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Little Chubby > Imagine the Joker. Not the Heath Ledger Joker, but the Caesar Romero, classic Joker.
Little Chubby > Now imagine that he had the amazing ability to puke africanized bees at your enemy.
Little Chubby > That's the Ishtar.
Mr Lelantus > [17:04:25] Altaen > 6 battleships, inc. Scorpion one 'cane and a Damnation camping Joint Harvesting Refinery in Oddelulf.
Mr Lelantus > nice
Crefakis > we're not camping
Mr Lelantus > except we are not camping
Crefakis > its just safer here
Altaen > I see.
Altaen > Then what is it that you're up to?
Maya Silverman > male bonding?
Crefakis > and when we say bonding
Crefakis > we really mean
Crefakis > like
Crefakis > physical bonding
CraftyCroc > of a gentlemanly nature
Crefakis > hrr
Altaen > Very well, carry on.
Altaen > I don't believe that is illegal in Republic space, so I'll leave you gentlemen and ladies to it.
Crefakis > Well.
Crefakis > What is happening in my ship is illegal
Crefakis > /emote looks at the erotic dancers and livestock
Altaen > Crefakis, you have very conservative views on what is or is not acceptable in certain cultures...
Crefakis > and the four metric tonnes of grease
Altaen > I mean, you are a Brutor, I didn't even flinch at that thought I'm afraid.
Lasran Tekeal > Diary of mega captain LASRAN
Lasran Tekeal > DRUNK at the wheel
Lasran Tekeal > crew unhappy
Lasran Tekeal > first lieutenant doubs my ability to lead this vessel
Lasran Tekeal > i told him to fuck a camel
Lasran Tekeal > shat on his parade good
Adaera > i'm starting to wonder if bringing him along was a good idea
<Dobbs^Work> Viceroy, none of the messages i'm sending are reaching you
<Dobbs^Work> fagnut
<Viceroy> sorry the gay-filter was on
<Viceroy> try again now
the nothingness > what are we talking about in here?
tasede > how ugly you are
the nothingness > nows not the time for that
tasede > i cant help it you are ugly all the time
Mauvian Cree > yeah, we would be here for hours

Nalyae > hey guys, what's the EVE plug-in?
Obsidian Hawk > its a special attachment that goes into your usb port. To help the women of EvE really experience the game.
Steph Wing > Oh dear...
Zomiaen > I've seen those before... Quite Amusing
Steph Wing > Particularly for the women, I would imagine
Nalyae > so where do i get it now? >.>
Steph Wing > Have we piqued your...interest?
Nalyae > yup
Nalyae > :34
Nalyae > ...:3
Steph Wing > XFD
Nalyae > >:3
Steph Wing > LMAO
Zomiaen > pfft you
Zomiaen > the real pros can play eve onehanded...
<SamuraiJack> ER. Pimping YOUR weekend!
<failgull> ER: Making you look at something other than porn.
<SamuraiJack> who needs porn when you are part of this stream of life?
<SamuraiJack> ./ neuromancer
<SamuraiJack> ER would be a pulsar of epicness
<Bele> ER doesn't stop you from watching porn
<failgull> You always need porn. Just the gaps between get larger.
<failgull> Bele: have you ever tried fapping with BC on the air?
<SamuraiJack> oh god the mental images
<SamuraiJack> HELL NO
<failgull> xD
<SamuraiJack> failgul. i hate you
* SamuraiJack goes to get the wifflebat
<failgull> One mind down, more to go. :D
Atandros > /emote fondles Kaleigh
Kaleigh Doyle > ack!
Kale Ryoko > /emote fondles Atandros
Kaleigh Doyle > /emote flails
Atandros > fondle-chain. rawr
Promon Delnai > ohnoescorp :P
Jacob Etienne > nah
Jacob Etienne > nothing silly!
Jacob Etienne > with a name like that the only alliance that would talk to us would be goonfleet
Promon Delnai > lol i liked goonfleet when it first came out
Promon Delnai > but now that its become a swarm of evil goblins im not too much of a fan
caldicott > <url=showinfo:17719//582168913>Phantasm Blueprint</url> got this
caldicott > i think ill build it, play in it
caldicott > then sell it
Yuki Li > *lose it
Nooey > *lose it
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