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Davion Vrynn > seeing as my missles skills need improvement
Davion Vrynn > I'm great with rockets, but... anything else
Shaun Murphy > YARR!!
Usagi Tsukino > BWA HAHAHA
Davion Vrynn > ZOMG!!! GENIUS!!!!
Shaun Murphy > Just gotta get close... darn! Come back here!
Vendrin > I know.
Shaun Murphy > YARR!!
Davion Vrynn > WHEEEE
<spiralJunkie> eve is like lego
<spiralJunkie> REALLY like lego
<spiralJunkie> 95% the logistics of setting up
<spiralJunkie> 5% combat
<Frools> you forgot the bit where you cry when it breaks
<spiralJunkie> yeah
<spiralJunkie> then your dad comes in and says tea's ready and stands on Princess Leia and Chewie's clandestine wedding on an asteroid you made using an old football
jih chop > Hola!
Dmw882 > hola jih
jih chop > you still in convo with wise?
Dmw882 > nope he hasnt got back to me lol
Dmw882 > but what with brutus afk due to his new son being born i need to get a grip of HC to do all the jobs brutus normally does, eg see if sov has been paid lol
jih chop > give brutus our (FTC) gratz!
jih chop > does he know what it is?
Dmw882 > its a boy
jih chop > no, I meant, caldari, gallente minmatari or amarrean?
Dmw882 > miner i think so it doesnt matter lol
Ecatherina W > OK... I have NO idea how I got this book, but does anyone want it?
Ecatherina W > Deep Core Mining
Ecatherina W > There is no way I am going to learn that
babylonstew > errrr
babylonstew > isnt that like a carebear book?
Ecatherina W > Yes!
Ecatherina W > And I did NOT buy it!
Ecatherina W > It is in my hangar!
Foley Jones > Can you guys tell me a story about burn jita? :3
Stitcher > Once upon a time, Goons. The end.
Tiberious Thessalonia > How is everyone else?
Valerie Valate > Out-standing!
Tiberious Thessalonia > You seem in a good mood today, Valerie.
Literia > I am weill thank you Tiberious
Valerie Valate > I am filled with the eternal JOY that comes from embracing God's love.
Tiberious Thessalonia > Yes, but you are not usually so... energized about it.
Valerie Valate > unlike the wretched souls of sinners such as doll-minions of unbelievers, who are shunned. SHUN!
Tiberious Thessalonia > Ah.
Valerie Valate > shun them! sssshhhhhhuuuuuunnnn
Tiberious Thessalonia > No, I make it a point to not truely shun anyone.
Valerie Valate > Incredible!
Tiberious Thessalonia > /emote nods very, very slowly.
Valerie Valate > superb!
Valerie Valate > beware the dolls, they are the spreader of untruths.
Valerie Valate > but the Book of Redemption says All!
Tiberious Thessalonia > wait, who are these dolls again?
Valerie Valate > the Cat of Righteousness shall be placed amongst the Pigeons of Heresy
Graelyn > /emote sighs
Graelyn > The dolls again.
Valerie Valate > and they shall be scattered!
Valerie Valate > Many things will come to Pass!
Tiberious Thessalonia > Water shall run! Wind shall blow!
Tiberious Thessalonia > See? I could get into this.
Graelyn > Someone made a series of novelty plushie dolls a while back, based on my person.
Tiberious Thessalonia > Ahhh, I see
Graelyn > They have somehow become a point of interest to Sani Sabik prophetical groups.
Tiberious Thessalonia > I've only ever heard Valerie mention them
Graelyn > To my utter bafflement.
Valerie Valate > the unbelievers have grown fat on the Bread of Lies, baked from the Flour of Heresy, milled by the Unholy Rumour Mill, from the grain of Truth.
Valerie Valate > but Man cannot live on bread alone
Valerie Valate > Cast out the Bread of Lies, it is fit only for the Pigeons of Heresy, which are destroyed by the Cat of Truth
Tiberious Thessalonia > Wait, is Truth a cat or a grain?
Ashar KorAzor > What.
Tiberious Thessalonia > Your theology is absolutely baffling to me, Valerie.
Valerie Valate > Truth comes in many forms, dear Tiberious
Tiberious Thessalonia > Abbess, how are you?
Ashar KorAzor > Confused.
Ashar KorAzor > You?
Tiberious Thessalonia > Much the same. *chuckles*
Tiberious Thessalonia > Its best to let it continue.
Valerie Valate > The Rumour Mill, is a contraption of the Deceiver!
Valerie Valate > Molok was the first! to take the grain of truth, and form it into the bread of lies. The Yeast of Lust.
Valerie Valate > do not trust the yeast of lust, for it is unrighteous
Graelyn > /emote falls down
Ashar KorAzor > /emote stares.
Literia > /emote blinks
Valerie Valate > A cake of blasphemy, it is a pretty thing, but results in fatness of the soul
Tiberious Thessalonia > I take it you haven't met Valerie, Abbess?
Ashar KorAzor > Darlin', you drunk?
Ashar KorAzor > Drunk on corn liquor maybe?
Ashar KorAzor > I've met her.
Ashar KorAzor > Last time I talked to her, she didn't have the alcoholism, though.
JiaLei Lian > Wouldn't an empty soul be a bad thing?
Valerie Valate > And when the Cake of Blasphemy is introduced to the Spork of Divine purpose, what then? The inner unrighteousness is revealed to all!
Graelyn > /emote is unable to stand
Valerie Valate > and it crumbles!
Graelyn > *Audio is unavilible*
Ashar KorAzor > Fucksake
Ashar KorAzor > The baking metaphors.
Ashar KorAzor > Oh god, God preserve me.
Ashar KorAzor > You'll do me an injury.
Valerie Valate > the Cake of Blasphemy crumbles because it is a terrible cake that only makes you fat and unhappy
Literia > But, I like cake
Ashar KorAzor > Are you busking? Is this Blooder stand-up?
Ashar KorAzor > Is there a hat I can toss some money into?
Valerie Valate > cast out the cake of blasphemy, and consume the cake of righteousness
Valerie Valate > that fills the soul with Divine Purpose!
Ashar KorAzor > The cake of righteousness she offers is false!
Ashar KorAzor > It is urinal cake.
Valerie Valate > Lies!
Ashar KorAzor > TRUTH.
Valerie Valate > Lies and slander by an agent of the Heretics!
Valerie Valate > for I have seen the inflatable buildings of the Theology Council
Ashar KorAzor > I am both pure and true.
Ashar KorAzor > What?
Graelyn > /emote appears again, red-faced
Ashar KorAzor > Some old priest's blow-up doll isn't a building.
Valerie Valate > This penalty was incurred for destroying Amarr Empire's Blood Raider Chapel in G-TT5V
Valerie Valate > the Pin of Faith bursts the Balloon of Blasphemy
Ashar KorAzor > What was so special about that chapel? We've destroyed all kinds of damn chapels.
Tiberious Thessalonia > /emote sits back, looking quite amused.
Ashar KorAzor > Anyway, you can't bake.
Ashar KorAzor > I bet your cakes taste like drop.
Tiberious Thessalonia > I demand a bakeoff.
Tiberious Thessalonia > Whoever wins can save my soul.
Ashar KorAzor > I don't trust her and her blood-pudding.
Literia > Devil's food cake?
Nikita Alterana > /emote laughs
Nikita Alterana > So what sort of cake is my cake then? Angel food cake? that sounds vaguely holy.
Ashar KorAzor > Also you and I should talk teas later, when there's not people offering urinal cake.
Tiberious Thessalonia > /emote nods his head.
Ashar KorAzor > Your cake, heretic.
Ashar KorAzor > Your cake is a lie.
Valerie Valate > Blood sausage, do not make me laugh
Ashar KorAzor > I don't need to hear about this.
Valerie Valate > such lies are spread by the Theology council
Ashar KorAzor > I don't need to hear about your blood-sausage urinal cake.
Ashar KorAzor > Take your disturbing food-fetishes elsewhere.
Tiberious Thessalonia > You know, this discussion -had- been making me hungry, until now.
Tiberious Thessalonia > Yuck.
Valerie Valate > Lies! to oppress and be generally not very nice in unspecified at the moment ways
Ashar KorAzor > And then, the temptation was ended.
Ashar KorAzor > YOU'RE not nice in SPECIFIED ways.
Valerie Valate > I am the model of divine purpose
Valerie Valate > Consider the mushroom.
Valerie Valate > grown in the Darkness, it is pretty nasty, and turns everything manky. Such is heresy.
Graelyn > You've been eating the wrong mushrooms.
Graelyn > Which might also explain other things, now that I think of it......
Valerie Valate > whereas the Flower of Righteousness grows in the Light of Faith and is pretty and smells good and is generally nice.
Valerie Valate > Through such metaphors, God reveals his plan to the True Believers.
Valerie Valate > Therefore, Tiberious, reject the sandwich of blasphemy, and consume the sandwich of righteousness.
Veratus1 > o/ rham didnt c u there
MissBehaviour > this is like a fucking reunion
Veratus1 > lol
MissBehaviour > Blutreiter said he will resub when they do the "Wanking in stations" thing
Rhamnousia > lol
MissBehaviour > and i didnt even think he had a typo
danieljedi > i would mate but i have work
Jacob Etienne > gm pwnage
Promon Delnai > gm strikes you perfectly wrecking your account
Jacob Etienne > pwnt!
balalor > Notify The Savior 542 is too far away, you need to be within 0 meters of it but are actually 20289 meters away.
Jayge Moonreaver > fix bayonettes!
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