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Kane Darkstar > Talaris has a thing for body fluids :)
Cloora > appreciate it?... *looks over at Mil*
Cloora > umm yeah! I DONT!
Cloora > so screw you!
Antares Herric > Hey, I owe my life to body fluids
Tyrrax Thorrk > more people should follow me around remote repping me tbh
shambley > lol wife just showed me a house she liked on telly - it looked exactly like a front view of a megathron - i showed her the piccy of a megathron - she now hates the house
fardolce > do locator agents only locate in their own station?
´╗┐Dawne Xi > fardolce you need to go to their station to use them if that's what you're asking .... I think I'd want my money back if the Locator agent took my money and said "Nope he's not here... "
Leonard Giles > What is meant by the term, "Indy"?
Dangerous Dave Dickens > industrial
Dangerous Dave Dickens > or a hippie
* Anabelle Martinez will be sad panda if no one buys
* Jens Junker thinks Anabelle should start eating bamboo :)
Dramaking > when you enter the loginscreen .....and hold the shift button in, and try to type your password, and you press ONE button but see 7 stars on the screen .....its about time you go to bed
tyrael deathwing > wtb social life
tyrael deathwing > nobody?
tyrael deathwing > :(
Soul Redemption > we cant sell you any if we dont have any
Gentleman Loser > Dammit, I still want to know why the small armor repair unit is less efficient than the small inefficient armor repair unit...
Tristam Izumi > Calling a procurer a pile of shit would be insulting shit.
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