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Lady Aleksandra > I love the sound of rain
SilentHunter13 > i'm british....it doesn't matter what the weather is, its a great excuse to complain
SilentHunter13 > english past time, complaining
Lady Aleksandra > thats the solution to the energy crisis
Lady Aleksandra > simply harness the power of british moaning
Lady Aleksandra > oh look, that moaning powered light bulb has gone off aga-....oh its come back on
Audrea > on the station as in camping it?
Jagaroth > yes. they have a little tent and a fire
Jagaroth > roasting marshmallows
Zoukanix > bored
Azia Burgi > i'm bored
Zoukanix > heh
Ele > me 3
Azia Burgi > there is nothing on telly and the adverts on the channels where there is something on annoy me so much
Jay Marshall > bored bored bored
Jay Marshall > ferrying cargo.. playing gta4 ..its 105F in the shade here and humid as anything
WashuChanUK > Why not find something different
Azia Burgi > i guess i could *try* undocking
Coreli Ventrlio:
Yokujin> Anyone up for some poo-poo?
<General Silence>
David Darkstar> Don't you mean Pew-Pew?
Arcazz> Hahahaha
David Darkstar> OMGRAWR'ing this right now.
Yokujin> I hate you guys.
Crimsons Storm > starting to worry about my wife...she's taken the laptop to the bathroom to do the online shopping?????
wickedparadigm > lol
wickedparadigm > now there's money going down the toilet...
Muad'Dib Paul > They say the best ideas are thought of under stress :P
Blindscythe > odd that for a space game, the space bar does nothing!
<RangerXT> just just for the record
<RangerXT> I don't have a startrek suit
<RangerXT> I only dress up like hello kitty
<RangerXT> and then kayo rapes me
<RangerXT> nothing else
laphroiag > WHat lewt?
Dark Flare > Hm?
laphroiag > WTS Lewt?
Dark Flare > Oh, Miner I
Asestorian > he was joking about a Miner I
laphroiag > Heh
laphroiag > WTB Miner 1
Dark Flare > 50mil
Vagolyroe Mirerif > 200mill and it's yours
Dark Flare > It's a hardcore miner I
Vagolyroe Mirerif > bugger, your undercutting the market you fool
laphroiag > Ok
laphroiag > I'll give you 1isk now and 4,999,999.99 over the next 10 years.
Vagolyroe Mirerif > deal
Vagolyroe Mirerif > meet me round the back of the back sheds after class
laphroiag > You're gonna bum me?
Vagolyroe Mirerif > only if you ask nice
Vagolyroe Mirerif > I thought I was supposed to be shafting you for the miner I anyways
<DrunkWookie> "like it any better this way" another quote from "crysis's big book of things i said b4 she rolled over and left"
Static Nolen > anyone else having power outages?
Zee Zaugg > well im here, so nope
Shelahg > All clear in Oregon
Frank Thiesant > nope
Frank Thiesant > no power at all
Frank Thiesant > even all the batteries magically drained
Frank Thiesant > no power around for miles
Frank Thiesant > outside people are starting to revert to savages
Frank Thiesant > I spent the afternoon hunting deer with a bow and arrow dressed in a loincloth
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