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Marcus Gideon > Nobody that cute is gonna sit around playing spaceships on a Saturday night
Vernn Miller > I burnt the meatballs :))
DraLaFi > perhaps you shouldn't have used hot-wax then...
Sypiel > ransom?
Sypiel > Long-limb Roes
Sypiel > hardcore.
Sypiel > i just stole some poor guys food
<Viceroy> right now i have to write an essay
<Viceroy> comparing machiavelli to thomas moore
<Viceroy> needless to say i will be ripping that carebear
<@Tremek_> Goddamnit.
<@Tremek_> I need a topic for a presentation in my environmental resources class.
<@shade> Tremek_: "Bears: America's Greatest Threat?"
<@Tremek_> That would be awesome.
<@CanSpice> Tremek_: "Oil: Let's Just Make More!"
<@Tremek_> I don't think I could get away with that.
<@Tremek_> CanSpice: considering how granola the teacher is
<@Tremek_> that would be hilarious. :P
<@CanSpice> instant fail?
<@Tremek_> Nah
<@Tremek_> She would probably give me credit
<@Tremek_> I have like 98% in the class
<@Barwinator> "Give me a nuke plant"
<@shade> Tremek_: "Carbon Dioxide, Our New Best Friend!"
<@CanSpice> continuing the Colbert theme, you could do "Global Warming: Huge Myth or The Hugest Myth?"
<@Tremek_> Haha
<@shade> or you could always go for the popular standby, a screed on the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide
<@Milnoch|Work> Tremek: "Ethanol; America's New Way to Subsidize the Farmers
<@Barwinator> "A Healthy Ocean: Do those Salmon really benefit us?"
<@CanSpice> "Clean Air: Who The Fuck Cares?"
<@ToAsT> rofl
<@CanSpice> "Paving Our Way To Prosperity (funded by GM)"
<@Tremek_> Carcinogens: Character Builder or Just Plain Fun?
<@TinyTony|work> have you guys been to Epcot?
<@Tremek_> I'm going to fuck this up :(
<@Barwinator> yep
<@TinyTony|work> There's a "ride" there that's basically exactly that
<@TinyTony|work> it's all about energy and it's by Exxon
<@ToAsT> PMS: cause woman deserve it <--Guaranteed pass
<@CanSpice> Tremek_: can't you be a contientious objector on the grounds that you don't want to harm the environment by wasting paper to print the essay on?
<@shade> Tremek_: "Yucca Mountain: Because Nevada ought to be useful for something"
<@Barwinator> lol
<@Milnoch|Work> nice
<@Tremek_> shade: Oh you better believe it. :P
<@CanSpice> "...besides gambling and whoring."
<@Tremek_> I'm going to intentionally take a confrontational slant on this ;)
<@Milnoch|Work> "Global Warming: Who doesn't want to see women in short skirts and bikinis"
<@Tremek_> Nuclear Waste: Mo' Betta!
<@Tremek_> I'm going to call that my working title.
<@Tremek_> Heh
Bon Newcastle > what up blade
Screaming Blade > war
Bon Newcastle > did you start it again......
Screaming Blade > probably
Bon Newcastle > well i'm going to call it a night, I still have alot of midget granny porn to watch.................lol
Screaming Blade > Im still watching the cat on dog action from thursday
Bon Newcastle > that cat is hung like a horse
Screaming Blade > damn i know, its awesome
Screaming Blade > it reminds me of my chimera in the afternoon
Bon Newcastle > take it easy or take it hard just don't take it from behind.......night
Heidi Gabs > benton o/
Sergeant Benton > Heidi o/
Sergeant Benton > *gives big frenchie*
Heidi Gabs > *unzips trousers*
Sergeant Benton > *takes off bra*
Heidi Gabs > *kneels down*
Sergeant Benton > splodge
Yrakk Urrest > I dont want to go poking holes in my pod
Yrakk Urrest > I think that might be *bad* in space
Geisha Gal > there ony little ones tho
Geisha Gal > n it feels so... mm warm n fuzzy
Yrakk Urrest > quit rubbing my pods
Geisha Gal > xD
Yrakk Urrest > you're generating static - all my .... curly hair is standing up
FORMAT404 > fallen angels of war is currently recruting any pilots looking to join a corporation we are a mirsanary corp we do mining pvp and missions if intrested please drop me format404 or yster404 or mal'marin a mail
Par'Gellen > mirsanary?
Kurt Riddle > sounds intresting
Par'Gellen > isn't that a kind of tree?
Kurt Riddle > i don't know
Par'Gellen > "Dear Sir, I am very interested in joining your space tree corp. I hope we can work together to save many space trees during these hard times. Please let me know what I need to do to join up. Thanks!"
Par'Gellen > "P.S. I have a tree suit and palm tree undies ready to go on a moment's notice. SPACE TREES UNITE!"
Kurt Riddle > Dendrophilia R Us?
Par'Gellen > is that the alliance?
Kurt Riddle > yes
Par'Gellen > awesome
FraXy > afk a bit, repping up 50% armor with small t1 repper
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