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Vortex Freeman > anyone got a instacock in 0-0?
Vortex Freeman > *instadock
Xianthar > instacock huh?
Yeggstry > /emote whips it out for Vortex
Yeggstry > hope you like it big :D
Xianthar > instacock? is that like.....premature ejactulation :P
Vortex Freeman > I've got my own ty, no need to get jumpy about it
culdor > Vortex, where ya need em?
Vortex Freeman > need what?
culdor > instacocks
Vortex Freeman > hehe keep it in your pants mate
Angela Goethrella > Baby likes the pretty explosions
Kaleff Orlop > I just have this mental image of you blowing up peoples haulers cause your kid likes the flashy lights
Kaleff Orlop > your not a pirate, your babies just fussy :)
Gomh Sabbah > why name yourself after the worst bad guys in the worst 2 seasons of the worst sci-fi show, Prior?
PriorGabriel > why because I can..........why did you call yourself a twat?
Markida > heh, my agent asked me for drugs
Markida > :S
DeviantMind > yer 1 of mine is askin for small arms ^^
Markida > rofl
Markida > I'm sorry, 'small arms' just make me laugh so much :P
DeviantMind > /emote pulls out his chainsaw
Markida > ROFL
DeviantMind > ill give her small arms ^^
DeviantMind > hehe
Markida > Eve is just filled with poor armless midgets
Jinkei > I was thinking of a corp mining
Jinkei > Thur?
Azia Burgi > i will say a tentative yes
Jinkei > nice :)
Azia Burgi > /emote reserves the right to have a social life without prior warning
Nimone Situis > hehe, took down an osprey with a punisher :)
Julius Avitus > Mining lasers are alledgedly rather useless in combat.
cruco > i had the most unfortunately timed account expiration a week ago
cruco > my corp announced a roam and I decided I wanted to take my AF which was in a nother station
cruco > so I left my current ship, undocked in my pod, aligned to the jump bridge, and got the pop up "your client will now close because your account has expired. goodbye!"
Dronlothen > ok so can someone break down the general idea of this game
Twin Turbo > Dron - to do that would take something like 8 hours and half a pound of weed
Arvald > Well gents, if you will excuse me
Arvald > im going to go tell all of my problems to a bottle of the cheapest booze money can buy
Cheri Cersaille > cmon man its christmas
Shadow XII > So it is.
Shadow XII > Here, little girl, Santa brought you some anti-matter.
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