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Saeric Heinlein > i think a venus flytrap should have legs
Saeric Heinlein > and it should run through the freakin swamp chasing the damn flies
Gimp Samurai > i think you shouldnt have a brain
Saeric Heinlein > THAT would be cool
Dr Cunter > i need to warp disrupt baby hunger aggro
Dr Cunter > cant pod baby, ......CEO would be upset
Koronakesh > so lou, i take it we're not getting married then? =p
Louella Dougans > /emote rolls a decision cube with "Yes" marked on all 6 faces. It comes up "No"
Louella Dougans > better luck next time, Koro
Shona Ebron > okay now to enter a system much more dangerous than a .4 or .3 - wish me luck
Spoon Thumb > good luck
Cyclops43 > Jita?
Shona Ebron > yup :)
Cyclops43 > We shall remember you fondly.... R.I.P.
Leilani Solaris > 1400's and neutron blasters, may as well just shoot pure testosterone
Gram Hellfire > pvp = player vs. pos
Ly'sol > Personally Im tend to hate anything bigger and stronger than me. Hince I lost approx. 27 ibises, 12 condors, 5 crows, 1 raptor, 1 merlin, 1 crow, and a badger due to me attacking a Lai Dai space station.
leperfish > ping
Grismar > response from Grismar: 3 secs
Grismar > response from Grismar: 4 secs
Grismar > response from Grismar: 3 secs
Grismar > response from Grismar: 2 secs
Grismar > Result: 4 received 0 lost
leperfish > haha
Agent Darko > without pvpers any null sec corp is dead
Fugusha Kisai > heh yeah
Fugusha Kisai > and without carebears,likewise
Agent Darko > indeed
Agent Darko > but pvpers have bigger cocks
* Fugusha Kisai flashes his erebus
Agent Darko > massive
Agent Darko > mines kinda small...
* Agent Darko flashes his thorax
<spiralJunkie> which of you monkeys is flying in this next tournament?
<spiralJunkie> or is my question gonna be met with scron and the usual 'fgt' replies
<spiralJunkie> scorn too
<%Frools> stfu fgt
<Sadist> fgt!
<vensa> fgt
<MaZ-> scorn
<spiralJunkie> scorn fgt
<vensa> scrony fgt
<spiralJunkie> man
<spiralJunkie> i've never felt so much part of a family
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