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Galadriela > the temptation to pop that badger....must....resist
Mirna Siandra > Pop a badger badger badger badger badger
Screaming Blade > Badger badger badger badger, avatar avatar! badger badger badger bager oh its a drake its a drake ohh its a drake!!
Machette Bass > what is the next best ship up from the impairor?
Gerrosh > everything is better :)
Gerrosh > do the career missions, u'll get ships for free
Gerrosh > hit f12
Machette Bass > im doing the mole hill mission now
Lucian Lemuel > do the lilitary career agent and you get a free executioner, stick an ab on it and its fine for most l1 missions
Gerrosh > aye, a tormentor, a sigil, a executioner and a punisher, if u do all 3 arcs
Miner 1457 > thats 2 sigils
Gerrosh > even better then :)
Ollodem > 2 sigils arent THAT much better than one sigil in fact ^^
Gerrosh > u still can sell or reprocess one of it...
Ollodem > hm, okay yes, but thats not nice towards the agent... ^^
Gerrosh > don't tell him ;)
Ollodem > but imagine if he comes over for a dinner or what and then he goes like: 'Ah i just thaught about that Sigil i gave you back in the days, how is she, by the way?'
Ollodem > That would be awkward
Lucian Lemuel > point her to your other sigil, they all look the same
Gerrosh > no, u could show the other one, he will never notice ^^
Lucian Lemuel > just keep the number plates
Ollodem > good point
Theo Samaritan > whatever you have been drinking please drink more of it so you can choke on your own vomit
Alan Maher > bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when you can't ctrl+q
Jin Entres > Notify: you are now Veldspar, and there is a blob of Hulks inbound.
Rumplestar > Any one From Egypt ?
Blyzz > yeah, the egyptians
Rumplestar > Nice :) where are the Egyptians
Rumplestar > and don't say in Egypt
Blyzz > okay, i won't
Blyzz > but you know.... ;-)
Aneu Angellus > Killing people who only started 9 days ago is bad :(
Aneu Angellus > poor guy
Tolin Dorden > so it's wrong to shoot goonfleet? :P
Shaemell Buttleson > best way to learn :)
Yaevep > nah those are the best
Yaevep > kill em before they subscribe = less lag
Imhotep Dax > anyone needs a new member?
Cadela Fria > uh, no I'm happy enough with my member as it is
Dr Wilhelm > what kinda stuff you into
Cadela Fria > oh wait...not that kind of member
The Fates > is it long?
CanisNubilus > lol
The Fates > thick, at least?
snowlock > cadela it is all your fault
Cadela Fria > oh god what I have started
Tonyy Starkk > Hey!
jih chop > Hey!
Beanybasha > jih tony is a friend of mine from an old corp
jih chop > I saw your adventures in Manhattan last night!
jih chop > great job kicking Loki's ass!
Tonyy Starkk > Well thank you! I am Iron Man of course!
jih chop > well, Duh
Tonyy Starkk > Well, I am interested in joining a 0.0 corp and see what it's like, I need a break from this avenger stuff
jih chop > well, ok, but youhave to build everyone one of those cool suits to fly around in
jih chop > so instead of pods, when ships pop, we'll be in THOSE!
Beanybasha > LMAO
Tonyy Starkk > Im already on it
jih chop > imagine the looks on ppls faces if a fleet of ironmen showed up!
Tonyy Starkk > Well I do get that a lot!
jih chop > OR
jih chop > we could all just sit in station and wait for the enemy to show up . . .
jih chop > slap bruce banner across the face, shove him out an airlock, and watch the show
Beanybasha > lol dam jih
Tonyy Starkk > Well thats what the station pub is for
jih chop > yeah, the only problem with that is - eventually the enemy fleet will be gone, the hulk will want back in
jih chop > and he will NOT be happy
jih chop > maybe we need a better plan
Tonyy Starkk > Rip of his shorts
Tonyy Starkk > that's his weakness
Tonyy Starkk > Big guy, little penis....
Tonyy Starkk > That's why he's always angry
[10:38:54] Selena05 > kk so 6 bships
[10:39:23] CPT Kris > wot??
Selena05 > i have to kill 6 bships to pay u bk
CPT Kris > oh ok no worries
Selena05 > already wrking on first ^^
CPT Kris > cool no rust
Selena05 > no its a minmatar hybrid so lots of rust
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