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Promouser > 03:55:48 Notify The ship you are piloting is too damaged to be handled in space. You do not have the skill to manage it in its current state.

Yudraciell Zroc > This is why you dont drink and drive
Marcus Venture > The dying economy of Iceland's last wish was that its ashes be spread all over Europe.
Karasti > Seeking partner for mining 0.4 to 0.1 systems
Davien Kaahtt blinks
Davien Kaahtt > that so sounds like a dating ad
Mutant Caldari > hey all
Palpatinius > straw
Deety > bean sprouts
Deety > I mean, Hi
Palpatinius > lol howdy
Deety > used to hate when I'd say hey, and my mom would say "hay is for horses"
Palpatinius > yeah me too, of course thats because I spent most summers bucking bails
Deety > wow, I COMPLETELY missread those last two words
Hakera > well, im still trying to persuade oveur to allow us to claim sovereignty in low sec :) maybe with nwo changes
Moghwai > Hak: try dancing nakid for him, he seems to like that
Hakera > O.o
* Darmed Khan wonders how moghwai would know that
Darmed Khan > is there something you're not telling us? :)
Moghwai > ahh wait, shit...
Sforza > You're a man of many talents moggy
Sforza > None of which I wish to hear any more about
Moghwai > shhh, i have to get somewhere QUICK
Hakera > hopefully with your clothes on :)
Moghwai > :(
Sforza > It'd make a change
Moghwai > guess that will follow me quite a while eh?
Sforza > Oh yes
Hakera > yeah its being omgrawr'd atm
Moghwai > gah :<
<+Valeo_Galaem> FORUMS ARE BACK UP
<+Lagar> w00t
<+Sakoda> GOGOGO
<+Quack> bah sakado bad
<&Hammerhead> STOP!
<&Hammerhead> HAMMER TIME!
nomadeyes > well i'll at least kill the named ones... my gf is yelling at me to go to bed...
Mr Wonderful > tough choice?
Omber Zombie > if gf wants you in bed - go
nomadeyes > i do have to get up in 5 hrs...
Morning Maniac > gf > mining
nomadeyes > lol
Miraki Alsento > anything > mining?
Morning Maniac > gf in bed >>> mining
Omber Zombie > gf in bed is mining
Isolde Rheingold > btw ... did anyone know? Pigs can't fly
Bunyip > Yes they can, Iso
Bunyip > I've seen tons of police helicopters
Isolde Rheingold > /emote gasps
Lenny Quickfinger > Pod is the best part of a ship: crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.
Ben Sterlinger > hello corp
RatBoy Deblade > o/ ben you old german
Ben Sterlinger > after all time, of all the things you said,
nathing, so far has insuslted me
Ben Sterlinger > but calling e a german
RatBoy Deblade > :)
Ben Sterlinger > THATS the limit
Ben Sterlinger > my office now, itys spanking time
Ben Sterlinger > ;)
RatBoy Deblade > /emote bending over
Ben Sterlinger > /emote starts to whipp
Ben Sterlinger > k, thats enough, lets switch
RatBoy Deblade > /emote start to laugh, you hit like a
danish retired old man
Ben Sterlinger > are we sick or are we sick.....
RatBoy Deblade > we are not sick. we are swedes :)
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