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joshyo02: I just got an offer for sex
Aiyeeta Beaver: how many loyalty points?
(@Virtuozzo) I had a petition closed today by the GM, for being rude, whereas I merely had my head elsewhere and did a mistype
(@Faekurias) lol what ?:P
(@Virtuozzo) well
(@Virtuozzo) in retrospect I can understand why he closed it
(@Faekurias) good for you:P
(@Virtuozzo) "Why do I get the impression it takes you longer every time to answer my penis"
(@Virtuozzo) obviously I meant "petition"
(@Danny) lol
(@Danny) that is kinda hard to miss spell..
<Psychobsy> They say if you play a Microsoft CD backwards, you hear satanic messages. That's nothing. If you play it forwards, it installs Windows.
Aberash > the haular i killed earlier i thought he came back to pick the loot up, but it was a mining barge he dropped, and instead of show info i clicked Board ship
Aberash > so now im in a fucken mining barge
MitchKambers > dumbass
Jared VonBargen > board your ship back?
Aberash > ive never done that before lmao
Aberash > no an arazu came through gate and popped my inty
Sakura Kazuko > LOL
Aberash > fuck me thats so funny
Sakura Kazuko > so you are stuck in a barge in hostile terrtory?
Brinere > Can you ever get out and walk around in this game?
Bishlypoo > Nope, once you start playing you're not allowed to stop
dailyhazard > im not allowed in english for 2 lessons
dailyhazard > cos i sang inspector gadget constantly
dailyhazard > for the whole lesson
Hellraiza666 > lol
joefishy > noob
joefishy > how old are you ?
Hunkof BurningLove > 34, he's the teacher
HammaH > TomB has just no balls to fight a normal player =(
Aria Arcani > my boyfriend got me into this game, he just cheated on me the other day and i left him. How do i find him and kill him?
• Sokhar blames jesus
[Sokhar] and also i blame stavros
[Sokhar] because he didn't buy me a pony ;[
[mim] how mean :(
[Sokhar] inoes
Coran Roscai > Can anyone loan me 10,000 isk? please...
Raldoz > no
Coran Roscai > :( - I really need it
Scalaris > Coran - sent
Coran Roscai > woot
Coran Roscai > now I have an even 12 bil - I luv you
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