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Obsidian Hawk > oh no cz is alive
Basil Exposition > not really
Basil Exposition > I am in the middle of building out a 16 channel video surveillance DVR server
Obsidian Hawk > for where victoria's secret dressing rooms?
Floobus > didn't the police warn you about that alreadY!?
PeterWolf > and can we get a link to that?
Basil Exposition > yes, yes, and no
AGENT 002 > so how do you get original bps?
rinryuu > on the market
rinryuu > and it's based upon which empire you are in
rinryuu > for example, amarrian starship blueprints like the harbinger or prophecy are found in amarrian regions
rinryuu > caldari stuff in caldari space
Yudraciell Zroc > and minmitar ships are found in junk yards
PookyWooky > I'd pop out in my thorax but you know it would be totally unfair because my hot sexy body would just mezmerize you guys and you'd spontaneously combust
Kale Ryoko > ....In...Deed...
VoYvod > anybody want kernite?
Rynik > Kermit?
Kalnantu Mekidao > Kernal?
Rynik > nah prefered animal myself
Trulaine > yeah he rocks
Kalnantu Mekidao > Hmm.. Take a laser to some Kernite ang get
Kalnantu Mekidao > :|
Kalnantu Mekidao > Ignore my bad jokes...
shel Deathstrike > will do
VoYvod > already done
Kalnantu Mekidao > :'(
Tareen Kashaar > I'm gonna get dreads again o/
Gwarnina > yay
Gwarnina > how is that?
Tareen Kashaar > making them ;)
Gwarnina > oh
Gwarnina > that's handy
Gwarnina > I could be in dreads by now if I actually trained something while away
Gwarnina > stupid me
Tareen Kashaar > oh lol
Tareen Kashaar > dude
Tareen Kashaar > I was talking about dreadlocks XD
Demiwylf > If I ever meet the son of a bitch who invented "filter keys" I'm gonna shove that goddamn shift key so far up his nose his brain will register everything in all caps.
Sokhar > /emote licks :p
Mimiru > ohnoes!!!
Mimiru > now i am moist
Mimiru > :-/
Sokhar > :D
Sokhar > That's bad O_o?
Mimiru > maybe
Mimiru > or maybe not
Sokhar > Make up your mind!
Sokhar > :p
Sokhar > /emote waits
Mimiru > /emote continues to be moist
Sokhar > That's not an answer O_O
Laina Delapore > Veni, vidi, sagittis velit. "I came, I saw, I shot structures."
< Hardmetall> its now 24 hour how servers off. i like ccp workers its realy best of the best =) and i think they need more 3-4 days to do something = its so sad =(
< niki> CCP Scotty: Usually this moves take two weeks, but i'll try to do it in two days.
<+PeterPowers> CCP Kirk: you have 2 hours!
< niki> CCP Scotty: I'll do it in 1!
Arth Lawing > sparky, its 2am
mistersparky > just going to bed now
Arth Lawing > just noticed you back in system
mistersparky > o/
Arth Lawing > wondering did you wake up every 4 hours to cycle the declines
mistersparky > thats a lie
mistersparky > ...
Arth Lawing > lol
mistersparky > my life totally does not revolve around 4 hour mission decline timers
Arth Lawing > ok then, gn
Arth Lawing > i'll see you at 6....
mistersparky > o/
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