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Debes Sparre > Hate the commute to work. I work in the bad part of town.
Debes Sparre > And I have to go through where there's known gang violence.
Debes Sparre > I do carry protection, and I'm not afraid to use it.
Debes Sparre > But four 150s won't break the tank of a Typhoon, yaknow. :|
Idaeus > I fail to see the point of these two carriers locking me and launching fighters. I'm not stupid enough to take on 2 carriers in a battleship solo, especially when they have friends in the area.
Idaeus > Just a waste of mouse clicks really.
Idaeus > Time better spent browsing pr0n.
Idaeus > Speaking of, AFK.
Tiberius Wenchel > The best description I've heard of the Echelon thus far is when my wife logged in yesterday and said "Ew! That's a butt!"
Ze'ev Sinraali > Your wife has some strange ideas about butts.
Tiberius Wenchel > Well, you've never seen me naked.
Stitcher > and after this conversation, I don't want to
Tiberius Wenchel > Admit that a little part of you is curious about the spinny bit.
USS OMAHA > *post in eve online....The Enslaver promises killing ' a' plenty to SUPRM members and RE1GN members
The Enslaver > who said RE1GN?
The Enslaver > you are staying here and mining for us
Stocker > lol
Diaego: ummm
Diaego: I'm not sure if this is a joke e-mail or not
Teh-Anti-Christ-Tobs: well..
Nobody: Diaego:)
Teh-Anti-Christ-Tobs: whos it from ?
Nobody: And what's it say?
Diaego: I asked that anyone having buffering issues send a screenshot of ping results to our servers.. and someone has sent me an e-mail with a picture they have taken with a digital camera of their monitor
Diaego: showing the ping results
Diaego: o_O
Prac114 > just started learning engineering 5 be able to cloak by next week
Everto Diligo > you need Electronics to cloak
Prac114 > $%&$%&$&^
Everto Diligo > LOL
Timothy McKenzie > lol
Everto Diligo > *falls on the ground laughing*
<&NTRabbit> !challenge Rhaegar
<@griefbot> ntrabbit has challenged rhaegar in a battle of stamina
<@griefbot> Both contestants step outside
<@griefbot> ntrabbit Breakdances
<@griefbot> ntrabbit is victorious. rhaegar's lewzer clock is set to 5m, 0s.
<@Rhaegar> !challenge NTRabbit
<@griefbot> rhaegar: Lewzers are not allowed to challenge. rhaegar's lewzer clock has been reset from 4m, 46s to 5m, 0s.
<@Rhaegar> I see.
<&NTRabbit> hahaha
* @griefbot has quit IRC ([storm.coldfront.net] Local kill by Rhaegar (WHOS THE LEWZER NOW?))
Sakhr Otaktay > I have a cloning device II somewhere in empire...
Toushi Kimura > We could advertise ourselves as anon-friendly
Toushi Kimura > That might get us some recruits
BloodBird > Oh yeah that would certainly help us wouldn't it
Toushi Kimura > Hey at least we're not advertising as goon-friendly
Andreus Ixiris > Because everyone would know that's a complete lie
Andreus Ixiris > Even Goonswarm aren't goon-friendly
Mebrithiel Ju'wien > it's in the corp hangar in abath
Fuscous > great
Fuscous > are you in tsain meb?
Mebrithiel Ju'wien > staion
Mebrithiel Ju'wien > wow we're doing well spelling tonight
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