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* Azia Burgi is a cat person
* Dabuddha is a person person
* Azia Burgi doubts that somehow
Azia Burgi > you need social skills to be a people person
Dabuddha > uh...ok....nvm
Azia Burgi > ;P
Centinel 6 > and after my third arrest and court ordered anger management counseling, ive learned to channel my anger in this game
* Penn_7fingers jumos onto Pris suddenly "aha!" And swipes her eyes back
* Penn_7fingers re-inserts them into sockets
<Pris|Corrde> o.o oof
<Penn_7fingers> Better >=D
<Pris|Corrde> are they plug and play eyes or do I need to reboot you?
<@Pilk> And Titan bonuses are nothing to rely on; between lag, bugs, logoffs, and WCs and SCs dying, half the fleet won't have them at any one time.
<@Pilk> Not true in my fleets, mind you; people will have fleet bonuses applied even if it means I'm so distracted that we lose a mothership or two.
<@Pilk> But other FCs have misplaced priorities.
Timothy McKenzie > mort - did we lose much?
Zahiir Halar > i'm half-way through a bottle of vodka. what do you think?
Gainum > i think the biggest pvp rush ive ever had was in wow, was takin on 4 people at once on my ret pld.
Aceformat > WoW ...
Aceformat > Are you f'ing serious
Aceformat > ohhh noes I damaged my armour when I die
Aceformat > Unlike in eve ... ohh noes I just lost a 1billion isk ship, all my mods all my implants and I forgot to update my clone
Aceformat > CTRL+Q emo rage
Kmoki > Mission running = extraordinarily boring
Kmoki > How do people do this for a living?
Enigmas > Try mining..
Kmoki > I can't even imagine :(
Kmoki > You're a braver man than I, Enigma
Enigmas > Bravery has nothing to do with it. As a miner you only need two things. A mining laser and an extremly low IQ.
Kmoki > lol
Dev Corland > lol
Dev Corland > :(
Enigmas > It's on the offical caldari state tests too:
Q: What is your IQ:
[] Off the scale;
[] Between genius and wannabe;
[] Average;
[] I can dress myself;
[] I URR MINER!!!!11!
NGTM1R > Capslock may be cruise control for cool, son, but you just steered straight off a cliff.
Tergazzi > wow my little 200mm autocannon is a bad mother..... doing 30damage :)
Crydol > trying rolling down the window and sneezing, may do more damage
<Kurenin> Do you have work for me?
<GeromeDoutrande> I have an offer you can't resist. Please check your jorunal for details.
<Kurenin> About that offer...
<GeromeDoutrande> :o
<Kurenin> No thanks
<GeromeDoutrande> Don't expect me to come up with something as good next time.
<Kurenin> (Back)
<Kurenin> Do you have work for me?
<GeromeDoutrande> afk :D
<Kurenin> I don't have time for this nickel and dime business.
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