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IronGoldenEagle > we at war with anyone?
Nomi Cakes > War: Currency Exchange vs. C0NVICTED
IronGoldenEagle > that would explain why they locking me up in jita
Nomi Cakes > We've been at war with them for a week...
Nomi Cakes > everyone was warned....
Nomi Cakes > I haven't even been PLAYING EVE and I knew we were at war.
IronGoldenEagle > i havent played eve in a year
Nomi Cakes > I haven't gotten laid in almost six years, but I still know to check if she's got crabs.
Shadow Driver > I get a kick out of the fact that they're campin' a lowsec gate with a Mom! Good grief....
nemmes > my mom would be an awesome gate-camper
nemmes > my friends have trouble getting through our front door
Twin Turbo > well g'nite folks, gf's complaining that "the handcuffs are getting cold"
EmceeW > so the question is where is your mouth most of the time nam?
Namrael > Well, Emcee, I use the bank of Sanctus' Pants most frequently
Sanctus Gabriel > like it has been for the last few hours lol
Namrael > His wallet's in the back pocket
Sanctus Gabriel > =)
Dark Avatar > lol!
Jude Kopenhagen > What, Nams mouth has been on your pants for a few hours???
Sanctus Gabriel > aye thats why she doesnt speak much =p
After Server going down then coming back up

Red Gabba > this is like traying for ages to get laid, then suddenly she says yes!
Sulzer Wartzilla [zebr]: well yeah. :p some of the marauders are actually pretty cool but it's not exactly on my list..
Symbiotes [-gen-]: not? what a shame...
Symbiotes [-gen-]: everyone should fly the most easily jammed ships in eve obviously...
* Tara cloaks from Galazar
* Galazar sets up scan probes to find Tara
* Galazar lets off a smartbomb
<Prince> is that eve talk for a fart?
<Orkki> no thats the eve talk for a suicide attack =}
<Galazar> the last time i let off a suicide bomb
<Galazar> concord took the blast....literally
<Orkki> maybe because u were attacking them anyway galazar?
moc tart > the space around these stations now belongs to ME!
moc tart > MOC TAART!!!
Cid Kelso > Oh wow, are you charging rent?
moc tart > only a toll fee
Cid Kelso > I guess that's reasonable. What's the fee?
moc tart > 20 mill
Cid Kelso > Wow, that is quite a fee you got there
Cid Kelso > Is that for maintenance?
moc tart > only a toll fee
Cid Kelso > Not for the roads? Potholes? Lights? Hyperspace bypasses?
moc tart > for nubs to pass
Cid Kelso > Ah, do I have any nubs protruding? That would be rather bumpy
moc tart > indeed
Cid Kelso > Oh dear. What's a good solution for removing nubs?
moc tart > afk
moc tart > you are free to pass my friend
Cid Kelso > Oh why thank you!
Shotz11 > theo u dont seem to have a sense of humor
Theo Samaritan > i have a humour
Shotz11 > i was kidding......dont be super cereal
Theo Samaritan > it just doesnt involve being a jerk
Ressiv > Shotz, your joke eluded me as well ....
Theo Samaritan > infact you're probably the only one who found it funny
Ressiv > it only made me wanna pod you
Theo Samaritan > and if THAT is your humour, you will not get far
Shotz11 > well thats fine if you wanna pod me
Shotz11 > ill just wait till im good nuff join my friend will let me join his
Ressiv > .... learn 2 things fast if you plan on staying: dont brag with other's skills, be carefull who you smartmouth
Theo Samaritan > third rule: learn to fucking spell
Theo Samaritan > its hard to understand people as it is in a fleet situation
Theo Samaritan > let alone while trying to read text speak
Theo Samaritan > you have a full alphabet infront of you courtesy of the QWERTY layout, kindly use all keys available.
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