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Lord Wiltshire > 3 bc hit me harder then 2 bc's
David Darkstar > big surprise there
CopeLand > omg im afk, oprah on TV
Kale Ryoko > You check how many minutes you've played?
Kale Ryoko > 286731 for me.
Nooey > Eeeep, lemme check.
Nooey > 185345...wow...
Kale Ryoko > Scary to think eh?
Kale Ryoko > 286731 minutes of lost sex
Nooey > lol...she'd be a bit sore after all that tbh.
Kale Ryoko > I wouldn't use the same one obv.
Kale Ryoko > I'd use one for an hour
Kale Ryoko > Then move to the next
Kale Ryoko > Then another
Kale Ryoko > Then another
Kale Ryoko > Give the others 3 hours to recover
Nooey > o_0
Kale Ryoko > Then return back
Kale Ryoko > Kinda like chainsexing
Nooey > LOL
Kale Ryoko > I'd probly be out of ammo by the third though
Kale Ryoko > And need to regen my cap
<Chribba> i'm alive
<Chribba> time to shower off all spiders and shit
<Loxy> i dont want to know :|
Traches > i was always of the opinion that if they didn't want us to illegally download music, movies, games, or programs they really should not have called it piracy
Traches > yarr :)
Henry Fredyericus > darn..you got the gallente cruiser at level 5 already ?
Bartop > yes, I trained it when I was away on a job last year
Bartop > It's nice like that, none of the boring wait; just set training, go away to the sun for a few weeks and come back to completed skills
Henry Fredyericus > yeah :)
Bartop > of course it does mean training wifey to change skills at the right time, but thats not too hars
Bartop > hard
Henry Fredyericus > marriage command at level 3
Henry Fredyericus > atleast
Bartop > lol, maybe 2 ;~}
Henry Fredyericus > heh heh depends on the targets sensor strenght :)
Henry Fredyericus > I still have 29 days left for the cruiser
Bartop > it's a matter of keeping the faction standing fairly high, must keep doing the wife missions, that way you can spend the lp on nights in the pub and skill changeing
Gturtle > the firend I've got playing eve is in my dorm room, playing eve
Gturtle > it's two in the morning
Geisha Jang > lol! u've made an addict!!! :D
Geisha Jang > ahah
Gturtle > I want sleep >_>
Geisha Jang > go sleep then! >.<
Gturtle > He's in my room -.-
Monev TheGale > engineer a random power failure
Monev TheGale > or just start striping naked.
Monev TheGale > he'll either leave, or do things you might enjoy anyway.
Kale Ryoko > *Notify* Rollerblades is already speedBoost
Ortos > shield or armor tank for my mission-machariel? can't decide...both are viable options, it seems
TrouserDeagle > Do both :)
Ortos > both, right...
Olixia Castitatis > Why not passive shield tank your midslots while armor tanking your low slots?
Olixia Castitatis > put a couple of WCS in just incase pirates catch you, too.
TrouserDeagle > Micro smartbomb for taking down pirate inties?
Olixia Castitatis > how about a capacitor flux coil to increase the availabilty of cap for your guns?
TrouserDeagle > Ooh.
TrouserDeagle > Machariel could do with some more hull, tbh. Reinforced bulkhead?
Olixia Castitatis > put a laser on their as well to maximize your EM damage output
Ortos > /emote sighs
Ortos > mission-machariel. mission. high sec. mission. high sec. what pirates?
TrouserDeagle > They can get you anywhere, Ortos.
TrouserDeagle > You'll be wanting a blaster and a railgun too, in case you get enemies at either range extreme.
Ortos > -.-
Olixia Castitatis > yeah, be prepared to fight at both 100km and 10km
Olixia Castitatis > I would use iron in your blasters though - 2km is loads too close to the enemy.
TrouserDeagle > Rest of the highs should be tractor beams.
Olixia Castitatis > use a couple of high slots for defender missle launchers.
Olixia Castitatis > To keep away enemy missles.
Ortos > /emote sighs
Ortos > thanks for the help... :O
vahu shamy > 2 kos poped me in ceptors 5 mins ago
vahu shamy > pa
Orm Tosteson > poped? they elected you head of the Vatican?
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