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Kris Cascara > my brother was stationed in el paso texas and he blacked out woke up 2 days later all bloody (not his) and with like 400 bucks he shudders to think what he may have done
Poonanie Armen > that's funny cause last time I went drinking in el paso I got stabbed and robbed of $400
Egoblast > he got poped last night
Hoobie Bajoobie > they put a mitre on his head?
Egoblast > no, we made him holy
Noland Devon > WTB a sexy little Minmatar griflriend
Noland Devon > Must be a real girl in real life
Noland Devon > Who am I kidding...girls playing EVE, right.
Futuristic Eagle > I just caught my dad masturbating over porn
Curse VonPilgrim > and then u decided to share with us
Siphaanu > was it good porn?
Blake Zacary > was it your porn or his own
Futuristic Eagle > Right now, Im more glad of not entering a room then any other occasion in my life.
Futuristic Eagle > This is the same day I found a used condom lying around after he hasnt had a girl over for ages
Gixxer 1000 > lol
Curse VonPilgrim > to much info
Blake Zacary > do you ever leave your gf alone with him ?
KillahB > dude
Curse VonPilgrim > hes got a bf lol
Gixxer 1000 > ouch!
KillahB > or
KillahB > does your bum hurt ?
Gixxer 1000 > Foster's, Australian for beer!
Curse VonPilgrim > Killaaaa EEEWWWWWW
Futuristic Eagle > I haven't introduced my GF to my Dad, and I dont think I will now.
KillahB > lol
Jenina Hawke > Killahs question was kind of relevant :p
Blake Zacary > I can just picture your face when he 'shakes hands' with her
Gixxer 1000 > If she's hot, then he's probably already spanked a few off to her.
Futuristic Eagle > xD
KillahB > cmon
KillahB > dont see hats wrong wth him masturbating to porn
KillahB > its more than natural
Futuristic Eagle > It is wrong when your 17 year old son catches you
Futuristic Eagle > And no, my ass does not hurt :S
Gixxer 1000 > I'm getting ready to throw on off myself over Eagle's GF.
Jenina Hawke > I think it is the "it's a dad, they are not supposed to have sexual fantasies" problem
Siphaanu > quite oppposite, you should learn from your old man
Curse VonPilgrim > hahaha
Futuristic Eagle > I dont want to
Blake Zacary > well like they say , you can beat an egg , you can even beat your enemies but you can't beat a good wank !
Gixxer 1000 > lol
Futuristic Eagle > Im gonna go throw up now, BRB.
Gixxer 1000 > Be careful to use the "right" towel!
Blake Zacary > something about mary came to mind
Iiro Yeke > even with the century guns help, you fail.
Hayzo > Sentry.
Kijan Darkblade > Those ol 100 year guns....vicious
The Industrialist > for the same reason everyone else does, to enhance, or otherwise alter our normal state of being, as humans we are emotionally selfish creatures and escapism is our drug of choice. Just my opinion.
The Industrialist > I apologize if that sounded preachy
Garic Cavvar > its ok
Garic Cavvar > you're amarr :)
The Industrialist > touche'
Culmen > MJI station camped by red stealth bombers
GENERAL GRIZZLY > nothing visible
GENERAL GRIZZLY > prob cloaked
Culmen > hence the stealth part of the stealth bombers
Sly294 > that is some good logic ya know
Horatio Starkiller > ooOO just realised I'm 3 years old now
Horatio Starkiller > t'was my birthday on monday
Alasse Cuthalion > wow, you sound a lot older on ts tbh
Mr JoeKickass > how much time does it take to train battlecruiser to level 2?
Ms Sade > depends on your attributes joe
Mr JoeKickass > what do you mean?
Ms Sade > each skill has a primary and secondary attribute
Molly Mayhem > well joe
Molly Mayhem > when a man loves a woman very much
Molly Mayhem > and they want to be as close as they can be
Ms Sade > you gain 1x the primary attribute in skill points per minute and 0.5 times the the secondary attribute
Molly Mayhem > then the man puts as many of his "skillpoints" into her "primary attribute" as possible
Molly Mayhem > the rest he puts into the "secondary attribute"
Azuse > my life just got better :)
Jheroloy Ayryon > WHy?
Azuse > im in a system with one gate
Jheroloy Ayryon > lol
Azuse > and 18 hostile cruisers just logged off outside
Agustus Caesar > lol
Jheroloy Ayryon > Give'em hell...
Azuse > /emote starts writing his will
Jheroloy Ayryon > /emote wants the golden pocket watch!
Azuse > /emote start scoring jheroloy off the list..
Jheroloy Ayryon > D'oh...
Azuse > >:D
Jheroloy Ayryon > /emote is injecting laxative into Azuse's pod ectoplasm
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