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Anjn > casinos? haven't found one of those yet. don't suppose they drop isk?
Snejj > janitors and exotic dancers
Snejj > almost better than isk
Anjn > *installs pole in cormorant*
Pizt > in jump-queue?
Cuckoo > im in]ok
Cuckoo > fitting ship
Cuckoo > wont be a sex
Pizt > ???
Pizt > no, hope we'll have a fight instead ;)
Cuckoo > we will
Cuckoo > i mean a sec****
conchita > 2005.05.13 03:02:24 combat Your 1400mm Howitzer Artillery I perfectly strikes Minmatar Control Tower [WLD], wrecking for 1613.4 damage.
kezz2411 > 2005.05.13 03:02:41 combat Your 1400mm Howitzer Artillery I perfectly strikes Minmatar Control Tower [WLD], wrecking for 1472.1 damage.
Drakma > 2005.05.13 03:02:13 combat Your Tachyon Beam Laser I barely scraches Minmatar Control Tower [WLD], causing 603.5 damage.
Sebesria > 2005.05.13 02:47:45 combat Your Bane Torpedo I hits Minmatar Control Tower [WLD], doing 517.5 damage.
Sebesria > hehe
TheKiller8 > 2005.05.13 03:02:34 combat Your Modulated Strip Miner II perfectly strikes Minmatar Control Tower [WLD], wrecking for 18572.5 Veldspar
TheKiller8 > sorry im ex-xetic
Omatje > hhe
Cacciatore > LOL
Lansfear > L<OL!
Sebesria > NICE
LordPhear > Pack: Seems so, at least that's what my cadmium ball says..
Aadahn > uhm.... lord.... just what kind of groin injury did you have to necessitate the implanting of a cadmium ball???
<Tara> if he talks about you being sexy i'm afraid i'd have to call him gay too O_o
<%DJ_Who|0N_41R> no im a lesbiean on the inside
<Daakkon> no
<Daakkon> you are gay on the inside
<Daakkon> dude I know your body
Khellias > And now, How To Get Shot At In Empire, for n00bs.
Umpani O'Byrne > ]:8) moooo!
Khellias > Augh! Genetically Engineered Livestock!
Umpani O'Byrne > yep...got myself the mad cow implant :)
Khellias > How's that working out for you? I've heard some people have a real beef with it.
Umpani O'Byrne > -5 int, but +10 stubbornness...makes me nearly invincible :)
Khellias > Really bull-headed, huh? Is it true it has a market effect with the whole Bulls and Bears thing?
Umpani O'Byrne > well...its mad "cow" ... naturally im cuckoo for bullish markets... makes me quite randy :)
Khellias > It damages your Charisma, though, doesn't it? Seems like people with it are always putting a hoof in their mouths.
Umpani O'Byrne > :o) ... true but i can compensate with the stubbornness... sooner or (mostly) later ppl will give me what i want :)
Khellias > Takes them a bit to get over you horning in on them?
Torrus Blatella > damnit
Torrus Blatella > i need to find a fucking CORRECT fuse panel diagram for a 2004 ford explorer
Torrus Blatella > the one in the manual is f'ing wrong
Chrysalis Kashaar > oh kay
Chrysalis Kashaar > none on market in delve
Super Monkey: Argh, I demand that you type out replies that are equal in length or greater than what I type.
Dacon: No.
General Forest > i don't think my implants are working
Biancha > nah your shirt is tented out, you got the wrong kind...
High Sierra > my ceo just logged on after a few days away
High Sierra > to discover i sold ALL the minerals we had
Zuldjan > eBiLLy?
High Sierra > nah
High Sierra > he wanted to build a raven - we didnt have enough mins
High Sierra > but on market they were worth 450mil
High Sierra > he wouldnt sell them
High Sierra > so I did while he was away
 High Sierra > and bought a raven as well
 High Sierra > he's going completely kangaroo poo in the corp chan
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