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Tarken McWreckage > i would love to date a gymnist chick
grim996 > thier a little bit on the crazy side
grim996 > not all but most
Jules Gardna > the ones that are really good at gymnastics are hard to deal with, as with any ambitionated athletes
Gwenmyra > but be careful if you arn't as flexible you can totally put an eye out
Cronicos > lol
Unoriginal Name02 > NeX store will fix that
Unoriginal Name02 > RITE!?
Tarken McWreckage > lol
Tarken McWreckage > need a new eye? buy a monocle !
Cronicos > well she should have opened her mouth on time
Cadela Fria > .<br>Curse - "Z00000000000000000M! PEW PEW! NO CAP 4 U LAWL!!11"<br>Pilgrim - "AH IZ KLOWKD! SHHHH!....UNKLOWK! HI2U!!!! :D NO CAP 4 U LAWL!!11"
Cadela Fria > Just wanted to clarify the differences
<Virtuozzo> normally I print out oveur's blogs and take em to bed with me
<Virtuozzo> ack that sounds wrong
<zofu> Virtuozzo: TMI
<Virtuozzo> I meant to read them there ...
<Virtuozzo> meh
<Virtuozzo> english is not my main language mkay :/
JeremyCrow > pirates here?
Lex Gabinia > Pirates in Eve are just a myth
Bariolage > A myth that shoots you in the face
Kaelali Teran > It's why I like flying a Daredevil, really.
Kaelali Teran > A blaster Daredevil, that is.
Kaelali Teran > It's the balls deep approach to pewpewing. Shove the Daredevil up their exhaust port at terminal velocity, then leave them with friction burns.
Glacier > One guy described the requiremennts as 'obtain 25 Angel Unobtainium tags, and 50 units of Underage Robotic Exotic Dancer Sex Slaves, a commodity so illegal that if Concord customs catches you, they suspend your eve account.
Naomi Wildfire > you cant dance your name?
Canine Fiend > I've been drinking
Canine Fiend > I can dance to anything Iw ant
Flores Negras > Mate you drink 6/7 nights
Flores Negras > can you not turn alcholic please
Canine Fiend > Bro, it's cool
Canine Fiend > I've got a golden voice
Canine Fiend > if life has taught me anything, it's that as long as I have a golden voice I can be the biggest criminal ever
mazzilliu > i also want an osprey for tackling and kicks
mazzilliu > noone ever suspects the osprey
mazzilliu > NOONE
Hikari Sakura > I bumped you so hard, you flew over your max velocity XD
Lady Evelynne > BUMB ME AGAIN! o/
Hikari Sakura > O_O
Hikari Sakura > /emote hears the FBI smash down the door and storm the house
Kesper North > that's not really forum porn, that is some guy pretending to be the iraqi information minister
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