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[ +Viceroy ] i quit eve :/
[ +Viceroy ] playing sims2 now
<biosourcy> hhaha chicks looks awesoem when they masturbate... its like a dj doing her set hahhaa
* acacia hands Kryztal a soft rubbery toy with batteries
<Kryztal> pink ?
<acacia> ofc
<biosourcy> lamo
<Throdax|Work> LMAO abs
<Kryztal> woot !
<acacia> rolf abs
Aleksia > ignorance is bliss :P
Cache Smith > no,
Cache Smith > it's a plauge
CorvairKid > amy winehouse dead at 27 OD
Roberik Manders > which is why she should have gone to rehab.....
Crefakis > she said no, no, no
King Brutus > HEY
Resaec Fitsuga > .........talk.......
TimmyChaw > /emote doesnt say anything
Dagrin RDM > /emote refuses to speak, except in interpretive dance
Dagrin RDM > <(^-^<)
King Brutus > /emote breaks timmys legs
King Brutus > lmao dagrin
King Brutus > thats awesome
King Brutus > dance peon!
Dagrin RDM > (>^-^)>
Dagrin RDM > (^-^)?
King Brutus > lmao
Dagrin RDM > (^-^)v
TimmyChaw > /emote Tries to dance on his broken legs...
Resaec Fitsuga > (((^-^)))(((^-^)))(((^-^)))(((^-^)))
TimmyChaw > Ooh, snap. You just got served!
King Brutus > oh sweet jesus
Dagrin RDM > <(^-^<) (>^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^)> (^-^)y
King Brutus > /emote runs and hides from dagrins dancin powah
TimmyChaw > Oh, its on now... You gonna take that Res?
Dagrin RDM > /emote no longer wishes to dance, and only has one thing left to say.....
Dagrin RDM > t(-_-t)
Resaec Fitsuga > /emote resigns from dancing.......... until next time.
Dagrin RDM > well that was odd, even by my standards
King Brutus > it was awesome!
King Brutus > not
Dagrin RDM > "interpretive dance.." what the f*ck was I thinking?
King Brutus > next time do it in spandex ;)
Dagrin RDM > no..you don't want to see me in spandex
Dagrin RDM > just visualize a hippo in pantyhose, you'll get the general idea
TimmyChaw > /emote votes for that to never, never, happen
Kyrall > heh for once im glad the gallente dont quite hate me yet
Kyrall > gone into their space on AP in a shuttle
- a few minutes later -
Kyrall > sniff
Kyrall > sniff
Kyrall > aha, minmatar space now :P
Max Tesla > ello corp
DeRisto > ello there
Dave Scotland > hello people
Max Tesla > ;)
Dimitri Chandler > :}
Don K > hi
Dimitri Chandler > its very friendly in noob corps
Max Tesla > :D
Dimitri Chandler > if i say hello with my main char i normally get a tirade of sexuality-questioning verbal abuse
Dave Scotland > lol
* Urban_Mongral invents an "advanced Stavos simulator" which constanly prints one totally random word per line into IRC
Evanda Char > It could hold the answer to many questions about Rule 6 and whether it still applies if the Brutor is normal sized
Gottii > and I've never known Eva not to break a rule or two
Gottii > I'm sure Eva's got GCC in bed before
<moocifer> no no I don't need a teeny weeny computer screen :(
<RangerXT> 30 inch?
<moocifer> was thinking 46"
<Ohne-> obvoisly talking about my penis
<moocifer> yes
<RangerXT> 60inch?
<moocifer> no 46"
<Bek> thats 46", not 4.6" Ohne-
<Ohne-> see
<Ohne-> I must have misread
<Ohne-> carry on
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