Top 150 Control Panel
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Top Hat Arkena: Hit LAV driver
Ultra Gigga Cat: Plasma Cannon is probably a virgin
Ultra Gigga Cat: No girlgun would want it
DUST Fiend: It shoots its load fast enough to be a virgin anyways
Midnight(Mobius): OH SHIT
DUST Fiend: ;)
Top Hat Arkena: Oh DUST Fiend
Midnight(Mobius): .25 seconds to blow
Top Hat Arkena: xD
Ultra Gigga Cat: 0.65 seconds
Ultra Gigga Cat: And the operation skill reduces it by 25%
DUST Fiend: you really have to know how to finess it
dailyhazard > im not allowed in english for 2 lessons
dailyhazard > cos i sang inspector gadget constantly
dailyhazard > for the whole lesson
Hellraiza666 > lol
´╗┐joefishy > noob
joefishy > how old are you ?
Hunkof BurningLove > 34, he's the teacher
JamesS - So what IS the best boob gif
wizzard66 - i can link a picture of me
JamesS - Man boobs FTW
Aria Arcani > my boyfriend got me into this game, he just cheated on me the other day and i left him. How do i find him and kill him?
Coran Roscai > Can anyone loan me 10,000 isk? please...
Raldoz > no
Coran Roscai > :( - I really need it
Scalaris > Coran - sent
Coran Roscai > woot
Coran Roscai > now I have an even 12 bil - I luv you
Kythanis > lol dock and get some sleep or Ill send you to the clone bank
Murphy > :P
Murphy > I don't care what people think, you're not my wife, you can't boss me around!! :P
Kythanis > want me to come pod you to prove a point?
Murphy > no dear
Kythanis > then dock :P
Murphy > yes dear
<Stavros> oh yeah
<Stavros> i forgot
<Stavros> ur events guys
<Sabaoth> lies
<Stavros> 50 noobs go in
<Stavros> 0 noobs come out
<Nebulai|Busy> ;o]
<Shredder> lol
* moocifer waves 'teh Stavros Banner'
<Stavros> zooooooooom into evol blockade :P
<Stavros> actually
<Stavros> i want to join :/
<Stavros> ut possibly more ebil than meh
Low Blow > yesterday in gang we were holding on a gate
Low Blow > then a hostile in local said : JUMP
Low Blow > half of the gang jumped into the hostile fleet and got pwnd
Femaref > LOL
Peter Powers > ROFL
Peter Powers > they earned it
Peter Powers > fucking lemmings
Akhual > roflmao
sigirelli > :(
Akhual > roflmao with cherrys on top
* sigirelli gets coat
* Akhual is roflmao so hard he's crying
Akhual > you made my day dude
Max Calimaris > ?
Max Calimaris > sig just die?
sigirelli > :(
Akhual > max, did you know you can change skills mid train and not lose all the cp you learnt?
* sigirelli cries
Max Calimaris > yeah
Akhual > cos sig only just this second found out
Akhual > after all ths time playing - 4 months!!
Akhual > !!!!!
Max Calimaris > wtflmfao!
Max Calimaris > u never tried it :))))
Max Calimaris > august septembver october november :)
Max Calimaris > 4 months siggy thatt gotta be a record :)
Macky Oriley > ah sig you gem
sigirelli > :(
Akhual > theres not enough places I can post that story
sigirelli > so how do u do it?!
* sigirelli cries again
sigirelli > that does make things a lot easier
sigirelli > thought it was a bit stupid!
Max Calimaris > it tells u u nork!
sigirelli > lol yep
Max Calimaris > no wonder you nearly quit :)
sigirelli > i work it out in my head when i have to log back on and change :(
sigirelli > i dnt go to bed until i can :(
Akhual > rofl
Max Calimaris > 'oh no ive gotta let this finish or ill lose the points!"
Max Calimaris > RAWR
Sigirelli > I even leave my gf's house at 2am just to get home and change skills!!! Didn't want to lose 9 hours...
<Chowdown> Omg
<Chowdown> I just had a long telphone conversation
<Chowdown> and I looked down at my right hand
<Chowdown> every time I talked I was pressing control
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