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Bobbith > ugh
Bobbith > hulk is crap with not t2 strippers and mlu
Bobbith > t2 stuffs takes it to 1407
Darranibal Colpia > No T2 Strippers? Damn. That lack of extra bouncy titties must really punish you.
Bobbith > =)
Darranibal Colpia > I know i'd want t2 Strippers on a long mining mission. It'd alleviate the boredom.
Xorlarin > If it makes you feel any better im on the market getting ammo for my pvp ships, trying to get back in the killing mode
BeanBagKing > yes!
BeanBagKing > o/
Xorlarin > :P
BeanBagKing > kill shit! burn rape and pillage!
Xorlarin > I knew you would like that
BeanBagKing > in that order!
Xorlarin > isnt it rape pillage then burn?
BeanBagKing > nope, nice piece of hot ass
Redarquol > be with you soon, just going to pick up my last can
Redarquol > go and personaly aPODogise to him
PMSing > ughh Gallente POS model is still screwed, it's sometimes horizontal, and sometimes flat =/
Aragote > so just like gallente women
John Revenent > Why do people run from me =(
Simca Develon > cause your middle name is fucking
<Urban_Mongral> http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=927 <------ I know it is completly useless (and was even in 1965) but that still just about the coolest thing ever
<Urban_Mongral> It looks like it has come straight out of 2001
<[BH]Veritech> lol
<Urban_Mongral> you can imagine it saying in a HAL 9000 voice "Do not wisk the eggs like that, this soufle is too important to allow you to jepodise it"
<[BH]Veritech> heh
<Urban_Mongral> Yeah "I'm sorry I cant do that Dave, The oven isnt warm enough yet. Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye."
Merv DeGriff > He is also the first player in EVE I did ANYTHING remotely social with lol
Par Obsidian > oo er
Merv DeGriff > not that kind of social
Merv DeGriff > The teamwork kind you pervert.
Rhianna Christian > not nekkid social a la ace
Karn Dulake > These Bots are getting very advanced. The other day one spent 45 minutes scamming me out of 5 plexes in Jita.
* KIAPieman has joined #eve-online
<Verone> damn it...i'm hungry now.
* ArachV0id blames pieman
* Teabiscuit has joined #eve-online
<Verone> oh ffs
<Verone> now i'm starving :'(
Miklos Atreides > when mommies and daddies love eachother very much.... sometimes the headboard hits the wall with a certain rhythm
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