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laseraces > naw i can see your pile of balls, just not my own :)
Vanillilililliilliliilin > yep there we go, can see you now
Updyke > i want a pile of gallente balls!
NightmareX > the closest you can get to a Gallente balls is a Thorax :)
Mr_M > meh... I need to reboot a computer, but I don't want to
Mr_M > Woho! Hotswapping
*** Mr_M quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
*** Mr_M joined #agony
Mr_M > Nope.... couldn't hotswap that computer
Larg_Kellein > yeah, we noticed
Pere Madeleine > don't click this:
Pere Madeleine > http://bit.ly/1bxhUR9
Pere Madeleine > it's a penis
Dirty Protagonist > ok
Arasul > hmmm
 masty > can we confirm this?
Dirty Protagonist > someone click it?
Arasul > HANG ON
Arasul > IMMA DO IT
masty > already fapped to it
Tuskajuna > it's hanging
Dirty Protagonist > safe
Crefakis > its ok
Crefakis > it isnt erect
Dirty Protagonist > pretty boring penis
Tuskajuna > first time i see one
masty > mull of kintyre penis
Pere Madeleine > I didn't say it was an exciting penis
Arasul > isnt there usually white stuff coming out of the end
Tuskajuna > usually..no
Arasul > fuck....
masty > only when my mouth touches them
Tuskajuna > when your moustache touches them
Pere Madeleine > this is what I love about FMH
Pere Madeleine > silence for hours
Pere Madeleine > then penis
roigon > interesting way to practice exhibitionism
Pere Madeleine > and instantly conversation
Dirty Protagonist > uh huh
Dirty Protagonist > we're doing work
Tuskajuna > important work
Pere Madeleine > penis work?
Crefakis > best work
Tuskajuna > work of art
masty > modern art
masty > cock
Ueberlisk > now thats some twisted shit
Skirge > Least my parents are cousins :p
Skirge > ARENT
Cythrawl > no comment
Skirge > GOD DAMN IT
Iuris Proeliator > You know... I haven't made a rig in a year... and I haven't sold any salvage since before that.
Iuris Proeliator > I wonder how much salvage I have...
Condico > I don't know but I'll go 50/50 with you in profits ;)
Aurea SIbylla > Do you salvage everything you kill?
Iuris Proeliator > Yes,
Aurea SIbylla > Somewhere between a metric crapload and a hell of a lot
CrazyArsed Monkey > man this is complicated
mechon > well it is when ya new :p
CrazyArsed Monkey > A WHAT
CrazyArsed Monkey > some guys just killed my god darned ship
CrazyArsed Monkey > they were tough...
mechon > red icons?
Menntor > what security system u in
CrazyArsed Monkey > wheres that?
CrazyArsed Monkey > oh i see
Menntor > in space left top corner
CrazyArsed Monkey > 1.0
mechon > npcs then
Menntor > were they red on over view
CrazyArsed Monkey > not till after i shot them
Menntor > lol concord
mechon > erm
mechon > ><
CrazyArsed Monkey > they even had time to write me a bloody message
Menntor > did you get a warning they would pod your ass
CrazyArsed Monkey > said i was stupid to agress them
CrazyArsed Monkey > guess it was
Menntor > it must said if you shoot us we will barbecue your ass
mechon > hint ... never shoot concord unless u know u can get away from em in a flash :p
CrazyArsed Monkey > Victim: CrazyArsed Monkey
Alliance: Brutor Tribe
Corp: Dark Centuri Inc.
Destroyed: Tempest Fleet Issue
System: Illinfrik
Security: 1.0
Menntor > hint never shoot concord
Vincent Rainbow > lol ebay
Menntor > lol
Menntor > noob form hell
Dark Silver > what about ebay?
<+Kayosoni> well.. what I am about to do in 8 minuts :P
<+moocifer> End Yourself & your various accounts permanently ?? (i)
<+Kayosoni> no :/
<+moocifer> :(
*random eve radio chat about myspace and facebook*

Amathia > can imagine if they merged though, they'd call it MyFace and eveyone'd be like "Hey man, come on MyFace!"
Katrina Oniseki > Civire do not nurse their young using female breasts, but actually it is the males who hide nipples on their prodigious chins. These inverted nipples pop out during child-rearing years, allowing the male Civire to nurse his young.
Katrina Oniseki > This ensures that only the largest and strongest chins will produce healthy babies.
Katrina Oniseki > When Civire males are competing for breeding rights, they have been known to face off in an elaborate ritual dance. They'll dance circles around each other, and hold staring contests. The males will try to appear physically larger than their rivals
Katrina Oniseki > by holding their breath and forcing blood to their faces. This causes an immediate erection on all of their many chin nipples, which then pop out and stiffen, giving more volume to their face.
HxChippiewill > I do not approve of this most horrendous of cromes
JONUS BLACK > Crome does not poy.
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