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Charles Maonaigh > Not gonna lie...this scene where Warf is about to get him some tail in season 2...is erotic in a terrifying way
Charles Maonaigh > aaaaaaaand wrong chat lolololol
Roman Robert > : D
Charles Maonaigh > Seriously though I'd pound that Klingon babe. Half Klingon babe...the teeth aren't as scary.
Sampanion > OK this IS an addiction; I wake up dreaming I need to queue a skill and I do
Eric Nolani > Can I get help cleaning out WC?
CF ProctoR > Get a toilet brush :P
Myst Ery > need help, planet 6, belt 3
Myst Ery > empty cap, cant warp out...
Myst Ery > surrounded by roids :S
Taschenflak > great so you can mining in every direction :D
Shadow XII > Imagine having sex, and every time you do someone comes in and shoots you in the foot. That's why you shouldn't mine in Hulkageddon.
Azia Burgi > oh god..
Azia Burgi > i hope i don't have to go through jita...
cheephough > jita is a party...
Azia Burgi > but its full of jitards!
cheephough > true
cheephough > and they're all on a jitad
Azia Burgi > rofl
Van Hoek > a holy Jitad?
cheephough > yep
Bek > There are 2 things I like in Eve.
Entity > am I one of them?
Entity > ♥
Bek > Consequence and Freeform.
Entity > damnit
Bek > You're in my top ten of things wrong with Eve.
Kaladr > maybe I can weld 2 sacrileges together and get a good ship
Shatana Fulfairas > you seen the popular therad on eve-o atm ?
SamuraiJack > cant believe my ass is top of CAOD and its 5 pages...
mori yicheng > ps i realy dont have and problem with dutch or amsterdamiens or w/e just pokeing fun
Micklebek > the spelling in this chat is unbelievable lol
mori yicheng > i know so many spelling actsents and ebonics its like the renisonce all over agen
Micklebek > lmao
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