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neotin_nahrain : I am trying to save what is left of my life once a small crying thing entered it :)
neotin_nahrain : I am special kind of a zombie that walks around screeching "sleeeeeep" :P
neotin_nahrain : I am actually quite fortunate , he only sleeps , eat and sh.ts
i0Ni : yeah, they tend to do that
i0Ni : i´m not much different these days, just add autocad
i0Ni : and looking like a zombie
Sakura Nihil > My Ackbar sense is tingling.
Cix'El'Syd > holy shit, almost didnt make it back in the house.... fucking drunk driving my wheelchair
Cix'El'Syd > went off my ramp
<masterHyde> they are -a- now not -A-, they're out of caps
Cattis > your boss is lesbian? and she wanted to have sex with you? a guy
Pankoon > no the host of the party is lesbian and the manager is a guest to this party
Gadher > I think pank, was at an orgy
VoYvod > anybody want kernite?
Rynik > Kermit?
Kalnantu Mekidao > Kernal?
Rynik > nah prefered animal myself
Trulaine > yeah he rocks
Kalnantu Mekidao > Hmm.. Take a laser to some Kernite ang get
Kalnantu Mekidao > :|
Kalnantu Mekidao > Ignore my bad jokes...
shel Deathstrike > will do
VoYvod > already done
Kalnantu Mekidao > :'(
Mandorallan > how the fuck can i have a rax, 42 jumps away and a load o tech 2 stuff i know notthin about ??
mirel yirrin > Fairys?
Timothy McKenzie > well have found pounding cock
Mortimus > what. the. fuck?
Timothy McKenzie > well that didn't come out right
Timothy McKenzie > CCK
Timothy McKenzie > everyone calls them cock
Carca > and I've lost all my settings and portraits of everyone
Carca > and half the people i know have lost their hair
Carca > and here's the worst one
Carca > golem is now naked !!
Little Chubby > I'm so good at this game.
Little Chubby > Spent 30 seconds trying to find the jump button before realizing I was right clicking on a Charon
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