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Gothikia > haff should come with a disclaimer...
Jin Entres > You currently have no skills and you generally suck, too
Traxio Nacho > You currently have more skills than anyting else so who cares
teqNo > :D
Tennotsukai > You currently have the biggest penis in the gang, so screw skills points
Captain S04p > can i meet up with you guys roaming easily?
Rengas > probably
Captain S04p > what do you want me in?
Ecaterina Andronescu > red lingerie
Ecaterina Andronescu > thongs mandatory
Khellias> Did I tell you that my corpmates named my Hulk?
Dreadstar Kilron> No..... Do I WANT to know?
Khellias> In honor of the fact that I single-handedly stripped a system completely bare of everything but the Veld and even about half of that over two days, they demanded that I name it after the Tarrasque.
Dreadstar Kilron> LOL
Khellias> Devourer of worlds and all.
Ugluuk > fighting 4 ravens
Frankinator > lol
Frankinator > how many Ravens did u kill?
Ugluuk > none
Syn White > 45 mill and you can keep your ship
Graham Koraka > give me 50 mill and you can go FUCK YOURSELF
Camper101 > that's a no i guess
Graham Koraka > FUCK OFF
Graham Koraka > go peel your mother off the rolled tungsten plating they used her for
Lord Makk > Can you believe it? because some moron decided to put 2 extra screws in the tranny, over the goddamn crankshaft bridge so that you have to dismantle the head, cylinders and fucking pistons
Lykouleon > Makk, why're you screwing trannys?
Jessica Lorelei > woot not long till i stop flashing
Jessica Lorelei > ...that sounded so wrong
Ryuuka > you know i've been thinking
Oolong Caloophid > you wanna watch that
Ryuuka > since exceed is a corp (or corporation) and not a guild
Ryuuka > and we are it's members (or employees from the commercial world)
Ryuuka > doesn't that mean we should get paid?
topman324 > its too early to ask for xmas bonus's :P
konkord > ryuuka you know what?
konkord > you shouldnt think
Ryuuka > i know
Ryuuka > nasty habit
Isaak > yeah
Isaak > konk used to think
Ryuuka > i think i'll keep thinking
Isaak > we had to 'take care' of that
Ryuuka > thanks for the warning
Isaak > you can hardly see the scars now im told
Lallara Zhuul > oh man, just watching CSI and saw 5 cops going to a house with their guns out and thought 'Fucking blobbers.'
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