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( @RinnyWee ) I'm a single woman and I liked brokeback... tbh tho I was checking out michele williams but whatever
Kalmanaka > I think our next massive fleet fight the FC should tell everyone to sort their overview by name with Z at the top just to freak the enemy out
Kalmanaka > cuz you know none of those people will know what to do when they are primaried
Zanminer > Hey i dont think thats a great trend to start :p
Scrawt > your avatar looks like my ex, my ex is called alice and her middle name is Eleanor
Scrawt > so i see you, alice eleanor
Dumagand Ongrard > Elmdor....... nice reading there slick
Scrawt > and im obliged to offer you my penis for old times sake
Scrawt > yes ive noticed the difference in letters, but what i did was try to bridge the gap
Ibeau Renoir > here's where she admits to being a guy irl.
Scrawt > and thatd be another similarity
Scrawt > turns out it was andy and i just wasnt listening
Alice Elmdor > :p
DarkBloodRain > well they both start with an A...
Scrawt > that was my argement
Scrawt > ive only got as far as i have because "girl" and "boy" sound so different
DarkBloodRain > it's just like amendment and action. both start with an a. see?
Scrawt > yes, that explains the manly grunts
Scrawt > and the penis
DarkBloodRain > penis, poker, same thing
DarkBloodRain > parrot?
Scrawt > thats right
Scrawt > i bought a penis from the pet shop, it can say hello
Wolfman anyone know how to get nuets off overview now?
Star Voyager shoot them all?
Cezzario > Dear CCP, I think you should hold a special olympics. If you do I belive my drones have a chance at winning because they are retarded
Jon Mantigo > im going to hunt a sandwich brb
wierchas noobhunter > use scramber so he wont run away!
Arvald > im a lumberjack and im ok
Arvald > i sleep all night and i work all day
Arvald > who the fuck am a kidding, i drink all night and molest slaver hounds all day
Drakma > /emote holds up his sign : Will PvP for Dates (not with beaver)
Aiyeeta Beaver > thank god
Chronus26 > lol
Drakma > Actually....
Drakma > do you do laundry?
Zy'or Tealon > o oh...
Aiyeeta Beaver > ....shit.... I don't want to answer that... because I'm not doing your laundry...
Aiyeeta Beaver > I do laundry like a man.... *tosses all dirty clothes into a single cycle*
Drakma > perfect, that's what my clothes are used to
Aiyeeta Beaver > crap crap crap...
Drakma > everything that used to be white is now a pale pink
Griff Skyshock > suits you Drak
Drakma > Thanks honey
FIRST GENERAL > well, I'm in an apoc, in a pos, and cannot jump into a shuttle :P
FIRST GENERAL > I'm all outta shuttles.
Grendalsbane > Heheheheh... next time buy the "family pack"... box of 20. ;)
FIRST GENERAL > well, they didn't have the shuttles in the magnum size
FIRST GENERAL > all they had were the ones with ribbed hulls, and I couldn't imagine flying one of those :P
Grendalsbane > ROFL. ;)
Pattesattan > i would like someone to help me in my first experiments with
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