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TornSoul > why oh why oh why is the IGB so broken :(
Chee > Tornsoul come pvp with us in YZ :)
* TornSoul is PvPing 1vs1 the IGB atm....
TornSoul > its winning...
Mimiru > turn on your html hardeners?
TornSoul > ROFL
Chemo > Yeah and dont forget IGB Patience, its a new learning skill
Mimiru > 2006.01.16 06:55:25 combat Your </font> perfectly strikes the IGB, wrecking for 404 page not found error.
Galaxier > whats with all the concord?
Tristan Acoma > donut ship jumped through a moment ago
Synthetic Cultist > apparently, there's also a thing, whereby people pay to watch attractive ladies (both clothed and nude) sit on sponge cakes, of various types.
Jinari Otsito > You say that as if that's a weird thing.
Glacier > note to self, do not rub eyes while dicing chilies
Tyleritus: We Dont Post loss mails its a Killboard not a lossboard!
Tamora > i make AFK look 1337
Skirge > I think I just got banned from my parent’s church...
Cythrawl > Eh? You went to church?
Skirge > Yeah well, I was looking at is as being an Easter present to my parents. :p
Skirge > Anyways, the preacher was walking down the isle carrying a whole bunch of lilies as its easter and such. Well there was a baby crawling in the isle and he couldn't see it.
Skirge > Well he kicks the baby, that's right, the preacher kicked the baby; and it rolls down the isle a few feet before rolling to stop and starts bawling.
Skirge > The entire church gasps in semi-horror, everything is dead silent.
Skirge > Me? Yeah...I burst out in a roar of laughter only to get a swift smack on the back of the head by my father and find the whole church staring at me in disgust.
Kvelli > i got the t2 guns sitting in station with 20k fail ammo
Dalete > Fail Ammo! "shoot your enemies full of Fail!"

Zenst > hi martin, sorry missed trade ealier, sure it was highly ammusing
Martin Mckenna > :)
Martin Mckenna > im giving everything away and quiting
Shaka Zulu > how come
Martin Mckenna > becuase i fell off a cliff and lost my arms.....so its hard to play....i need someone typing and firing on my command
Shaka Zulu > ah sorry man you ok.....
Martin Mckenna > yea im fine.....my head is getting amputated aswell next week...im not looking forward to that
Shaka Zulu > damn thats gona hurt.....well i wish you luck with that....jumping
* Perera licks Entity from Reykjavik
Entity > mewr
Entity > how's things over there
Entity > having fun?
Perera > cold, sunny and Tzad has broken the Eve computer here :p
Entity > Take some pics of cute guys for me -_-
Perera > thanks dude, now the 15 ppl around me think I´m gay too :p
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