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Elsydian > I have a hampster named Nibbles :)
Chococat > oh ffs, I was just about to kill you, how can I kill you after an opening line like that
Elsydian > with love and adoration?
Elsydian > and chocolate kisses?
Chococat > but who would feed nibbles?
Elsydian > hes my only friend
Chococat > /emote dabs hankie to eye
Chococat > fear not small nibbles, Elsydian will be back to give you your fruit and kibble tonight
Elsydian > :)
Elsydian > ty for sparing my hampster
Superchunk > is there a forum site?
Sorinath > no, but we have a lot of bitter, cynical people to compensate for it
<Murphy> Nanotechnology involves the design and manipulation of materials on molecular scales, smaller than the width of a human hair and invisible to the naked eye. Companies using nanotechnology say it can enhance the flavor or nutritional effectiveness of food.
<Murphy> "I think nanotechnology is the new genetic engineering. People just don't know what's going on, and it's moving so fast," Jane Kolodinsky, a consumer economist at the University of Vermont, said at the conference.
<Murphy> now they're trying to nanofag our food!!!
<HPAG> its ok
<HPAG> they'll nerf it
Mang0o > damn i left yasterday for pussy but tbh id rather want that fight then pussy
Shaadina > they have computers that work in russia?
Kaisaro > the ZX Spectrums had to go somewhere :)
Queen Paladin > Russians are Freaking cool i know ive seen goldeneye
db T > then most of my isk disappeared and now i dont have enough to buy a freighter
Nordstern3 > uh, what happened to your isk
Soft Insanity > hookers
Nordstern3 > hackers
Nordstern3 > the hooker hacked his eve client
Ajax Marlowe > probably a wee bit o' both
Soft Insanity > hehe wee
Nordstern3 > what are you, 6
Soft Insanity > maybe
Nordstern3 > or 76 and senile
Soft Insanity > also possible
Ajax Marlowe > probably a wee bit o' both
Soft Insanity > hehe w.... no! Vicious cycle
ShahFluffers > you have to right lick them first
ShahFluffers > ....... that typo is so wrong and funny
Lucius Britannia > right lick? as opposed to left lick?
Raizaox > right lick goes deeper so i guess that would be choice
Lucius Britannia > that explains everything. thanks
ShahFluffers > mmmmm... licky, licky
Lucius Britannia > in this game, right lick is your friend
Tamora > more servers is the answer. 2 - Carebear server and PVP server
Tamora > call them tranquility (carebear) and OMFGOWNAGE (PVP)
Tatsue Niko > lol,that wouldnt work
Tatsue Niko > who would supply us with ships etc?
1024 > uhh then how do the pvp people get all the ships ammo and shit they need
Tamora > interchangable chars and currency
Ewen > sounds boring
1024 > and carebears are fun for hunting
Tamora > bah. guess tahts why CCP wouldnt give me a job... oh and my forum whoring
<[MLM]GrOnOs> ooooooooo
<[MLM]GrOnOs> starting up in 275 sec :)
<[MLM]GrOnOs> 247
<[MLM]GrOnOs> 225
<Pencheven> you so know it isnt
<Pencheven> itll be like..10 seconds
<Pencheven> oops sorry another hr added
<Pencheven> then like.. 2 hrs
<[MLM]GrOnOs> sshhhhhhhhh
<Pencheven> then oops some one spilt coffee on the sever again
<Pencheven> +2 weeks..
sgt rho > how bout when i turn 18 we all get together at my place we have a basement thats very nice and my dad wouldnt even be home to hear us
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