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Abavus Durden > hey diob
Diobanemon Gluk > hello
Diobanemon Gluk > recovering from a bad night and long walk home here
Abavus Durden > ??
Diobanemon Gluk > long walk home even
Diobanemon Gluk > it was that bad a night
Diobanemon Gluk > the mrs got pissed off that I had 1 extra beer so drove home, in retaliation I stayed out with my new Irish friend and possibly from the IRA :) Then when I went to get a cab there wasn't one so I walked home along the autopista
Diobanemon Gluk > I woke up with a massive blister and appeared to have dirtied the bed, on closer inspection it turned out it was the cadburys mini-eggs I took to bed for some reason, along with a packet of chili :D
Max Hardcase > 800+ WCS for sale in konora
Max Hardcase > lets buy em and kill RA running away tactic ;)
Jason Dailey > so, who wants to know how bacon is made?
Operater3 > o/
Meldorn Vaash > ME!!!!
Jason Dailey > the process starts when winged fairies bring the bellies of pigs to the factory in 18 wheel trucks
Jason Dailey > the large horned beasts called "forklifts" move the bellies into the factories
Jason Dailey > from there magical gnomes move the bellies through machines
Jason Dailey > these gnomes are called "mexicans"
Jason Dailey > the first machine tumbles the bellies to relax them, it looks like a giant dryer (no shit, some are still frozen, big dryer looking thing)
Jason Dailey > Then a thousand needles stab the meat, infusing it with flavors, secret flavors
Jason Dailey > it is said that anyone who talks about the flavors will be attacked by dangerous wizards called "lawyers"
Jason Dailey > ok, anyway, they spray them with liquid smoke, run them through a tunnel of some kind that hits them with actual smoke
Jason Dailey > then its into a freezer
Jason Dailey > They get pressed and cut, to a uniform size
Jason Dailey > then run through a big slicer, and packaged
Dufas > XL Shield booster T2 4tw
Dufas > yay! 4 caprigs
savvygirl > try tech 2 amp with that
Dufas > cant use one im a shield nub
savvygirl > lol
savvygirl > so y u using a raven
Dufas > im a confused amarr
Dufas > gonna try a aba after i lose this one
Dufas > name it frenando
Dufas > im racking up the isk
Dufas > make about 2 mill today
savvygirl > ROFLOL
savvygirl > scrap 1 raven with fitting
savvygirl > u definately winning
Dufas > i is
<DBPreacher> Look mate, if it's smack you want then I'll start sending Rohann into your Alliance chat everyday for a week
Gromash > hermaphradite
´╗┐Korovyov > with a kite
Korovyov > on a bike
Bethany Blaze > with a dyke
Gromash > starting a fight
Bethany Blaze > in the night!
Korovyov > what a fright
Gromash > an ugly sight
Imperator Ceasar > oh the delight
´╗┐Imperator Ceasar > on a Thursday night
Gromash > i could i might
Rastlin Oherin > friday night, get it right
Bethany Blaze > that's so tight.
Aleksia > ignorance is bliss :P
Cache Smith > no,
Cache Smith > it's a plauge
Synthetic Cultist > I read that water treatment plants are unable to deal with all the things that people put into the system nowadays. medications and whatnots.
Synthetic Cultist > cow hormones in drinking water make girls fat and chesty and so on.
Davlos > You mean other than copious amounts of semen from jerking off? >_>
Evangeline Hale > Ewwwww !
Tobias Trost > What did I just walk into....
RLCMAK>oh crap
RLCMAK>wrong keyboard..
Cailais>lmao - omgrawd!
<dukath|civIII> wtf russia is attacking china
<suttydrink> wtf ?
<suttydrink> what channel ?
<suttydrink> where are you hearing this ?
<bizarre> lol
<Griffin> civIII mrbrick
<suttydrink> wtf :(
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