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<Juan_Andalusian> Caldari is like playing pacman with no evil ghosties chasing you around
<Juan_Andalusian> every new game that comes out now
<Juan_Andalusian> has 3 difficulty settings
<Juan_Andalusian> Hard
<Juan_Andalusian> Normal
<Juan_Andalusian> and Caldari
Tough Shitski > trying to get my salvage to market, 2 weeks of work shot to shit
Bonecaya > With a name like that.. we figured you'd understan
FireSupport : was gunna suggest minne cause of shield skills
Arro Cera : dont suggest that
Arro Cera : thats like giving a retard a gun and saying it fits in your mouth well
Zerokilla85 > i dont want a missile up my ass from u
Drago Katsov > i don't use missiles
Drago Katsov > contrary to the Caldariness
Drago Katsov > i am teh Amarrian master o/
Zerokilla85 > lol
Zerokilla85 > ok i dont want a powerful beam up my ass
Sanctus Gabriel > thats not what the graffiti on the toilet wall says
Steel Spawn > 21:10:38 Notify Snowball Launcher deactivates because its target, ghost of xmas past, is not locked.
liquidshadows > burnnnnnnnnnnnn
liquidshadows > noooooooooooooo i havnt had a girl today, my whore streak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ares0mega > seriously
Ares0mega > you are going to hell
liquidshadows > so, all my friends will be there
Ares0mega > sure
liquidshadows > go to heaven with all the fat chicks, see what i care
Flashover > fools on the forums are trying to get DEVs to give us corpse luanchers for xmas
Spawny > ohh what the hell gimme 10 more tickets ^^
Omega87 > /emote sighs
Omega87 > why?
RozKoz > ehh - prolly something new :P snowman TITAN :P
Omega87 > nah, Christmas light rigs
Omega87 > o/
DJTaxiGirl > lol
Heliocon > lol
RozKoz > yaa - LIGH RIGS ftw
Spawny > lmao!
Warforged Titan > I think im going to start an EGA group on eve..... Eve Gambers Anon. :)
Omega87 > they could be used for PVP, to blind foes, or cause siezures
Heliocon > hahaha
Spawny > LOL
Omega87 > it could work
RozKoz > 5% chance of fuse failure and ur ship goes dark :P
Haffrage > Yey
Haffrage > I broke 10M SP o/
Savros Hunturas > grats
Pilk > :-D
Celestial Witch > lol
Savros Hunturas > lol
Pilk > didja see, Haff? The GM came down to watch you hit 10m.
Haffrage > I'm in jita noob
Pilk > Didn't say the GM was smart.
Haffrage > rofl
Haffrage > Yeah, what was up with that? Did he say anything?
Pilk > Still in Local.
Pilk > Still in station guest list.
Haffrage > Huh
Pilk > Still red in address book.
Haffrage > Bahaha, hax.
Pilk > I sent him an EVEMail and told him he was making the natives restless.
ApophisXP > lol i wouldnt think anyone would want gard on the road
ApophisXP > he will kit his car like its a tempest or something
Kevskii > hmm the picture that conjours up is not a good one,
ApophisXP > put sticks on it and wotnot for extra realism
Lord Warlock > HEY look the dimwit of the year award just lit up
Jordus Melicia > what did you win?
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