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(limbo) doesent 2 ASCN titans just mean they will kill their own ships even faster?
* wizzard66 was kicked by wizzard66 (Dont ever leave agin k?)
Verone > bellum...
Bellum Eternus > si?
Verone > I uh... well
Tor Lann > verone has the hots for you
Tor Lann > he wants your body
Bellum Eternus > /emote presses his ass to the wall
Bellum Eternus > =o
Verone > I have this urge... that I want to strip you naked... and oil up your face... then grab your pudgy little cheeks, and flap them vigarously, so they make a sound like a flapping foreskin during violent and savage masturbation.
Verone > just sayin' :3
Bellum Eternus > my eyes. i can't unread that!
Bellum Eternus > where's the bleach?
Mosaic Artefact > i just foguht 3 incursus and a rifter vs my ranis
Blind Man > lol
Mosaic Artefact > killed all of them LOL
Mosaic Artefact > im 7% sstruct
Gordan Freeman > HAHHAA
Gordan Freeman > nice one
Blind Man > you didnt have a dmg control?
Mosaic Artefact > gj guys
Tido Maliyu > lol, gratz!
Tido Maliyu > :P
Mosaic Artefact > man
Mosaic Artefact > that was crazy
Mosaic Artefact > aww FFS
Mosaic Artefact > ares warped in
Mosaic Artefact > pop
Mosaic Artefact > :(
Arthur Guinness > my prefered form of foreplay is a cheeky smile, my northern charm, and a bottle of chloroform
Avio Yaken > guys i need a hug :(
Wraith Lamented > why?
Avio Yaken > becuase i like the warmth...
Avio Yaken > now get over here
Akiri Arji > hugsies
Caedus Aldrin > and blocked
mfdsuk > any one know a good setup for dominix
for doing 6/10 complex in?
James Lyrus > Lots of guns.
James Lyrus > Quite a few drones.
James Lyrus > And some modules.
Gaul Cascade > Amen
Reachok > was trying to wipe ice cream off of my keys and windows pops up and asks if I'd like to turn sticky keys on, lol
Raychel Lanaux > Nope - w-space is just like 0.0 "free for all" pvp
Qui'Gon Ginn > WH are 0.0, so its do what thou wilt :-)
Selene Le'Cotiere > I want Concord in my hole dangit...
Kozawa > O.o
Kozawa > that sounded wrong
Selene Le'Cotiere > what?
Garet Mordhawk > TY Solvita
Solvita > sry it took so long folks
Solvita > but the path was wrought with dangers
Solvita > and perils to freeze the mortal heart
Solvita > I faced Lions and tigers and neuts
Unholy GiT > ** farts **
Solvita > and farts
Meheh > He means he took several stops to watch porn.
Solvita > and porn
Unholy GiT > o the midget porn :(
Meheh > and spy on the young ladies next door
Meheh > cause he's old and creepy
Solvita > couldn't help it, the latest issue of drone lubers was out
Meheh > o.O
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