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<DigitalCommunist> ok man
<DigitalCommunist> its called a BUG
<Daniel_Jackson> thats from local
<DigitalCommunist> http://bugs.eve-online.com/newbugreport.asp
<DigitalCommunist> go there
<Daniel_Jackson> i cant fill out bug reports
<DigitalCommunist> why not
<Daniel_Jackson> ii have no idea how
<Daniel_Jackson> they aske me to reproduce it, and im like i cant creat bugs im not a hacker
<DigitalCommunist> you tell them whats wrong, what version of eve you had the bug on, ... christ
meatbunkt > and a dooshbag
BinaryData > Isn't it spelt douchebag?
Mazzic Karde > isnt spelt spelled spelled?
Mazzic Karde > /emote gets triple word score
Morsmorde > All hail the great kinran, keeper of the channel. We are not worthy for your bombardment of rules and regulations. Please take this token in respect!.. -=hands him some miley cyrus tickets=-
Kale Ryoko > yay in warp again
Kale Ryoko > -o/
Kale Ryoko > o-
Kale Ryoko > (o/
Kale Ryoko > o)
Kale Ryoko > o/
* Kale Ryoko goes back to stroking Tatsue.
* Tatsue Nuko ponders
* Tatsue Nuko uses her high-heel shoe to kick Kale in the nuts
Kale Ryoko > Man down!
Kale Ryoko > x_x
* Knuck assumes gang leadership
Dany Batze > Ahhhh!! XDDD
Dany Batze > Sry, just a little fun ;)
Remata Fokoni > This is quite Entertaining
Dany Batze > Enjoy it, don't know, when i drink alcohol next time :P
Remata Fokoni > lol
Lanti Atheo > omg -.-"
Remata Fokoni > Think of the shuttles
Remata Fokoni > :(
Lanti Atheo > build a Shuttle, crash a Shuttle...
Dany Batze > the circle of life...
Remata Fokoni > nature at it's Best
Calibar Dunterii > what's everyone doin in here? hmmm?
ysuran may > killin rats!
Calibar Dunterii > in soviet russia, rats kill you!
ysuran may > normally in 0.4, yeah!
Khai > ( | )
Goodwin > ASSCII?
Khai > YES
Sidicarus > sorry, afk. me and the wife were looking up average penis size on wikipedia
Distel > .....
dailyhazard > im not allowed in english for 2 lessons
dailyhazard > cos i sang inspector gadget constantly
dailyhazard > for the whole lesson
Hellraiza666 > lol
joefishy > noob
joefishy > how old are you ?
Hunkof BurningLove > 34, he's the teacher
M Plank > Combat: Your monthly 14:95€ EvE fee perfectly strikes your sex life wrecking for [cries] no more naked women. Infinite Damage.
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