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John Renwick > /emote threatens Cletus with banjo opera if he resists
Cletus Graeme > banjo opera - haha !
Cletus Graeme > i bet they use that down in guatanomo :D
Galliana Foresta > y helo thar homos
matrix666 > y heelo
Luciouss > ey
Galliana Foresta > what's shakin?
Luciouss > same 'ole
Ammoh > word up dawg
Galliana Foresta > haha
Galliana Foresta > latest trinity bug.. evading concord with blackops
Ammoh > yeah i saw that
Ammoh > funny shit
Galliana Foresta > Surely they envisaged people using it like that when they designed it.
Galliana Foresta > Make a mod that allows you to cyno out of hisec.. great idea guys! Wait, won't people just kill folks randomly then cyno out? Nahh, that would be haxploits. Nobody would do that. Orly? Yarly. K, it stays then. Yey!
Galliana Foresta > 1 month later...
Galliana Foresta > Hay gaiz, people are using the blackops to kill people in hisec then cyno out. Orly? No wais! Yarly! NERF!
Rooker > england and america, 2 countries separated by a common language
Rooker > somebody in another channel just said "AFK, need to go suck on a fag"
Rooker > and I spit a whole mouthful of mountain dew clear across the living room
Trepkos: My dad can beat up your dad.
Chaosmage: Thats not fair.
Chaosmage: He has two dads.
Daemeon Fyral > canadians always do it doggy style, that way we can both watch the hockey game eh
D3MONOFDEATH > id seen better days in my pants aswell
Ellison Redux > They make a topical cream that will fix that
dailyhazard > then were like "OMG DAILY SORRY DONT NOT LIKE ME, YOUR SO COOL"
dailyhazard > im like "ok if you touch me"
Verizana > *Silence*
LoxyRider > busy touching him
Narusegawa Naru > A Retriever with 2 Strip Miners and 5 Mining I drones. Or Hyperion with 8x Miner II's and 5 Mining I drones... which is the better/faster for mining?
TorpSpammer ExtraordinR > hyperion .. the retriever is a better blastership tho
* Commander Carrot counts fingers
* Omber Zombie steals underwear
* Commander Carrot thinks that was a mistake
* Omber Zombie knows it was
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