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AirWalker > "Eve online servers down for 24 hours....in other news pastie white people flood the streets worldwide today...in search of tritanium....authorities are baffled"
<DJ_Minxy|InPain> okay whats worse than your mum finding your sex toys.. answer your husband finding them and moaning about the size
* wizzard66 is making up last will.. "i leave everything to my wife and kids, only my Real Doll collection, including the live size David Hasselhoff, wil goto Dobbs"
<Faramir> dobbs always gets the good stuff
<abs> hahahahahaha life sized david hasselhoff doll
<wizzard66> well hes better looking at his 50 than many of you at 20
<wizzard66> and he can sing
<insomniac> "get in my car"
<abs> [19:30] <wizzard66> and he can sing hahahahahahahahazhahahahahahaha
Llywen ap Gruffud > Well there are plenty of "rules of thumb" to follow, but. A rule that will always apply to you is that golden. The next is to never trust anybody. You'll get to the point in EvE that you wont even trust your alts.
Tes Vevec > wasnt really a battle
Omdan Khurelem > It went about as well as you would imagine. bunch of high sec carebears were herded into a meat grinder and then the Goons turned up
Xandrox DeMarryan > nah, you can always trust me =)
Englebart Sabezan > wow not even trustying your alts... i hope i never sink that deep
Tes Vevec > ur aly might be a SPIE
Tes Vevec > then u forget which is the alt and which is the main
Llywen ap Gruffud > I sent myself a message the other day from an alt as a reminder to inject him with a bit of Isk, and when I looked at it. I was like: "Who the hell is this guy and what does he want from me?"
Englebart Sabezan > haha
Akka Zateki > haha
Xandrox DeMarryan > vevec, you apparently use an anglo american keyboard =)
Llywen ap Gruffud > Then I started trying to track him down, and after I realised that he was never online when I was, I finally recognized the name. Lol
Phoenix Raven > anyone want to buy kyri's corpse?
Monev TheGale > lol
Phoenix Raven > im carrying 10 corpses in my cargohold atm
Kyri Gorneg > then you can start a soccer-team!
DigitalCommunist > I wouldn't consider myself smart, I just like to attribute my success to the many stupid people in eve
Xanthe Poni > we went to play in dastryns last night
Xanthe Poni > was hoping we weren't killing your alts
Kaelarian > I'm sure they'd have said something
Xanthe Poni > lol
Xanthe Poni > they did
Xanthe Poni > GF
ElGuapo > anyhting going on?
ElGuapo > is anyone even reading this?
ElGuapo > why is there an echo in here?
ElGuapo > echo
ElGuapo > echo
ElGuapo > any I just talking to myself?
ElGuapo > no I couldnt be talking to myself only crazy ppl talk to themselves
ElGuapo > surely I am not crazy right?
ElGuapo > ofcourse you arent crazy
ElGuapo > well good thats a relief
ElGuapo > I would hate for something like that to be true
ElGuapo > why would anyone have a reason to call you crazy? just because you talk to yourself?
ElGuapo > but I dont talk to myself do I?
ElGuapo > maybe you do and maybe you dont
ElGuapo > no I know I am talking to somone else
ElGuapo > who is it then?
ElGuapo > how should I know? I am on the internet. There are millions of ppl all logged on
ElGuapo > then name one person
ElGuapo > how should I know their names? Thats one of the nice things about the internet
ElGuapo > you dont sound so sure of yourself there
ElGuapo > ofcourse I am sure what kind of silly question is that?
ElGuapo > well I think I am sure arent I
ElGuapo > you tell yourself whatever helps you to sleep at night
ElGuapo > oh crap maybe I really am going crazy
ElGuapo > hey what is that naga ship doing over there
ElGuapo > he is laughing at me
ElGuapo > if you dont stop I will give you a reason to stop
ElGuapo > ahhh lovely padded room
ElGuapo > all to myself
ElGuapo > no one here to bother me at all
ElGuapo > I just get to sit here hugging myself in this comfy jacket all day lo9ng
* Ebedar increases ElGuapo's medication
MrShooter > After 9.0 standing with the agents they start to say thins like "OHMYGOD ITS YOU! Fortune has smiled upon me! Please take a seat and this giftbox and these brownies I baked and if there is anything you need me to do just ask and I will launch the Navy F...
Merydiana > Hehehe. It's nice to be loved. ^_^
suoidet ahcrin > a love wich would vanish in an instant if you did ONE little thing wrong
MrShooter > "What? You..you FAILED to kill that guristas ship!? How could you!? I thought I KNEW YOU! I...I can't even look at you. GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!" *agent sets standing to -1.0*
Emperor Solaris > WHAT IS LOWER CASE?
Abassis > WHAT IS
Abassis > LOVE?
Emperor Solaris > BABY DONT HURT ME
Vladimir Reyes > BABY DONT HURT ME
Jitka Filova > No more
Emperor Solaris > NO MORE!
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