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Zilverpine > 22:09:06 Combat Group of 800mm Repeating Artillery II hit Imperial Navy Delta II Support Frigate Wreck &lt;OBSD&gt;(Amarr Small Wreck) for 1854 damage*facepalm* >.<
Zelazny Harper > minmatar in disguise ?
Zilverpine > nono, im open minmatar ^^
Zelazny Harper > good
Zelazny Harper > now can i borrow a roll of ducttape ?
Zilverpine > i use chewinggum these days :o
Zelazny Harper > ooh fancy
Zelazny Harper > T2 minny ship then i assume :P
Zilverpine > yeah!
Zilverpine > purple bubbles!
Zelazny Harper > aha i have figured out what exact ship then :P
Zelazny Harper > Broadsword :P
´╗┐Zilverpine > lol xD
´╗┐Zelazny Harper > didnt know that was how minny made dictor bubbles thou...
Zelazny Harper > makes sense in the end
Filovirus: all i know is there is a lot of weiner talk here in the protectorate
Sean O'Farrel: with all the pussys around, what do you expect?
Filovirus: pictures
MAXSuicide > i can safely say i have
whored more than any other.
<@Sham> I don't notice more maturity or intelligence in EVE than in WoW or any other MMO I've tried
<@Sham> I mean fuck, just look at us
<@Sham> We keep letting Sokhar in
<Squizz_C> am I the only one who is not impressed with the J!NX shirts?
<Dark-Fx> I'm not impressed with anyone that uses puncuation in the middle of their name.
<Squizz_C> says the guy with a hyphen in his name
ToG > I was cruising around empire in my pod
ToG > when a battleship wartarget warped in
Chrystin Doxalia > what's so funny about that?
ToG > Took about 15 shots at me and didn 30 shield damage
Chrystin Doxalia > ahh, that explains it
Pacala > lol
ToG > I can just imagine the guys frustration
Blacklight > unless you have legs up to your ears, model for vogue and can suck start a harley then there'll be no luvin tonight
Dalete > The Myrmidon and Ishtar are sexy ships.
Dalete > I need to hire someone with artistic skills to draw them into hot avatar chicks so we can watch hot Gallente ship-on-ship action.
Dian Lung > o_o
Dian Lung > That's...scary.
Dian Lung > And yet, I'm kinda intrigued.
Dalete > The only question would be: what would they look like?
Dian Lung > The Myrm would have an awesome bust. The ship is top heavy, but tall enough to look slim.
Dalete > Alright, but then Ishy's got DAT ASS. :D
Golakka > does the pope shit in the woods?
Riesia > Yes and wipes his bum on an athiest when he is finished
R0N JEREMY > my brother said it would be a funny name...some porn star or something
R0N JEREMY > he said i should tell people when i blew them up that they had been fucked by a pro..
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