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Hikari Okane > glompparty o/
Hikari Okane > /emote running glomps Impius
Antarisa > Hmmm.. I wonder if any diseases are passed via glomping...
Hikari Okane > Side effects of glomp may include: Increased cartoon watching, facination with collecting completely useless things, sprouting of cat ears and a tail, repetition of the word 'desu', and an irresistable urge to argue that subbing is better than dubbing
Zorn Owens > gobble gobble gobble
Admiral Goberius > hi
Zorn Owens > hi
Admiral Goberius > who r you sry? ^^
Zorn Owens > im the soul of the alsa gate
Admiral Goberius > wow
Mexicanfx > thats quite an achievement
Zorn Owens > yeah, it took me a while to establish the spiritual connection, but now its perfect
Mexicanfx > rawwwrrr
Gstomp28 > they drone i order are their they were put in exec
Mortimus > stomp
Mortimus > please speak english :)
Gstomp28 > :( just got up takes a while for my language cct's to adjust to reality
Haarken > normally i like the smell of my farts, but these... these are different
Maglor Shaye > your advice sucks koro
Koronakesh > She's your boss
Asthariye > i'm not actually, he's a director now :P
Koronakesh > She blows your boss. That's close enough
Asthariye > koro, have i ever pointed out you're a misogynist twat sometimes
Koronakesh > Probably from the kitchen
PKlavins > apparently tomorrow we will hear about the joys of toast from prometheus...O.o
w0nderboy > ?
PKlavins > read his mail carefully
Jarez Aleris > I'm sort of looking forward to a different perspective on toast....
PKlavins > why, how do u see it?
Jarez Aleris > well toast is toast, but i'm open to other theories
PKlavins > maybe its a pseudorandom connection to the superfluid universe, which in turn would mean all pairs of sandals in the world suddenly turned into floppy pizza?
w0nderboy > maybe its to do with the diffrent toppings you can have ontoast and how you can translate that annalogey to alliance mail and how fucked up it is and how fucked up a toast topping can get
Jarez Aleris > they have a slightly cheesy flvour anyway - sandals wont take much to tip them over into consumables
Jarez Aleris > see? <i>see?</i>
Jarez Aleris > <i>theres mileage in this discussion</i>
Zodiac Jack> every Minute away from you us like an hour, ever hour like two hours in a parallel universe
Phineas Qwinn> Actually that sounds like it'd be pretty useful for skilling
TheRune > So like, never put your finger in anything that is red??
Takeshi Kovachs > not without asking?
ISnAkE EyESI > i only came here cos this is where we've found you in the past :)
Tvaishk Suzuki > we only came here because this is where we found you
Paskis Robinson > It must be love
Tvaishk Suzuki > lol
ISnAkE EyESI > we were meant to be
Tvaishk Suzuki > this is begining to sound like romio and juliet and both die in the end dont they
Dr Jon > I saw a mmo guide (sneaking suspicion it was by the goons) stating that the career class one should go for in any mmo was Man pretending to be a Woman
Dr Jon > And then slut it up
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