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Lady Mortus > we love you fuji :)
Lady Mortus > no matter how small you are
Lady Mortus > oh damn that didnt come out rigth
Killershark > lol
Fuji Tamura > oh that hurts.....
<@Viceroy> Aha
<@Viceroy> i added "free nude pics inside" to my petition name
<@Viceroy> and i got an answer immediatly
<@HellGremlin> Hahahaha.
<OmberZombie> lol
<Xharky> lol
Vulkyn > how the hell do u get an agression counter when ur in a freakin shuttle ???
pergamon > lol
pergamon > you were speeding
Vulkyn > LOL ......
Vulkyn > that or u mooned concord
Kasumi Narita > talwar gank jumping from YMJ
Kasumi Narita > mostly capsules
prote evans > hi i need a bit of help m8
Kyle Caldrel > A/S/L
prote evans > 17/m/uk
prote evans > u???
Kyle Caldrel > Agent/System/Level
Endo Dy > bbl gonna watch a movie with the gf
Teh Gaunt > what iz gf?
WarGod > boyfriend without a penis
Little Chubby > wtf
Little Chubby > I just learned that 'pontificate' does not actually refer to the Pope shitting in the woods.
Odessa Li'Soloni > there are no good fights in high sec
Odessa Li'Soloni > only robust mongoloids hitting each other with pool noodles
Siigari: Man
Siigari: I was just at the grocery store
Siigari: Really, really cute girl at the check lane
Siigari: I totally wasn't thinking, and we had a little chit chat
Siigari: and she said "alright there you go"
Siigari: and I said "thanks, fly safe" and then did an internal facepalm the size of texas.
Sonreir > I had a +5 memoery implant, but I forgot where I put it.
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