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Logivan > Does anynody know where NeoCom at the left edge of my screen is?
Luthair StoneDog > Good fight btw.
END3R 101 > weh
Desacrator69 > nice fleet
Luthair StoneDog > It used to be bigger.
Mutti > try rubbin it with your hand
Hedeon Mishenka > i liken shields to a girl's lingerie
Hedeon Mishenka > its nice, but its going to come off anyways so its sorta a waste of time
Kurisar > I don't see how shifting a few cargo containers constitutes important storyline development. For all i know, these are full of tampons, or red party hats, or hot dogs.
Krazy Red > cat food
Krazy Red > gotta feed dem kitties ya know
Kurisar > "The caldari state triumphed only through the timely arrival of several tons of cat food, destined for the captains severely overweight cat."
Draco> o/` Deck the halls with Sansha's Reavers, falalalala la la la la o/`
Arc> o/~ We, Three Kings, of Minmatar are o/~
Draco> o/` Dashing through the gates, with a load of stabs o/`
Arc> o/` 3km lock range. Fuck, they nerfed the lot! o/`
I SoStoned > Gotta be so desperate for a killmail... ohhh, lookie! A shittle. *LOL* Sad.
pentinor > i think its spelled shuttle
I SoStoned > No, it's spelled 'Shittle'
I SoStoned > It's how WT cowards run away from a fight.
pentinor > lol
Willem Revolati > in space no one can hear your emo rage quit
KopyKat > how long does a incursion last in a area?
R'eel Kasrell > till some1 kills mom
KopyKat > there allways a mom?
R'eel Kasrell > if u see Incursion withdrawing it means that soon HQ fleet will gather to kill mom
R'eel Kasrell > yeah
KopyKat > mom or a Milf?
R'eel Kasrell > XD
xVx dreadnaught > Mom, I'd, Like to, Fleet
Ironpole Ironpole > hi my ship was destroyed and i bought another one but it seens that the rookie ship was better, do you know how to get it back
Seth Quantix > anyone got any jokes please?
Seldarine > huzzah federation
Seth Quantix > lmao
Seth Quantix > like it :)
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