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oidrunner > heh heh. I read a funny joke. Computer programming is like sex. One mistake and you spend a lifetime supporting it.
ByuuSan > Lol!
ByuuSan > I don't get it
Loller Waffles > lol
Loller Waffles > do you work in programming void?
Voidrunner > yeah
Loller Waffles > cool, I'm a senior in computer science
Loller Waffles > I graduate in may 06
Voidrunner > gratz in advance
Loller Waffles > but I'm staying here and getting an MBA with it lol
Loller Waffles > nothing like an easy payraise degree
ByuuSan > lol
ByuuSan > im only 16, i don't understnad
Voidrunner > about sex or pay raises?
<Dreamweaver1779> is there any vb.net code examples of how to use api's
<lisa> doubtful
<Ix_Forres> yeah, vb.net's probably right up there with smalltalk and haskell on 'languages nobody uses for EVE API development'
<Trigger> Ix_Forres you forgot lisp
<Trigger> :|
<Ix_Forres> Trigger: I've seen EVE Online API Lisp
<Trigger> seriously?
<Ix_Forres> http://wiki.eve-id.net/Common-Lisp-EVE-API-package
<Trigger> :
<Ix_Forres> So, uh. :p
<Trigger> oh dear god :(
<Trigger> Well, I stand corrected
<Trigger> so :p
<zofu> we have arkady here. expect api code in languages no never ever heard of before. :P
<Draxxxion> I bought a stick of Mentos
<Draxxxion> Ill try the cok thing tonight once ive gotten braver
<Draxxxion> coke
<wizzard66> cock?
<SirVlad> diet coke correct?
<Ysabelle> diet cock?
Tyleritus: We Dont Post loss mails its a Killboard not a lossboard!
Animactus > its pronounced an-uh-mak-tuhs
Tarrax Zoi > ancient chant of the wherethefuckarewe tribe?
Nexus Kinnon > Damsel in Distress
Eurinho > damsel is easy
KarlosTG > but truth is, i didnt know how to do damsel first time
Arcane Fox > usually theres a hole
Istian Goss > Looks like I'm marching to war
Istian Goss > hope I don't get ganked
Azia Burgi > against who?
Istian Goss > ummm not sure......not our regular enemies...
Istian Goss > I just go for the red.....
Azia Burgi > heh
Azia Burgi > minmatar to the end
Azia Burgi > "who we fighting?" "dunno" "yAAAAR!!!!
Azia Burgi > "
Istian Goss > ......as oposed to caldari whose first question is 'how much do I get paid?' or #would you be interested in purchasing my grandmother?'
Azia Burgi > yup yup
Azia Burgi > funny you should say that.... WTS: parents
Azuse > my life just got better :)
Jheroloy Ayryon > WHy?
Azuse > im in a system with one gate
Jheroloy Ayryon > lol
Azuse > and 18 hostile cruisers just logged off outside
Agustus Caesar > lol
Jheroloy Ayryon > Give'em hell...
Azuse > /emote starts writing his will
Jheroloy Ayryon > /emote wants the golden pocket watch!
Azuse > /emote start scoring jheroloy off the list..
Jheroloy Ayryon > D'oh...
Azuse > >:D
Jheroloy Ayryon > /emote is injecting laxative into Azuse's pod ectoplasm
Telshazzar > This is never going to end, is it?
Severus Archanas > thats what she said
Djana Libra > i otta make a list of ships and modules i need n then let my wife play for a day, she likes shopping a lot more than me
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