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Cown > i'm gonna start slapping my cock on the screen in a moment if this gate wont work
SibSpi > Cown
Cown > !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SibSpi > make sure to ground your monitor first
Colonel Kurtko > wtf they changed one ice planet in DW into an plasma planet :S
Colonel Kurtko > I`m missing a planet now XD
Enyalius Jin > Global warming mate
Exuscon > ok I have streamlined 12mil sp and im in a cruiser
Exuscon > I'll school ya 1 sec
Exuscon > you seriously wanna see what a specialised fighter sp will do in a cruiser?
Exuscon > come on dude im using Tach 2's with like 12 mil in electrical ,mechanic, weaps and nav
Exuscon > I'll pwn that overexttended BS like yesterday
Exuscon > you cant scramble me ,web might hurt a little I'll MWD outa your range
Exuscon > and Ill pick you to peices
Exuscon > lets go
port22 > u warped off
port22 > only noobs talk crap and run away
Exuscon > stfu skank
port22 > omg
Solarus > his 12m sp is obviously in Navigation
dilan > Xharky and one day you might get out of play school....
dilan > or the under 5 classes.
Xharky > And one day you might leave the short bus
Xharky > or sell that t5 ego booster
dilan > no I am on the bus...
K5Project > arv sac or vaga
Arvald > put the sac on the vaga
Arvald > and thrust
Destiny Corrupted > I need to rig the proteus
Destiny Corrupted > If your modular ship is destroyed then you really fucked up, and could lose skill points in one of the skills required by each of the ships subsystems, although it will pale in comparison to your financial loss. Are you sure you want to continue?
Destiny Corrupted > that's the warning it gives
Destiny Corrupted > when I enter the ship
Nathaniel Hornblower: is there a way to pause, or do i have to dock at a station everytime i have to leave for a minute
Mirsha: You could just message all the thousands of payers currently logged on and ask them to stop until you come back.
Nimvlar > note to self- arrange for Star's assassination....PS, make it look like an accident
Nimvlar > PSS, don't leave notes to yourself with that sort of thing written on it, tends not to go over too well in court
Matrixion > sooooooooooo
Matrixion > where we mining?
Mores DeVoid > my pants
Leliel Dirac > yea, Mores has lots of Roids in his pants.
Mores DeVoid > damn
dssouleater > why do u mine?
is pretty > for isk
is pretty > what r u doing here
dssouleater > stealing ore off isk farmers
is pretty > oh bad
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