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Koronakesh > "Spending other people's money is a vastly superior system than laboring."
Lallara Zhuul > yeah, giving birth is a poor system
Lallara Zhuul > wait... what?
Lady Zirconia > woah
Lady Zirconia > hold off
Lady Zirconia > im joinin you guys
Gizis > NBSI :)
Verone > you're fair game until you're wearing a veto tag
Lady Zirconia > hehe
Lady Zirconia > fair enough
Lady Zirconia > so avenod you said was an office?
Verone > yep
Verone > go apply :)
<%t20> well, i think you should always ransom someone when you pop his ship
<%t20> but that's just me trying to make a living
<GeromeDoutrande> you could try escrow scams
<%t20> i have dignity
SlightlyMad > Imagine you going around in the middle of the night minding your own business and then this crazy totally drunk NAKED guy come screaming past on a minimotorcycle.
PPhearr > bah my Civ Gatling does more than that
Papolytic > I was just going to mention that. No one has ever nerfed the civ guns
General Killah > i want a tech V civ gatling gun
PPhearr > yeah can u imagine the skill reqs
TomB > Advanced Newbie level 2
General Killah > I QUALIFY
Sevaru > what happens to my fighters when i dock?
Captain Wolfman > they go afk
MrShooter > 2005.09.21 22:31:05 notify Your Moa self-destructs.
MrShooter > whoopsy
Patrick McCarty > 2005.09.21 22:31:05 notify MrShooter made a noob mistake.
Itanis > Predictability is the first step to defeat.
Trina Tron > oh i thought it was stupidity
Itanis > only for you
Debes Sparre > otoh, my wolf can blow up your kisses, so.. :p
Debes Sparre > kisses? kessie.
Debes Sparre > that was a wierd typo
Ilfar > o.O
Fractyl Gloxer > How romantic
Creepy Charlie > It's a little known fact that all Caldari ships are vulnerable to public displays of affection.
´╗┐Madame Sylvanas > haha
Creepy Charlie > I like to give em a good ass pat to help with the destruction.
Ilfar > o.o
Madame Sylvanas > that's not affection that's sexual assault lol
´╗┐Creepy Charlie > Unless you're in a uniform, then it's called a "Good Game"
Creepy Charlie > Good game *fondle*
Creepy Charlie > I think that's how it works..
Mikel Ice > 12341
Tissa > F1 F2 F3 F4 ?
Mikel Ice > lol
Mikel Ice > yea
Mikel Ice > woops
Seldarine > nubbin
Mikel Ice > new keyboard
Mikel Ice > <- megri
Tissa > omgrawed
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