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Cecil Arongo : Caldari don't have a dread, they have an expensive fireworks launcher
Perrrditory > anyone know of a good place to buy 250mm prototype gauss guns?
Nimbu > go to somewhere like jita
Stitcher > only not tonight, because you will be cast unto a screaming void of unending lag for a thousand, nay, ten thousand years and a day!
Perrrditory > getting quicker then?
Stitcher > yeah, the new server cluster really helped
Galdren Delavardi > drift city
Galdren Delavardi > www.ijji.com
Aslon Seridith > did you subscribe to eve, paid $20, to ask that question in local?
Der Prophet > Language is the only thing that seperates us from apes...that and less hair. So please don't fuck it up for the rest of us.
Baltaer > I had a Sergeant yell that when we entered a house in Iraq, lol. "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!" Best part is, they understood it and thought it was funny lol
Hikari Sakura > I bumped you so hard, you flew over your max velocity XD
Lady Evelynne > BUMB ME AGAIN! o/
Hikari Sakura > O_O
Hikari Sakura > /emote hears the FBI smash down the door and storm the house
Project 69 > you again?.. are you following me?
Wirrtuell > oh , uh, my cloaking-device have malfunction
Project 69 > sitting in the bushes infront of my bathroom isn't cloaking
Arvald> Can i be the cop from the village people?
SpiderPig 96 > o/
SpiderPig 96 > can anyone answer me a question?
Gecko 136 > If you ask it, perhaps.
haav0c > i can answer it with a reasonable degree of accuracy
korleena muran > and i can back him up.
TroLL542 > and if you need a second opinion....
TroLL542 > i will repeat that they said.
Jhared Skyfire > and i can word it slightly differently, but with the same basic answer
Gecko 136 > I can repeat what they all said.
McGecko > And then repeat it again on my alt.
Garia666 > \o/
Garia666 > afk doing the dishes
Garia666 > gf clearly doesnt understand the roles in this house.. i should remove her director roles and give he merly acces to kitchen and bedroom.
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