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DamienEx > who are you
DamienEx > and why are you there
DamienEx > here
Persephone Starter > oh ffs
Persephone Starter > I'm your conscience... you remember what that is, dane?
DamienEx > that hitng i never lsiten tpoo?
Persephone Starter > yeah, that
DamienEx > see no wonderi dont know who you are
Persephone Starter > you know, the one that told you to not tap that crazy bitch that one time after a party? yeah, that same one
mr_reaperz: fuck my hands are kiling me
mr_reaperz: open blisters on the palm = not cool for keyboard
***Tristan Acoma (at large) bites his tongue
mr_reaperz: from obstacle course.. all day
Tristan Acoma (at large): mhmm
mr_reaperz: and my junk was not the obstacle
Lilgator > dad look at corp
Verwoester > i am not your father
Verwoester > stop calling me that
Etoile Chercheur > we're discussing relationships and marriage using an analogy to empire mining vs. 0.0 mining.
Shadris > I'd scroll up quite a way Telesto. You have missed a fair bit.
superscarface > /emote draws up a graph on attraction to a girl during hte period of the chase, the question..the first date
Telesto > well, start a new coversation
Etoile Chercheur > Seto, you telling me that you could take a 2 week old character and survive and actualy do things in 0.0 that are worthwhile doing?
Shadris > Sorry Telesto this conversation still has some milage in it.
Seto Mazzarotto > I mine 0.0 in an Osprey alone, just takes creativity. And obviously not -- 2 weeks old, in that analogy, is still dealing with pimples and freshman dances
Etoile Chercheur > :)
superscarface > attaction is almost goen by 1st date :/
Telesto > lets talk about what is better, an elk or a moose
Etoile Chercheur > i like MOOSES, Eddy!
Sapphi > Ospreys are uber for mining - but in 0.0?
Shadris > I found my last partner attractive all through our relationship.
Seto Mazzarotto > hardly. Most women I date find me more attractive after a month than an hour.
Telesto > i like elks
Etoile Chercheur > yes, Sapphi. just gotta be quick.
Sapphi > a mine and leggit policy?
Seto Mazzarotto > Yep. Quick, creative, and alert.
Sapphi > so u mine into cans?
Sapphi > of just to your hold?
Etoile Chercheur > are you sure you didn't mean "after a few drinks rather than just one"?
Seto Mazzarotto > Secure cans in a safe spot well away from any danger.
Sapphi > <wonders what creative mining is, exactly
Yabar > stealing probably
superscarface > sounds exciting
Etoile Chercheur > how do you transport the ore to the cans, Seto, and how long do you find yourself waiting for belt rats to get lost?
Seto Mazzarotto > Seducing the asteroids with a flick of the eyebrow and a clever word, a few compliments, drinks and the next thing they're in your indy getting carted home.
Ilfar > Oops, wrong button
Macgun90 > ok your cruisin through lowsex in your T1 cruiser and hit a camp, do you A: scream like a girl and beg for you life or B: fight with honor and go down in a blaze of glory?
Ilfar > I'm sorry, I don't understand the question...
Minarqh > C: Pat myself on the back for fitting a large buffer and stabs and cruise on through.
Ilfar > The number of times I've left Finanar can be counted on one hand, and that's the hand of a very inept butcher...
Macgun90 > thats cheating Min :(
Minarqh > :P
Minarqh > Probably fight with honor. Though I don't often go through lowsex except in a fleet.
Minarqh > The one time I did get hit with a camp I had stabs and a big enough buffer.
Macgun90 > battle buddies give the reds someone else to shoot right? :D
Ilfar > I thought that's what alts are for
Macgun90 > or that
Minarqh > Time to be drunk. BRB
Minarqh > For example, I don't go to lowsec while intoxicated. Which is a significant percentage of my playing time.
Minarqh > OK, I said that last like 10 minutes ago. I give you gold and nothing? Really?
Macgun90 > lol
Macgun90 > to busy drinking my beer
Macgun90 > /emote shares
Macgun90 > want some? :D
Minarqh > NO thanks. I"ve got scotch. Cheers!
Macgun90 > what brand?
Minarqh > Uhh, bottom shelt, plastic bottle, 13 dollars for what looks like half a gallon. Umm. Bob's smooth scotch whiskey or some shit.
Macgun90 > ah, ever hear of one called King Robert?
Minarqh > Is it in a plastic bottle?
Macgun90 > glass
Minarqh > Nope.
Macgun90 > reason i ask is cause i work in a warehouse full of beer, wines and liquors all day
Macgun90 > i fill orders for the stores
Ilfar > How are you still standing?
Throdax > well, you have two kids, so at some point you had to .... eeer..... you
thiskittybites > u have NO idea wizz
Shurtak > thro: they mail ordered them via amazon
thiskittybites > Throdax, that was many moons ago and besides it was WIND
Shurtak > ??? you had wind pollution??
Shurtak > well my wife wont do any lub after eating onions
thiskittybites > wizzard, I think its time to go google again :P
Ereshkigal > sov warfare turns my pubic hair grey, it is that boring :(
TrouserDeagle > Cruise missiles on a megathron, how annoying.
Letava > I hate it when i get beaten up by noob setups, jsut because by sheer chance they've ended up with a good counter
TrouserDeagle > yeah.
Letava > I lost an incursus to a brutix because it had stupid mixed weapon types
TrouserDeagle > hah.
Letava > would've won otherwise
TrouserDeagle > So, his plan to be able to hit at all ranges worked, eh?

DeathBySight > mechaet, can you buy me a hulk :) ill be your sex slave
DeathBySight > or soemthing
Emperor D'Hoffryn > i asked him first
Par'Gellen > omg
Par'Gellen > LOL
Emperor D'Hoffryn > wait your turn
Par'Gellen > are you guys fighting over who gets to be Mechaet's sex slave?
Labrys Echilon > what does it mean when someone is flashing red.. did they just steal all my ore?
Ammillia Dragous > yep
Eridus > where?
Labrys Echilon > cus it went somwhere
Tirol > just an ambulance ship, get out of the way
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