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Skian Mhor > I've been a goth for 20 years. I know what a corset should be
View Contracts > lol gues not much point in joining coms my spanish ends at "help i need a hospital"
Khellias> Y'know, the idea of you with a Titan terrifies me.
Dreadstar Kilron> Hah!
Khellias> It'll be "Hey, the gate is camped." "Just a sec." *Titan warps up and Doomsdays, destroying the gatecamp, the sentry guns, and everything else in the area, leaving the gate completely undefended* "Taken care of!" *Gate explodes* "Oops."
Dreadstar Kilron> Heh
Dark Shikari > http://myeve.eve-online.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=559376
UPA Terf > ultimate forum whore
UPA Terf > i bow
Coasterbrian > you know, I have no idea how you have so much to say, lol
UPA Terf > hehe i got a comment in o/
Levin Cavil > theres a difference between posting 26 times a day and having something to say
N'maro Makari > Could be worse, I had a dream in which ZZ Top broke into my house. They were also Vampires.
Lu Yan > there is no i in team.
Lu Yan > However, there is one in survival. there also is a U if u hurry your ass up.
<Batolemaeus> gms have training?
<Batolemaeus> next you're suggesting gms have policies
<Minxy> already told ya tempy your too short
<Minxy> i like em tall dark and ugly
<Minxy> lol
<Magnawulf> *must be this tall to ride*
<Minxy> rofl
* Tempest bites tongue
<Magnawulf> I could see minxy right before sex "Please keep all hands and arms inside the bed at all times, and enjoy the ride"
Tuttomenui II > no good can ever come from a 3rd nipple
Atandros > FOE here
Atandros > just one...but they do travel in wolfpacks
theRaptor > TBH a real wolf could play better
theRaptor > And it wouldnt smack talk
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