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Tiberius Wenchel > No one ever answered my semen question.
Uraniae Fehrnah > ....semen question?
Morwen Lagann > Tib, ask your Vegan Shaman or whatever you guys go to for guidance :p
Tiberius Wenchel > I'm not a vegan.
Morwen Lagann > ... Okay, ask a vegan shaman, etc.
Tiberius Wenchel > I have considered it though, and would like to know if I would be able to swallow semen.
Louella Dougans > it's probably ok
Kalaratiri > It's all natural!
Repentence Tyrathlion > /emote is a vegan and has been asked this before
Morwen Lagann > lmao
Louella Dougans > the logical extension of it not being OK would be the extinction of humanity
Alizabeth Vea > Whoa
Norrin Ellis > This conversation has turned kinda gross.
Alizabeth Vea > full stop
Repentence Tyrathlion > I never bothered to work out an answer, mind.
Louella Dougans > cos of mulk
Louella Dougans > anywayz
Tiberius Wenchel > I think probably no, unless it was your own.
jih chop > undocking . . .
jih chop > undocking . . .
jih chop > undocking . . .
jih chop > Dammit Scotty! stop fapping and open the damn doors!
<Sokhar> why don't you two just fuck and get it over with
<jamesw> im saving myself for you sokhar
<jamesw> NTR is just not enough man for me
<Sokhar> heh
<Sokhar> awesome answer
Ithildin > I have never been camped in
HeadWar > Small wonder, you suck so bad at PvP it isn't worth the effort. ;-)
Balrog Valarauko > sad but true, hard to monitor every single member and their tendencies
Ecce Drihten > but we havent been very cautious about it so far, hehe
Balrog Valarauko > as for me... i like prostitutes and alcohol
Balrog Valarauko > and putting my penis in both!
Gaunty > o.O
Balrog Valarauko > sorry that was uncalled for
Balrog Valarauko > but i feel better now
Ecce Drihten > we all have our tastes
dibblebill > Is it possible to cut off a man's penis without him bleeding to death while not using anesthesia?
dibblebill > Need to know for RP
Anil Beed > all my toons are shirtless and have 8 packs so i can fap to them
jih chop > wiseoak - got a sec?
wiseoak > kinda busy atm.. but will check in with you later
IceBlade Rage > wise you got a min for a pm?
jih chop > HEY!
jih chop > end of the line bub!
KiltedWarrior > take a number ice
jih chop > lol
KiltedWarrior > lol
IceBlade Rage > lol
IceBlade Rage > just adding to the queue guys :-P
jih chop > wiseoak is getting to be as bad as the motor vehicle registry
IceBlade Rage > he needs a secretary
jih chop > I'm getting Cobwebs!
jih chop > no, if he gets a secretary he'll just park her under his desk and never come out of his office
KiltedWarrior > /emote facepalms
Konferge > Or an Answering service
wiseoak > NOW SERVING #853
jih chop > rofl
jih chop > that's me! that's me!
KiltedWarrior > BINGO!!!!
KiltedWarrior > rofl
jih chop > wait - where's my ticket?! Noooooo!
KiltedWarrior > iceblade, I'm not in line, I was just kidding
jih chop > and you move up ice, I have to go to bed soon and I've been in this line without moving for so long that a family of squirrels has taken up residence in my beard
Dagalla > I just tried to fire a missile at a roid and mine a rat
Portal Realm > rats when i crashed
Verigua > that wasnt a crash
Verigua > it was a feature™
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