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Verone > however, i'm competely inadequate as a man, as you've so rightly stated, and thusly need to use a massive 12v dildo to please anything i have sex with ^_^
Verone > it's actually a gucci backpack, since i'm such a fag too
Verone > with inlaid diamonds
Kilabi > hiho
Kilabi > eve looks cool when having fever
Kilabi > all the bloom effects look nice with water in the eyes of all the coughing
TheRelic > um lock ur porn folder sami i saw horibble things "_"
TheRelic > it wasnt porn
TheRelic > i thought it was when it said porn but it wasnt
Jon Ritmann > i know i shouldn't ask, but now i feel i must
TheRelic > i hacked samis computer and dont go to his porn folder
TheRelic > never, omg dont nightmares
Jon Ritmann > its his anti-hacker device =)
Bobby Smyth > I sold 2 insurance policyes while playing eve today, what did you do
NoLSolid > Masturbate
damage done > solid wins
Davion Vrynn > fine work
Davion Vrynn > Now we can get this ultra-important cargo from this base back to the agent
Davion Vrynn > Quafe Ultra...
Recusor > ...
Davion Vrynn > that's right, we went through all that to acquire some damn gallente frufru drink
Antares Herric > Damn those Gallente
Antares Herric > and their need for high fructose
Jellygoop > /emote double clicks MyDocuments and places some files inside
Mydocuments > /emote feels violated
<cougem> Viceroy, i think you'll be ok. chances in pregnancy are surprisingly low; only 25% at peak fertility.
<@Viceroy> thats higher than the chances of 1 ecm jamming a bship
Xazier > yeah TRI just need more friends...plain and simple..
Requiescat > no
Xazier > more titans?
Xazier > the awnser is you need industry base to finance caps...and you need numbers...thats it
PanzerGrenadier > lol
Requiescat > no
Requiescat > you need russian isk buyers and bob to pay for your cap losses
Requiescat > rite
Xazier > of course
Xazier > since you guys already are doing that right?
Xazier > got bob in your pocket
Requiescat > yeah man
Xazier > financing your dread losses
Requiescat > dude molle sent me 20 bil yesterday
Xazier > haha..
Requiescat > told me to "buy myself something nice"
abrasive soap > ccccccccccccccccc
Requiescat > then he slapped my ass
Requiescat > sort of a mixed message
< hamtronix> you will see me nailing my dong to a burning building before you see me in a glider
Viola Xiao > nothing to shoot :(
Bard Marcus > very sad
Kesper North > planet north is blue
Kesper North > and there's nothing we can do
Kesper North > (bowie guitar solo!)
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