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wizzard66> Whay is a man that talks dirty a pervert, and a woman that talks dirty able to make 50 bucks an hour?
Theo> cause she has a pussy
Theo> next question
Ice Breaker2 > lol what happens if i click apply to join xetic? lol
ParMizaN > all your guns turn into miner IIs and your dignity attribute goes into the negative numbers
Takitoo > O.o
ParMizaN > and the undock button is replaced with "surrender"
Promon Delnai > some guy in NORAD killed 9 bob inties / 6 pods with a smartbombthron, was hilarious
Jacob Etienne > lol
Promon Delnai > the inties were all "omgsmartbombs!" and he was all "kekeke"
Promon Delnai > and they were all *krakaboom*
Jessica Lind > scrapmetal processing 5, do you need that for making naglfars?
James Copper > "And lo did the gods of darkness rise up, and swear, and cry out, 'Lo, see you not that these must be cheating, as they have pwned all our minions so repeatedly?' and then did Oveur reach for his holy nerf-bat...."
cruco > i had the most unfortunately timed account expiration a week ago
cruco > my corp announced a roam and I decided I wanted to take my AF which was in a nother station
cruco > so I left my current ship, undocked in my pod, aligned to the jump bridge, and got the pop up "your client will now close because your account has expired. goodbye!"
HerrFaul > i love being a carebear again
HerrFaul > i didn't really just write that did i?
HerrFaul > I'm so ashamed of myself
HerrFaul > :(
GigaIndy > Are you struggling to run a corp in empire? Do you need more resources? Are you interested in getting into null? Convo me.
Nykala > is your characters hairline receeding too much? are those fancy AUR clothes chafing your bits when you are trying to fly a ship? do your corpies laugh at you when your ships tank is always limp and weak or stalls in space, due to poor ship stamina/capacitor? also, convo him.
Monev TheGale > my roomate just called my apoc "a twinky with two bits out of it"
Toddzila1108 > lol, its not that i cant blow the thing up, its that ITS NOT THERE lol
Nav illus > oh
Nav illus > then you suck :P
Toddzila1108 > ive jumped to every fuckin station, belt, and planet
Techstrategyremake > =/
Nav illus > what mish?
Techstrategyremake > jumped to the mission site? O.o
Toddzila1108 > uhhhhhh
Toddzila1108 > a new venture - healthy competition
Nav illus > name of the mish pls. it`ll be in your journal
Nav illus > oh
Toddzila1108 > it said destroy the supply shipment, location eglennaert
Techstrategyremake > right click space
Techstrategyremake > and the tab should have the missions name
Toddzila1108 > nope,
Nav illus > lvl1?
Nav illus > there wwas one ship right?
Toddzila1108 > yea
Nav illus > and you destroyed it?
Toddzila1108 > nope, it is a fuckin ninja ship -_-
Nav illus > ....
Nav illus > petition, or give up
Toddzila1108 > i found a rat -_-
Toddzila1108 > but no fuckin hauler
Nav illus > in the mish?
Toddzila1108 > no, just a random rat
Nav illus > dont know what to tell ya bud
Toddzila1108 > yet fuckin kidding me
Toddzila1108 > i didnt accept the mission!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!???!???
Toddzila1108 > well that fuckin explains it......
theonegabrias > ahhhh ahahahahhahahaha
Nav illus > 0_o
Toddzila1108 > fml
Brianna Kitty > lol tod
Toddzila1108 > epic fuckin fail
Screaming Blade > 2 Days later!
theonegabrias > and for the record i was laughing at you...not with you
Nav illus > i will remember this moment forever
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