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Carim FalNador > I knew there was a reason I was living in 1v.
Romulus XII > enlighten us :)
Carim FalNador > Less getting trapped in station.
Carim FalNador > More not being able to shoot anything because everything is blue.
Romulus XII > well our new neighbours are quite generous with the ammo :)
Romulus XII > specialy the one thrown our way
Carim FalNador > I don't see much T2 or Faction ammo though.
Carim FalNador > They obviously don't love us that much.
Terraunit > ok this game is unrelistic :| :P a npc frig can still jam me when i use 3x heavy nos
Terraunit > his cap will dry in sec``S
Shikaku > we are flying around in space ships shooting at eachothers with lasers and thats what you think is unrealistic?
Terraunit > no the npc part
Terraunit > :P
Shikaku > sarkasm is wasted on you lol
La Merovingian > Should have known better than to go to a 2-year-old's birthday party. Little maggots spread germs like crazy
Raxip Elamp > Ouch
Raxip Elamp > Sucks, man
Charity Regard > haha
La Merovingian > I got drugs from the doc today. Hopefully it fixes my eyeball soon.
La Merovingian > I can't work :-(
Shae Tiann > =
Charity Regard > I have a kindergartener - nothing germier than them
Raxip Elamp > Sucks
La Merovingian > See. Charity owns a maggot.
La Merovingian > She knows what I'm talkin about
Shae Tiann > lol
Charity Regard > 3 actually.
Raxip Elamp > My children will be genetic super-mutants, with red glowing eyes, who crap spider silk.
La Merovingian > Almost to the "rodent" stage.
Charity Regard > though two have grown out of the actual maggot phase.
Stranger > What were you doing at a 2-year birthday party Dx
Charity Regard > /emote laughs.
La Merovingian > If it wasn't for the fact that the 2-year-old in particular wasn't cool as hell, I wouldn't have been there.
Stranger > This isn't helping your case
Stranger > lol
Shae Tiann > Raxip, can you just IMAGINE what that would do to the house plumbing network/
Charity Regard > 2 year olds arent cool
La Merovingian > It was a friend's kid. I like this particular maggot.
Shae Tiann > not to mention the septic tank
Raxip Elamp > Haha, it'd be on command, not all the time
La Merovingian > This one is. Jayden is awesome. He plays hockey.
Raxip Elamp > Like a silk-worm
Stranger > Hockey like a silk-worm?
Stranger > I'm losing track of this conversation
GRIEV3R > honestly, what I want to see is how much dmg my one large rep can handle
ArmaggedonPSA > id say it can handle about 800 dmg every 12 seconds
ArmaggedonPSA > =D
Hax Zoidberg > Are you in a covert ops frigate?
Taegan Kairos > nope, I'm in an idiot ops badger :(
Panda Empress>
♪♫ When your ship gets blown to bits ♪♫
♪♫ ♪ And you lose your Faction fits ♪♫ ♫♪
♪ Don't worry
♪ be happy ٩(̾●̮̮̃•̃̾)۶
Lucifer200 > The megathron looked at the Rokh and asked "Why the sad face?"
Lucifer200 > the Rokh responded, "I can nail a chick from a mile away, but she can't feel a thing"
<McKay> Hi, i'm a new player but I think i've run into something worth some isk.
<%Sham> yes
<%Sham> McKay, griefing people horribly?
<Kurenin> what, McKay
<SilentDragz> McKay - what is it?
<McKay> I was browsing escrow for good deals and saw something for 0 isk so i claimed it
<%Sham> HAHA
<McKay> It was a 1 run Caldari Navy Raven BPC
<Just_Smith> a navy isure raven?
<McKay> 1 run
<Kurenin> I will buy it
<Just_Smith> yep it's worth a lot
<Kurenin> for 200,000,000 isk.
* Karunel has joined #eve-online
<%Sham> lol
<Deme> 201,111,021
<%Sham> I'll buy for 250m
<McKay> ME20 PE8 it is, not quite sure whats that means tho
<SilentDragz> 300m
<%Sham> 325m
<SilentDragz> 350
<jaska> 302m :( (all i have)
<Kurenin> 400 ;[
<Deme> 201,111,021
<SilentDragz> 450
<McKay> I was told on trade channel its worth up to 1.4 billion, is that true?
<Deme> no
<Kurenin> no
<Hammer> no
<Deme> lies.
<%Sham> 475m
<SilentDragz> nope
<Kurenin> that's lies and slander
<Kurenin> 500m
<Hammer> its worth 0
<SilentDragz> 525m
<Deme> 519
* Sham sets mode: +b SilentDragz!*@*
<Deme> 5223
* Sham sets mode: +b deme!*@*
<Hammer> haha
* Sham sets mode: +b kurenin!*@*
<%Sham> 550 mil
<Tank-CEO> yes
<jaska> lol
<Tank-CEO> u got fuckin pwned u fgt nerd kurenin
<jaska> irc pvp.
<gota> roflette
<Tank-CEO> bahahaha
<Hammer> ahaha
<Tank-CEO> sham, u are teh win ya
<%Sham> ^_^
Maliano > those ccp bastards didnt give me any unallocated skills!!! ;)
jih chop > for what?
jih chop > being pretty?
jih chop > they don't give points for that
jih chop > and you don't qualify anyway
<%DjNeWt> anyone seen the avaitor?
<Quantus> nope, dont really want to
<%DJ_EX> i fell aslep for all of it if that counts
<Levin> yes
<Levin> dont go
<Levin> its like 2.5 hrs long
<Levin> and theres about 20 minutes of story
<Levin> plus it just skips the last like 20 years of his life
<%DjNeWt> i thought it was good
<Levin> AND you see leonardo dicaprios ass
<%DjNeWt> yea
<%DjNeWt> that was a highlight
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