ergonaz > you sure?
Nektuu > yea I used to be now I am a princess
solar zody > strangle*
Roland Massatari > haha
solar zody > amarr royalty is a fake
Andra McKay > its like nigerian princes :)
Roland Massatari > and the gallente federation is a collection of misinformed idiots
Nektuu > lol
Andra McKay > its just a scam to trick minmatar out of their hard earned isk
solar zody > never just the few
solar zody > but we need them
Roland Massatari > while the caldari are drunken capitalist that constantly fight for each others isk and will kill you for yours
Andra McKay > what few? i personally own 320+ slaves/minmatar
solar zody > the caldari are a dictatorship
Ergonaz > not drunk! just a little happy thats all
A Cairns > no i dont
solar zody > who do kill each other for isk
Ergonaz > well, they wont give em away so what to do?
solar zody > also caldari hire gallente pro's
Andra McKay > its not a dictatorship, its an oligarchy of benelovent corps
Roland Massatari > and minnmatar are a bunch of vagabond slaves who only managed to survive for so long thanks to the idiotic higher ups in gallente government
solar zody > gallente tarts ftw caldari tart would want a deposit then intrest for a lazy shag
Andra McKay > democracy is overrated anyway...
solar zody > its free
solar zody > untill the tax bill comes in
Andra McKay > perfect system of governance is aristocracy, the dominance of the best
Roland Massatari > the gallente democracy is a sham
Andra McKay > the best capitalists
solar zody > how so
solar zody > amarr only know the book the book only know the fiction the fiction is made up
Andra McKay > Pax Amarria read the truth and see
solar zody > first page of the pax is missing it reads, to my loving family this is pure fiction for a quick lolz
Roland Massatari > ah but what glorius fools we are :) we the first to take to space and subjigate the rest
solar zody > first to rediscover a star drive, but the jove are still here they where first, they came through the eve gate
Andra McKay > of course its a scam... i mean come on, thats the best seeling book in the galaxy... one hell of a cash cow for the amarr royal family
Roland Massatari > and if a am not mistaken so to were the gallente subjcators of the people of caldari =P
solar zody > caldari was a state in the gallente federation
Roland Massatari > isnt freedom the one thing gallente preach about? so then why bombard caldari prime and drive them from their own home?
Ergonaz > they wat the frredom to bomb anyoen they wish
solar zody > wow a book that can out sell harry potter lol
Andra McKay > the thig amarr are hiding under their hoods is that they are actually caldari, ripping off the galaxy on religious articles
solar zody > they did it in a nasty manor so they deserved to lose their homeworld
Roland Massatari > =P
Roland Massatari > ill let caldari argue that point :)
solar zody > they got it back
Andra McKay > here, buy that statue of saint whatshisname, to save your immortal soul... thats 150 isk ther
Andra McKay > its caldari with a new business plan :)
Roland Massatari > instead of the plain face steal oyur money you belove we are the reach around and steal your wallet while your not looking type?
solar zody > rip off others rarther than each other
solar zody > it wont last
Roland Massatari > it has so far and will for many more centuries to come
Andra McKay > yep, no law abiding citizen wears such a hood
Ergonaz > its better to do the leding deal
Andra McKay > thats why im in on all that "amarr victor" stuff... im profiting from that pyramid sheme while it lasts :)
Roland Massatari > hehe it is alright to comit your sins so long as you have the *insert holy figure here* to absolve you of your sins >=P
Andra McKay > buy the holy figure now, and youll get a pax amarria signed by <insert televangelist name> for free
Andra McKay > gonna open my own televangelism channel i think... need isk to fuel my dread :)
Roland Massatari > yes exactly and now to bring the minnmatar back into line
Roland Massatari > i belive the people incharge of the seven hundred club beat you to that one adnra
Roland Massatari > andra*
Andra McKay > hehe, no worries... the former slaves have been teached for centuries in amarrian religion... they will bring it home to minmatar where amarr religion will spread and open a new market
Roland Massatari > need to stop typing typo curse is coming back
solar zody > lol
solar zody > minmatar wont accept trail crap like the pax
solar zody > trivial*
Andra McKay > here, buy this religious artefact for only 150m isk, it will cure you from that curse :)
solar zody > so will a bath
nikolus wirghte> ive got leftovers :-) im set
nikolus wirhgte> want me to evemail you some?
tehjohnus > no. fuck off. i dont want your fagmilk
tehjohnus > im gonna go get some of my own.
tehjohnus > err. milk
Acacallis > im going to seep night all
Jack Folstam > seep o.0
Hon Kovell > how emo
Ilfar > Not on the carpet!
*Theo Samaritan knocks on the door
Theo Samaritan > Would you like to come to lowsec? Come on rookies come and play. I don't gank you anymore, come on to 0.4, we can clear your waaaaaaaay!
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