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Louella Dougans > gallente = anime motorcycle gangs, caldari = urban motorcycle gangs, minmatar = choppercycle gangs, Amarr = disapproving parents of motorcycle hooligans.
Leon McMillar > yo what can i do with Kruul's DNA

Ed Anger > clone a minikruul
Shaunathan > just go away pirate I got instas all the way home :D
Levin Cavil > im in a shuttle
Forsake Megellan > whoever is probing me out i am in the cyno ship on the station
Kei Nagase > Fought some Red overloads out here. 7 on 3. :( We got more kills, they got more isk
MaxXx Gunn > red overlords?
Kei Nagase > yeah
MaxXx Gunn > rats?
Kei Nagase > close... Russians
Hippo117 > he docked
Theodorovik > this becomes more difficult now
Farcaster > we need a can opener
<%D2> Mud you awake
<KomradeVirtunov> They say if you say his name three times, he'll appear out of the mist and try to get you addicted to morphine.
Rewt ed > one time we were on vent and we were talking about going shopping in jita, and some dude is like no go to dodixie prices are cheaper, and his girlfriend was like OMFG you talk to dudes on the internet about shopping?
haav0c > GASP
haav0c > I have mail to ME!
haav0c > not corp or alliance!
haav0c > /emote reads it
Raath Nambode > oooooh
haav0c > damnit, it's a spam scam offer.
haav0c > if anyone needs me, i'll be on my alt sending myself "just wondering how you were doing" letters.
CrimsonSky > And what bible-type thing?
CrimsonSky > The Pax Amarria is a treatise on galactic peace and how maybe Amarrians don't have to conquer and enslave everyone else in the universe.
Onwyn Orbatsuu > i dont know, that thing you silly amarrians worship
Onwyn Orbatsuu > thats the one
CrimsonSky > So it's hilarious when 'freedom fighters' desecrate it.
CrimsonSky > I mean, what are they thinking? "Peace? You want to be peaceful with us and not enslave us anymore? Fuck that! I'll burn your goddamn book! You'd best conquer us now, slaver scum!"?
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