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Wrap > fuck fuck fuck
Tyranthrax > let me guess you bought 60 tickets
Wrap > i fell abused, i just lost 60 mill, damn gambeling, it should be baned
Tyranthrax > 60 mil. . . .poof gone
Tyranthrax > you know they have clinics for gambling issues :)
UCF Marshall > lol
Mylar Nocturnus > lol
Gantian > they don't always work though...it's a gamble
JLobes > Wow.
JLobes > now THAT sucks.
JLobes > i flew into the biggest gate camp ive ever seen in my entire life.
JLobes > was easily 20 ships.
Megamole > where
Temugen > rofl..i guess your dead :)
JLobes > stay out of KBP
JLobes > yeah temu =
JLobes > =P
JLobes > 5 people got on my POD mail.
Megamole > what were u flying
Temugen > rofl
JLobes > Enyo =P
Temugen > target :P
JLobes > big and pink =)
Cpt Constantinus > would be cool if sov3 would allow us to rename a system
Cpt Constantinus > or at least sov4
Esilda Arriate > I don't think there are enough synonyms for "penis" to cover all of Goonswarm's systems
Momar Kadaffy > next month will be 3 yr straight for me
Comanche Sam > you werent straight before that?
Bertha Mactara > He's on the 12 step program
Rondinum Tharrelinn > dunno - you thinking about it?
Helen > i know i love to annoy peeps doing that
Halada > for tacha maybe
Halada > shes got scary eyes lol
Fortior > time to visit the megathrone. nature calls
Starbuck> Where no man has gone before.. this thread is going places and i'm kinda terrified about mankind right now :>
Serik Konraj > damn what happened to this stupid agent? first he gave me almost 80% combat missions and now i do courier missions all day
SUMZER0 > he got married...I know my "junk" drawer turned into entire rooms after I got married

Amelie Wildae > To shoot yourself you need to be able to target your self... I dont think CCP will condone that.
<Sadist> how active are you Mud?
<Sadist> hours/week in eve
<Mud_Pandemonium> I'm on workers comp.
<Mud_Pandemonium> So uh.
<Mud_Pandemonium> All the time.
<Mud_Pandemonium> lol
<@Sham|2142> worker's comp?
<@Sham|2142> what happened?
<Mud_Pandemonium> Truck fell on me.
<Mud_Pandemonium> I told the story last night.
<@Sham|2142> a whole truck?
<Mud_Pandemonium> Yep.
<Mud_Pandemonium> Big rig.
<@Sham|2142> what happened to the truck?
agentsmitty > crikey
agentsmitty > your instadock sucks
Crikey > i never gave u mine
agentsmitty > crikey
agentsmitty > my instadock sucks
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