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<TheRat> need linux nerd pls
<TheRat> I'm trying to update glib from 2.4 to 2.12
<TheRat> but it doesnt recognize the new version
<TheRat> send halp
<Levin> uhm
<Levin> im not a linux nerd
<Levin> but maybe its because youre trying to upgrade to a previous version?
<TheRat> you're also not a math nerd
<TheRat> 12 > 4
<D2> I thought that, but its two.twelve :)
<TheRat> 2.1.2 < 2.4.0
<Levin> oh right
<Levin> actually
<Levin> no
<TheRat> actually
<TheRat> yes
<Levin> thats a stupid way of naming versions
<Levin> 2.12 < 2.40
<Aleatory> that contravenes most laws of update naming
<Levin> thats not how counting works
<D2> it is possible levin is right
<D2> but its also possible hes wrong
<Levin> if 2.12 is newer than 2.4 then it should be called 3.6
<D2> I'll be standing on the fence over here
<Aleatory> levin is right ... its shit naming
<Levin> fucking euros
<Aleatory> it should be
<Aleatory> 2.04
<D2> or 2.40
<D2> yes
<Aleatory> TheRat: what have you learned from this .... never ask for help on irc!
<TheRat> indeed
tiller > whats this channel, always seems full of evil pirates :
tiller > can I shut it ?
Requiescat > yeah
Requiescat > you can
Requiescat > but you have to go on a mystic quest
tiller > oh
tiller > :-)
Mark Foley > u must fetch the jaded monkey before the next blue moon
tiller > lol
tiller > wtb: jaded monkey, convo me
<Sassinak> you turning into kayosoni or summin
<Negotiator> ?
<Sassinak> wtf is all the urls :P
<Negotiator> does it look like a catgirl with a dick to you?
<Negotiator> NO
<Negotiator> so shut up
<Negotiator> im not kayo
Rhen Ayase > there are no russians, you just have to stop believing in them and they go away
Rhen Ayase > its like with ghosts and religion
Tiberius Wenchel > No one ever answered my semen question.
Uraniae Fehrnah > ....semen question?
Morwen Lagann > Tib, ask your Vegan Shaman or whatever you guys go to for guidance :p
Tiberius Wenchel > I'm not a vegan.
Morwen Lagann > ... Okay, ask a vegan shaman, etc.
Tiberius Wenchel > I have considered it though, and would like to know if I would be able to swallow semen.
Louella Dougans > it's probably ok
Kalaratiri > It's all natural!
Repentence Tyrathlion > /emote is a vegan and has been asked this before
Morwen Lagann > lmao
Louella Dougans > the logical extension of it not being OK would be the extinction of humanity
Alizabeth Vea > Whoa
Norrin Ellis > This conversation has turned kinda gross.
Alizabeth Vea > full stop
Repentence Tyrathlion > I never bothered to work out an answer, mind.
Louella Dougans > cos of mulk
Louella Dougans > anywayz
´╗┐Tiberius Wenchel > I think probably no, unless it was your own.
Bryg Philomena >Genetically Enhanced Livestock and Exotic Dancers = fun
DraLaFi > o/
DraLaFi > now that is strange...
Sanaya Sien > ?
DraLaFi > no evemail-flash? everybody called in sick today ?
Kitsy Chan > oh rotfl... i lent someone in my corp a blackbird. came back the next day and found a box in the corp hanger labled blackbird. inside was some broken shield emitters and a titanium bar
Anatoray &gt; that's the one thing I would never do, no did I do as a kid. I loved books to much to rip them apart.
Ilcrowe &gt; Kittens, on the other hand...
Anatoray &gt; oh yeah, kitens rip real good
Tareen Kashaar > It's not a good idea to place a Exotic Dancers in a Small Secure Container. The Exotic Dancers will not survive intact, if transported in such a container.
Able Citizen > You inhuman MONSTER!
Tareen Kashaar > you think I should take a medium container?
Able Citizen > /emote giggles
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