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Amarr Holymight > there was no pvp in the sims :P
Arakas > no but ya could "make" pvp by burning them alive
Amarr Holymight > sims didn't have that optio
Amarr Holymight > could you do that araks?
Arakas > yes
Nessaji > or putting them to swimming pool and then removing the ladder, and watch them swim to death
Tinator > hmm...
Tinator > maybe ambulation is the titan nerf?
Morden Nok > MS too
Antarans > you can dock into titan and have poolparty!!
Charles Kuralt > I'm betting you'll be able to "ambulate" inside your own Titan
Amarr Holymight > we gotta figger a way to remove the ladders
Q'uip > haha :D
Antarans > "you are in a pool full of water, you can swim but there is no ladders, WHAT DO YOU DO!!!" "A: you cyno out of harm"
Tinator > cloak
Antarans > logoff
Tinator > petition
Antarans > petition will get you killed ;D
Dyntheos > whine on forums
Antarans > takes too much time and they will show "our pool shows nothing, its empty"
Q'uip > post killmail and add a comment about being desynced
Tinator > and whine to him
Caanan > ok
Caanan > this is fucked up
Caanan > first i give daakkon my msn
Caanan > then random fat chikcs IM me
Caanan > WTF
Tyrrax Thorrk > and this surprises you why
REAVEDOK > antone know where we might mine here in gicodel??
Garth Alwin > where would you normally mine?
REAVEDOK > ni idea
Vincent Athena > Any belt is good
Edward Block > That one over there is good
Edward Block > /emote points
REAVEDOK > not sure how to find belts
REAVEDOK > im dumb
Garth Alwin > i already guessed that
REAVEDOK > harsh im a noob
Garth Alwin > see previous answer
Edward Block > Welcome to eve
Mazer Kt'luthid > heh, damn it's laggy. trying to flip through 4 blinking channels, 3 freight containers, 2 forum boards and a friggin partridge in a pear tree.
Titan Blue > there should be a special option in the agent menu for i blew up the mission loot
Arfur > lol
Wood Osiris > the 'Oops' button?
Titan Blue > yeah
IceGuerilla > These U'K Minmatars are obviously dancing around their totem-pole of a control tower.
Seya Brennan > The only reason they're "dancing around it" is so they can get practice orbiting your slow-ass Amarr ships really really quickly.
Subject 003IX > /emote facepalms. "Davlos, you disturb me. In a good way. The way that makes me... nevermind."
Morwen Lagann > hot, bothered and in need of new panties?
Subject 003IX > Exactly.
Greymalkin Dupuis > Hi all! I'm back!
StarRanger > Hiya Grey, and welcome back o/
Greymalkin Dupuis > Thanks
Greymalkin Dupuis > And o/ to all
Greymalkin Dupuis > And f*** WoW! :-P
Greymalkin Dupuis > EVE owns
StarRanger > hehe, i have played the demo of WoW, terible game indeed
Rin Darkstar > bah, wow is fun enough as long as you dont burn out...
Greymalkin Dupuis > Well, it's cool, but it lacks the freedom and player interaction EVE provides
StarRanger > oh you mean the gankers? :D
Greymalkin Dupuis > Yeah, those guys
Local Spike > Yaarrr! All your local are belong to me
Node Crash > lol, nice name
Local Spike > You know you can't live without me
Node Crash > youre the root of all my problems
Local Spike shrugs
Local Spike > You could be right
Radakos > is imperian on
Radakos > ?
´╗┐phlak > he is busy under the desk
´╗┐Keona Sun > who's desk?
phlak > mine
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