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hench_tenet: Fucking caps how do they work
mariusduvall: by getting an early lead and blowing it in the third (lol hockey)
SuperNova221 > Fucking Russians.
SuperNova221 > Why aren't they blobbing us?
Celine Lyrus > what an unsual complaint
Niko Daun > time to do a storyline.
Niko Daun > a galente one. after this i better do a few blowjobs for the caldari before i risk having to train diplomacy
Natalya Chevezia > O.o
Letri Bimmet > ewww
Letri Bimmet > that's getting omgrawrd
Niko Daun > hehe
Niko Daun > diplomace = blowjob skill.
DraLaFi > get you google+ invites now! go go go Facebook is so 2008! ;D
pterrorstychus > i refuse to get on any social network ... ever $
DraLaFi > PT you do know your in a social network right now ?
Rhooka > ɓuɪʎɐs əɹəʍ ʎəɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʍəuʞ ɪ ɥsɪʍ ɪ uɪɐɓɐ ɥsɪuɐds ɓuɪʞɐəds əɹɐ ƿɐəɥ ʎɯ uɪ səɔɪoʌ əɥʇ
Sku1ly > i look quite hot half naked in the mirror
Kerosene > I presume the other half includes a paper bag then
DarK > lol!
Elizabeth Saxon > PWND!
T'Amber > WE ARE JITA!!!
schnooble > then we will scam in the shade
Ortos > Ok.... research has been done... and I absolutely don't like golden showers.
Omigir: When in doubt, look at porn.
Seraphim008 > right, thing i wanna have more "tis pace is overs" type aliance tob3 honest
Seraphim008 > dont wanna be a friggin nomad
BonezFW > lol, when you are drunk you type like a 14 yo elite gamer :)
Seraphim008 > hahahaha.. i am a 14 yr old elte gamer when me drunk
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