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Alikat Mouse > If the domi was a person
Alikat Mouse > I'd throw up a little whenever I saw her, but she'd still be a really nice and multitalented girl.
Sol ExAstris > yes, if the domi were a person, she'd be the girl every guy should marry, but won't because he can't keep off the hotties.
Alikat Mouse > And she'd be skilled in martial arts.
wurblewind > Ahh...the tragic tsundere romance. What a trope.
Daemyion > sounds like Trinity
Doffianna > Rushing into helpchat and asking for devs/ccp officials is kind of like rushing into your local post office asking to see the President
Noland Devon > WTB a sexy little Minmatar griflriend
Noland Devon > Must be a real girl in real life
Noland Devon > Who am I kidding...girls playing EVE, right.
Holy One > lo
Apocolypse Acorn > hello
Apocolypse Acorn > you have a bounty on your head
Holy One > yes
Holy One > i prefer snickers tho
Enyalius Jin > tbh I don't think I'd want to date a girl that plays Eve
DraLaFi > me nither
Enyalius Jin > I want to hear pillow talk from my g/f and fitting advice from BigNeo... not the other way around.
<Urban_Mongral> I am ashamed to say I did google "Brocolli fetish" = Sadly there were no sites
MrFahrenheit > anyone heading back to tvn from obe, plz pickup some small hybrid ammo, pref null s
MrFahrenheit > ill pay nipple
MrFahrenheit > tripple*
hydraSlav > you got 3 nipples for payment?
MrFahrenheit > i do
MrFahrenheit > which ya want first, middle?
VoodooFreak > dibs on the lefty
MrFahrenheit > thats strawberry flavor, nice choice
VoodooFreak > o/
Barcus Scorpianus > i'm the only person i an call stupid and know im 100% correct
Rek Jaiga > /emote cylon-mates-with KorKor
Rek Jaiga > I am taking your DNA, and making it better. Silly organic.
Korinne > did you just merge our programming?
Rek Jaiga > <i>Yes</i>
Korinne > kiki is going to be mad at us
Nethys Axion > uh oh
Rek Jaiga > She can parse with us.
Korinne > doesnt that make us polygamists then?
Nethys Axion > ahhfeels good to play on max graphics again
Rek Jaiga > What's wrong with that?
Rek Jaiga > ...you mean you didn't know?
Rek Jaiga > nice, Nethys!
Nethys Axion > I think Kiki <i>is </i>in fact polygamist
Rek Jaiga > polyamorous, yes
Nethys Axion > yeah
Korinne > i think some of our programming is corrupt, since certain runtimes are corresponding as independent processes
Nethys Axion > I feel like I'm reading a script for java porn
Rek Jaiga > Hrm....but KorKor.
Rek Jaiga > We'll just build all night until there are no syntax errors.
Korinne > we need to recompile our newly merged firmware
Rek Jaiga > We're dealing with firmware? I was speaking machine language, because you made me hardware.
Nethys Axion > /emote facepalms
Nethys Axion > <i>hard</i>
Nethys Axion > <i>in multiple dimensions</i>
Rek Jaiga > ...yes
Korinne > one moment.... humor scripts are occupying all available resources
Korinne > "you make me hardware"
Rek Jaiga > Was there a semantic error on that line?
Nethys Axion > "my feelings for you are not a matter of coding now, because you made me hardware"
Korinne > possibly.
Rek Jaiga > Read string "hardware". Delete all chars after index 3.
Korinne > DEP runtimes have been activated, recommend rolling back to a previous restore point....
Rek Jaiga > Nooo I moved too fast
Korinne > mv merge.dat > FriendZone/Rek.dat
Brash Buccaneer > ofstrife, your salvage is rubbish, please do a better mission next time
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