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<Mansku> i used an old insta to a gatespot that only had sentrys and billboard left
<Mansku> and there was a can named "nigga stole my stargate"
<Daniel_Jackson> WTF
<Daniel_Jackson> Connection Failed 'Proxy not connected'
<Daniel_Jackson> for the tranquility server
<[BH]Virrago> it's down thats why
<Daniel_Jackson> ?
<Tank> lol what a idiot
<Tank> ?
<Daniel_Jackson> its not its orginal downtime yet
<Tank> dont u understand that?
<[BH]Virrago> doesn't have to be regular DT
<Daniel_Jackson> then why did itgo down
<Tank> because london is being attacked
<[BH]Virrago> o.O
<Daniel_Jackson> london is being attacked?
<Tank> ya
<Daniel_Jackson> by whom
<Tank> didnt u hear it on the news man
<Daniel_Jackson> no
<Tank> by germany man
<Tank> WW3 is about to begin
<Daniel_Jackson> u sure
<Daniel_Jackson> what news channel
<Tank> msnbc
<^1man> we're all gonna die :(
<Daniel_Jackson> why would the attact lobdon
<^1man> umm
<Tank> Usa is doing a draft
<GeromeDoutrande> we want your fish & chips
<Daniel_Jackson> u sure it was msnbc
<Tank> Iceland is going to war with germany now
<Tank> they just said it
<Daniel_Jackson> all im hering is that british trops are getting recruted
<Daniel_Jackson> to help with iraq
<&RinnyWee> >_<
<Daniel_Jackson> to jill iraq
<Daniel_Jackson> or was it iran
<&RinnyWee> oh god make it stop i have coffee coming out of my nose
<^1man> hahaha
<Tank> lol
<Tank> because hes going to war and you dont even know anything
<Daniel_Jackson> its not saying any thing about iceland going to war with germeneory
<Tank> how old are u daniel?
<Daniel_Jackson> im watching msnbc
<Daniel_Jackson> im 15
<Tank> go ask ur parent daniel
<Tank> they will know about this
<Daniel_Jackson> my dad dont beleve u
<Tank> Germany attacked london
<Tank> Iceland is pissed off
<^1man> daniel, you bettr move to canada, beause i heard on the local news they dropped the age to be drafted to 13 :o
<Daniel_Jackson> hehe how can they draft me
<Tank> and America is going to intervene and stop all 3 of em
<Daniel_Jackson> they dont know were i live
<Daniel_Jackson> i have to be 18 to sign up
<&RinnyWee> they also know how much pr0n you dloaded yesterday so i'd clear out your cache man
<&RinnyWee> Daniel_Jackson
<&RinnyWee> when it's martial law
<Daniel_Jackson> i dont beleve yall
<&RinnyWee> they can enlist kids as young as 13
<Daniel_Jackson> i dont beleve yall
<&RinnyWee> it's true
<Daniel_Jackson> stop making things up
<Tank> na its 14
<^1man> you're southern... aren't you?
<&RinnyWee> ok
<Daniel_Jackson> no
<&RinnyWee> it's 14
<Daniel_Jackson> im north eastern?
<&RinnyWee> oh man you're in big trouble then
<Daniel_Jackson> Maryland
<Tank> haha
<&RinnyWee> so they're coming for you first
<&RinnyWee> >_<
<Daniel_Jackson> hehe yall are bullshiting
<&RinnyWee> not at all
<Tank> well
<Tank> hmmm
<Tank> no duh?
<&RinnyWee> okay maybe a bit, cause like
<&RinnyWee> there's some guys in kentucky
<^1man> when a bomb drops on you... you'll finally realise :/
<&RinnyWee> they want to get first
<Daniel_Jackson> hmm therr still talking abvout earg bush and karry
<&RinnyWee> but then it's you
<Daniel_Jackson> on cspan
<Tank> daniel
<&RinnyWee> well
<&RinnyWee> that's because they dont want to start a panic
<Tank> its no cspan
<Tank> its on nbc
<&RinnyWee> the whitehouse spin doctors are working on a press release atm
<&RinnyWee> you'll see something soon
<^1man> o/
<&RinnyWee> right i'm off to dig a hole. living in france means i have to, by law, hide for the duration - even if i am not french.
<^1man> :o
<^1man> i want to go to france :/
<Jadrut> yeah
<[BH]Virrago> LMAO Rinny
<Jadrut> and you gotta take the mandatory white hankerchief
<Jadrut> just in case
<^1man> :o
<^1man> kinky
<[BH]Virrago> haha
<^1man> sounds like something french would do
<Jadrut> uh yeah that too
Clipped Wings > killian -> blasting petri-dishes in a lab hardly constitutes PVP
Killian Darkwater > Clipped: PVP - Player versus Petri-dish
While mining from my Megathron in Sobaseki, I met this charming NOOB (Name Changed to keep from overly ebarrasing said NOOB)
Setting. Orefield in Sobaseki, 0.8 Sector, An Iteron 5 with 8 Giant Secures inside (my hauler), My Megathron with 7 Miner II's playfully stripping Pyroxeres. One jettison can with one unit of Veldspar. In comes NOOB in a shiny new Kestrel.

<NOOB> whatcha mining
<Aterr Terradon> Pyro
<NOOB> I mine Scordite
<Aterr Terradon> that's nice, u hunting rats now?
<NOOB> Im gonna do some mining
<Aterr Terradon> oh, ok... good luck
(Jet Can goes POP)
<Aterr Terradon> hey, that was not Cool
<NOOB> hehe, I took your ore, and theres nuthin you can do about it
<Aterr Terradon> So, make u feel good...? Do that 332 more times and you'll have enough to refine =)
<Aterr Terradon> Training to be an Ore Thief could be a bad career decision...
(Check Character Info... NOOB is 9 Days old)
( Jet new can with 1 Veld and 1400m3 of Pyro and Transfer to Hauler)
<NOOB> geez u are stupid
<Aterr Terradon> How so?
<NOOB> I'm just gonna take that too
<Aterr Terradon> Please Kid, u don't have a Clue... do u?
<Aterr Terradon> Are u completely brain dead...?
(Jet Container Goes POP)
<NOOB> See I took your ore again... u are so stupid
<Aterr Terradon> U took 2 units of Veldspar, it takes 333 units to refine, in the Meantime I have transferred 1000's of units of Pyro to my hauler. all u are doing, is annoying me now.
<NOOB> ure not not doing anything cause u can't even if u had guns u can't shoot me cuz the cops will blow up ure ship n ill take ure shit. haha.
<Aterr Terradon> Go annoy someone else.
(Jet 1 Veldspar and 1400m3 Pyro again... Transfer Pyro to Indy)
(POP... he takes the 1 Veld again) (Some Arrogators arrive)
<NOOB> i luv this... a stupid miner
<Aterr Terradon> go chase the rats kid
<NOOB> im gonna watch them blow up ure ship then take ur stuff
<Aterr Terradon>Yah think... (Releases 9 Wasp Drones Rats Die)
<NOOB> Now im gonna take ure lootz
<Aterr Terradon> Really....
(Recalls Drones and Scoops them... Targets NOOB, disbands group)
<NOOB> yu cant scare me... yu cant do shit cept watch
(NOOB collects all loot... is at 23km)
<Aterr Terradon> Wanna take my stuff... you forgot the Torpedo
(Fires 1 Inferno Torpedo at Noob Kestrel, then warps to nearby moon)
<NOOB> what torpedo... theres no more loot here
<NOOB> Hey asshole u can't do that
(Concord Warning Garbage.... I send my Indy over and loot his can)
<Aterr Terradon> Stay away from me until u learn some manners
<NOOB> im gonna get u banned
<Aterr Terradon> Get a life
<NOOB> im telling the GMs that you are cheating
<Aterr Terradon> Please do
<NOOB> u owe me 2 million for that ship and all my stuff
<Aterr Terradon> tell it to the GM
<Aterr Terradon> After they rip ur head from ur backside, find a nice corp to teach you the ropes. Until then u are on my very short block list. Luv ya bye bye.
(Added NOOB to Block list)
blasharga : Why am i almost the only person on mumble?
Marcus Demitri : Did you forget deodorant this morning?
Comnena > why does this stupid agent always offer me charisma implants
Nekora > because he thinks your attitude sucks?
Ryan Rs > I'm just saying you can't point to satellite lag and say that anime snipers shooting mechanical crabs is unrealistic.
<ZamZa Koverts> Jove: "Right, fuck you shits. We dicovered how to get to Earth and you're not fucking coming with us."

*Jove has quit the game
*Jove's Earth gate has quit the game

Factions: Well shit.

<ZamZa Koverts> Caldari: "Hey! Check out the shit they left behind!
Gallente: "AWESOME!!"
Minmatar: "Can I have some!?"
Caldari: "Uhh, yeah...have this bit"
Minmatar: "YEAH!!!" *Gaffa tapes it to ship*

<ZamZa Koverts>Amarr: "You should all be bowing down to us."
Gallente: "Yeah? Fuck you. We've got the shit. You haven't"
Caldari: "LOL, you're too slow bitch."
Everyone: NERF AMARR!

<ZamZa Koverts> Minmatar: "Wait, hold on guys. Do we even NEED to Nerf Amarr? I mean, they're pretty fucking Nerfed already."
Gallente: "LOL, Speak for yourself."
Minmatar: "I fucking hate you all."

<ZamZa Koverts> *Earth has connected
Earth: "Hey guys what's up?"
Caldari: "...Oh."
Gallente: "...My.
Amarr: "EMPEROR."

<ZamZa Koverts> Earth: "..."
Caldari: "Jeez man, you're such a fag."
Earth: "so what's goin' on? You wanna come over to my place?"
Gallente: "FUCKING YES!!!"
Earth: "That's cool, you've got to do something for me first though."

<ZamZa Koverts> Gallente: "... What?"
Earth: "You and Caldari, HAVE TO KISS EACH OTHER!!"
Caldari: "What the fuck man."
Gallente: "Yeah man, what the fuck?"
<ZamZa Koverts> Earth: "Hey, do you want to come over or what?"
Gallente: "..."
Caldari: "..."
Gallente: "Well..."
Minmatar: "I WANNA WATCH."

<ZamZa Koverts> Gallente: "Ooh!"
Caldari: "Hey, uh..."
Gallente: "Mmm, baby."
Caldari: "Stop that."
Gallente: "Stop what baby?"
Caldari: "This'd better be fucking worth it."

<ZamZa Koverts> *Earth Has changed name to Jove
Jove: "Lolz just J/k guys."
Gallente: " Wha, WHAT!?"
Amarr: "Whoa! Gay love."
Caldari: "SHUT UP YOU FAG!!"
Minmatar: "Fucking hot."
Top Hat Arkena: Hit LAV driver
Ultra Gigga Cat: Plasma Cannon is probably a virgin
Ultra Gigga Cat: No girlgun would want it
DUST Fiend: It shoots its load fast enough to be a virgin anyways
Midnight(Mobius): OH SHIT
DUST Fiend: ;)
Top Hat Arkena: Oh DUST Fiend
Midnight(Mobius): .25 seconds to blow
Top Hat Arkena: xD
Ultra Gigga Cat: 0.65 seconds
Ultra Gigga Cat: And the operation skill reduces it by 25%
DUST Fiend: you really have to know how to finess it
Varaxian > -9.9 with a 1,050,000.00 bounty? I think you're the pirate yo. ;p
Vampire Blade > i just protect veldspar from miners ;O
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