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Garthran > why would we want a jita office?
Tyr Vaantau > we can have orgies there with the locals
Tsia > /emote is with Tyr on that one
Garthran > sure, if you like your sex at 0.5 FPS
Polo Ex > o/
Solara Hawk > hey polo
Polo Ex > been on duailty?
Solara Hawk > nope
Solara Hawk > dont care to either
Polo Ex > pfft
Solara Hawk > walking in stations is gonna be the bane of eve
Polo Ex > true
Polo Ex > i cant run two alts
Polo Ex > let alone 3
Polo Ex > =P
Solara Hawk > not only for camping people in, but cuz as tim said and i agree, its gonna turn eve into a fkn internet dating site
Polo Ex > ahh but when you have 3 accounts
Polo Ex > xD
Solara Hawk > eh :l still gonna be lame x.x
Polo Ex > what pisses me of
Polo Ex > is wheres the bars and the gambling????
Solara Hawk > O.o
Polo Ex > thats what i wanted
Solara Hawk > rofl
Polo Ex > not somewhere i can sit inside a game and have a wank, over the news reports
Polo Ex > allthought
Polo Ex > allthough* tim could join me on a new profession
Solara Hawk > O.o
Polo Ex > man whoring
Solara Hawk > LOL
russkinnor > well at least you know what the standards are. SWM looking for (Hope to god its a) SWF interested in long walks in command centers, hauling Moon Goo and occasionally sex. Please send stats of your computer.
Paladineguru > ya you owe me a new ibis :P
Henka > here u go, 10k
Paladineguru > roflamo
Henka > buy a shuttle and fly with class
Henka > like all the other alts
Centinel 6 > she eve mailed me tellin me she was double D
Hayzo > Huh?
Centinel 6 > wrong channel sorry
* offender has joined #bobradio
<offender> if you ever try to kick me again or ban me i will get my uncle(irc opp) after you and by the way i have a nuke and a mail bomb on the way asshole
<Dobbs> If i'm a developer, do you value your EVE account?
<offender> and its your fault
<Dobbs> Hahah
<Dobbs> owned
* offender has quit IRC (Quit: )
Elendar > what does bored curiosity result in?
Dire Lauthris > children
PKlavins > lol im in a pod with no instas :P if god plays dice i hope he rolls a 7 :P
FlashmanUK > You currently have 0 skills and 0 skill points.... you quality for immgration to the UK under the prefered immigrant list
< Jayseven> great. so eve is now not only spreadsheets in space... but also flowcharts in space
Tsun > LS- is heavily camped by F-E right now i think
Ni'ka > around 60-65 of them
Bagger Vance > but we are 7 so someone should log of cause i dont like we blobing them
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