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<Igor Vertus> haha, that was kinda phat, didn't know why that first ship didn't jump
<Talland> i think we just unloaded so much happiness on him so fast he was kinddda paralysed
<Igor Vertus> hahah :DDDD
<Avant Royce> lol
<Pixje> lol
<Avant Royce> bio-ed
Ikvar > What the hell is a dinnerfuck?
Masta Killa > lol
Masta Killa > buy a girl dinner and get s3x?
Hanns > ya
Ikvar > Hanns, wanna come to dinner with me?
Hanns > no thats daterape
Belliane > you know, There's a reason WOW is more popular than Eve
Gbhunter > why?
Belliane > When you say Idiot in wow, you mean people with single-digit IQ's. When you say Idiot here, you mean people that will never reproduce.
Nidia Masters > you have rules?
Batilda Yogmoth > not as a rule, no
Kringlebageren > Any of you who knows what the Price/output is for Platinum insurance for a Armageddon?
Dreadchain > I typed Armageddon Insurance in google.....Lulz were had
Kuroto San'Baan > sue you forgot coffeecup
ISD Arooga > we all try to forget coffeecup
Devilish Ledoux > "Quafe Ultra: Don't be a pussy. You HAVE a clone"
XtraDirty > did we win yet?
bonombonom > weve killed nothing
bonombonom > but weve also lost nothing!
bonombonom > so....yes
XtraDirty > woohoo
Haarken > normally i like the smell of my farts, but these... these are different
Dreadchain > We are the dyslexia of gallente. Futility is resistant, your ass will be laminated.
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