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<ace234> sometimes i feel remorse, i just killed a navitas with an abaddon
Caya > maybe u should try to petition your problem
Vladic Valenski > does anybody have bpo for probs ?
Targatta > you want to make problems?
Vladic Valenski > nononononon
Targatta > ah, probes :)
Vladic Valenski > :D
Gaius Kador > i have a recipe for disaster if that helps?
Targatta > rofl
Bobby Smyth > I sold 2 insurance policyes while playing eve today, what did you do
NoLSolid > Masturbate
damage done > solid wins
Coldasice Cubes > have fun guys, and thanks for choosing IO Gatecamp services
Nephai > thank u
PKlavins > we offer the finest in ganking opportunities! only the *cough* best pilots are selected to participate in our top-of the line gatecamps...to provide the best quality service to any people hostile or neutral to us :)
Jan Bonet > how do you check how much time you have played?
Talon Gaterau > I just checked for you and you need to spend a little less time playing and a little more time with your pets/children
* Levin is now known as DanielJackson
<DanielJackson> WTF
<DanielJackson> WHY IS TQ DOWN!
<@Ak-Gara> ¬_¬
<@Ak-Gara> lol
<DanielJackson> OMG
<Kadoer> poo seems like it has been forever though
<grimpak> dan.. its patch day
<DanielJackson> THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!
<DanielJackson> i cant even get on the forums
<grimpak> ...
<Kadoer> how much time left
<Carda|work> rofl
<@Viceroy> daniel
<grimpak> well it says that it will be up by 3pm gmt
<@Viceroy> log on from irc
<Tank-CEO> Daniel
<Carda|work> GeromeDoutrande this beats your quotes!!!
<Carda|work> :)
<@Viceroy> type this: /server myeve.eve-online.com
<Kadoer> what
<Carda|work> ?
<Kadoer> link me
<grimpak> eh?
<DanielJackson> NO WAY tank
<Abominable> lol
<Kadoer> rofl
<grimpak> omg lol
<Kadoer> was going to say I live in alabama this might be pertinent info
<DanielJackson> omg
<DanielJackson> IM IN FLORIDA!
<DanielJackson> dude
<DanielJackson> can i use your bomb shelter?
<Carda|work> lol
<Kadoer> its not on cnn.com lol
<DanielJackson> omg
<DanielJackson> fucking azns
<Carda|work> Rumsfeld arrives in Iraq
<Carda|work> :)
<Abominable> why would they bomb florida anyway? the tornadoes and hurricanes seems to do a pretty

decent wreckingjob on their own
<_ABE_> lol
<Carda|work> jup
<DanielJackson> no abom
<DanielJackson> youre being ignorant
<DanielJackson> i live in florida and nothing bad ever happens
<DanielJackson> except this north korea thing
<Abominable> right :)
<Abominable> what about the french? no nukes from them?
<DanielJackson> seriously
<DanielJackson> why no tq
<DanielJackson> i can tlog on
<_ABE_> ...
<@Viceroy> Daniel its patch day
<Abominable> its patchday
<DanielJackson> what
<Abominable> u can start whining when they havent fixed the server in 12 hours as usual
<DanielJackson> dude
<DanielJackson> patch day
<DanielJackson> wtf
<DanielJackson> why didnt they say anything
<Kadoer> seems like every mmo I play they take one of my days off from work and make it patch day
<Abominable> sigh
<_ABE_> X-D
<DanielJackson> i told my mom i was sick today
<DanielJackson> so i could stay home and play eve
<DanielJackson> but i cant log on
<Tank-CEO> they have u fuckin dumbass
<Tank-CEO> stfu
<Abominable> [13:33:25] * Levin is now known as DanielJackson
<Abominable> bored levin? :)
* DanielJackson is now known as Levin
<Levin> the forums are down
<Arthur> good thing i nevcer get qoted
Getix Kain > Crynsos
Getix Kain > +(mobile phone number)
Getix Kain > just make it ring if you don't see me online
Getix Kain > i won't answer, i promise
Getix Kain > and Del
Getix Kain > try to do any kind of tricks on my phone and I will search you, sacrifice your soul to the Dark Gods and torture you until it becomes a pleasure for both of us.
Crynsos Cealion > >_>
Getix Kain > i just wanted to convey a strong message
Getix Kain > <_<
zuss > thats not a very fair fight
URSOKWL > dude its tough when you find out your on the menu and its only an apetizer
Bridget Mery > only beating off into a plastic cup is allowed
Destr0math > hmm
Bridget Mery > and you have to think about your grandmother while doing it
Beef Hardslab > I have some damn sexy plastic cups
Destr0math > GILF
Bridget Mery > lol
Bridget Mery > you've got a gilf, too? :P
Destr0math > :P
High Sierra > i log on to change skills and you guys are discussing masturbation.
High Sierra > again.
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