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Korinne > thats always made me wonder, why were the priests molesting little boys when they have access to all the nuns?
Aani Lanaii > little boys don't tell no tales?
Jaladela > because they were pedos
Paul Brosnan > cos the nuns were molesting the other nuns and happy as pie
Reacher Eriee > because they weren't getting nun.
Reacher Eriee > sorry, had to be said.
Paul Brosnan > budum tsh ^^
Banedon Runestar > it's not a graphics glith, it's the Picard Maneuver.
Shadow XII > I'll give you a rundown of EVE's controls:
Shadow XII > Mouse1: everything
Stro3der > hey where is alex lately anyway ?? still playing WoW all the time ?
Yozef Banski > guess so
Elise Masutra > yeah still stuck with naked elven women
Yozef Banski > hehehe
Stro3der > hehe we should all be so lucky
Elise Masutra > hehe we all miss those insults, don't we *g*
Maru Sha > He was back here for 1 or two hours ... lol ... and managed to piss off several alliance members in that time, so i got convoed by them.
* Reachok catches himself trying to place ore in corp chat...
Valerie Valate > I just feel it is a trifle unladylike to crush someone's windpipe with your thighs.
Isotobe> psi and prodigy in 5j
Isotobe> looks like 5
Bared Bel'Medar> well, lets gank em!
ollymac> they wont undock
Bared Bel'Medar> I dont like where this is going
Isotobe> yeah they wont fight
Bared Bel'Medar> wel, then i suggest we heads there and pummel them anyway
Solanoid> how
Sneike> with dirt words?
Bared Bel'Medar> Gentalmen
Bared Bel'medar> I unviel to you the greatest weapon in eve
Bared Bel'Medar> smack talk in local. praisse it. for it is life.
<Raketemensch> wearing diapers can make life a hell of a lot easier.
<Raketemensch> especially in fleets
<jeroen> Raketemensch: not everybody is a goon...
(HippoKing): one idea from today (xkcd inspired) was to go into shops and try and buy the two items that would most freak out the cashier when bought together
(HippoKing): can you think of anything better than a pregnancy test and a single wire coathangar?
(vensa): those things, and a frying pan
Broomhilde > anyone one that can answer a few dumb PI questions?
Spork Witch > broom: don't ask to ask
Broomhilde > dont ask to ask?
Jericho D'Angel > just ask what you want answered
Spork Witch > broom: just ask the question, if someone knows, they'll answer, if they don't, they won't
Spork Witch > broom: but asking to ask just takes up space and annoys people
Broomhilde > youd be surprised how little seems to be known about PI, so thought Id save some time
Spork Witch > broom: ironically, you've wasted more time and text by asking to ask, than by simply asking your question
Jericho D'Angel > and what happened to not answering if you din't know answer?
Spork Witch > jericho: you don't answer if you don't know the answer. i didn't say anything about when we don't even know the question
Broomhilde > Spork, no I hvnt, i got the answer I thought Id get. No affirmatives which means no one here knows diddly about PI, moving on. Ill chk the PI channel.
Hunin Ravensong > Yes, I know about PI, and have been waiting for your question for 15 minutes now
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