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Itachi XIII > but tbh just because i dont sleep im not a 'hardcore' player
Fuzzy Something > meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy...
Gloryhunter > (_)(_)============================D
Fuzzy Something > well that was unexpected
Dekka StarDancer > thats what surprise buttsex is all about
Latrunculus Iudicanus > you pieve of shit
Latrunculus Iudicanus > come on, where'd you go you lttle punk?
Nemisis Strife > gettinbg my hauler of course
Latrunculus Iudicanus > why don't you come on back out here and we can have a little chat?
Nemisis Strife > well. i don't want anyone to get my ore. we can chat later
Gelmir > i want to love you
Gelmir > feel you
Gelmir > wrap myself around you
Gelmir > i want to please you
Gelmir > i just can't get enough
Gelmir > and if you move real slow
Gelmir > i'll let it goooooooo
Gelmir > i'm so excited
Gelmir > and i just can't hide it
Teela Belwynn > oh my..
Teela Belwynn > ;P
Gelmir > ....don't know the rest
Darkcobra > dammit Gelmir, stop touching your ass!
bluechimera > i wanna be a care whore
bluechimera > ill care if i get paid for it
ArcticFox > that is probably the worst way you could have put that
ArcticFox > ever
ArcticFox > go back to your cage
bluechimera > yes sir
GallenteDeath > i went to jita and bought a T3 with all the books
GallenteDeath > and i bought all the wrong books
Sub26 > lol ah well i can be gay once a month i suppose
ma'eul > Why is our FC saying F*ck so much, that is not a nice word. Can you change it to LOVE please? Thank you
<Oveur> We're going to have to play with it quite a lot, and we need lots of feedback
<Oveur> Ok, that sounded so much better in my head
<TomB> yes
* Oveur goes to play with himself
<Hammerhead> TOO MUCH INFO!
TrouserDeagle > so mean
Olixia Castitatis > yeah...
Olixia Castitatis > omg... 3 days old..
Olixia Castitatis > I feel mean.
TrouserDeagle > Yeah....
Olixia Castitatis > ah well.
TrouserDeagle > It's the haulers fault for using instas and not letting us kill them.
TrouserDeagle > If they were warping in at 15km, we could be busy killing them instead.
Olixia Castitatis > exactly!

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