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sugarXsugar > so you wanna at least get a start on the angel extra tonight?
sugarXsugar > garic?
*sugarXsugar prods garic with a sharp pointed tree branch
*sugarXsugar lights Garic's pants on fire
sugarXsugar > >_>
sugarXsugar > <_<
*sugarXsugar shaves Garic's eyebrows off
Garic Cavvar > lol sry was afk
Garic Cavvar > can i have my eyebrows back?
<Arthur> btw enn, i got an idea for eve. For every 0.1 point of standing with your agent you have above 8.0 standing, the agent takes off one part of his clothing!
Graphite Vestian > Twista, I offer you the opportunity to join the cult.
Twista55 > but if i join your corp i gotta suffer the slings and arrows of your animosity
Twista55 > its cheaper than a wardec tho
Yuki Li > meanwhile in aridia a carrier became sentient and ate 14 asteroids and 3 miners in an attempt to solve the mystery of what breakfast is
Orihalcon Vallinar > Hello
Orihalcon Vallinar > I'm new
Orihalcon Vallinar > please don't kill me
Orihalcon Vallinar > I will be sad
Alexander Armstrong > -_- Noob! this aint world of warcraft 1....2 you only die here if you piss people off, steal shit, or have a 2.8 bill isk BPO in your hold. simple
Sathyr Soleis > LFG high sec suicide gank on Alexander
Sathyr Soleis > Need healer and tank
Alexander Armstrong > yay i love susicide ganks
Sathyr Soleis > need 5k gear score
Sathyr Soleis > no druids
October Tsukiko > DAMNIT
Talt Dama > well any decent pvper also knows the limits of his/her ship....
Eagle Extravaganza > well, duuh.
Eagle Extravaganza > what does that have to do with how good the vaga is?
Talt Dama > well even if the ship is good - it will not do any good to you if the frigging adversary chews you
Eagle Extravaganza > Sorry, are you using google translate?
Aedun Sole > wow I never knew ppl on the internet can be used like tools, as per example
Aedun Sole > going to be fun being FC

Pilious > I am shooting a netrual POS in Oasa if anyone wants to help
Pilious > we can take the MOD and it's off line
Honkytonk Johnson > nice initiative but im gonna pass
Honkytonk Johnson > what are u in
Pilious > caracal
Pilious > it's off line
Honkytonk Johnson > go nuts my friend
Hartwich > Ook
Melichor Duraldi > im dead
Melichor Duraldi > nuet hurricane got me
Nyphur > Getting ganked is what ships are for.
<HellGremlin> Oh man.
<HellGremlin> I just discovered something totally cool.
<HellGremlin> If you bite really hard on a mouseball, it turns out that it's metal covered with a layer of rubber, and inside the rubber there is disgusting, disgusting glue!
<HellGremlin> I feel like I just blew a robot.
<Starbrow> LOL
<Starbrow> QTED!
<Sham> rofl
<Starbrow> i bet you feel really dirty
<Jadrut> and slutty
<Starbrow> did you swallow?
<HellGremlin> Instinctively :(
<Sham> HG *always* swallows
* Sham giggles
* Sham huggles his internet boyfriend
<Sham> shit, I'm gay
* HellGremlin distances himself from Sham
<Sham> Time to join a religion again
<Sham> Which is better for de-homofication? Holy Baptists of Jerusalem (Wisconsin) or The Flaming Cross Organization?
<HellGremlin> I'm sure both fine foundations will help you Pray The Gay Away.
<Sham> *yay*
<Sham> Maybe the minister will be cute ^_^
<Sham> crap
<Sham> I did it again :(
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