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Linerra Tedora > if i can get in on it... we might be able to take him out with my cunning plan
Ari Xali > is it as cunning as a fox that has been to cunning university.
Linerra Tedora > actually as cunning as a fox that went to a lemming university
<Marius_Waltzer> So is there someone here who can explain Stackless Python to me in small words?
<Marius_Waltzer> Perhaps with visual aids?
<Garet_Jax|work> /////O <-- Python
<Marius_Waltzer> ...
<CanSpice> and pythons are cylindrical and move around a lot, so it's hard to stack them
<CanSpice> voila, stackless python
Mr Crepsley > verone!
Verone > wat?
Mr Crepsley > im back!
Verone > :3
Cown > rofl
Mr Crepsley > :P
Cown > he doesn't seem pleased
Mr Crepsley > hes scared... thats what it is ;)
Verone > nope.
Verone > won't come out.
Ryuuka > you know i've been thinking
Oolong Caloophid > you wanna watch that
Ryuuka > since exceed is a corp (or corporation) and not a guild
Ryuuka > and we are it's members (or employees from the commercial world)
Ryuuka > doesn't that mean we should get paid?
topman324 > its too early to ask for xmas bonus's :P
konkord > ryuuka you know what?
konkord > you shouldnt think
Ryuuka > i know
Ryuuka > nasty habit
Isaak > yeah
Isaak > konk used to think
Ryuuka > i think i'll keep thinking
Isaak > we had to 'take care' of that
Ryuuka > thanks for the warning
Isaak > you can hardly see the scars now im told
maker6621> WHAT ARE YOU DONNING ??
anti-macro> Stealing your ice. Thanks.
maker6621> WHY YOU TAKE ALL WHY TAKE ???
anti-macro> Umm I dont like rice ?
maker6621> HOW A FUN PLAY FOR YOU ?
anti-macro> You mine, I take. Much isk for me OK ?
maker6621> OK
Chellfire > /emote afk's to web/scram and kill his fucken kids
Xenochen > so there is no way to probe out a cloaked ship with a buzzard, sisters launcher and sister's probes?
MrLahey > NOOOO!
MrLahey > cloaked ship = not on scan
Xenochen > ....hmm...so WTF did I buy a buzzard for?
Auhydride > Chuck Norris doesnt warp jam you, he says "NO" to your warp drive, and it stops working
Auhydride > Dooms Day Device is actually a cellphone, with Chuck Norris' number saved in it.
uhydride > Chuck Norris doesn't warp, stargates and planets warp to him
Auhydride > Chuck Norris doesn't dock, stations get build around him.
Auhydride > Eve's fastest U turn was made by Concord 2 years ago when they noticed they were warping near Chuck Norris.
Auhydride > Bob didn't destroy the titan, Chuck Norris got mad at bob and threw an ibis at the titan to warn them.
CCP Soundwave > I can see the server room from here, and nothing seems to be on fire.
CCP Soundwave > it's probably just a new feature
Fatwatai > Genetically Enhanced Livestock is heavy.
Khellias > ...
Khellias > ...Where's the beef?
Khellias > /emote shoots himself for that.
Fatwatai > "Where's the beef?" "In a test tube."
Khellias > Mmm, synthetic beef.
Khellias > Just like Mom used to grow in the downstairs lab.
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