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Elarra > morning fraxy
FraXy > morning loveluy
DeathBunny II > Hello internet space friends.
Elarra > internet?
FraXy > wait, this isn`t real life`
FraXy > omg, ive been scammed
Vandemar > The Billboards are really under used atm.
Kyle Caldrel > nah, billboards shoot me all the time
Vandemar > most of the ad's are the same as 18months+
Vandemar > ...and I still havent bought a single 'pax amarria'
Maestra Jsun > Doesn't your ass get dirty?
Kyle Caldrel > i wipe with gallante severed heads
Vandemar > I bidet with quafe
Screaming Blade > /emote streaks naked out of the wormhole "ITS AFTER ME RUN"
RogerWilco has joined #evol
<RogerWilco> hey rw
*** RogerWilco is now known as biosource
<biosource> ops heheh
<biosource> thought rw joined same time as me...
Kurann > sec status ren
Ren Tales > Idling at gates ftl
Kurann > you wouldn't have to worry if you got it back up
Ren Tales > But the -7 gives me a +5 bonus to intimidate skill checks
Aisha Blaze > but it provokes attacks of opportunity every round
Ren Tales > but if if I take the feats "use safespot" and "mobiltity"
Ren Tales > it negates the penalty
Aisha Blaze > gates give +10 to gank rolls
Ren Tales > They also prevent your party from asisting in combat.
Tiirae > True, but if the other person has a rat hunter of level 6 or higher, they can cast the spell "instagank"
Ren Tales > Damn instagankage
Tiirae > indeed
Ren Tales > if they have the feat "OMG FU NOOB" they can use a speacial "confusingly mispelled smack talk" attack
Ren Tales > which causes a rescently incapacitated oponent to become enraged...
Qmar > what sthe route again to empire from impass?
Isaak > east a bit
Isaak > then south
Isaak > oh no
Isaak > west
Isaak > then north
Qmar > ill go trough HED then
Fh'ear > I care.
Fh'ear > No wait.
Fh'ear > I'm hungry.
Fh'ear > Sorry, got those muddled up.
Fh'ear > It's kinda like thinking it's love when you know, it just turns out to be gas.
Fh'ear > Easy mistake to make.
Solkre> What's with all the CPU upgrades, you trying to run Crysis on that shit?
<wizzard66> hahah
<wizzard66> see i still got hair
<wizzard66> long
<wizzard66> golden
<wizzard66> like mcdonalds fries
<Molle> wizz
<wizzard66> molle
<Molle> it actually IS mcdonalds fries.
<wizzard66> :-(
<Celt> Sisi is a sop to players for delaying shiva so much
<Celt> les :)
<NeoMorph> mate would you rather they gave us shiva like it is now
<^1man_army> celt, hush and go look at more horse hentai
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