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Coolgamer > thx again for the hand bob :)
Ztrain > wow I just read that wrong
Malindah > me too honestly.
AC Tesla > this is wierd i keep trying to go through that ec gate an every time I wind up back in station
AC Tesla > it happened again, you guys think I should file a bug petition ?
Raavi Mann > It's not a bug, AC... it's a feature
Raavi Mann > /emote dies laughing
LordPremier Rudedude > poor ac
Raavi Mann > He probably doesn't know what that is
LordPremier Rudedude > maybe
AC Tesla > is that something like xp ?
AC Tesla > how do I level ?
Randyo > go through ec gate
AC Tesla > so if I do it just right I level up ?
crackbunny > that is the first part
Dewa Perang > get treasures on the other side
crackbunny > when you get through the gate, take a sharp left and you should see the next level
Shenzhou Emeraude > I just saw him go through EC
AC Tesla > No i didnt level up :(
crackbunny > repeat from 0, takes about 10 tries to get it right
Azubah November > you need to go in more expencive ship if wanna lvl up faster
crackbunny > I personally did it atleat 12
Randyo > heh took me 15 but I got it
LordPremier Rudedude > also you can sneak up on miners and bow them up
LordPremier Rudedude > they dot like that
AC Tesla > if you say so sir
crackbunny > look at me now, I'm like lvl 5 or something
Azubah November > try put some expenciv items in cargo and you get more honor points
AC Tesla > ok here we go
Azubah November > thats best way unless you got some epic gear
LordPremier Rudedude > make it back tesla?
AC Tesla > yea, same thing that keeps happening
Raavi Mann > Where did AC go?
Raavi Mann > Did he level up and move on?
SocomTedd > he decided to go alliance
LordPremier Rudedude > that was beyond funny
LordPremier Rudedude > tesla you back
AC Tesla > yea....
SocomTedd > Tesla We <3 YOu!
AC Tesla > i guess
SocomTedd > Like i'd love a brother though
SocomTedd > cause man love is bad mmmkaay
Raavi Mann > Tesla, remember - it takes a lot of patience through first few levels
SocomTedd > yeah, he will cast polymorph on you and turn you into a sheep for 10 seconds
AC Tesla > cool
Raavi Mann > But after that it's much faster and easier
LordPremier Rudedude > pick that up
AC Tesla > sure, thanks
Raavi Mann > Lord... you're not giving him THAT, are you?
LordPremier Rudedude > now wait
LordPremier Rudedude > fly there now
LordPremier Rudedude > in that pod
AC Tesla > hmm now I lost my ship
LordPremier Rudedude > thats why
LordPremier Rudedude > you cant use the ship
Raavi Mann > This is normal
LordPremier Rudedude > use the pod
AC Tesla > ok, my mum yelling at me to get into bed,,,,, :;(
SocomTedd > does she play wow too?
AC Tesla > nah, just tetris
SocomTedd > Hardcore
AC Tesla > I better get off before she confiscates the modem again
Shenzhou Emeraude > I like Mum's.. ;)
LordPremier Rudedude > i liked his mom
LordPremier Rudedude > she was good
LordPremier Rudedude > ahh hes gone
Raavi Mann > Oh geez
Raavi Mann > That just totally made my day
SocomTedd > yeah otherwise his mother confiscates the modem
LordPremier Rudedude > i got a free ibis kill tho
LordPremier Rudedude > it was funny
Raavi Mann > I sure hope I wasn't that much of a tard when I was a noob
Raavi Mann > Guys from my friendly corp are asking for your autograph, Lord XD
LordPremier Rudedude > heya tesla
LordPremier Rudedude > thought your mom was gonna confiscate the modem
SocomTedd > AC YOUR BACK!
AC Tesla > ssh, dont tell my mom, I just try going thru that gate again, maybe a reboot helped
LordPremier Rudedude > i dont think anyone can be this stupid
LordPremier Rudedude > he must be a trial account having fun
SocomTedd > never underestimate WoW players
Rejdaer > hehe,i doo actualy.. Lots of MH in local so :P
AC Tesla > oh damn, think my mom heard that
SocomTedd > Nooes!
SocomTedd > she will take your internetzz!!
SocomTedd > then no more wow!
SocomTedd > I got it!
SocomTedd > you dont play wow
SocomTedd > you play....
SocomTedd > RUNESCAPE!!
TorTorden > nah, hello kittie online
Raavi Mann > OK, was this guy serious or making fun of us XD
Rougeel > haha i think im gonna blow up
Rougeel > how do i get out
Pwnz You > u fall out when u explode
Rougeel > omg
Rougeel > ok
Pwnz You > if u want to save ur ship on the other hand....
Rougeel > haha nice
Rougeel > will i fall out of this capsel
Pwnz You > into space... where ur guy kinda .....dies
Rougeel > i die?
Pwnz You > if ur cap blows up
Rougeel > oh well been killed 3 time
Pwnz You > should avoid that
Rougeel > trying to go in this 00
Pwnz You > why dont u warp away?
Rougeel > i was inside something
Rougeel > screw this game
AlanOne> oh god
AlanOne> mittens is on the csm
Theo> is the csm even relevant anymore? its sorta sounds like the UN where china, Libya, and the Russians are on the human rights committees.
sarah dantai > how do i know if im still in a wardec ?
Spork Witch > sarah: are people shooting you?
Mikel Ice > 12341
Tissa > F1 F2 F3 F4 ?
Mikel Ice > lol
Mikel Ice > yea
Mikel Ice > woops
Seldarine > nubbin
Mikel Ice > new keyboard
Mikel Ice > <- megri
Tissa > omgrawed
Nathaniel Hornblower: is there a way to pause, or do i have to dock at a station everytime i have to leave for a minute
Mirsha: You could just message all the thousands of payers currently logged on and ask them to stop until you come back.
AirWalker > "Eve online servers down for 24 hours....in other news pastie white people flood the streets worldwide today...in search of tritanium....authorities are baffled"
<@Zeus> still missing 1 turret hradpoint
<@CmdraRat> So what, we'll just have a titan that's short one turret. what are people going to say? we have a mother fkn titan and they don't
Vaden Khale > so my grandpa called me today
Vaden Khale > he was high
Tina Fizolna > Cool.
Vaden Khale > he made a dick joke
Tina Fizolna > uncool
Cynthia Gallente > was it funny?
Vaden Khale > it was unnerving
Vaden Khale > he's a retired preacher
Vaden Khale > you don't expect dick jokes from preachers
Aiyeeta Beaver > _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Tigresh > whiskey...now there is a drink!
Aiyeeta Beaver > guess a letter!!!
Tigresh > A
TAYKARRAH > sorry Tay dont turn letters in teal!
Aiyeeta Beaver > _ A _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ A _ A _ _ A _ _
Tigresh > N
TAYKARRAH > spot wants to by a vvowel...o
Aiyeeta Beaver > _ A _ N A _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ N _ A N A _ _ A N _
Aiyeeta Beaver > _ A _ N A _ _ _ O _ _ A _ N _ A N A _ _ A N _
Kejimura Angel > wtf
Aiyeeta Beaver > 5 words....
TAYKARRAH > spot said if its not bomb canad...beaver you in trouble
Ashis > I'll buy an E.
Aiyeeta Beaver > I'm sorry, no E...
Aiyeeta Beaver > _ A _ N A _ _ _ O _ _ A _ N C A N A _ _ A N _
Tigresh > D
Aiyeeta Beaver > D A _ N A _ _ _ O _ D A _ N C A N A D _ A N _
Kejimura Angel > M
Lorn Dranton > S
Aiyeeta Beaver > DAMN A _ _ _ O _ DAMN C A N A D _ A N S
Aiyeeta Beaver > ....
Kejimura Angel > did u fuck up?
Aiyeeta Beaver > no....
Tigresh > L
Anium > I'll buy a "Anyone who thinks the plural of Lego is Leggos isnt entitled to an opinion" for $400. :)
Aiyeeta Beaver > I'm sitting wondering why no one's solved the puzzle
Aiyeeta Beaver > alright anium, but you gotta send the $400 upfront ^.^
Tigresh > what puzzle?
Lorn Dranton > we wanted to keep you busy
Lorn Dranton > oO
Aiyeeta Beaver > DAMN ALL _ O _ DAMN CANAD_ANS
Ashis > humm.. this is a tough one..
Aiyeeta Beaver > erm.... _O_
Aiyeeta Beaver > o/
Ashis > I'd like to buy a Y
Lorn Dranton > HAHA
Kejimura Angel > damn all you damn canadians!
Ashis > humm..
Aiyeeta Beaver > KEJI SAID IT!!!
Kejimura Angel > woot
Aiyeeta Beaver > not me!!!
Lorn Dranton > damn all you damn bananains?
Ashis > genius!
Aiyeeta Beaver > blame him!!!!
Kejimura Angel > I win at life
Aiyeeta Beaver > ....well that ate up a lot more time than I gave it credit for...
Lorn Dranton > haha
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