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<Shin_Ra> welp
<Sub> Confirming the welp
<Hroradi> we have a welp
<HippoKing> supporting this welp
<D2|Server> subscribing to the newsletter of welp
<Deepflame> Bump for welp
Shangpo > I find it awesome when I hear crying babies in the background in fleet ops... Makes me realize that I am with a dedicated FC saying, screw you baby.... eve is more important
Triple Entendre > To clarify, is there any viable reason to NOT name my Nemesis 'The Torpedophile'?
Retromash > Rght now would be a good time for the cat to puke on the carpet because I'm full of I don't give a shit
Rhi Tehn > /emote emails Retro's cat
Retromash > /emote knows the cat doesn't have email, and Rhi doesn't know the cat's Tumblr account
Rhi Tehn > /emote is impressed the cat as a tumblr account
Rhi Tehn > has
Retromash > Every pussy has a Tumblr account
Raena Valente > God I love this game, where else could I say "I cant pee! Its not safe around here!!"...
Tuna Softslice > anyone interested in Standard Crash Booster?
Tuna Softslice > the side effects aren't too bad <twitch> hehe
aquo > i agree *gnuurrgghh*
Nadine Desaix > I AM NOT STRANGE!
Kale Ryoko > ..
* Nadine Desaix proceeds to bang her head against Kale's chest
Hamish > omg lies
Alphamarine > omg didnt i say trust me
Yaevep > no
Tolin Dorden > lol
Tolin Dorden > but...its funnier not trustin u and bein paranoid alpha .P
Yaevep > on the otherhand
Tolin Dorden > besides... on my head stone it says... I told you they were after me
Yaevep > why should we trust you, you dont trust us...
Yaevep > oh, and btw, just to mkae it clear
Tolin Dorden > I don't believe you on that statement yaevep :P
Yaevep > i'm screwballing around with you, i need some entertainment ;P
Tolin Dorden > stop screwin my balls
Tolin Dorden > I got other holes that's more appropriate
Yaevep > you do?
Yaevep > which one is that?
Tolin Dorden > yeah... I think so?
Tolin Dorden > shit where's lunas when I need someone to blame????
* Perera licks Entity from Reykjavik
Entity > mewr
Entity > how's things over there
Entity > having fun?
Perera > cold, sunny and Tzad has broken the Eve computer here :p
Entity > Take some pics of cute guys for me -_-
Perera > thanks dude, now the 15 ppl around me think I´m gay too :p
<Aidari> i got blitzed and decided to play eve last night
<Aidari> when i woke up, it was right before down time
<Aidari> my head was inside my computer case
<Aidari> and when i got up, my scorpion was floating in a deadpsace complex with 4 percent hull
<Aidari> and nothing was alive anwhere near me
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