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<+holyone> what's up with Aneu Angellus Stavros?
<&t20> yeah, it's the viagrachocolate egg
<+Stavros> nothing much
<+Stavros> hes just wrong alot :P
<&Hammerhead> isn't that the forum troll?
Bremkr > did you destroy my ship just for fun?
Jgxrut > no, i did it for the loot and the salvage
Bremkr > then why did you pk me after?
Jgxrut > that was for fun
Witchking > well it was in Scotland
turquois > so every bugger knows
Witchking > on a business trip.................
Witchking > at a bar
Fast Eddie > /emote nods
Witchking > it was late
turquois > /emote giggles to herself, knowing where this story is going
Witchking > had a few to drink
Witchking > and a few ladies returned from an evening meal in Stirling
Witchking > now since they depated earlier that evening I had struck up a conversation with another chap at the bar and we were getting on just quite swell
Witchking > we both smiled when they returned...
Witchking > there was obviously an age difference in the two ladies, one around the mid twenties, the other around the mid thirties!
Witchking > since this matched myself and my new comrade we took it upon oursels to intoduce ourselves
Witchking > the beer flowed, the whisky ran freely, the jokes got a little more suggestive as each hour passed
turquois > dont try and blame the booze you
Witchking > at 2am, after 4 hours drinking and cojoling the bar closed so we all retired to the lounge......
Witchking > the inevitable happened...we paired off :-)
Witchking > My friend with the younger of the two fair maidens and me with the other....
Witchking > /emote leaves it to the wicked imagination of turq and others to fillin the next 45 minutes, no make that 2 hours :)
turquois > lmao
Witchking > i returned to my room weary and tired.....
Witchking > downstairs at breakfast was the other pair, but my 'partner' was still asleep!
Witchking > we got talking again, actually found out they where both students at the local Uni studying psycology
Witchking > then the event happened, that single most earth shattering moment that stunned me like a poor little rabbit in the headlights of an 40 ton eddie stobart truck......
turquois > LOL
Witchking > Charlotte, for that was the young maidens name casually dropped into the conversation that her (and my!) friend had just become a grandmother...........
Witchking > eh? i thought, she's a bit young to be a grandmother, nnot actually impossible but still quite young
Witchking > then it dawned upon me
Witchking > so i asked, how old was my sleeping beauty of a friend
Witchking > "Oh in her late fifties I think"
Witchking > was the reply
turquois > /emote bursts out laughing again
Witchking > she was older than my mother
Witchking > my mother for gods sake
turquois > now witchy - tell them how old you are dear
RedeyeAce > wasnt expecting that.. i thought u were gonna say fourties
Fast Eddie > /emote shakes his head
Witchking > now i'm the princly age of 34, so thats a pretty big difference
Witchking > but she honestly looed around 35-38!
Witchking > *looked
turquois > /emote nearly wets herself laughing
Witchking > needless to say i have so far ignored 2 phone calls now!
Witchking > and still get queesy when queing behind OAP's at the post office when posting things
turquois > LOL
Witchking > henceforth i will be everknown as "Granny Grabber"
Witchking > /emote runs off to get a very large brandy to calm his nerve's
Witchking > Oh no thats nowhere near the worst of it.......i contiinue
Fast Eddie > Oh goodie!
Witchking > I am on annual leave at the moment and checked my email yeasterday
Witchking > apparently the fault i went to fix a few weeks ago has re-occured and they have me booked at the same site agin next wed-fri.
Witchking > they have used the same hote (as we are in a contract with them)
Witchking > and i'm sure, somewherein the drunken convo's that someone said the two girls where semi-permnant residents at the hotel
Witchking > they are using it as a residence as they study.......
Witchking > anyone live in Stirling so i can crash at their place?
turquois > bit far....
Witchking > damn damn damn you all........
Witchking > /emote has just had a VERY wicked thought
turquois > go on,,,,,
Witchking > /emote wonders that if he uses said number of stalking scotch girl
Witchking > and text's the following.....she may rebuke him forever :-)
Witchking > "Hi, nice to here from you, had a great time a few weeks ago, but just had a check-up atthe docs. You may want to go to the clinic yourself! Thanks again. T"
turquois > lmfao
turquois > you evil git
Witchking > :)
Witchking > yes yes yes ... a plan a real plan that might just work !
Fast Eddie > Well Witch, there is one ray of sunshine in the whole sordid affair.. and I'm picking my words carefully...
Witchking > continue.....
Fast Eddie > You can be reasonably sure she didn't get pregnant. :)
turquois > LMFAO
Witchking > Noooooooooooo
Witchking > it'll just be my luck to have located the planets only late 50 somthing pre-menopausal woman!
Witchking > i'd have to marry her
Witchking > then i'd be a step father to someone the same age as me
Witchking > /emote wants off the merry-go-round now please!
Witchking > /emote rocks back and forthi n chair clutching head singing "Daisy Daisy , giv eme your answer do...."
Kederaji Tajorn > I have to tell you, 200 legos was not what I was expecting in a pair of Sansha badgers.
Lillith Blackheart > See? Proof that Sansha is friendly.
Lillith Blackheart > They bring the children toys.
Kederaji Tajorn > Ho ho ho?
Lillith Blackheart > Sansha Claus! o/
Devilish Ledoux > brb, must fight of rabid children
Devilish Ledoux > I won
Devilish Ledoux > barely
Devilish Ledoux > double dread munchkin spawn
Moppeux O'Mara > The mothership cannot take care of them?
Devilish Ledoux > they broke her tank
Stoick Furious > The mother ship is probably busy with someone elses thorax :)
Devilish Ledoux > and all of the sudden the metaphor takes a cruel turn
Negotiator > i hate my ant allergy
Negotiator > why can't i be allergic to something less pussy
Negotiator > like horse tailworms
Negotiator > or something like that
Meridius > ants?
Negotiator > i mean i sniff an ant and my eyes melt
Meridius > wtf are you sniffing ants
Vegeta > sniff ants alot?
Rooker > england and america, 2 countries separated by a common language
Rooker > somebody in another channel just said "AFK, need to go suck on a fag"
Rooker > and I spit a whole mouthful of mountain dew clear across the living room
Jon Engel > I simply want to kill him for the sake of doing so, is what I should say
Nuri Aderynn > Careful, jon. Fear leads to anger, anger leads somewhere else, and I'm bored with this sentence already
Crackfarmer > im permabanned from the test server :/
Berious > what did you do?
Crackfarmer > i podkilled ovuer
Quinn Oron > I wonder what it's like to be an asteroid.
Nidia Masters > god you're such a carebear
Quinn Oron > Oh quiet. So what if I have more skillpoints in Industry than in other areas?
Admiral Fridge > he makes up for it by being an awesome refiner
Quinn Oron > Yeah. If I ever catch you at a station with a 50% refinery, you'll be in trouble.
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