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<Urban_Mongral> TomB - are you around boss?
<Urban_Mongral> When you get a chance check out those doc's I wrote for you
<TomB> am doin
<TomB> hmmm what is that pink thing?
<TomB> what is this pink stuff?
<TomB> nm chilli sauce on my screen
Jo ontherun > If I train up long distance jamming, do I become a reggae artist known throughout the galaxy?
Tolin Dorden > I once woke up from a dream...
Tolin Dorden > ex wasn't really pleased
Tolin Dorden > appearantly I'd held her really tight.. locked my legs and arms around her and thrown her around in the bed while shouting loud: HELP ME GOD DAMN! I'VE CAUGHT THE CROCODILE
Catbear > HAHAH!!
JLobes > lol
JLobes > thats getting omgrawr'd
Linada > if a gamer guy meets a gamer girl, who cooks dinner? :P
Samirol > pizza hut
Loki28 > why ya runnin???
Loki28 > come back
Tyrion Nydaerin > i like excercise :D
Loki28 > or your just chickenshit
Tyrion Nydaerin > In a universe of infinite possibilities, anything is possible.
Loki28 > bring your punk ass out here
Tyrion Nydaerin > Using that logic of course, I could also be George Bush
Tyrion Nydaerin > or you could O_O
Loki28 > tell you what you reimburse me for the thorax and you wont be a permanant target of thr Forsaken empire
Tyrion Nydaerin > lmao
Loki28 > keep laughin i think its pretty funny too
Tyrion Nydaerin > yay :D
Loki28 > nice reinforcements in the next system
Tyrion Nydaerin > are you George Bush tho? its really bugging me now :(
Loki28 > thats ok i'll be back in a bit and everytime I see someone with your corp tag, plan on buyin a new clone >:)
Tyrion Nydaerin > :'(
Tyrion Nydaerin > sorry Mr President
Tyrion Nydaerin > if you had said who you were :/
Loki28 > lol
Loki28 > damn kids
Tyrion Nydaerin > :(
Tion > Lago SEX comes before all other things :)
Tion > Well... ok NOt ALL other things
Tion > bro's b4 hoes
Tion > Riches b4 bitchs
Tion > unles you get wtfpwnd by love. :-/
Lago Morph > lol
Jessa > love is the grand wtfpwner.
Tion > ya
Tion > It's like.... a THE really BIG nerf bat of life
Jessa > hahaha
Jessa > Girlfriend strikes you perfectly, wrecking your life.
Gavin Kineli > lol
Tion > lmao
Ronald McDonnald  Hello
Krystian  yeah I would like a #1, with coke, #2 with super sized fries, 2 double cheese burgers, and 24 piece chicken mcnuggets
Ronald McDonnald  shut up
Kinete Jenius > Krikey I fell asleep mostly on accident and realized I was asleep while experiencing a nightmare.. SO since I couldn't change the dream for some reason (guess cause it was a nightmare) my solution was to start viciously punching myself in the nuts.
Kinete Jenius > Till I woke up
Nolak Ataru > you.... but.... what?
<pw-> awesome, i decide to quit smoking, i play some eve to get my mind of cigarettes
<pw-> my first mission is to go pick up some tobacco from 5 systems over and deliver it back
<pw-> fuck you, EVE
Lady Mortus > hmmm i like getting pounded
Lady Mortus > lol
Lady Mortus > nm
Lady Mortus > i didnt say that
Killershark > hahaha
Killershark > oooh lady:)
Lady Mortus > i swear i typed it before i realized it
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