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MattCaladan > Those that don't listen to voice should have a 50% hull penalty applied.
Van Flyhight > How would this be enforced?
MattCaladan > via aggressive redistribution of ammunition to friendly cargobays... through their shields and armour
Van Flyhight > Yeah, that's what I thought...
MattCaladan > you just have to be careful when using sieged dreadnaughts...
Objulen > 02:07:55 Combat Beacon hits you, doing 500.0 damage.
Objulen > 02:07:55 Combat Beacon hits you, doing 384.8 damage.
Objulen > WTF?
Objulen > Why are the BEACONS attacking me?
Rat Hick > hey wait . adult content is against the eula zomg !
Rat Hick > everything is against the eula we're all doomed !
Sonicboom182 > yep true
Tsol'aa Truthseeker > adult content?? 90 fecking percent of eve are over 20 yyears old ffs
Sonicboom182 > im only 18
Bambule > rofl!!!
Sonicboom182 > im from Australia so when i turned 18 everything is legal
Tsol'aa Truthseeker > poor sheep
Kurisar > who needs enemies when you're CCP
Sanaya Sien > well, eve is PvCCP after all
Dawn Endoras > Loki vs Bhaal bumping match!
Renko Lavochkin > go loki, evade and bump back!
Dawn Endoras > Go Bhaal! Use water gun! Wait, what?
Renko Lavochkin > yeah, what? everyone knows bhaalgorns are plant-type
Dawn Endoras > it's hybrid
Renko Lavochkin > solar beam and leech-seed, see?
Renko Lavochkin > also, absorb
Dawn Endoras > leech seed sucks
Renko Lavochkin * thinks about these things
Dawn Endoras > Vine whip ftw
Renko Lavochkin > it does get a web bonus
Renko Lavochkin > I will henceforth call bhaalgorns venusaurs.
Par'Gellen > you know you are getting old when you realize you are looking forward to taking a crap before going to bed
mollymaguire > must have long ass hair lol
mollymaguire > wait....
Needsleep000 > eww
Khellias> Stop asking about my sister and her girlfriend!
Khellias> I am not asking them for 'footage'!
Khellias> Freaks.
Khellias> I should tell them about your demands, though. My sister wears steeltoe boots and her girlfriend could probably cause insulin shock via cuteness.
<Alter-Ego> what you should do cougem is knock the girl out with all the drugs and stuff
<Alter-Ego> then put her balls in her mouth
<+Asestorian> ...
<%cougem> ...
<Alter-Ego> and get someone to take a photo
<+Asestorian> what
<%cougem> ...
<%cougem> Alter-Ego have u ever seen a naked girl
Ulstan > I think being 'too rich' does detract from your enjoyment of the game. At least, I had more fun when I was scraping for every penny to replace my lost blackbirds back in 03.
Sponk > I had more fun splashing in puddles when I was 5. Tastes change; the sense of wonder is replaced by ennui, and you die inside one slice at a time. Deal with it.
Herschel Yamamoto > On one hand, this captures as well as any post I've ever seen just how unspeakably bitter SHCfolk are. On the other, you're exactly right.
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