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Toria Nynys > You know, I wish my cat would stop catching small cute furry animals and then leaving their earless, bloody disemboweled carcasses for my 2 year old to find
Toria Nynys > /emote afks hard
Mizhara Del'thul > Cats aren't bad though. My former dog woke me up once. That was enough to condition me.
Shae Tiann > rofl oh?
Mizhara Del'thul > I sleep in the nude... and that morning I slept on my stomach. I woke up wondering what the hell was going on as he stuck his cold, wet snout between my arsecheeks. I just barely managed to wake up... before he sneezed.
Mizhara Del'thul > I swear to god it took me five minutes to claw myself off the ceiling.
Mizhara Del'thul > And when I did... and this is not embellishment or anything, I shit you not... he was grinning at me.
tiller > whats this channel, always seems full of evil pirates :
tiller > can I shut it ?
Requiescat > yeah
Requiescat > you can
Requiescat > but you have to go on a mystic quest
tiller > oh
tiller > :-)
Mark Foley > u must fetch the jaded monkey before the next blue moon
tiller > lol
tiller > wtb: jaded monkey, convo me
NGTM1R > You want to know what it is to abandon all hope of getting out of an op alive, listen to somebody call a shuttle primary on TS.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : U3K-4A
rock popper > u boys lost?
Jhonen Senraedi > hey..where did n-dq station go?
rock popper > ---> its over there
mr pawner > iphone maps fucking up again
rock popper > that shit will happen
Kenny Ray > ooooooooh THUNDER! Rolling Thunder!
Kenny Ray > i love it - as long as I don't lose electricity or Internet connectivity
Kenny Ray > my poor cat is afraid of every little noise - thunder is the end of the world to her
Danastarim > poor cat :(
Kenny Ray > yesterday, I was in one room, and my wife was in another. the cat came skulking through the room she was in. I blew my nose in the other room. my wife burst out laughing. she said the cat jumped staight up and flipped around in the air.
Kenny Ray > you would think the poor thing was abused - but she is pampered too much if anything
Tobin Shalim > i've seen it happen with our cat
Tobin Shalim > it's the damndest thing. how do they flip with nothing to push against with which to flip?
Kenny Ray > the tail and the air - they use it like a rudder - so I hear
Kenny Ray > and I'm sure their initial inertia has something to do with it
Rokkit Kween > nah, they twist their spine so that they can see where they're landing and put their front feet down first, then flip their arse.
Kenny Ray > I thought the poor thing was going blind - the way she would move slowly toward something and touch it with her paw... but then she spots the smallest little thing on the wall and jumps for it
Kenny Ray > no doubt she sees the world very differently from me though.
Kenny Ray > I wonder if she sees ghosts, sometimes.
Rokkit Kween > yes, everything is prey
Rokkit Kween > feet, hands, bits of fluff, string, everything
Tobin Shalim > my precious dangling bits :(
Tobin Shalim > oh, i won't even go into THAT story
Rokkit Kween > ouch.
Tobin Shalim > just use your imagination
Tobin Shalim > of course, it was kinda my fault since i was flapping them in her face, but i digress
Azia Burgi > wait... you were teabagging your cat?
<HellGremlin> And how!
* HellGremlin sets mode: +b *!*@coldfront-C0476F8A.cable.mindspring.com
* Coaster was kicked by HellGremlin (Set off my highlight, will you?)
<ErrorS> uh, what set off your highlight? "Little boys" ?
<HellGremlin> Yeah, man.
Mehtal : gummi my brothers friend lost his virginity to a male prositute in spain
Mehtal : he thought it was a woman
Rose Starshine : wow
Rose Starshine : well, I hope she taught him something, LOL
Arro Cera : cept if that happened to me i would beat the living shit out of him/her untill it had no breath
Rose Starshine : buyer beware
Mehtal : This product may contain sausage
Chrinson > i better logg...to many MC here..i might catch some terrible desiese
Gavax > like bad spelling?
PMolkenthin > lol
Jean > lmao *pwnd*
Oni Seraph > i think i tried to load missiles into my drone bay for an hour and couldnt realize what i was doing wrong
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