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Errol Nelson > 10+ outside their station, they killed my noobship and one of them said "gf"
Endureth > few reds here
Villwrath > didnt the soviet union collapse like years ago, wtf is this crap?
Drug Kito > damaged?
Kailea Atreides > got cerb? XD
SA TKperson > helo?
Kailea Atreides > hi there
Kailea Atreides > Kito said you were selling a cerb(s)?
Drug Kito > i g2g .... you two deal the escrow or something...
SA TKperson > ya
Kailea Atreides > for 160? where?
SA TKperson > oursalert
Kailea Atreides > how many you selling?
SA TKperson > one
Kailea Atreides > can you link it?
SA TKperson > Valor
Kailea Atreides > thats a rifter.
SA TKperson > ops
SA TKperson > TKperson's Cerberus
Kailea Atreides > thats a caracal
SA TKperson > i know
Kailea Atreides > a caracal. is not a cerberus
SA TKperson > yes
SA TKperson > give me money now plz
Kailea Atreides > how dumb do you think I am?
SA TKperson > very
Kailea Atreides > I love you too.
SA TKperson > me too
SA TKperson > i want a divorce
Kailea Atreides > fine. but I'm taking you for everything you're worth and I want full custody of the children
SA TKperson > hmm
SA TKperson > ok, but i keep the cerberus
Senn Typhos > /emote sighs. > My leg brace effing itches. Gottii, fix this problem instead of the isk one.
Ashar KorAzor > You have leg braces?
Ashar KorAzor > Hurt laigz?
Ashar KorAzor > Forrest Gimp fan club?
Senn Typhos > No, I have a single elastic one for my knee, what with me fucking it up a few days ago.
Ashar KorAzor > Oh
Ashar KorAzor > feel betters
Ashar KorAzor > *Gump
Ashar KorAzor > Heh, Forrest Gimp.
Ashar KorAzor > Life is like a sex dungeon, you never know what you're gonna get.
gibgoblin > there is more metal in a Large shell caseing than a rifter.
Badger > They use metal in a Rifter????
Odin Sissaris > Yep, beer cans held together with duct tape.
CODE RED > Damn strait........what do you think Rifters are? They are really what you load into 1400mm guns
Leet Al > when you using gatlings on a crusader
Leet Al > it says 'rape' in morse code
<Absalom> Whoa, that is one hell of a sexy girl's voice. What voice font are you using?
<Evanda> We're on Vent -.-
Pistonbroke > Gotta love eve. There cant be many games where you can make 150 people sit there like tools for an hour with no explanation while abusing them :)
grizzlemethis > if they really are macros then screw them
grizzlemethis > what are they gonna do afk hunt you to death
Adge > "Why are you windmilling your arm like that?" "I'm playing EVE on the Wii and I'm trying to hit this %^%*&$ interceptor."
Adge > "Dude, you're tangled up in your controller cord." "Webbed."
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