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Power's Urge > Destroyers make horrible setups very easy because they have so many slots you can put wrong stuff in.
Steamrunner > It's christmas day and I'm playing eve. worse than that I'm in Jita. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!
Sir Patchy > lolz i fail
Sir Patchy > *click aproach* turn on AB....still not moving wtf...click aproach again...still dont move WTF!..o i had speed set to 8m/s...
<Requiem|> Did some huge battle occur in catch last night? More than 700 ships destroyed. o_O
<MaZ-> probably FIX doing a complex
Danila Vagilov > I had a point
Danila Vagilov > but
Danila Vagilov > it's too short :c
Watarigarasu Kawamura > It'll grow as your mature :p
<Marcus Lagrange> no cos vodka i can drink and drink and not get more than just merry but then its BOOMF and i'm on the floor talking about squid
<HiYuRei> Fart is explosive and thermal?
<HiYuRei> just watch out for kinetic
Raeff > oops getting probed lol ... back in a bit
Hygelac > o_O
CopeLand > omg im afk, oprah on TV
Quick'Trader > 1234as5x7fv g1234sdf gyhuijokp123456780hj9-km-47586
Quick'Trader > umm just wiping coffe off my keyboard people
Ghemin > okay I thought maybe you were a droid
Quick'Trader > :-)
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