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<Levka|Work><Dread|X-factor> russia in the lead atm <-- Russia gonna buy Iceland and rename CCP in to CCCP
EVE System > Channel changed to II-5O9 Local Channel
Atandros > Good morning, faithful lackey to reactionary powers
Blizzard36 > o/
Blizzard36 > altho tis far from morning
Atandros > Are you referring to the fact that your despotic world is in a perennial state of sunless gloom?
Blizzard36 > nah..just work the night shift. so its actually afternoon.
EVE System > Channel changed to Sobaseki Local Channel
Boogereater > Booger's Ore Relocation Service is announcing a new daily contest: the DUMB NAME of the DAY Award...
Boogereater > Today's winner is Mr. Ape who has won 50,000....congratulations Mr. Ape
Small Shadow > LOL
Boogereater > Each Day Booger's Ore Relocation Service will award 50k to the DUMBEST NAME...keep up the good work boys
Mr ApE > huh?
Mr ApE > lol
Boogereater > you got 50,000 check your journal/trasnsaactions
Boogereater > congratulations sir
Mr ApE > yey, I'm rich, lol, thx =)
Handelsmann > Can I have 50k as well plz?
Boogereater > only one winner per day
Filty1 > ur name not stupid enough
Handelsmann > Damn
Filty1 > but my name > all
Mr ApE > damn I feel stupid...
Nalok Kartho > drones were the single most frustrating thing
Nalok Kartho > besides lag
Nalok Kartho > they seem to behave a bit better these days
Nalok Kartho > what I always do.. is launch the weakest drone
Nalok Kartho > and then shoot it in front of the rest
Nalok Kartho > that gets 'm in line
<Throdax> I can't wait to taste molle meat at the bbq day....
Tolin Dorden > if they really wanted to do something out of it they should at least change the voice of comp. according to what ship race you're flyin.
Tolin Dorden > amarr some kind of religious choir thingy
Tolin Dorden > Caldari some sort of corporate yelling
Tolin Dorden > minmatar should be screaming for more duct tape
Tolin Dorden > and gallente should scream out loud: I SURRENDER!
*Princess Jodi makes a snowball to throw at Ishida, but then considers the price of ice and puts it back.
webserver > I am pretty new to this game but where can I find polygypsum, I have to mine 20 units for a mission
ashurman > it would be in a special misson site...right click on thescreen in space and it should bring up the misson name with encounter to one side
ashurman > if not then its in another system
webserver > cool thx, looks like I have to be in another sector
ashurman > kk
Dsan > system
Dsan > it's not a sector, it's a system (nothing in eve is called sector. not even in slang)
ashurman > yea hes gone
Dsan > damn
EVE System > Channel changed to Nare Local Channel
webserver > anyone here that can help me? I am looking for polygypsum for a mission but the location in mission log where I am now is nothing
Dsan > it is probably very very small and hidden in a cloud in your mission
Dsan > so you need to add the object to your overview, use a survey scanner or zoom in on the cloud to watch the very small roid
webserver > how do I add the object in my overview?
Dsan > in the top of the overview window (just to the left of where it says "overview) theres a small white triangle
Dsan > left-click it and go to overview settings
Dsan > in there you find what you need in filters and make sure it's checked
Dsan > or just select all in the bottom and see if something apear in your overview with in a decent range
webserver > sorry can't figure it out
Dsan > are you absolutely sure you need to mine it ? isn't it a commodity you have to buy on market ?
webserver > yes it told me to mine it in the mission
Dsan > then it is there.
webserver > mine 20 units of polygypsum and return to your agent
Dsan > have you warped to the mission yet ?
webserver > yes I warped to the location 0.6 nare
Dsan > add arkanor to your overview
webserver > sorry... how?
Dsan > did you find the overview settings ?
webserver > no
Dsan > is your overview open ?
webserver > yes I have a > overview (default mining)
webserver > ok I have settings open
Dsan > have you loaded the default > mining ?
webserver > I have selected arkonor how do I add it to my overview
bloddbath > web, right click on the arrow next to "overview" Load Default->Mining
Dsan > if you are using the mining overview profile, then arkanor is added already
webserver > ok LOL gets me back to the beginning where to find the polygypsum
webserver > sorry I am dutch sometimes it is hard to understand
Dsan > are you sure you warped to the mission buble ? and not currently sitting at a gate or something ?
webserver > yes I am not at a gate, I warped to Nare
webserver > thats what the mission locations said. 1.6 Nare
Dsan > to nare ?
webserver > yes, thats what was weird but it said that
Dsan > you are currently in the solar system nare, and in here somewhere, theres a hidden belt, in this hidden belt is your mission. and only you have a bookmark for this "hidden belt"
webserver > well if I have the bookmark then that is hidden too LOL
Dsan > it's in your "people and places" window, that can be found to the left, second icon from the top
webserver > nothing there either
Dsan > dude, did you accept the mission ?
webserver > yes else it would not be in my journal
Dsan > yes it would
Dsan > all offered missions is in your journal
Dsan > you have to accept them before they "spawn" and you can do them...
webserver > ah so if in journal say offered I have not yet accepted it?>
Dsan > yep
webserver > I am sure I accepted it damn
Dsan > you need to dock in the same station as the agent again, talk to him and click accept in the bottom...
webserver > I prolly was not in same station to accept mission
Dsan > (eve's learning curve hasn't gotten any better it seems...)
webserver > lol nope
webserver > but thank you for your time
EVE System > Channel changed to Yulai Local Channel
Coahim Madden > hey girl
Coahim Madden > hey boy
FenikSar > superstar DJ
Coahim Madden > here we go
FenikSar > :D
Edison Frisk > o//
HatePeace LoveWar > o
Edison Frisk > o
Coahim Madden > <o/ o> <o> o/
Gold Star > *o/*
Edison Frisk > :p
Coahim Madden > :)
fairimear > dam i blinked
jattell > rofl
fairimear > what was that all about
* Insig is now known as Mandy|14|f|cali
* Mandy|14|f|cali is now known as Insig
<Insig> >.>
<Insig> <.<
<Insig> nobody saw that
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