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prote evans > hi i need a bit of help m8
Kyle Caldrel > A/S/L
prote evans > 17/m/uk
prote evans > u???
Kyle Caldrel > Agent/System/Level
Minith Jin > my bandwidth is being chewed up on a 1.8Gb download
Dez Affinity > Download small porn files then
Minith Jin > nah dez
Minith Jin > they're nmot the same
Minith Jin > *not
Dez Affinity > I suppose...
Dez Affinity > Or do what I do and jack off to Alliance chat
Minith Jin > poor quality
Aesir Avatari > My missiles dont have names, they just say "To whom this may concern"
Anya Linnel > Wow. That's not swift at all. Mine say Stuff like "If you can read this, you're already dead." And "Say hello to your clone for me."
crimson 1 > lol
ShadowSkill > lol
Anya Linnel > Or If I get really bored one night "This torp cost 500 times less then your frigate, but It'll pop your ass."
steveid > i'm 12 jumps from raping a noob. i can feel myself stiffening
FugginNutz > still going after Bellum?
Arth Lawing > o/
Arth Lawing > my hangover is cured
Cassius Paulus > I prefer hangover avoided to hangover cured, personally.
Cassius Paulus > but I'm not an Irish drunkard... :)
Arth Lawing > i was celebrating
Leontius Reverte > you are always celebrating :p
Arth Lawing > it was friday
Leontius Reverte > have a work party tonight, guessing i may feel interesting in the morning
Cassius Paulus > lol
Arth Lawing > smoke break afk5
Cassius Paulus > smoking, drinking... all he needs is whoring to have the Trifecta of Sin
Cassius Paulus > sure would be fun thouhg... :)
Arth Lawing > i had to give up whoring
Arth Lawing > they werent paying me enough
Eric Bloodaxe > i don't believe my agent she just sent me to recover soil for rats
SegFault > lol
Verdack > i had to stop drug barons stealing wheat earlier
Kal Jerico > oh man... their evil plan of baking a giant loaf of bread has been foiled! what will the pirates do now
PKlavins > that reminds me of a comedy show...he's talkin about the pointlessness of ads in TV today...
PKlavins > "Two rabbits are on a log. One goes home and shoots himself. BUY A BIKE!"
<daddy> mind the sharks, dude
<Tank-CEO> ill pod em
<Pris|1357|Corrde> be careful greenpeace don't come gank you Tank
<daddy> greenpeace are carebears
<daddy> they'll safespot
Spanky doodle > anyone have a shiptype on that cocksucking faggot in ls9?
chapreto > you will need to be more specific
Silver Night > grr
Silver Night > can't hit this damn spider drone, even have it webbed
Aquillar > where?
Aquillar > I'll paint it for you
Silver Night > nourvukaiken
Arciadian > that is nice about the Target painter
Arciadian > get a BB and 6 target painters and you can kill anything
* Tigsen adds his T2 paint ball guns on his crow :)
Silver Night > little bastard isn't even shooting, just webbing me and orbiting at 7.5km
Aquillar > owned
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